"Crash" Moreau's


Carnival Tour 2007

NOW HERE WE GO the first of 4 pages for 2007

# 1  April 9    JOHN J FANELLI SHOW (12 rides)             
                      Melha Shrine Carnival

                      East Springfield, MA

This lot this year was moved to the opposite side of the East Springfield Mall on Route #20. This spot is still sponsored by the Melha Shrine. This goes on the same time as their Shrine Circus plays at the Arena on the grounds of the Big E in West Springfield, MA. I was there early so I do not know if the lot was busy later in the day as I headed back to Maine right after the circus performance.

Rides included: hurricane, round-up, spin the apple, zemp. spaceship, 2 abreast MGR, scrambler, pharoah's fury, dragon wagon, train station, adventure slide, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, along with 4 games and 3 food concessions on the lot. 


#2  May 20   AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (44 rides)
                    Chesapeak Jubilee 2007
                    Chesapeake, VA

The crowds were large on this Sunday afternoon at this yearly festival which to me was a sleeper of a spot for being in the Spring Time. This was much larger lay out and bigger crowds compared to a lot of state and county fairs that I go to thru out the year.

On the lot of the Jubilee was 44 rides set up along with 19 games, 11 food concessions, 6 straight sales. Rides included: pharoah's fury, tornado, mouse trap dark ride, surf city fun house, mardi gras, space roller, banza, monkey barrel fun house, helicopter, spiderman power tramp, construction zone, rock'n'tug, football inflatable, speedway, ocean trip, kiddie swing, pumpkin wheel, monkey mayheim, train station, monkey fun house, 3 abreast MGR, frog hopper, wackey worm, elephant, 2 fun slides, crazy mouse coaster, spin out, 20 tub gondola wheel, tilt, mt-tv fun house, gravatron, ring of fire loop, flying bob, avalanche coaster, cliff hanger, wave swinger, moser drop ride, cross county adventure, rainbow rock, go-gator, bumble bee bop plus 2 un-named rides.

One of the newest rides is this boat ride that was on the Amusements of America at this Virginia location  this spring. It is a stand out kids ride.

These two pictures are pictures of Johnny Doolan's fun house and dark ride that are sceen all over the east coast. Both of the attractions are painted up with bright colors that you can not say you didn't see them as you walk by. Here at the Chesapeake Bay Music Festival the crowds were long going to the rides.

#3  May 28   CASTLE ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)

                     Madamoris, Pa, on the NY, NJ Line

Artie Gillette had his small  Castlerock show set up in a lot that you could see from Interstate 84 just over the PA line. This area is in the tri-state area of NY,NJ, PA. As I heard later in the year in my travels that 3 carnivals had played the same lot in 2007. This date was sponsored by one of the local township fire departments in the area. At mid-day their was not many locals on the grounds.

Artie had 12 rides set up with 3 food concessions and 9 games. Also on his lot was local food and games with the local fire department's smoke house. Rides included: crazy ivan's pet motel fun house, tip top, scooter, hi-jacker drop tower, himalya, worm, scrambler, hampton boat, hampton cycle, 2 abreast merry-go-round, fun slide, fire chief.


      Strawberry Festival

      Holland, OH

      June 14

This lot was on the west side of Toledo. A good size crowd was on hand for this event.  Between the two shows their was 24 rides set up with 11 food concessions, 14 games and an arcade. Rides included: 2 abreast merry-go-round, berry-go-round, flying elephants, fishey, canoe, superman, boat, crazy bus, winky the whale, kiddie scrambler, exoduse, music express, swing, loop plane, scat, sea ray, haley's comet round-up, roll-o-plane super shot drop tower, funny frit fun house, fun slide, spinner, rock wall, bungy jump.

#5  June 27   JAMES E STRATES SHOW  (28 rides)

                     Danbury Fair Mall

                     Danbury, CT

Set-up were 28 rides with 29 games, 8 food and 3 straight sales set up for over a month on the Danbury Fair Mall grounds. Rides included a 24 seat giant gondola wheel, spin out, haunted mansion dark ride, zipper, ring of fire (loop), wacky worm, tilt, fireball (claw), thunder bolt, music express, cliff hanger, scooter, wave swinger, quad power bungy jump, old fire truck, kiddie hymalaya, go-gater, fire chief, construction zone, monkey maze, dino, inflatable slide, jalopy jct., fun slide, mini-indy, hampton cycle jump, dizzy dragon, double decker merry-go-round


#6  June 28  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (54 rides)

