#1    ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)
         North Attelboro, MA
         April 20

Rides included: scooter, wind glidder, scrambler, round-up, pharoah' fury, dragon wagon, ele/dino, inflatable, puppy roll, family fun slide, hampton cycle, fun side fun house, giant wheel, starship 3000, bungy bounce plus 7 games and 3 food concession.

#2     ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
         Parking Lot
         Seekonk, MA
         April 20

Rides included: rock star,mardi graz glass house, yoyo, polar express, fly surf, pirate ship fun house, giant wheel, down on farm' bumple bee bop, bungy tramp, dizzy dragon, frog hopper, orient express, up up away balloon, fun slide, tilt (music express), orbite, round-up, scrambler plus 3 food concessions and 23 games.

Scene on the back lot, many red bunk houses that came from Bates Amusement who closed up last year

#3     FIESTA SHOW  (20 rides)
         High School
         Weymouth, MA
         April 20

Rides included: spinning coaster, zipper, zero gravity round-up, hyperspin, fireball loop, pharoah's fury, crazy bus, rock-n-tug, hot shot drop, 3 abreast MGR, swinger, thunder bolt, freak out, space ball, super slide, bungy tramp, rock wall, wizard wand raider, lucky lizzy fun house plus 11 games, 2 food concessions.

#4     SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS (SGS) (16 rides)
         Fairgrounds Spring Fling
         Topsham, ME
         May 26

Rides included: raider,tornado, zipper, super slide, dragon wagon, air time swing, frog hopper, helicopter, 3 abreast MGR, circus train, sky diver, bungy bounce, gravatron, giant gondola wheel, tilt, tempest with 8 games and 5 food concessions.

I can't see much change at the start of this year with only a few rides set-up especially on the wheel.

#5    SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS (SGS) (13 rides)
        Riverside Park
        Old Town, ME
        June 23

Rides included: Hampton mix, Hampton snowmobiles, bungy tramp, super slide, 2 abreast mgr, circus train, zipper, gravatron, air time swing, tempest, sky diver, helicopter, kids power, plus 6 food concessions and 6 games.

Just like prior years, ragged flag on the slide and many lites out on the rides that can be scene in the daylite hours. At least the employees have uniform shirts.

#6    SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS (SGS) (15 rides)
        Houlton Fair
        Houlton, Me
        June 30

Rides include: 2 abreast MGR, air time swing, bungy tramp, zipper, gravatron, sky diver, circus train, wet canoe, kids power, super slide, hampton mix, hampton snowmobile, tempest, helicopter, scrambler plus 8 food concessions and 6 games

Extra rides for this event was the scrambler and wet canoe plus an extra 2 food concessions. Lots of lites missing even during the day. Did not look for the bad flag on the slide as the wind was not blowing. Camera broke so had no picture. Another unit was playing BATH Days with their better rides like the 3 abreast MGR and gondola wheel which they don't think the Northern Maine People don't need. In a month when they play Presque Isle, they will bring up 5 more rides.


#1     SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS (SGS)  (15 rides)
         Houlton Fair
         Houlton, ME
         July 1st

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, air time swings, zipper, gravatron, thunder bolt, tempest, scrambler, giant slide, hampton snowmobile, hampton mix, circus train, helicopter, space ship, kids power, wet canoe, plus 8 food concessions, 5 games and a bungy tramp.

Smokey's (SGS) still the same with many missing lights out on the rides.

#2    SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (12 rides)
        Pittsfied Egg Festival
        Pittsfield, ME
        July 15

Rides included: zipper, tempest, tornado, tilt, scrambler, giant slide, saucer, air time swing, circus train, 2 abreast mgr, kids power, hampton snowmobile plus 7 games and 7 food concession, 1 straight sale plus a bungy tramp

#3    FIESTA SHOW  (26 rides)
        Bangor State Fair
        Bangor, ME

Rides included: pharoah's fury, swamp gator, scooter, freak-out, zipper, zero gravity round up, spin coaster, expo wheel, polar express, super slide, hot shot drop, star ship exodus, fireball loop, twister, tornado, swinger, lucky lizzy, magic maze, dragon inflatable, crazy bus, jungle safari jeep, elephant, phoo bear, turtle, 2 abreast mgr, rock'n'tug plus 8  commercial, 30 food concession, 12 straight sales, 14 games, 2 caracture, mechanical bull, rock wall.

