(PART 2)

          Circus City Festival
          Peru, IN
          July 21

A new show for this town's festival. Fewer rides than in the past but was better looking.

#25.)   WADE SHOWS
           Delaware State Fair
           Harrington, DE
           July 22

A nice looking set-up. I didn't take down what the show had on the lot this year but it looked all most like it was a few years ago. They book on alot of other rides as they have another big show going on at the same time. I did spot a couple of Dreamland rides on the lot.

#26.)   FIESTA SHOWS (26+ rides during set-up)
           Bangor State Fair
           Bangor, ME
           July 26

Rides included: phoo bah, spinning coaster, pharoah's fury, gravity storm, skymaster, indian river boat ride, inflatables, aero max, turtle, surfer, fun slide, crazy bus, cyclone round-up, haunted mansion dark ride, 3 abreast MGR, gondola wheel, cobra, convoy race, tilt, zipper, wild claw, artic express, thunder bolt, orient express, mardi gras fun house, haunted house fun house.

I was on the lot a couple of day's before the fair opened. The State Fire Marshall Inspectors were going all over the rides, even climbing to the top of the tall rides. EJ was just shaking his head about how the inspectors were doing their job. The only new ride at this lot was a new coaster (Pole Position). But not everything was set up. I didn't write down the layout but did get most of the rides wrote down.

#27.)    REITHOFFER SHOWS  (16 rides)
            Gouvernor, NY
            July 28

Rides included: tidal wave, pharoah's fury, bumper cars, tilt, sling shot drop tower, crystal lil's fun house, 4 abreast MGR, coo koo haus fun house, haunted mansion dark ride, rock wall, jumping jumbo's, rock'n'tug, crazy bus, fun slide, mini himalaya, demo derby, plus 6 games, 5 food concessions plus a line of concessions between the two ride areas.

This was a small unit of Rick's with the bigger rides were at one end of the grounds with the kiddie rides at the other end near the grandstand entrance. This was their first year at this fair.

#28.)    ONTARIO AMUSEMENTS  (8 rides)
            Ogdenburg, NY
            July 29

Rides included: rock-o-plane, scrambler, ground mounted hampton mix, kiddie swing, 3 abreast MGR, swings, inflatable, plus 3 food concessions and 11 games.

A small show playing this festival date. All small rides of older models.

#29.)    COLEMAN BROTHERS SHOW  (21 rides)
            Booneville, NY
            July 29

Rides included: ring of fire loop, gravatron, 15 tub gondola wheel, clownty jail fun house, winky the whale, kiddie bumper boats, yoyo, sizzler, round-up, super slide, inflatable elephant, inflatable tiger, inflatable wall of fire, circus safari train, 1001 naughts, scooter, zipper, tilt, raider, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR, plus 6 straight sales, 21 games and 13 food concessions.

This lot was full. I left early as a rain storm came in around 6 PM and lasted all night. Before I left, I was told that  Coleman's were sending up rides to Artie Gillette at the Vermont State Fair.

#30.)    AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (37 rides)
            Orange County Fair
            Middletown, NY
            July 30

Rides included: trapeze (yoyo), scrambler, jungle of fun fun house, mtv fun house, ghost pirate's dark ride, mardi graz fun house, bear affair, dinosaur, dragon wagon, tea cups, hampton cycle, acrobat (raider), 20 tub gondola wheel, fireball (claw), pony ride, scooter, wave swinger, crazy mouse spinning coaster, ring of fire loop, rock'n'roll,
himalaya, 1001 naughts, music express, hang glidder, zipper, 3 abreast MGR, zemp balloon, windjammer, dizzy dragon, tornado, fun slide, crystal lil's fun house, rock'n'roll fun house, super trucks, tilt, safari train, speedway, pharoah's fury, plus 28 food concessions and 36 games along with 10 straight sales.

This fair has gone down in the past 12 years or so that I was there last. The grounds needs improvements, paint, landscaping, etc.  There are very few commercial displays up compared to the past and less rides. My biggest surprise was one of Reithoffers Wheels was set up even with their symbol on the center.