                    State Fair of New Jersey

                    Meadowlands, NJ

Amusements of America brought into the Meadowlands 54 rides along with 32 food concessions, 68 games and 5 straight sale joints. Also was 5 sideshow type shows which included: Snake Girl, Ward Hall's Palace of Wonders, Human Ordities, Motordrome, amd the World's Smallest Horse. Rides included: 20 tub gondola wheel, cliff hanger, pams palace of fun, rainbow rock, fling bobs, crazy mouse spinning coaster, balloon, helicopter, jeep, dinosaur, moser drop tower, crock?, ocean trip, pumkin wheel, tramp jump, car, animal fun house, 3 abreast merry-go-round, bumble bee, flying dumbos, safari train, monkey barrel fun house, wacky worm, dizzy dragon, frog hopper, mouse trap dark ride, banzai, dino, water bumper boats, rock'n'tug, scooter, surf city fun house, wave swinger, cuckoo haus fun house, ghost pirate, gravatron, fireball, ghoal city dark ride, hang ten, mardi gras, rock'n'roll, tilt, scooter, sea ray, spin-out, ring of fire (loop), space racer, 3 abreast merry go round, speedway, construction zone, go-gater, cross country adventure, kiddie bumper boats, fun slide, sky ride.

One of only a handful of Motordrome that is performing in North America. This one is out of California and is scene at the greatState Fair at the Meadowlands.

#7  June  29  REITHOFFER SHOW  (18 rides)

                     Levittown, PA

On this lot their was 18 rides, 18 games, 12 food concessions and a beano set- up. The rides on this small unit was: scrambler, zipper, yo yo, fun slide, inflatable, freak out, 3 abreast merry-go-round, tea cup, ground mount helicopter, zemp train, mini-indy, mardi gras, inflatable, orient express, ring of fire (loop), tango, starship 3000 (Gravatron),  Cat rethemed ride which was the rupenborm.


#8  June 29   JOHN HOUGHTON AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)

                     Firemen's Carnival

                     Glenolden, PA

Their was 11 rides set up along with 9 games and 3 food concessions. Rides included himalya, fun slide, zipper, hampton mix, rio grande train, berry-go-round, red barron, zemp jet ski boat, scooter, merry mixer, 2 abreast merry-go-round.

#9   June 29   OSCAR AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)

                     St. Bosco Parish Carnival

                      Hatboro, PA

12 rides with 13 games and 3 food concession was set up on the grounds of the St. Bosco Parish catholic Church. Rides included: star trooper, trabant, super slide, city express train, gravity storm bungy, zemp flying dinosaurs, zemp. boats / ducks, zemp helicopter / spaceship,, mario land, hampton mix, tornado, cop house fun house. 

#10  June 29   TONS OF FUN  (13 rides)

                      Firemens Carnival

                       Perkasi, PA

Their was 13 rides on the lot plus 16 games and 4 foot concessions. rides included: super sizzler, hang glider (paratrooper) super slide, raider (Egyptain Adventure), catapillar train by, kiddie fire truck, inflatable, hampton mix, old spaceship, inflatable, helicopter, round-up, hurricane.


#11    July 1     LAM  (9 rides)

                        Ford City, PA

Lloyd had 9 rides set up along with 2 food stands 7 games and 1 straight sales in his area of the festival in Ford City. Rides include a round-up, king neptune (jungle of Fun), starwalk bounce, 2 abreast merry-go-round, hampton mix, heart flip, pok e mon, clown alley fun house and a garbiel rim 6 wheel. This wheel is one of the best looking older stylw wheels out today as it was recently redone. Most of the rides are trailer mounted and can be pulled by a pick-up or straight job. The one thing I actually like is the trucks that are painted up with circus / carnival style lettering.



                     (PGAM)  (40 rides)

                      Big Butler Fair

                      Butler, PA

Corky Powers had 40 rides along with 47 games and 15 food concessions set up at the fair along with 3 straight sales  a beano tent and 2 shows that were Animal Oddities and Sampson the giant horse. Rides included: 16 tub gondola wheel, mardi gras fun house, spider, bungy tramp, jeep, 1001 nacts, starship exodos (gravatron), zipper, get twist, wave swinger, sizzler, hurricane, claw, ring of fire (loop), fireball, flying bobs, rock wall, freak out, wacky worm, jet ski boats, tea cup, haunted mansion dark ride, jalopy jct., quad zilla, fire chief, uncle al, scooter, super shot drop tower, circus train, dizzy dragon, flying elephants, fun slide, traffic jam, construction zone, 2 abreast merry-go-round, lolly swing, rainbow rock, speedway, kiddie bumper boats. 