#4     SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (19 rides)
         Northern Maine Fair
         Presque Isle, ME

Rides included: scrambler, star ship gravatron, tilt, tornado, sky diver, thunder bolt, raider, kids power, hampton snowmobile, circus train, air time swing wet canoe, dragon wagon, scooter, spider, racing, frog hopper, 3 abreast mgr plus 9 games 1 food concession and new Locker boxes.

#5     SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (12 rides)
         Lobster Festival
         Rockland, ME
         August 5

Rides included: gondola wheel, super slide, kiddie scrambler, inflatable, saucer, tempest, zipper, sun tan city fun house, trabant, hampton cars, hampton trucks plus 5 games and 4 food concessions

#6     KAVANAUGH AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)
         Monmouth Fair
         Monmouth, ME
         August 5

Rides included: inflatable bounce, swinger, kids power, rock-o-plane, octopus, tempest, star fighter, baby 2 abreast mgr, wiggle worm, hampton mix, kids mini plane plus 4 food and 6 games.

#7     ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
         Topsham Fair
         Topsham, ME
         August 10

Rides included: wind glider, starship 3000, scrambler, scooter, yoyo, renegade ship fun house, pharoah's fury, funside fun house, train station, family slide, dragon wagon, dump truck inflatabl, hampton mix, puppy roll, 2 abreast mgr. Plus 16  food concessions and 10 games.
(Scott Miller had the MGR booked in)

#8     FIESTA / SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (38 rides)
         Skowhegan State Fair
         Skowhegan, ME
         August 10

Rides included: scrambler, kiddy scrambler, saucer, swamp gater, trabant, tilt, gondola wheel, raider, sun tan city fun house, magic maze glass house, kids power, hampton mix, hampton cars, wet canoe, sky diver, gravatron, helicopter, zipper, bear affair, frog hopper, super slide, racing, circus train, turtle, jungle safari jeep, 2 abreast mgr, elepant, scooter, swinger, twister, spider, polar express, fireball loop, tornado, pharoah's fury, phoo bear, dragon inflatable, zero gravity round up. Plus a casino tent, 21 food concessions, 10 games, 8 straight sales, 2 pull tickets plus face painting and caracture drawing.  Blue is Smokey's rides  2 other rides don't know for sure

Smokey's Sky Diver which was redone still had missing lites, other wise looks good.  Spider looks good needs lights checked out and don't even ask about the gondola wheel.

#9    SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (25 rides)
        Piscataquist County Fair
        Dover/Foxcroft, ME
        August 25

Rides included: racing, raider, sun tan fun house, giant slide, fun centre inflatable, dragon wagon, hampton cars, hampton snowmobile, bear-a-fair, 3 abreast mgr, frog hopper, helicopter, sky diver, circus train, kids scrambler,, gondola wheel, tempest, scooter, gravatron, thunderbolt, trabant, tornado, spider, scrambler, bungy bounce, with 11 food concessions, 9 games and 1 straight sales.

        Windsor Fair
        Windsor, ME
        August 31

Rides included: renegade ship fun house, dragon wagon, train station, dizzy dragon, hampton 4x4 tuff, hampton cycle jump, down on the farm, 2 abreast MGR, family fun slide, pharoah's fury, starship 3000, tornado, wind glider, zipper, yo yo, round-up, scooter, hurrican, sizzler, gondola wheel, tilt, zombie hotel fun house, funside fun house, dump truck inflatable, puppy roll, hampton mix, bumple bee bop plus 14 food concessions, 14 games, a euro bungy, and a caracture picture

Scott Millers rides are in Blue

#11  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (32 rides)
       Blue Hill Fair
       Blue Hill, ME
       September 1

Rides included: spider, tilt, sizzler, suntan city fun house, raiders, air time swing, kids power, super slide, saucer, bear affair, tempest, sky diver, trabant. thunder bolt, tornado, zipper, scooter, gravatron, racing, gondola wheel, helicopter, circus train, 3 abreast MGR, hampton race cars, hampton mix, hampton trucks, hampton snowmobile, wet canoe, dragon wagon, frog hopper, bear affair, dizzy dragon plus 24 food concessions, 16 games, 5 straight sales, stage, 4 scratch tickets and 1 casino and a bungy tramp.