#31.)    JAMES E STRATES   (25 rides)
            Chemung County Fair
            Horseheads, NY
            Aug 1

Rides included: scooter, cliff hanger, himalaya, fireball (claw), starship 2000, fireball loop, scrambler, wave swinger, rok'n'roll, zipper, inflatable slide, monkey maze fun house, slide, inflatable circus train crawl, dizzy dragon, kiddie fire truck, jalopy jct., kong adventure inflatable, construction zone, go-gator, mini-indi, marioland, tilt, kiddie wave swinger, fly high, plus 36 food concessions, 18 games and 10 straight sales.

This date is where Strates only sends in truck rides as there is no rail yard close by. This year there was less rides than last year but still more than a few years ago when Coleman had the midway contract. A lot of empty spaces on the lot.

#32.)    GILLETTE SHOWS  (12 rides)
            Morris, NY
            Aug 1

Rides included: zero gravity, rainbow rock, bob sled race, go-gator, 2 hampton on 1 trailer, 15 tub gondola wheel 4 abreast MGR, sea ray, flying bob, gallion, cobra, cliff hanger.

Betty has a very nice set up and each year they bring in one or two different rides. Also they very seldom put the same rides back in the same spot each year like most shows do. The show moves these rides around on the lot. I didn't do the layout this year as I was in a hurry but did take down most of the rides that was set up.

#33.)    MID-AMERICA SHOW  (NAME)  (34 rides)
            South Bend, IN
            Aug 4

Rides included: thunder bolt, 15 tub gondola wheel, zemp skater, tilt, cliff hanger, zipper, spider, tornado, scream, star ship 2000, sizzler, pharoah's fury, experience, round-up, yoyo, dragon wagon, super slide, zemp balloon, raider, das persian kamel fun house, ghost pirate dark ride, internal combustion fun house, 1001 naughts, 3 abreast MGR, bear affair, boat, dinosaur, click action, safari train, berry-go-round, wacky worm, mini-indi, bumble bee bop, mini swing, plus 20 food concessions with 16 games and 2 straight sales.

This show had a very nice looking set-up with lots of wide walkways. The only ride on the grounds with the (NAME) showing was the round-up. Other names you could see was Mid-America and Farrows. I was on the grounds about noon and than headed to Crown Point for another NAME unit.

           Crown Point, IN
           Aug 4

Rides included: spider, down draft, fireball (claw), yoyo, inverter, demon lair dark ride, gravatron, tilt, zemp airport, mix of flying dino & elephants, kiddie boat, raider, sizzler, fun slide, house of fun fun house, rock wall, 1001 naughts, power surge, century wheel, power jump, fun slide, mini wave swinger, go-gator, mini-indi, 3 abreast MGR, ground mount hampton mix, pumpkin patch, dizzy dragon, bear affair, hampton cycle, zemp magic circus train, dragon wagon, plus 54 games, 37 food concessions and 13 straight sales.

This fair has a great deal on week-days. The catch is Free Before 3 which is free admission on the fair and free parking. Everything is tight on the lot, even the walkways are narrow and crowded.

#35.)    BENNERS AMUSEMNTS  (17 rides)
            Waynesburg, PA
            Aug 7

Rides included: tempest, sky wheel, rapid slide, rock wall, cobra, super jet type coaster, tilt, yoyo, train station, kiddiewhip, zemp helicopter / spaceship, flying bob, scrambler, kids town, raider, wacky shack fun house, bounce, plus 10 food concessions, 22 games and 3 straight sales.

Benners Amusements is a small show that had the only Sky Wheel that I saw all season. Most of the shows rides were used rides. A typical PA Show.