Standing at the left is Charlie Belknap former stunt show owner who is now working in the office of Powers Great American Midway.

#13  July 2   J & J AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)

                    Newton Falls, Ohio

12 rides were set up along with 15 games, 24 food concessions and 1 straight sale joint. Rides include: hampton mix, zemp flying dino, 3 abreast merry-go-round, train station, red barron, scorpion, orbiter, orient express, raiders, gravity storm bungy, tilt, yo yo.


#14   July 2  BATES AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)

                    Marion County fair

                    Marion, OH

Their was 15 rides with 21 games and 3 straight sale joints and 2 food concessions. Rides included: scooter, lost mine dark ride, typhoon, catch'n'air, zero gravity (round-up), pharoah's fury, double eagle big eli 16 rim drive wheel, lil wheel, dino, crazy bus, red garder saloon fun house, 3 abreast merry-go-round, fun slide, kiddie swing, live pony ride.

#15  July 2 BATES AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)

                  Orrville, OH

On this lot their was 11 rides with 17 games and straight joints and 16 food concessions. Rides included: sizzler, rock wall, music express, back draft, super shot drop tower, 16 seat wheel, 2 abreast merry-go-round, big eli kiddie scrambler, raiders, fun slide, hampton mix.

#16   July 2  TRIPLE TREAT AMUSEMENTS  (21 rides)

                    4th of July Celebration

                    Ashville, OH

On this lot their was 21 rides with 20 games an arcade, 16 food concessions and 3 straight sales. Rides included: kiddie hymalaia, pony ride, starship 2000, monkey maze, curtin climber (raider), super truck, dizzy dragon, hampton mix, 12 seat hy5 wheel, 2 abreast merry-go-round, moser drop tower, rock wall, club house inflatable, berry-go-round, hurricane, mechanical bull, round-up, sizzler, fun slide, pharoah's fury, star fighter.

 I ran across Wild Willy a couple of times this year. He has one of the best mechanical bulls touring the country as he builds up the riders during their ride on Willy the famous bucking bull.

#17 July  8  C & L SHOWS

                   Derry, PA

I stopped at this county fair on opening day which was a Sunday and only part of the carnival was in. The show had not even started to set up and it was after 2 in the afternoon. Why does a fair advertise the carnival would be their on opening day and not set up? C & L is not a big show, with alot of small older rides.




Hawk and Gater was just setting up for the Firemen's Carnival in back of the firehouse. This has to be one of the best painted shows on the road today. The paint scheme is bright colored which to me makes this show look tropical. Scene to the right is Hawk's Rock-o-plane going up. Mechanically it takes no time to set up with the right crew.

#19 July 9  GAMBILS AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)

                  Summersville, WV

At 10 Am  this show was just setting up on the fairgrounds. Their was 16 rides going up along with 11 games and 5 food trailers. Rides included: 2 abreast merry-go-round, go-gater, san antonio spinner, zemp spaceship, hampton mix, flying dino's, rush hour, big eli wheel, casino, roll-o-plane, hurricane, scooter, sizzler, zero gravity (round-up), inflatable, sky power tramp.


#20  July 10  JCJ AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)

                     Lawrence County Fair

                     Proctorville, OH

Their was 20 rides along with 17 games, 6 straight sales and arcade and 9 food concessions set up. Rides included: a 12 seat eli wheel, dumbo, airplane, kiddie swing, a piggy train, fishy, kiddie wheel, kiddie boat, 2 abreast merry-go-round, tilt, fun house, fun slide, toone town fun house, spinner, scooter, swinger, orbiter, tip top, fire storm (round-up) plus 1 more.


#21   July 12  MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (18 rides)

                      North East Firemen's Cherry Festival

                      North East, PA

Their was 18 rides along with 32 games, 17 food vendors and 2 straight sales set up near the down town area of North East along with a bingo tent. Rides included: himalaya, hurricane, scooter, vortex, berry-go-round, 12 seat big eli wheel, raider, wind glidder, rock-o-plane, fun slide, kiddie scrambler, hampton mix, zemp jet ski, gm boat, catapillar, 2 abreast merry-go-round, kiddie wheel, super truck.


#22   July 16  INTERSTATE AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)

                      Circus City Festival

                      Peru, IN

All rides were set up on the closed off downtown streets of Peru. In the carnival area their was 14 rides set up along with 4 food and 2 games. Rides included: berry-go-round, a gm boat, gm cycle, tornado, wipe out, starship 2000, 3 abreast merry-go-round, fun slide, maze, jungle fever fun house, sizzler, inflatable, fireball (loop), train.