#12  MILLER / SMOKEY'S  (20 Rides)
        Litchfield Fair
        Litchfield, ME
        September 8

Rides included: zipper, trabant, tilt, gravatron, kids power, raiders, hurricane, bumper cars, tornado, sizzler, dragon wagon, down on the farm, dizzy dragon, slide, zombie hotel fun house, train station, bumple bee bop, hampton 600 racer, hampton cycle jump, 2 abreast mgr plus 14 food concessions, 7 games and 1 straight sales.

Scott Miller has the contract.  Smokey's rides in blue

        Clinton Fair
        Clinton, ME
        September 8

Rides included: go-gater, crazy bus, wheel, chair swing, super slide, zipper, music fest, gravatron, casino, round-up, dizzy dragon, train station, scoooby shack fun house, hampton mix, airport taxi, bungy tramp, 5 food concessions, 5 games, 2 straight sales and a dunk tank


The BEST looking Elephant ride !

#1     FIESTA SHOWS  (22 rides)
         Stratham Fair
         Stratham, NH
         July 21

Rides included: Lucky Lizzy, magic maze, zipper, artic blast, spinning coaster, ultimate illusion, zero gravity round-up, starship exodus, rock wall, rock'n'tug, wheel, 3 abreast mgr, freak out, thunder bolt, giant slide, crazy bus, boot camp inflatable, bungy jump, hot shot drop, fireball loop, scooter, pharoah's fury plus 10 food concessions and 15 games

#2    MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (21 rides)
        County Fair
        Angelica, NY
        July 22

Rides included: cross country adventure (jeep), dizzy dragon, himalaya, scooter, wind glider, inflatable cow bounce, spider, rock-o-plane, gm jet star, vortex swing, hamp jeep, hamp cycle, 2 abreast mgr, lil wheel, raider, sky, catapilar coaster, ? inflatable, slide, inflatable, inflatable plus 7 food concessions, 12 games, 3 straight sales, 2 commercial and 1 I GOT IT.

#3    ELLIOT AMUSEMENTS  (22 rides)
        County Fair
        Holland, MI
        July 26

Rides included: jackson train stop, blue lagoon bayou coaster, zemp space / helicopter, inflatable run, bungy jump, apple worm, spin the apple, web slinger, fun slide, wheel, 2 abreast mgr, bear affair, sea ray, tempest, zipper, rok'n'roll, crystal lil's glass house, ali baba, cortina bob, twister swing, super para-trooper, tilt, plus 4 food concessions and 15 games.

The one thing that caught my eye was fire extingushers were placed thru out the midway in the bright orange stands. So far the only midway operation that I have scene using this method which fire inspectors like.

#4    ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (30 rides)
        County Fair
        Imlay, City, MI
        July 27

Rides included: swamp gator, freak out, tornado, magic carpet, bungy bounce, scooter, orbiter, gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, flying bobs, fun slide, shock drop, bear affair, speedway, wave swinger, dizzy dragon, groovy bus, pharoah's fury, area 51 gravatron, zipper, tilt, cliff hanger, funny farm fun house, zero gravity round up, hamp 4x4, hampton roadster, helicopter, 3 abreast mgr, elephant, hilbilly train plus 8 food concessions, 16 games and 1 straight sales plus organ display.

#5    SCHMIDTS AMUSEMENT  (16 rides)
        Iosco County Fair
        Hale, MI
        July 29

Rides included: gator, swinger, scrambler, hurricane, tornado, para trooper, cobra, super slide, rock-o-plane, hilbilly fun house, castle mania, inflatable, old train, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast mgr, wheel plus 4 food concessions 9 games 1 straight sale joint

#6     D&R AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
         County Fair
         Gladwin, MI
         July 29

Rides included: haunted city fun house, rapid slide, 2 abreast mgr, gm hampton cycle, pony cart,
hampton mix, casino, scat, thunder roll (rock-o-plane), inflatable, scrambler, train station, mini himalaya, roll-o-plane, berry go round plus 5 food concessions 8 games and 1 straight sales.

