My first visit started in Mass. on April 29th

#1.)   JOHN FANELLI AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
         Eastland Mall
         East Springfield, MA
         April 29

Rides included: g-force round-up, hampton cycle jump, 2 abreast MGR, majestic scooter, dizzy dragon, train station, hampton mix cars, zemperalla space ship, berry-go-round, big eli double eagle wheel, pharoah's fury, dragon wagon, hurricane, zipper, plus 3 food concessions and 5 games.

This set-up was at a mall location east of Springfield on Route 20 and sponsored by the Melha Shrine. There was very few people on the lot.

#2.)   COLEMAN BROTHERS   (19 rides)
         Enfield Mall
         Enfield, CT
         April 29

Rides included: super slide, winky the whale, circus train, clown jail fun house, dragon wagon, wheel, scooter, zipper, gravatron, 1001 naughts, ring of fire loop, tilt, sizzler, round-up, 3 abreast MGR, pumpkin patch, wave of fire inflatable, hampton mix, raider, plus 5 food concessions and 18 games.

This set up was at a mall location just of I-91 with a $2 charge to enter. There was more people on the lot than earlier in the day when I was over to the other show, but not a hugh crowd.

#3.)   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (7 rides)
         Upton, MA
         May 27

Rides included: tornado, swinger. rio grande train, round-up, hampton mix, bear affair, family fun slide, plus 10 games and 3 food joints.

This was a real small town set-up.

#4.)    JOHN FANELLI AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
          Milton, MA
          May 27

Rides included: hampton cycle, train station, bumper cars, big eli 16, pharoah's fury, hurricane, zemp space ships, hampton mix, 2 abreast MGR, berry-go-round, zipper, g-force round-up, dragon wagon, plus 3 food concessions and 6 games on this lot.

This set-up was almost identical to the set-up earlier this year in East Springfield. The show was headed to Vermont after tear down.

          Danbury Fair Mall
          Danbury, CT
          June 7

Not all rides were in. Only the over the road rides were being set up on the day I was there.

#6.)    MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (17 rides)
          Firemen's Field Days
          Cuba, NY
          June 11

Rides include: 2 abreast MGR, berry-go-round hampton mix cars, super truck, kiddie scrambler, hurricane, scrambler, octapus, (PGAM) Haunted Mansion, world cup racers (boats), fun slide, wisdom himalya, star trooper, big eli wheel, scooter, roll-o-plane, tilt.

This spot was under contract with PGAM who only had 2 of their rides on the lot. I was there on the tear down. What I saw was a decent looking rides that was set up for this spot.

#7.)    LAM AMUSEMENTS  (10 rides)
          Ford City, PA
          June 29

Rides include: 2 abreast MGR, hampton, wheel, star fighter, swings, poke'mon (5 tubs), clown alley glass house, inflatable bounce, inflatable titanic, rock wall, plus 2 food concessions, 7 games and 1 straight sales.

This set-up was a town festival in the heart of the town. The rides were located on a blocked off street next to the community park. Most of LAM'S rides have been remounted on 2 axel car trailers that can be pulled by a pick-up.

#8.)    J & J AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
          Punksatawney, PA
          June 29

Rides include: para-trooper, sea ray, sizzler, super round-up, big eli 16 rim drive wheel, slide, hurricane, hampton mix, scooter, go-gator, 3 abreast MGR, fireball loop, zemp. dragon, rio-grande train, hampton mix, zemp. bi-plane, plus 9 games, 14 food concessions and 4 straight sales.

This spot was a sleeper as there was more people on the grounds than I expected as it was out of town behind the National Guards Armory. The lot was kind of soft and muddy as they had lots of rain in PA and especially that area.

#9.)    PGAM  (42 rides)
          Big Butler Fair
          Prospect, PA
          June 30

Rides included: speedway, quadzilla park, jalopy jct., traffic jam, 2 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, construction zone, zemp. uncle al, rainbow rock, aerial dumbos, zemp tea cups, hampton cycle jump, zero gravity round-up, music express, super shot drop tower, flying bobs, cliff hanger, orbiter, star ship gravatron, 1001 nachts, ckookoo haus fun house, castle, gondola wheel, mardi graz fun house, spider, sizzler, 3 abreast MGR, fire chief, bungy jump, wacky worm, haunted mansion, hampton mix cars, zemp. jet ski boats, pony ride, zipper, get twist, the clown, tilt, ring of fire loop, hurricane, wave swinger, plus 56 games, 17 food concessions and 3 straight sales.

