We now have links for Canadian & US Carnivals which has been up dated on 5/8/17

If your show is not listed please send me your website and I will include it

on my list. If you see a link that is not working please let me know.


Thank-you, Crash Moreau


All About Fun  (NEW 2017) Mass

All County Amusements  New York

All Around Amusements  Illinois

Alpine Amusements  Illinois

Albion Amusements  Ontario

American Banner Amusements

Amifun   California

Amusements of America  New Jersey

A & P Enterprise Shows  Wisconsin

Todd Armstrong Shows  Nevada

AEB Amusements  Penns

Amusement Spectaculaires  Quebec

Arnold Amusements  Michigan

Amusement Attractions  (NEW 2015)  Florida

A & A Atractions  Illinois


Blue Sky Amusements  New York

Brass Ring Amusements  California

Boone Enterprises  North Carolina

Butler Amusements  California

Brinkley Entertainment  North Carolina

Bates Amusements  Ohio

Bates Brothers Amusement Company  Ohio

Beauce Carnaval  Quebec

Belle City Amusements  Florida

Bennett's Amusements  New Mexico

Burton Brothers Amusements  Indiana

Big H is now A & A Attractions  Illinois

Big O  Florida

Boardwalk Attractions  Virginia

Big Rock Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Michigan

Browns Amusements  (NEW 2017)  Arizona


Casey Rides Inc (NEW 2015)  Kentucky

Carol Stream Amusements  Florida

C & L Shows  Penns

California Carnival Company  California

Carnival Services Rental Company  California

City Of Fun Carnival  California

Cumberland Valley Shows  Tennessee

Carnivalland  Australia

Campbell Amusements  Ontario

Campy's Blue Star Amusements  New Jersey

Conklin Shows  Canada

Calkins Midway  Florida

ColeShows Amusements Co  Virgina

Cushing Amusements   Mass.