#7      SKERBEC FAMILY CARNIVAL  (19 rides)
          County Fair
          Harrison, MI
          July 29

Rides included: monkey maze, convoy race, berry go round, super slide, star fighter, ole santa fe train, hampton cycle jump, vertigo swing, gondola wheel, himalaya, fireball loop, gravatron, rainbow rock, rock'n'cars scooter, kids pirate ship, 2 abreast mgr, tilt, twister (ali baba) air raid plus 6 food concessions and 15 games and a palm reading joint

#8      FAMILY FUN TIME  (11 rides)
          River Fest
          St Claire, MI
          July 30

Rides included: live pony ride, play station, dizzy dragon, star fighter, heart flip, swinger, circus fun, inflatable, inflatable, tubs of fun, old kiddie swing (para-trooper style tops) plus 5 food concession and 7 games

#9      BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (26 rides)
          Saginaw County Fair
          Aug 2

Rides included: sky wheel, scooter, zipper, himalaya, fireball loop, abduction (gravatron), hilbilly village fun house, mulligan wheel, mardi gras glass house, fun slide, 3 abreast mgr, sea ray, extreme, zemp balloon, sizzler, bear affair, yo-yo, wacky worm coaster, air flyer swing tower, dragon wagon, train station, bungy jump, hero zone (raider) gm hamp 600 racer, bug around, speedway plus 7 food concessions, 13 games and a dunk bozo

This was only the third time the shows new Mulligan Wheel was put up. Top rides and one of only a few shows touring with a Sky Wheel.

#10    SKERBEC ENTERTAINMENT  (33 rides)
          Ingham County Fair
          Mason, MI,

Rides included: euro bungy tramp, twin flip, spider, flying bob, spinner, boomers ball park, cucko haus, 1963 loop-o-plane, super nova, mouse trap glass house, mighty mac truck stop, orient express, sea ray, scooter, polish elephant, tilt, swinger, cliff hanger, gondola wheel, mini scrambler, tea cup, polish airplane, wheel, polish carosel, 2 abreast mgr,4 inflatables, spin the apple, space chase, jungle explosion, hampton cycle jump, plus 22 food concessions 19 games 2 straight sales and 1 commercial joint with a band organ

#11    MAPLE LEAF AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
          Gratiot County Fair for Youth
          Alma, MI
          Aug 3,

Rides included: inflatable, 2 abreast mgr, live pony, fun slide, sizzler, star trooper, himalaya, crazy surf, bear affair, starship 2000 gravatron, swinger, expo wheel, train station, hamp 600 dune buggy, adventure (raider) go-gator, gm boat, lazy bear plus 4 food concessions and 9 games

#12    TJ SCHMIDTS   (20 rides)
          County Fair
          Bad Axe, MI
          Aug 5

Rides included: 16 seat wheel, wacky worm coaster, western train, bungy tramp, hampton mix,, super twister round-up, crocodie mile, zipper, sizzler, wipe out, fun slide, cliff hanger, live pony, hang 10 chair, gee whiz, honey pot barrel, vertigo swing, scooter, 3 abreast mgr, euro bubbles plus 13 food concessions 11 games and 2 straight sales.

#13    ELLIOT AMUSEMENTS  (22 rides)
          Cass County Fair
          Cassopolis, MI
          Aug 6

Rides included: 2 abreast mgr, jackson truck stop, berry-go-round, wheel, bayou lagoon coaster, web slinger, fun slide, zemperla hel/space, inflatable, apple worm, bear affair, bungy bounce, ali baba, tilt, sea ray, rok'n'roll, twister swing, cortina bob, super paratrooper, crystal lil's glass house, zipper, tempest plus 4 food concessions and 15 games with 1 straight sales.

#14    NAME   (33 rides)
          County Fair
          Crown Point, IN
          Aug 7

Rides included: vertigo swing, tilt, wet boat, silly sea fun house, 1001 naughts, matterhorn, scooter, wacky worm coaster, cliff hanger, gm boat, furerball, starship area 51, power surge, yo-yo, sizzler, rockwall, pirate island raider, construction zone, rock'n'tug, orient express, gm hampton mix, gm hampton cycle, gm hampton mix, go gator, bear affair, 3 abreast mgr, family swing, artic blast, 1001 naughts, century wheel, 5 lane fun slide, gravity storm bounce, all star railroad plus bear-a-duce, 32 food concessions, 29 games and 9 straight sales.
Compared to years ago, the rides are not up to what All-Star / Bloomness brought in.

