#46.)   J & J AMUSEMENTS
           Stark County Fair
           Canton, Ohio
           Aug 29

I stopped into the lot on opening day. The rides were late starting up as they were being inspected by the Department of Agriculture. This Dept. does the ride inspections for Ohio. All rides were to open by 2, but 5 of the adult rides were still not open at 5 P.M. when I left the grounds. There was 42 food and 29 games set up in the midway area of the fair.

           County Fair
           Van Wertz, Ohio
           Aug 31

Rides included: hurricane, paratrooper, music express, pony ride, super truck, bear affair, rock wall, castlemania, 16 seat big eli wheel, hampton mix, lil-wheel, zemeralla helicopter / space, music video fun house, kiddie scrambler, zipper, round-up, sir laugh a lot bounce, screamer, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR. Also on the lot was 5 food concessions, 9 games and 4 straight sales.

This was a nice clean show. But I never did get to take any pictures of the equipment as I had a lot of work to do setting up for my nights performance of the Doug Danger's Stunt Show along with interviews with the documentary crew from Award Productions.

#48.)  NJ VALLEY AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
          West End Fair
         Gilbert, PA
         Sept 1

Their was 19 rides set up which included: zipper, music express, gravity storm, kiddie swing, kids town, zemp duck / boat, hampton boat, spinning tubs, tornado, sky diver, scrambler, pharoah's fury, super slide, orient express, tilt, starship 2000, hampton mix, 3 abreast MGR, plus 33 games, 1 straight sales and 2 food stands.

This is a mid size show that was set up at the West End Fairgrounds. I spotted seats of Oscar's Amusements on the grounds. This was to be the last day of the fair as the fair was cancelled the following day because you could not park cars on the lot because of the heavy rains that came thru  during the night. I left around 11 that night after working the monster truck show in the pouring rain and I had all I could do to get out of the grounds even with snow treads on my car.

#49.)   S & S AMUSEMENTS  (57 rides)
          Great Allentown Fair
          Allentown, PA
          Sept 2

There was 57 rides on the lot which included: rapid slide, fun house, monkey maze, coyote run dark ride, rainbow rock, fun town, wacky shack, spook house, sea ray, mardi graz fun house, loop-o-plane, double wheel, train station, spider mania, go-gater, jet fighter, red barron, music express, scrambler, spin-out, 15 seat gondola wheel, pony ride, gravatron, wipe-out, cobra, flying bob's, rock'n'roll, orbiter, bumble bee bop, zem. copter / space ship, train station, hampton mix, fun slide, dizzy dragon, castle mania, tempest, para-trooper, swings, kids world, ferris wheel, hampton mix, helicopter, tip top, flying saucer, tilt, zipper, bear affair, 3 abreast MGR, hampton mix, happy wheel, flying dumbos, tramp jump, cliff hanger, speedboat, firetruck, love bug. Also 6 side show attractions, 22 food concessions, 83 games and 5 straight sales.

I was present on the wettest day of the fair. The show was suppose to open at 11 A.M. than put off to 1 than 5. The show never did open before I left. Steve had his show set up on an extra long lot. One of PA's biggest fair. Also booked in was rides from Benner's Amusements, Montana Brothers, AEB Amusements. 2007 will be the last year for this fair as PGAM has the contract for 2008. The West End Fair where I was the night before closed this day (the last day of the fair) before 10A.M. as the grounds to park the cars was so muddy and wet they couldn't put people into the grounds. But here in Allentown everything else was going on but with very limited amount of patrons except the kids who were going to the concert that night.

#50.)  ONTARIO AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
         Johnson City Field Days
         Johnson City, NY
         Sept 3

The rides included: tug boat, kiddie carosel, spaceship, musical chairs, rock-o-plane, dizzy dragon, hampton mix, fun slide, scat, tempest, roll-o-plane, para-trooper, round-up, plus 2 food concessions and 6 games.

I was very surprised to see 5 major rides on this lot as when I saw the show earlier in Ogdenburg their was only one set-up. This was a small city festival and had the adult rides seperated from the kiddie area.