C & N Amusements  New York

C & M Southern Midways  Alabama

Christiansen Amusements  California

Carter Shows  Ontario

Coleman Shows  Connecuit

Carnival Americana  (NEW 2015)  Texas

Crescent City Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Loisiana

Crabtree Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Texas

CDAC AMUSEMENTS (NEW 2015)  Illinois

Candyland Amusements  (NEW 2015)   California

Columbus Parties  (NEW 2017) Ohio

Classic Midway  (NEW 2017) Ohio

Conner Family Amusements (2017) Illinois

Cookes Amusements (2017) North Carolina


Drew Expositions  Georgia

Durant Amusements  Ohio

Dreamland Amusements  New York

D & R Amusements  Ohio

Davis American Cascadia  Oregon

Deggeller Attraction  Florida

Davis Amusements  South Carolina

D & J Amusements (NEW 2015)  Illinois

Derby City Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Kentucky

Davis Shows  (NEW 2015)  Oregon

Deshler Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Ohio


Elliotts Amusements  Michigan

Earls Rides  Wisconsin

E K Fernandez  Hawii


Funtastic Shows  Oregon

Funtime Carnival  Ohio

Fiesta Shows  New Hampshire

Fanelli Amusements  New Hampshire

Family Fun Shows  Minnesota

Fantasy Amusements  Illinois

4 Funtime   Virginia

Family Fun Shows Of Houston  Texas

Fraziershows  Arizona


Great American Carnival  Kentucky

Gopher State Exposition  Minnesota

Gillette Shows  Mass

Gold Star Amusements  Minnesota

Great Northern Rides

Gambill Amusements  Ohio

Gable Brothers Shows (NEW 2015)  Ontario

Goodtime Amusements (NEW 2015)  Penns

Gold Medal Shows (NEW 2017) Georgia


Hammerl Amusements  New York

Hildebrand Rides  Florida

Happy H Attractions  Ohio

Heart of America Shows  Texas

Homeniuk Rides  Ontario

Hawkins Amusements  New York

Helm & Sons  California

Happy World Shows  (NEW 2015)  Texas

Houghton Enterprises  (NEW 2015)  Penns


Imperial Shows  Conn

Interstate Amusements  Florida

Inner Shows (NEW 2015)  North Carolina


Jessop Amusements  Indiana

JCJ Amusements  Florida

Jolly Shows  Maryland


Kissel Entertainment  Alabama

Kissel Brothers Show  Ohio

Kastl Amusements  California

Kissel Amusements  Ohio

Kirksey Amusements (NEW 2015)  South Carolina


Lowery Carnival  Alabama

Luehrs Ideal Rides  Illinois

Lam Enterprise  Penns


Midway Rides Of Utica  New York

Midway Of Fun (Brass Ring Amusements)  Calfornia

McGinnis Amusements  Ohio

Modern Midways   Florida

Murray Brothers Inc  Ohio

Mississippi-Delta Shows  Mississippi

Main Event Amusements  New York

Murphy Brothers Exposition  Oklahoma

Midwest Amusements  Arizona

Paul Maurer Shows  California

Miracle Amusements  Ohio

 (East Coast Amusements)  Nova Scotia

Majestic Midways   Penns

Miller Amusements  New Hampshire

Miller Spectacular  Arkansas

Mr Ed's Magical Midways  (NEW 2015)  Wisconsin

Maple Leaf Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Michigan

Marenna Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Conn

McCafferty Enterprises  (NEW 2015)  New Jersey

McDaniel Brothers Shows (NEW 2015)  New Jersey

Michael's Amusements (NEW 2015)  North Carolina

Mark Lake Enterprises (NEW 2017) Wisconsin

Moores Greater Shows  (NEW 2017)  Texas


Newton Shows  New York

North American Midway Entertainment  Indiana

Nonweiler Amusements (NEW 2017) Penns

NA Amusement  (NEW 2017) Mass


Otterbacker Shows  Florida

Oscars Amusements  Penns

Ontario Amusements  New York

Ottaway Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Kansas


Pinnacle Amusements  North Carolina

Playland Amusements Co.  New York

Powers Great American Midway  North Carolina

Peachtree Rides   Georgia

Pride of Texas   Texas

Poor Jack Amusements  Indiana

PBJ Happee Day Shows    Arizona

Powers Thomas Midway (NEW 2015)  North Carolina

Penn Valley Shows (NEW 2017) Penn


Rosedale Attractions  Maryland

Ray Cammack Shows  Arizona

Robertson Amusements  Ontario

Rainbow Valley Rides  (NEW 2015)  Wisconsin

Reithoffer Shows (NEW 2015)  Florida

Rockwell Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Mass

Russ Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Penns


Saturn Amusements

Select Shows  Manitoba

Shooting Star  British Columbia

Sterling Fundways

Sun Valley Rides  Arizona

Skerbeck Amusements  Michigan

Schmidt Amusements  Michigan

Super Shows  Canada

Skellys Amusements  Penns

James E Strates Show  Florida

Smart Amusements  Australia

Shamrock Shows  New York

Swyear Amusements  Illinois

Smokeys Greater Shows  Maine

Schmidt Amusements  Michigan

Snyders Amusements  Penns

Spectacular Attractions  Oklahoma

Spectrum Carnival  (NEW 2015)  Michigan

Shaw & Sons Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Maryland

Sunshine Shows  (NEW 2015)  Penns

Sherwood Amusements (NEW 2015)  Maryland

Stewart Amusements  (NEW 2015)  Conn

Stipe Shows  (NEW 2015)  Minnesota

Skerbeck Family Carnival  (NEW 2017) Michigan

Skinner Amusements (NEW 2017) Illinois

Spot Light Amusements  (NEW 2017) Florida


Talley Amusements  Texas

Tons Of Fun Shows  Penns

Thomas Carnival  Texas

Tufano Amusements  Conn

T J Schmidt & Company  (NEW 2015)  Michigan

Tip Top Rides & Attractions  (NEW 2015)  Wisconsin

Todd Armstrong Shows  (NEW 2015)  Nevada

Triple Treat Shows  (NEW 2015)  Ohio



Wenzel Amazements  Wisconsin

Wonder Shows  Manitoba

World's Finest Shows Ontario

Wade Shows  Michigan

Wagners Carnival (NEW 2015)  Texas

Windy City Amusements  Illinois

West Coast Amusements  British Columbia

Wood Entertainment Co Texas

Wheelock Rides  New York

Wabash Valley Shows (NEW 2015)  Indiana

Wilson Family Shows (NEW 2015)

Wrights carnival  (NEW 2015)  Colorado

Will & Kris Amusements (NEW 2017) SC


Zeiler Amusements (NEW 2017) Illinois

3 Z Company

Midway Market Place  (lots of links)

Matt Carnival Warehouse

Carnival Magizine

Carousel News

Texas Carnivals


Bert Holland Amusement Caterers

Billy Danters Fun Fair

Charles Holden Amusements

Cullens Fun Fairs

Edward Danters Fun Fairs

Irish Fun Fairs

Jan De Koning Fun Fair

J E Silcock Amusements

Terence Tuby & Sons

Billy Bates & Sons

BKG Leisure


David Cox Amusements

Irvin Leisure Entertainment

Irvins Amusements

John Collins Fun Fair

John Noyce Amusements On Tour

Parnham Fun Fairs

J H Manning & Son

Marshall Waddington & Sons

Roger Tuby & Son Fun Fair

Stevens Family Fun Fair

Thomas Hiscoe & Sons