#15   BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (23 rides)
         County Fair
         Coldwater, MI
         Aug 7

Rides included: air flyer swing, dragon wagon, sea ray, hilbilly village fun house, himalaya, mulligan wheel, sizzler, yoyo, extreme, fireball loop, abduction (gravatron), zipper, fun slide, bungy tramp, 3 abreast mgr, zemp balloon, hampton 600 racer, mardi gras glass house, bear affair, helicopter, speedway, train station, scooter plus 6 food concessions 12 games and 2 straight sales plus dunk bozo.

#16   WADE SHOWS  (19 rides)
         Kalamazoo County Fair
         Kalamazoo, MI
         Aug 8

Rides included:magic maze glass house, happy swing, wacky shack fun house, area 51 gravatron, music express, vertigo swing, typhoon (himalaya), sun wheel, 2 abreast mgr, puppy roll, nemo, drag strip slide, rock star, sizzler, bumper cars, spin out, adventure kids (raider), midget racer, jungle twist (spin coaster) plus 5 food concessions 7 games and 1 straight sales.

This year I saw the show set up. They bring in less than they do at the next spot on the route. This is a politician fair as the show opens at 1PM and closes at 9PM. During the day there is more help on the lot than customers and when there is customers on the lot the show has to close down.

         Siawashi County Fair
         Corunna, MI
         Aug 8

Rides included: fireball loop, berry-go-round, central park jalopy, gondola wheel, rainbow rock, himalaya, monkey maze glass house, gravatron, twister (ali baba), 2 abreast mgr, kids pirate ship, hampton cycle jump, sky fighter, convoy race, old santa fe train, rock'n'race scooter, scrambler, tilt, air raid, vertigo plus 4 food concessions and 15 games

#18   NAME (UNIT 1)  (28 rides)
         Jackson County Fair
         Jackson, MI
         Aug 12

Rides included: super slide, alpine fun house, scrambler, vertigo swing, tilt, 3 abreast mgr, train station, red barron, bear affair, orient express, frog hopper, fliver, kiddie swing, gondola wheel, action click, himalaya, freak out, cliff hanger, tornado, tinsel town glass house, traffic jam fun house, toon town fun house, 1001 nachts, scooter, starship 3000, ring of fire loop, yoyo, crazy bus plus 18 games and 19 food concessions

#19  MAPLE LEAF AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
        Mint Festival
        St Johns, MI
        Aug 13

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, train station, bear, gm boat, hamp mix, himalaya, sizzler, star trooper, starship 2000 gravatron, crazy surf, fun slide, expo wheel, adventure kids (raider), bear affair, go-gator plus 8 games

#20  NAME {4 units)  (52 rides)
         Indiana State Fair
         Indie, IN
         Aug 14

Rides included: cliff hanger, bulgy the whale, silver streak, speedway, raider, bear affair, zemp balloon, bee bop gm hamp mix cars, gm hampton cycles, whacky worm coaster, rock'n'tug, freak out, 5 lane fun slide, crazy mouse coaster, mulligan wheel, round-up, cucko haus fun house, fireball loop, pharoah's fury, skater, speed, convoy race, yo yo, zero gravity round-up, blizzard, alien adventure (gravatron), white water flume, toom of doom dark ride, fireball (claw), internal combustion fun house, remix II, mardi graz glass house, screamer, tilt, thunder bolt, mega drop, sizzler, tilt, scooter, 3 abreast mgr, wet boat, bee pop, dizzy dragon, treasure island (raider), dinosaur, super slide, orient express, circus train, gondola wheel, elephant fly hi plus15 food concessions 50 games and 1 straight sales.


#21  WADE SHOWS (Unit 1)  (28 rides)
        Berrien County Youth Fair
        Berrien Springs, MI
        Aug 16

Rides included: sun wheel, street fighter, sizzler, typhoon, spin out, music express, vertigo, area 51 gravatron, magic maze mirror house, rock star, hampton 4x4 quad, 2 abreast mgr, groovy bus, puppy roll, happy swing, midget racer, nemo, down on the farm, surf's up (skater), jungle twist spinning coaster, drag strip slide, adventure kids raider, bumble bee bop, groovy bus, dumbo's, whacky shack fun house, trabant, scooter plus 4 food concessions.

One year ago I saw the shows Midget Racer with alot of lights out or broken in the square box on the center spindel. One year later the same ride and the same lights still broken on the same ride. Guess this units up keep doesn't mean a thing to what should be one of the nations best carnival with all the new modern rides they have on their lots.