#51.)  JAMES E STRATES SHOW  (65 rides)
        New York State Fair
        Syracuse, NY
        Sept 4

On the lot was 65 rides set up. Rides included: construction zone, orient express coaster, phoo-bear, mario-land, hampton cycle jump, wave swinger, 24 tub gondola wheel, king's circus fun house, spin-out, poer jump, jalopy junction, rock wall, fly high, kong's adventure inflatable, dizzy dragon, dino, scrambler, circus train, fireball loop, music express, enterprise, orbiter, zipper, re-mix, hang glider, music express, scrambler, 15 tub gondola wheel, titanic, rock'n'roll, super slide, traffic jam, go-gater, circus train inflatable, duck boat, round-up, thunder bolt, sea ray, 4 x 4, cliff hanger, fireball (claw), starship 2000, bumper cars, terminator, tilt, tornado, scooter, double deck MGR, inflatable slide, monkey maze, das persian kamel, fun house, himalya, haunted mansion dark ride, cuckoo hause fun house, fire truck, train station, peddle boats, fire chief, wacky worm, red barron bi-planes, 3 abreast MGR. fun slide, kangaroo drop, mini-indy, dizzy dragon. Also set up was 49 games, 32 food concessions and 25 straight sales.

Basicly this lot has the same amount of rides that was set up at Hamburg. For the past two times on the lot of Strates they have not had a full size coaster set up. As big as this show is and they do not have a coaster. I heard this year everything was down on most of the lot, also there was a major accident on the drop tower when 2 cables broke at the same time injuring the riders. This ride had been taken down prior to my arrival.

#52.)  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (29 rides)
        Fulton County Fair
        Fonda, NY
        Sept 3

Rides set up included: catapillar coaster, bounce, spin the apple, scrambler, hampton mix, train station, crazy bus, drive-in, flying bobs, zipper, avalanche, fun slide, tidal wave, 15 tub century gondola wheel, power surge, krusty crab fun house, mystery machine (kids power), mini-indi, rock'n'tug, dizzy dragon, speedway, 3 abreast MGR, round-up, demo derby, sea ray, tilt, yoyo, scooter, fireball loop. Also set up was 16 food concessions, 25 games and 7 straight sales.

One of 3 Units that is playing on this date. A few booked in pieces brought in by Wheelock Shows. You could tell which rides belonged to who. This fair lot never changes in all the years that I have come to this Labor Day Event.

#53.)  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (32 rides)
         Chatham, NY
         Sept 4

Rides included: rock'n'roll, bungy jump, tornado, zipper, trapeze, gravatron, 1001 naughts, crystal lil's fun house, scrambler, ghost pirates dark ride, dragon wagon, wind jammer, bear affair, canoe ride, fun slide, acrobat, 15 tub century wheel, tilt, cliff hanger, fright night haunted house, dizzy dragon, hampton mix, sin, dinosaur, hampton cycle jump, super truck, fireball (claw), ramrod scooter, pharoah's fury, big eli 12 wheel, 3 abreast MGR, zemperala tea cup. Also 20 food concessions, 28 games and 3 straight sales.

Morris has a nice clean show set up here in Chatham. Nothing spectacular but everything is of newer models and looks great. A few weeks later I heard that these same rides that was set up here went to a fair in Conn. The rides of this show had been red flagged and was shut down by the local inspectors.

#54.)   REITHOFFER SHOWS  (26 rides)
          Scatigcoke Fair
          Scatigcoke, NY
          Sept 4

Rides included: orient express, g-force round-up, spin-a-roo, loop-o-plane, tornado, 15 tub gondola wheel, sizzler, tilt, haunted mansion, super himalaya, gravity storm, hot pink slide, truck stop, kiddie scrambler, 4 abreast MGR, princes's castle bounce, flying jumbos, pharoah's fury, sling shot drop tower, starship 2000, wild claw, mini-wave swinger, crystall lil's fun house, scooter, rock wall, rock'n'roll fun house. Also 6 food concessions, 33 games and 3 straight sales.