Opening day of the Big Butler Fair and everything was up and running and the show looked clean compared to many that I have seen over the years. This is a great operation as Corky Powers takes care of his equipment. I spotted a couple of new rides that I have never seen before, one of them was Traffic Jam.

#10.)   HAMMERL AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
          Field Days
          Sardina, NY
          July 1

Rides include: 2 abreast MGR, super sonic coaster, slide, down draft (hurricane), musical chairs, hampton mix, happy viking, arm huver cars, para-trooper, castle mania, wheel, tornado, kiddie whirling whip, shoe inflatable, wave thunder II, plus 7 games and 7 food joints.

A decent small show that plays in Western New York at field days and festivals. They play a lot of 1 and 2 day spots.

#11.)   REITHOFFER SHOWS   (46 rides)
           Brockton  Fair
           Brockton, MA
           July 8

Rides include: speed, wild claw, scooter, sling shot drop tower, tidal wave, zipper, avalanche, pharoah's fury, raider, rock'n'tug, truck stop, 15 tub gondola wheel, mini-indy, dizzy dragon, hot pink slide, gravity storm, mechanical bull, super himalya, 20 tub gondola wheel, indy 500 coaster, starship 2000, cookoo haus fun house, rock wall, cliff hanger, tornado, jumping jumbos, zemp demo derby, tilt, yoyo, 3 abreast MGR, 4 abreast MGR, haunted mansion dark ride, krusty crab fun house, crystal lil's fun house, sizzler, bumper cars, power surge, fireball loop, kiddie himalaya, crazy bus, speedway, fun slide, orient express, fun slide, bumble bee bop, kiddie swing.

Stopped in to see how much the fair has changed over the years. I was their before the fair opened for the day. I expected more rides than they had there as years ago they had more but now there are more joints on the lot than ever plus the fair doesn't have much for entertainment mostly demo derbies.

#12.)   AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (64 rides)
          State Fair at Meadowlands
          Meadowlands, NJ
          July 8

Rides included: rock'n'tug, wave swinger, gravatron, raider, surf city fun house, goully fun house, fireball (claw), 20 tub gondola wheel, bumble bee bop, frog hopper, dizzy dragon, little drummer boy, jeep safari, zemp balloon, bumper boats, spiderman bungy bounce, big sling shot, gondola wheel, thriller fun house, hang ten, mardi gras fun house, space roller, music express, rainbow rock, rock'n'roll fun house, 3 abreast MGR, fun slide, ocean trip, mini wave swinger, zemp flying cars, monkey mayheim, 3 abreast MGR, cross country adventure, go-gator, construction zone, speedway, flying dumbos, wacky worm, avalanche, coaster, scooter, monkey barrel fun house, flying bobs, ski-lift, tornado, jungle of fun fun house, ghost pirate dark ride, mtv fun house, fling bob, scooter, crazy mouse coaster, tilt, ring of fire loop, scrambler, wave swinger, spin out, sea ray, jungle fun house, safari train, helicopter, gator pond, dinosaur, free fall, pumpkin wheel.

Lots of people on the midway, lots of rides and games but I didn't spot any new rides this year, except the pumpkin wheel.

#13.)    BLUES AMUSEMENTS  (6 rides)
            Harlan, IA
            July 11

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, king's circus fun house, tilt, raider, super jet coaster, zipper.

I got to the lot early in the afternoon on the fairs opening date as my listing showed. The rides were just being set-up and spotted. The lot was very soft as it had rained the night before. This set-up was one of two units that was running this week.

#14.)    SMITH'S AMUSEMENTS   (10 rides)
            Ft. Dodge, IA
            July 11

Rides included: pooh's play house fun house, round-up, sizzler, jumping dumbos, hammer, wind winders, dizzy dragon, inflatable, inflatable, hampton mix, plus 2 food concessions and 6 games.