#22   TJ SCHMIDTS  (21 rides)
         Calhoun County Fair
         Marshall, MI
         Aug 16

Rides included: sizzler, gee whiz, 16 seat wheel, cliff hanger, wipe out, crocdile mile (go gator), mystery mansion dark ride, star trooper, western train, sky quest swing, zipper, rock-o-plane, scooter, 3 abreast mgr, wiggle worm, hamp mix, honey pots, fun slide, mega shot, bungy tramp, hang ten plus 10 food concessions, 11 games and 1 straight sales

#23    NAME  (27 rides)
          Midland County Fair
          Midland, MI
          Aug 17

Rides included: orient express, train station, fire house (crazy bus), frog hopper, red barron/helicopter, toon town fun house, 3 abreast mgr, bear affair, kiddie swing, giant wheel, movie magic, fun slide, twister, ring of fire loop, himalaya, tinsel town glass house, 1001 naughts, sizzler, freak out, tornado, vertigo, cliff hanger, starship 3000, yo-yo, traffic jam fun house, alpine fun house, scooter, plus 7 food concessions 21 games and 2 straight sales

#24    ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (34 rides)
          Ogemaw County Fair
          West Branch, MI
          Aug 17

Rides included: gondola wheel, zero gravity round up, shock drop, freak out, magic carpet, mardi gras glass house, area 51 gravatron, orbiter, jungle walk (raider), 3 abreast mgr, bungy tramp, berry go round, pharoah's fury, fun slide, fun slide, wave swinger, scooter, cliff hanger, zipper, sizzler, bear affair, tornado, lady bug, zemperla helicopter, groovy bus, dumbo's, hampton vw's, pooh bear, fun farm fun house, swamp gater, eli wheel, super truck, speedway, hampton quad racer plus band wagon 12 food concessions and 22 games

#25   BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (27 rides)
         Armada Fair
         Armada, MI
         Aug 18

Rides included: mulligan wheel, himalaya, sea ray, dragon wagon, hero zone raider, hilbilly village fun house, mardi gras glass house, air flyer, wacky worm coaster, zipper, scooter, sky wheel, abduction (gravatron), fun slide, extreme, sizzler, fireball loop, yo-yo, bungy tramp, speedway, lady bug, hampton quad racer, rock wall, bear affair, train station, 3 abreast mgr, zemperla balloon plus 16 food concessions 12 games and 2 straight sales.

#26   MAPLE LEAF AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
         East Ridge Commons Shopping Mall
         Flint, MI
         Aug 18

Rides included: adventure kids raider, lazy bear, gm dry boat, fun slide, himalaya, starship 2000 gravatron, crazy surf (gee whiz), star trooper, sizzler, swinger, go-gater, mgr, expo wheel, plus 4 games. Bear affair not set-up.

#27   NAME (Unit 1/2 of 1)  (22 rides)
         Genesse County Fair
         Mt Morris, MI
         Aug 21

Rides included: starship 3000, cliff hanger, vertigo swing, alpine fun house, himalaya, scooter, yo-yo, super slide, freak out, tornado, scrambler, 1001 naughts, 3 abreast mgr, bear affair, action film, train station, kid's swing, orient express, red barron/helicopter, fire house crazy bus, traffic jam fun house, toon town fun house plus 7 food concessions 20 games and 1 straight sales

        County Fair
        Petosky, MI
        Aug 25

Rides included: bulgy, space shuddle swing, monkey maze glass house, convoy race, train station, rock n cars scooter, himalaya, vertigo swing, scrambler, air raid, fireball loop, gravatron, tilt, super slide, rainbow rock, twister (ali baba), kiddie pirate ship, berry-go-round, 2 abreast mgr, century wheel, hampton cycle jump, sky fighter plus 3 food concessions and 11 games.

#29  SCHMIDTS AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
        Manistee County Fair
        Onekama, MI
        Aug 26

Rides included: super slide, canoe swing, inflatable, glass house mirror maze, gravatron, sizzler, cobra, train station, 12 seat wheel, berry-go-round, 1955 kiddie coaster, 2 abreast mgr plus 4 food concessions 5 games and 2 straight sales.