This lot layout sees to have less than 2 years ago. There was a few booked in pieces that was in a doniker location from Dave Wolfe.

#55.)   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
          Three County Fair
          North Hampton, MA
          Sept 4

Rides included: pharoah's fury, scooter, 16 seat gondola wheel, 1001 naughts, wild wind, swinger, zipper, tornado, renegade fun house, family fun slide, dizzy dragon, train station, 3 abreast MGR, dragon wagon, hampton mix, castle mania. Also 4 food concessions, 17 games and 1 straight sales.

This was the shows first year at the Three County Fair as Larry Carr has had it for the past few years. Everything was up and running on the last day of the fair. The fair has lost the horse racing and now has very limited amount of entertainment. Unless they do something this will be a lost fair in the very near future. One of the big draw was Granny's Racing Pigs. This was the worst pig race I have ever seen as they only had 4 pigs in a small  track and the sound system was so loud that a person could talk louder than what came out of  the speakers who was working against a truck pull with their loud engines. The pullers only had about 300 spectators in the grandstand. These 2 shows really pulled in the crowd.

#56.)  CASTLEROCK AMUSEMENTS  (29 rides)
          Vermont State Fair
          Rutland, VT
          Sept 5

Rides included: euro-jump, zipper, 1001 naughts, tip top, tilt, gravatron, scooter, sizzler, himalaya, 15 seat gondola wheel, ring of fire loop, raider, pumpkin patch, catapiller coaster, bob sled race, wave of fire inflatable, cobra, scrambler, round-up, hi-jacker drop tower, super trooper, yoyo, fire chief, slide, 3 abreast MGR, dragon wagon, hampton cycles, hampton boats, circus train, plus 40 games, 20 food concessions and 8 straight sales. On the back side of the track Artie had a 2 abreast MGR, wild joker, boats, fire truck and pony cart kiddie rides set up.

Artie surprised everyone by filling up the lot with many rides. Majority of the rides were of Coleman Brothers Shows from CT. This fair is not what it use to be back in the days of the World of Mirth or King Reid Shows. One concessionier has played this date for over 55 years while his boss has played it over 50 years. As I was writing down the lot earlier in the day they thought I was writing down the joints that was not open at the opening time for the day which was 11 o'clock on a Tuesday after Labor Day when kids have gone back to school. Everyone was dead all day and it probally cost more for fuel to run the generators than was brought in.

#57.)   CUSHING (LMC) AMUSEMENTS   (17 rides)
          Clinton, ME
          Sept 9

Rides included: sizzler, taxi jet, train station, go-gater, inflatable monster truck slide, inflatable school of sorcery, old shoe inflatable, ferris wheel 12 seat, tempest, round-up, super slide, octopus, roll-o-plane, aladin,. wacky shack fun house, 2 abreast MGR, plus 5 food concessions, 10 games and 3 straight sales.

Cushing (LMC) Amusements is one of the cleanest midway providers that plays in Maine. Everything is painted up even as old as a few of the rides are. With paint and up keep, you do not realize their age.

#58.)   CUSHING (LMC) AMUSEMENTS  (10 rides)
           North New Portland Fair
           North New Portland, ME
           Sept 14

Rides include: tempest, round-up, roll-o-plane, sizzler, wacky shack fun house, wheel, go-gater, truck stop, jet taxi, train station.

I stopped into the lot the day before the fair opened. Rides were set up and even being painted. A few joints was being located and this spot there was less rides than the previous spot the show played.

#59.)   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (26 rides)
          Oxford County Fair
          Oxford, ME
          Sept 14

Rides included: sky diver, kids power, tilt, space out round-up, tornado, maximum overdrive fun house, 1001 naughts, mini scrambler, zipper, 2 abreast MGR, bumper cars, sizzler, rock wall, star trooper, bumble bee, freak out time tunnel dark ride, dragon wagon, circus tent inflarable bounce, raider, mini enterpise zemeralla helicopter / space ship, jeep safarri, balloon zemp, slide, the road to oz fun house, ferris wheel, canoe ride, plus 12 games, 11 food concessions and 4 straight sales.