A neat looking small show with no junky rides. One of the most up-kept shows in the Iowa area.

#15.)    SAM'S AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
            Hampton, IA
            July 11

Rides include: round-up, go-gater, scooter, 2 abreast MGR, zipper, sizzler, tip top, swings, tilt, hampton mix, berry-go-round, ground mount jumping dumbo's, zemp spaceship, plus 2 food concessions and 12 games.

Rides were just being set-up for the next day. The fair was open with the Queen's Pagent this evening.

#16.)     SMITTY'S KIDS
             Knoxville, IA
             July 12

This fair had only kiddie rides set up the day before the fair was to open nd I saw no area that was staked out for adult rides. There was a petting zoo set up and some commercial vendor of farm tractors on the grounds of the speedway.

#17.)    EVAN'S UNITED  (17 rides)
            Manchester, IA
            July 13

Rides included: 3 abreast MGR, rock'n'tug, dizzy dragon, kamikazee, typhoon, super slide, hampton mix, inflatable, 15 tub gondola wheel, fireball loop, hurricane, scooter, tilt, hampton cycle, go-gater, truckin USA, gee wizz, plus 17 games and 1 food concession on the shows lot.

A nice modern show, very clean set-up. Not many people on the midway on a very very hot afternoon at the fair.

#18.)    JIMMY EVAN'S UNITED  (12 rides)
            Tipton, IA
            July 13

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, sizzler, scream dark ride, yoyo, spider, 12 seat wheel, round-up, ground mount hampton boat, ground mount hampton cycle, zemp. helicopter, raider, small inflatable castle, plus 9 games and 1 food concession on the shows midway.

This unit was not like the one I saw earlier in the day. Everything was old and looked like it was booked in from another show as the only thing I spotted that had the United name on it was the office trailer.

#19.)     4-H Fair  (3 rides)
             Marengo, IA
             July 13

There was only 3 rides on the ground. The first was an inflatable that was being rolled up, a swinger that was still riding the kids and the world's smallest MGR that had 3 little horses that was trailer mounted. This is the picture of the MGR.

#20.)     BLUES AMUSEMENTS   (9 rides)
             Onawa, IA
             July 16

Rides included: train station, MGR, circus tent inflatable, rock-o-plane, octapus, swings, berry-go-round, wheel, hampton mix plus 6 games and 1 food joint.

A very small show (2nd unit of this show I saw this week). Not many on the grounds as it was the last day of the fair, extremely hot and there was a combine demo-derby starting up to end the fair and the show was ready to tear down.

#21.)     RICHARD'S AMUSEMENTS  (8 rides)
             Geneva, NE
             July 17

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, go gator, hampton mix, flying dumbos, rock-o-plane, sizzler, octapus, fun haus fun house, plus 6 games and 1 food trailer.

This was a very friendly show as I was there during the opening day. I was told earlier in the year there was a few members of the Carnival Historical Society & Model Builders on the lot. The shows owner is from the same town and related to the owner of Blues Amusements.

#22.)    D.C. LYNCH AMUSEMENTS   (11 rides)
            Minden, NE
            July 17

Rides included: tilt dragon wagon, super slide, zipper, octapus, sizzler, castle mania, hampton cycle, spin the apple, eli wheel 12, MGR, plus 13 games and 2 food trailers.

A small show that has nice looking clean equipment. A few trucks were lettered up Carnival Style. Lots of travel trailers and bunk houses for the shows personnel.

#23.)    ASTRO'S AMUSEMENTS (NAME)  (14 rides)
           Midlothsn, IL
           July 20

Rides included: super slide, ring of fire loop, gravatron, glass fun house, construction zone, dizzy dragon, hampton cycle jump, tilt, tornado, orbiter, 2 abreast MGR, zemp space ship, (2) inflatables, plus 1 food concession, 13 games and 1 straight sales.

One of NAME'S Unit. The only Astro name I saw any place on the grounds was on the ticket trailer. The generator was that of Mid-America Shows and one of the tractors was that of Farrows. I arrived at the lot after dark with the weather damp and rainny. The locals were coming out in droves for this vacant street lot set-up.