Probally the only show that I have scene with rides that are over 50 years old. One kiddie coaster is a 1955. Their train station has so much power that the ride operator has to push it about half way around the circle track and thru the bridge (trailer). And to top it off I saw a tattered American Flag flying over a ride. A small show that hires local untrained help to run the rides that has know idea about the ride.

#30   ELLIOT AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
         Oceana County Fair
         Hart, MI
         Aug 26

Rides included: inflatable, twister swing, ali baba, sea ray, tempest, cortina bob, eli big hy5 wheel, super para trooper, web slinger, fun slide, crystal lil's glass house, hel/space, apple worm, bear affair, jackson truck stop, 2 abreast mgr, bungy tramp plus 6 food concessions and 15 games

#31  ARNOLD AMUSEMENT  (28 rides)
        Hudsonville, MI
        Aug 27

Rides included: 3 abreast mgr, wave swinger, fun slide, fun slide, jungle jim raider, funny farm fun house, groovy bus, 600 quad racer, zemperla hlicopter, pooh bear, magic carpet, tornado, cliff hanger, sizzler, pharoah's fury, freak out, area 51 gravatron, zipper, scooter, mardi gras glass house, berry-go-round, bungy tramp, speedway, hampton cars, lady bug, gondola wheel, shock drop drop tower, orbiter, swamp gator with 17 food concessions 17 games and 1 straight sales


#32  DURANT ENTERPRISES  (16 rides)
        Sandusky County Fair
        Freemont, OH
        Aug 28

Rides included: fun slide, scrambler, kamakaze, starship 3000, rock-o-plane, paratrooper, hurricane, mini himalaya, big eli hy 5 wheel, round-up, alpine village fun house, train station, fire chief, 2 abreat mgr, elephant go round, bulgy plus 7 food cocessions, 13 games, 2 straight sales and 1 commercisl joint

#33  WADE SHOWS  (83 rides in 2 areas)
        New York State Fairgrounds
        Syracuse, NY
        Aug 29

Kiddie Land: quad power jump, dizzy dragon, hampton car, orient express, fun slide, balloon fiesta, circus train, bungy tramp, lolli swing, jumpin star, berry-go-round, silver streak, construction zone, dragon wagon, observation tower, 3 abrest mgr, tea cup, silly safari fun house, zemp balloon, gm dry boat, manhattan tour helicopter, truck, wacky worm, zemp helicopter, happy swing, polish elephant, jalopy jct, under seas adventure, dreamland gondola wheel, 3 abreast mgr, tornado, wiggle worm, helicopter, flying dumbos, landslide, ?, hampton gm cycle, cucko haus fun house, surf's up, amazing adventure inflatable, free fall, kid's pirate plus face painting, snake women, smallest horse along with 10 food concessions and 10 games and 6 straight sales with 2 commercial joints.  (42 rides)

Main Area: rides included: stampede, rock'n'roll fun house, zombie apococlipse dark ride, delusion, cliff hanger, freak out, pirate, rock star, himalaya, free bird loop, storm, speed, orbiter, zipper, scooter, gravatron, enterprize, tilt, mulligan wheel, genesis, drop tower, alien gravatron, himalaya, bungy tramp, fire house glass house, super himalaya, space roller, comet II coaster, 8 lane drag strip slide, haunted house dark ride, cucko haus fun house, sizzler, sky hawk swing, disco, scooter, flying machine, scooter, extreme, alpine bob, super cyclone coaster, rock star, 18 food concessions, 64 games and 17 straight sales  (41 rides)

The biggest carnival lot I have been on in years. After taking out the grandstand and race track this past winter this area was given to Wade to set up on. With over 70 rides set-up with PGAM and Dreamland bringing in over 20 rides apiece it was quit a site to see. 2 of the largest coasters and new spectacular rides it is alot difference than Strates Show had for years.

#34   COLEMAN BROTHERS  (26 rides)
         Fonda Fair
         Fonda, NY
         Aug 30

Rides included: 1001 nachts, twin flip, gondola, acceleration train, bungy tramp, down on the farm, monkey maze mirror house, hampton cycle jump, circus train, hampton cars, raider, wiggle worm, super slide, pumpkin patch, 3 abreast mgr, sea ray, tilt, zipper, gravatron, yo-yo, sizzler, super loop, scooter, round up, out break dark ride, puppy roll plus 16 food concessions 17 games and 1 straight sale.