Most of the rides that was set up was booked on by Scott Miller of Miller Amusements of NH and Eastern Amusements of Machias, Maine as Bud's major rides were being set-up in Farmington, Maine. This show had an over night jump about 90 miles. This fair is not over loaded with games but the fair does put alot of people thru the gates as they have alot of different attractions going on at the same time. You can tell which rides belongs to Smokies just by looking at the lights. My biggest bitch on any show, "Lights needs to be working."  This is the first time I spotted Bud's new sign for Foreign Worker's which is shown on MY OPINION PAGE.

#60.)   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS   (11 rides)
          Somersville, CT
          Sept 15

Rides included: super slide, sizzler, yoyo, scooter, 2 abreast MGR, gondola wheel, hampton mix, train station, bear affair, fun slide fun house, dragon wagon, plus 17 games, 9 food concessions and 1 straight sales. This year Rockwell had more of it's rides set-up than the last time I was there. That time there was rides booked in from Scott miller and Coleman Brothers. This is a small country fair and one unit of Rockwell playing this week just down the street from the BIG-E.

#61.)   NAME (Conklin)  (47 rides)
          Eastern  States Exposition (Big-E)
          West Springfield, MA
          Sept 15

Rides included: monster house fun house, alpine bobs, niagra falls flume ride, raiders of the lost mine dark ride, cookoo house, mardi graz fun house, rock'n'roll fun house, raider, haunted mansion, polar express, surf city fun house, crazy mouse coaster, fireball loop, starship 4000, scooter, fireball (claw), cliff hanger, pharoah's fury, twist, rainbow, scooter, wave swinger, orbitor, wacky worm, super slide, tilt, giant wheel, dizzy dragon, dragon wagon, football inflatable, cross country adventure, swings, speedway, train station, bumble bee bop, kite flyer, 15 tub gondola wheel, hill billy village fun house, glass house, hampton cycle jump, toon town fun house, hampton jeep, rock'n'tug, crazy sub, clown swing, zep helicopter, MGR plus 13 food concessions, 50 games set up on the lot.

This lot seem to have less than previous years. Just on the back side there was at least 120 feet of open spaces between rides and that had screen fencing up so you could not see thru. I did not count the inside portion but their was a lot  of open spaces between those rides too. In the kids area it seem to have more open space there to. Absent this year was Conklins Giant Wheel which was replaced by Farrows smaller wheel and the drop tower that will be perminatly set up at an amusement park in Florida. The Mark II coaster  that use to be here will be scraped, and was replaced by the Crazy Mouse Spinning Coaster. Also new this year was the Twist.

#62.)   GILLETTE SHOWS   (18 rides)
           World's Fair
           Tumbridge, VT
           Sept 16

Rides included: 4 abreast MGR (44 horses), convoy, rainbow rock, 2 hampton on 1 trailer, cliff hanger, galleon ride, rock'n'tug, sooper jet coaster, 15 tub gondola wheel, super slide, typhoon, flying bob, orbitor, scooter, sea ray, twist, zero gravity round-up, cobra plus 29 food concessions, 29 games and 10 straight sales.

This fair has tripled in size since I was there when Paul Mayette had the midway. Betty Gillette had all of her rides set up with the majors set up in the infield and the smaller kiddie rides in back of the grandstands. Parking is now located on the outside of the grounds. The locals were very upset at the fair as the fair dropped the Demo Derby this year after many years of this big drawing crowd event. The fair uses a local military school students for parking and security duties along with selling fair admission tickets. What an unusual site to see wearing fatigues.