(A little history on the Sky Wheel now owned by Benners Amusements. This is Herschell's pre-production model made by Farnum Manufacturing in New York State. Benner's is the 7th owner of this ride and Thomas Wolf was #6. McCrary of 20th Century Shows of Houston bought it new October 10, 1960 for $105,000.00 by 1963 Irvin Deggeller owned it. He had it until the mid 70's and sold it to Rod Link and Forest Wells of Link Shows out of Ohio. It than went to Jack Thompson who when passing, on it went to his son-in-law Mike Fetherston of Gold Star Amusements in the mid-west. He traded it into Chance Rides for a Century Wheel in the mid 90's. Than Thomas Wolf bought the wheel from Chance in December 96. Thomas rebuilt the ride and had to sell it due to a divorce in 1999. Ever since Benner has had this Sky Wheel. This is a little history of the Oldest Sky Wheel sold under the Allen Herschel name.

#36.)    BATES BROTHERS (18 rides)
            Mansfield, OH
            Aug 7

Rides included: red garter saloon fun house, swing, kangaroo, bat fighter, dragon wagon, lil wheel, crazy bus, 15 tub gondola wheel, 3 abreast MGR, gravity storm, zero gravity round-up, typhoon, pharoah's fury, catch'n'air, ghost mine fun house, cycloid (scrambler), scooter, top gun, skymaster.

The show was just finishing up when I arrived early in the morning as I had to make a quick look see of what they had as I was headed to Waynesburg, PA to do a night show with the Imperial Stunt Drivers.

#37.)   SWANK'S STEEL CITY SHOW  (10 rides)
           Middleburg, WV
           Aug 8

Rides included: itterbug swing, hurricane, zero gravity, sizzler, super jet coaster, 2 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, pooh pah, expo wheel, monkey maze fun house, plus 17 games and 6 food joints.

The Steel City Show is a very nice looking small show that was playing in the hills of West Virginia. This show had the first Expo Wheel of the season running.

#38.)   GARBRICK AMUSEMENTS  (8 rides)
           Clinton County Fair
           Mackeville, PA
           Aug 10

Rides included: spinner, swings, merry mixer, train, 2 abreast MGR, jump castle, tubs of fun, fun slide, plus 5 food concessions and 6 games.

Garbrick Amusements has rides that are in good shape and painted up but most of the rides are older than I am. The generator for the rides was mounted on an open flat bed trailer. Not located in a box trailer like most shows.

#39.)   S & S AMUSEMENTS  (23 rides)
           Honesdale Fair
           Honesdale, PA
           Aug 10

Rides included: tilt, zipper, MGR, rainbow rock, mini wheel, flying dumbos, train station, bear affair, love bug, zemp air ship, gravity storm, 3 abreast MGR, monkey maze, 15 tub gondola wheel, gravatron, scrambler, wipe out, cliff hanger, bi-airplane, go-gator, music express, rock wall, fun clinic fun house, plus 23 food concessions, 33 games and 3 straight sales.

A packed lot layed out the same as previous years.

#40.)   MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (9 rides)
           New Castle, PA
           Aug 15

Rides included: MGR, lil wheel, eli wheel, sizzler, himalaya, hurricane, raider, fun slide, catapilar coaster.

First time for this carnival to have the contract but the day I did get to go on the lot, it was wet, rainny so I didn't do my lot layout. It was set up the same as when J & J had set up the previous years. The only different was the rides were up and running on opening day.

#41.)   JAMES E STRATES  (65 rides)
           Erie County Fair
           Hamburg, NY
           Aug 16

Rides included: scrambler, circus safari train, power jump, super mountain cage, daffy duck boats, phoo bear, 3 abreast MGR, kangaroo, zemp bumble bee bop, super slide, 4 X 4, dizzy dragon, kong adventure inflatable, peddle boats, mario-land, 15 tub gondola wheel, orient express, persian kamel fun house, terminator, monkey maze fun house, re-mix, rock wall, fireball (claw), bumper cars, orbiter, zipper, himalaya, wall / bounce, big gondola wheel, kong's circus fun house, top spin, haunted mansion dark ride, star ship 2000, sea ray, music express, drop zone, fire truck, fly high, construction zone, dizzy dragon, wacky worm, inflatable slide, jalopy jct., traffic jam, double deck MGR, mini himalaya, wave swinger, scooter, fireball loop, tilt, thunder bolt, round-up, scrambler, cliff hanger, music express, hampton cycle, fire chief, dino, mini-indi, super slide, train station, red barron airplane, inflatable circus train crawl, roc'n'roll, go-gator, plus 30 food, 63 games and 14 straight sales.