#35  Reithoffer  (27 rides)
        Schaghticoke Fair
        Schaghticoke, NY
        Aug 30

Rides included: freak out, himalaya, surf city, tornado, mardi gras glass house, starship 3000, tango, sizzler, dutch gondola wheel, orbiter, polish carosel, fun slide, vertigo swing, train station, tilt, tidal wave, scooter, spiderman raider, dizzy dragon, mini swing, flying tigers, hot wheel scooter, fun slide, inflatable, fire chief, kids scrambler, 3 abrest mgr, plus 6 food concession 28 games and 1 i got it.

#36   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (21 rides)
         Three County Fair
         North Hampton, MA
         Aug 30

Rides included: tiki town fun house, mardi gras, polar express, bungy tramp, vertigo swing, tornado, dizzy dragon, gondola wheel, zemp balloon, rock star, cliff hanger, fun slide, rock'n'tug, sky fler, zipper, scrambler, orbiter, hampton, hampton, convoy race, rainbow rock plu 2 food concessions and 16 games. 2 rides were still in the parking lot out side of the grounds.

I was there a couple of days before the fair opened and the show was just seting up.

#37    GILLETTE SHOW  (16 rides)
          Spencer Fair
          Spencer, MA
          Aug 30

Rides included: flying bob, zero gravity round up, typhoon, orbiter, 3 abreast mgr, rainbow rock, convoy race, air force 1, scooter, rock'n'tug, gondola wheel, cliff hanger, rock star, slide and 2 hampton rides on 1 trailor plus 4 food concessions and 6 games.

#38 NAME  (ALL STAR UNIT)  (47 rides)
       Eastern States Exposition
       West Springfield, Ma
       Sept 30

Rides included: pirate island raider, hampton mix, hampton, cycle, rock'n'tug, scooter, freak out, fun house, mouse trap dark ride, pharoah's fury, monkey maze glass house, silly seas fun house, 1001 naughts, dark ride, matterhorn, surf city fun house, scooter, speed, flying scooter, feuerball, yo yo, spider, skymaster, wipe out, starship area 51, vertigo,, power surge, wacky worm coaster, mulligan wheel, tilt, cliff hanger, 5 lane fun slide, blitzer coaster, orient express, kiddie swing, inflatable, all star train, cross country adventure, family swing, wet boat, artic blast (giggle glass house), go-gator, bear affair, hampton mix, bungy tramp, century wheel, construction zone, train station, 3 abreast mgr plus bear-a-dice with 15 food concessions, 49 games and 2 straight sales

#39  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS   (33 rides)
        Deerfield Fair
        Deerfield, NH
        Oct 1

Rides included: scrambler, hurricane, zipper, starship 3000 gravatron, round-up, rock star, polar express, mardi gras glass house, scootwe, vertigo, gondola wheel, bungy tramp, puppy roll, rock'n'tug, dragon wagon, fun side fun house, clown round fun house, tiki town fun house, tornado, cliff hanger, orbiter, music express tilt, wacky worm coaster, 2 abreast mgr, hampton mix, train station, fun slide, bumble bee bop, dizzy dragon, hampton 4x4, hampton cycle jump, down on the farm, tiger bounce plus 9 food concessions with 2 straight sales and 1 commercial stand.

#40  FIESTA SHOWS   (60 rides)
        Topsfield Fair
        Topsfield, MA
        Oct 1

Rides included: tooterville train station, down on the farm, dizzy dragon, crazy bus, pooh bear, turtles, dumbos, super slide, inflatable, dragon wagon, 3 abreast mgr, fire house, rock wall, coaster, freak out, zipper, ultimate illusion, earthquak fun house, castle of evil dark ride, haunted mansion, artic blast, zipper, twister, magic maze mirror house, exodus gravatron, scooter, pharoah's fury, thunder bolt, bungy tramp, tornado, cliff hanger, fire ball loop, mechical bull, ultimate illusion, lucky lucy fun house, vertigo, zero gravity round-up, mardi gras glass house, raider, jungle safari, thunder bolt, atlantic inflatable, spinning coaster, scooter, 7 seas, tilt, crazy bus, orient express, cinema 2000, bungy tramp, hot shot kids drop tower, rock'n'tug, 3 abreast mgr, expo wheel, mechicagal bull, kids play area, train station, super slide, bungy tramp, rock wall, 24 food concessions, 10 straight sales, 69 games.