#63.)    FIESTA SHOWS   (33 rides)
            Rochester Fair
            Rochester, NH
            Sept 18

Rides included: 20 tub gondola wheel, tilt, zipper, twist, haunted mansion, cyclone (round-up), slide, rock wall, earthquake fun house, raider, sea dragon, thunder bolt, skymaster, pole position coaster, freak-out, cobra, cliff hanger, orient express, 2 abreast MGR, kids power, inflatable, 3 abreast MGR, extreme power tramp, dizzy dragon, inflatable, crazy bus, convoy race, berry-go-round, aero max, atlantis bounce inflatable, go-gater, rock'n'tug, mardi gras fun house, plus 49 games, 16 straight sales, 51 food concessions and 3 commercial displays. I did not no where the independant midway started towards the grandstand so I included those joints in the count.

Gene Dean has a nice set up here in Rochester. The size of the midway has more than doubled since I first played there in 1968. There is a lot of games lined up so the show takes in a great amount of money from the footage they charge. There was some rain during the fair which now runs thru 2 weekends compared to when it was only a 7 day fair. This was the first year Serge Corrona had his circus and petting zoo set up. The only complaint I heard was the circus took up so much area that some of the carnies were having a parking problem compared to previous years.

#64.)   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (33 rides)
          Franklin County Fair
          Farmington, ME
          Sept 20

Rides included: giant slide, bumper cars, star trooper, sizzler, gravatron, zipper, thunder bolt, circus bounce, jeep safari, maximum overdrive fun house, 1001 naughts, freak out dark ride, tilt, tornado, kid's power type ride, road to oz fun house, dizzy dragon, raider, 3 abreast MGR, space ship, hampton cycle, hampton jee, 16 seat gondola wheel, hard climb / bungy jump, canoe ride, space out (round-up), windsong, bear affair, tiger bounce, hampton cars, bumble bee bop, mini enterprise zemp (helicopter / space ship, zemp balloon, plus 15 straight sales, 25 food concessions and 19 games.

Spotted on the lot was painter Ron Smith who was doing alot of repainting of the shows trailers which is looking great as I love vehicles that has the old style showmen looks. The one thing that a few of the ride jokes about is the lights being out on Bud's rides. Burnt out or lights not working can really make a show look bad.

#65.)   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS   (35 rides)
           Deerfield Fair
           Deerfield, NH
           Sept 28

Rides included: train station, inflatable bounce, 16 seat gondola wheel, castle mania, flying bob, tornado, 1001 naughts, wild wind, sea ray, swinger, tilt, sizzler, spider, zipper, road to oz fun house, the mystery machine, hampton mix, convoy race, flying dragons, tiger inflatable, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, family fun slide, zemp fling dinosaurs / dumbos, 3 abreast MGR,  orbitor, windjammer, spin the apple, mind winder, hampton cycle jump, bumble bee bop, mini enterprise zemp. (helicopter / space ship),  20 food concessions, 13 straight sales. (There is no games on the grounds of this fair.)

Equipment on the lot was rides from Rockwell Amusements, Miller Amusements, D & L amusements and Wheelock Amusements as most of Rockwell's own equipment is sent south for the new fair dates the show picked up last year. This spot runs about the same each year but it does very from 1 to 2 rides for a plus or minus from the year before. What makes the lot looks bigger or smaller is the size of the rides that are set up

#66.)   GILLETTE SHOWS  (23 rides)
           Cumberland County Fair
           Cumberland, ME
           Sept 29

Rides included: orbiter, zero gravity round-up, cobra, super trooper, bob sled race, train station, hampton mix / hampton cycle jump combo 1 trailer, rock'n'tug, sea dragon, twist, rock'n'roll, convoy race, typhoon, scooter, cliff hanger, sooper jet coaster, flying bob, rainbow rock, slide,15 tub gondola wheel, 4 abreast MGR, galion race plus 5 straight sales, 21 food, 20 games and 2 commercial stands.

Equipment on the lot this year was down from previous years as in the past years the show was augmented by Artie Gillete's Castlerock rides which was not  upthis year.