Nothing new or spectacular on the midway, no new rides or even a coaster.

#42.)   REITHOFFER SHOWS  (26 rides)
           Delaware County Fair
           Walton, NY
           Aug 17

Rides included: a football inflatable, haunted mansion dark ride, 15 tub gondola wheel, rock'n'roll fun house, surf city fun house, tidal wave, 3 abreast MGR, scooter, tilt, pharoah's fury, starship 2000, swinger, power surge, sling shot drop tower, train station, kiddie swing, cross country adventure, orient express, rock wall, truck stop, dizzy dragon, drive-in, demolition derby, mini-indi, fun slide, plus 9 food concessions, 29 games and 5 straight sales.

In the past 10 years this fair has enlarged. The midway has tripled since the days Brooks Evans had his unit at this fair. The fair has doubled the size of the grandstands this makes everything better for attendance. Johnny Doolan had all his rides up except one for this spot.

#43.)   REITHOFFER SHOWS  (35 rides)
           Altamont, NY
           Aug 18

Rides included: crazy bus, speedway, hot pink slide, hampton mix, train station, gravity storm, catapillar coaster, 4 abreast MGR, raider, krusty crab fun house, ghost pirate dark ride, windjammer, bounce, spin the apple, the mystery machine (mario-land), scrambler, crystal lil's fun house, rock'n'tug, fireball loop, sizzler, sea ray, cookoo haus fun house, zipper, yoyo, cliff hanger, flying bob, himalaya, kiddie swing, jumping jumbos, avalanche, wild claw, tilt 15 tub gondola wheel, scooter, tornado, plus 45 games 14 food concessions and 4 straight sales.

This lot is about the same as the last time I was there. Reithoffer augments this date with rides from Wheelock Amusements. The only problem i see is the midway opens way to early for the crowd they get during the afternoon as a 12 plus hour days make along time with out people on the lot spending.

#44.)    LARRY CARR'S EXPOSITION  (25 rides)
           Skowhegan State Fair
           Skowhegan, ME
           Aug 19

Rides set-up included: Ivans fun house, clown town fun house, sky diver, wipe out, scrambler, catapillar coaster, hampton cycle, hampton boat, 3 abreast MGR, 4 abreast MGR, slide, fun slide, train station, train, super trooper, hi-jacker drop tower, tip top, catapillar coaster, red barron, hampton boat, hampton cycles, fire chief, sizzler, scooter, himalaya, plus 31 food concessions, 27 games and 8 straight sales.

Larry has had a lot of problems in Maine this year. He had rides set up but they were not in the best of conditioned. To augment his rides Artie Gillette had his rides on the lot but they didn't look much better than Larry's. I waslooking at one of the Catapillar Coasters and the hitch pins used were all different sizes and one was bent out of shape, it looked like a piece of wire in the spot. The ride was just checked by one of his men who was going over the ride. Another crew was duck taping one of the super slides, where the slides goes together as you slide down. The wipeout was not running as there seem to be an electrical problem. One of the 4 tires on the trailer that makes up the train station was completely balled. No wonder the DOT is after the show.

#45.)    ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
           Union Fair
           Union, ME
           Aug 24

Rides included: mirror maze fun house, fun slide fun house, enchanted castle inflatable, bear affair, flying dumbos, super slide, hampton mix, 16 tub gondola wheel, yoyo, orbiter, tilt, scooter, sizzler, skymaster, dragon wagon, mississippi train, plus 23 games and 18 food concessions.

This set-up at the Union Fair has not changed much in 40 years. The walkways are paved but everything else is about the same. This fair does not have much for entertainment. Horse racing is free if you park in alot next to the grandstand but if you want to go to the midway it cost extra.