#67.)   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS   (40 rides)
           Fryburg Fair
           Fryburg, ME
           Oct 6

Rides included: kids power, super slide, dinosaur bounce inflatable, circus train, live pony ride, pirate paradise fun house, worm, hampton mix, hampton cars, ferris wheel, canoe, mini-scrambler, hampton mix,jeep safari, star fighter, rescue 911, star trooper, maximum overdrive fun house, 3 abreast mGR, scrambler, gravitron, tilt, sky diver, haunted caverns dark ride, dragon wagon, 1001 naughts, zipper, rock-o-plane, yoyo, bumper cars, windsong, pharoah's fury, cliff hanger, rock wall, thunder bolt, time tunnel dark ride, round-up, plus 74 games, 66 food concessions and 25 straight sales.

Fryburg is one of Smokey's biggest dates of the year. The size of the midway has more than doubled over the years and the fair has more than tripled from the first time I played the fair in 1968. It is the biggest and best known fair in the Northeast (excluding the BIG-E). Even at noon time on a week day the crowds are jammed in. I arrived at 10 AM and to my surprise the rides were going full tilt. I talked to George Mitford for a few minutes on how much the concessioniers pay for rent to play this spot, etc. Than I headed to two more spots on this October day.

#68.)   SCOTT MILLER'S AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)
           Warren, NH
           Oct 6

Rides included: hampton cycle jump, 2 abreast MGR, tiger bounce inflatable, zemp helicopter / spaceship, sizzler, slide, road to oz fun house, zipper, hampton mix, bumble bee bop plus 8 food concessions and 5 games.

This spot is a Town's Fall Festival and the last spot of the year for Scott Miller. Scott had all but one of his rides up as he lent Bud Gilmore a part from his tilt so Bud could have his running at Fryburg. Than the show was headed to winter quarters about 10 miles away.

#69.)    GILLETTE SHOWS  (20 rides)
            Center Sandwich Fair
            Center Sandwich, NH
            Oct 6

Rides included: rainbow rock, 4 abreast MGR, galion race, rock'n'tug, zero gravity round-up, twist, cliff hanger, rock'n'roll, rock wall, flying bob, super slide, typhoo, 15 tub gondola wheel, hampton mix / hampton cycle jump combo on 1 trailer, bob sled race, sooper jet coaster, orbitor, scooter, plus 14 food, 28 games and 20 straight sales.

Betty has most of her rides up as this evening was a preview night showing of the rides at this New England fall classic fair with a POP. The Sandwich Fair now runs 3 complete days compared to the late 60's when it was a one day fair which opened around 7 AM and closed at 5 PM.

#70.)    FIESTA SHOWS  (53 rides)
           Topsfield Fair
           Topsfield, MA
           Oct 7

Rides included: berry-go-round, hampton mix, hampton dune buggy, fun slide, pooh bear, boomers magic circus, haunted house fun house, castle of evil dark ride, scooter, gravitron, tsuname inflatable slide, cyclone (round-up), swinger,cobra, earthquake fun house, convoy race, raider, thunder bolt, 20 tub gondola wheel, scooter, tilt, pharoah's fury, flying bob, sea dragon, scooter, rock wall, mardi gras fun house, winnie the phooh inflatable bounce, orient express, crazy jeep, a ball crawl, orient express, crazy bear, haunted mansion dark ride, alpine fun house fun house, twister, zipper, artic blast, freak out, atlantis inflatable bounce, bunge tramp, pole position coaster, appollo, 3 abreast MGR, street racer, rock'n'tug, dizzy dragon, tornado, 2 slides, aero max plane, plus 12 straight sales, 72 games and 24 food concessions.

Gene Dean puts in everything he owns at this October date in Mass. This means combining both units plus more. This was the second year he had his new Ole Position Coaster up and a few weeks after the fair I saw an ad that it was already for sale. The fair gates open at 10AM even on weekends and the midway opens at noon. If you get there late the traffic is backed up for miles as it is a two lane road leading in from I-95. When I left at 8:30 PM there was still a 2 mile line waiting to get into the fair. That afternoon I tried to get thru the crowd on the grounds and it took along while to go from one end of the fair to the other as the crowd were packed so tight you could not get thru,