2007 (Part B)

#23   July 17   CUMBERLAND VALLEY SHOW  (15 rides)

                        County Fair
                        Wabash, IN

There was 15 rides set up on this rainny day along with 3 food concessions, 10 games and 1 straight sales and the world's smallest women. Rides include: zeo gravity round-up, tornado, sizzler, lil scrambler, lil wheel, alps house, back draft, starship exodose, glass house, 16 seat eli-wheel, 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, hampton boat, hampton mix, tea cup.

#24   July 17   ANDERSON AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)
                      Allen County Fair
                      Ft. Wayne, IN

On this lot of the Allen County Day of the second day in the rain the Anderson Amusements were just setting up I spotted  11 rides going up. Rides included a 2 abrest MGR, bear affair, tubs of fun, old star fighter, old kiddie train, pok-e-mon balls of fun, super slide, scooter, ground mounted gasoline powered octapus, swinger, go-gater,  and a tank ride not set up. In the fairs program the fair was handing out read that the carnival were to open at 5 o'clock the day before, I guess from what I saw they were not going to be fully opened the next night either.

#25   July 17   J & J AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)
                      3 Rivers Festival
                      Ft Wayne, IN

On the lot next to the festival's music stage J & J had 14 rides set up along with 2 food joints and 5 games. Rides included: bear affair, rio grande train, zemp helicopter / spaceship, hampton mix cars, zemp dinsaur, hurricane, 1001 naughts, orbiter, ring of fire loop, kamakazi, fireball claw, sooper jet coaster fun slide.

                      3 Rivers Festival  (coliseum)
                      Ft Wayne, IN

Rides set up in the parking lot of the Coliseum was: power surge, rock'n'roll, ring of fire loop, yoyo, scorpion, fun slide, fun zone fun house, sea dragon, crazy bus, drop zone drop tower, scooter, copter, 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, dragon wagon, tilt, mini-indy, himalaya, gravatron.

#27   July 17   BATES BROTHERS AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                      Franklin County Fair
                      Hillard, OH

17 rides were set up along with 28 food stands, 16 games and 4 straight sales. Rides included: dino, inflatable dragon bounce, worm, helicopter, lil scrambler, hampton mix, 2 abreast MGR, 16 seat eli-wheel, raider, yoyo, rock wall, fun slide, back draft, music express, cliff hanger, super shot drop tower, pony ride. Every year this fair gets smaller and smaller with less entertainment and commercial exhibitors.

#28  July 18   BATES BROTHERS AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
                     County Fair
                     Carrolton, OH

15 rides were set up at this fair along with 5 food concessions, 28 games and 7 straight sales. Rides included: zipper, tip top, yoyo, rock-o-plane, g-force, internal combustion fun house, happy viking, tubs of fun, hampton mix, space walk inflatable, helicopter, 2 abreast MGR, lil scrambler, eli 12 wheel, and a barrel of fun.

#29  July 19   J & J AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
                     County Fair
                     Angelica, NY

There was 12 rides, 4 food concessions and 24 games set up on their lot. Rides included: sea ray, rio grande train,  paratrooper, dizzy dragon,  hampton mix, hurricane, gondola wheel, fun slide, super round-up, scooter, go-gater, 2 abreast MGR. Plus an I GOT IT set up. This lot was quit wet from the heavy rains and this afternoons horse pull was cancelled.

#30   July 19   PLAYLAND AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
                      County Fair
                      Waterloo, NY

The Sofo Playland Amusements had 12 rides, 6 food concessions, 17 games and 3 straight sales set up on a water logged lot. Rides included: a berry-go-round, zemp helicopter / spaceship, hampton mix, round-up, tempest, scooter, hurricane, musical chairs, circus train, go-gater, sizzler, 2 abreast MGR.

#31   July 20   ROSEDALE ATTRACTIONS  (20 rides)
                       Firemen's Carnival
                       Rosedale, MD

There was 20 rides, 17 games and 1 food concession set up on the lot behind a church in back and across the street from the fire station.. Rides include: mardi gras, musical chairs, super shot drop tower, round-up,, clown inflatable, gator umbrella, ski-jet umbrella, cycle umbrella, pony cart umbrella, dizzy dragon, sea ray, tornado, flying dumbos, expo wheel, giant slide, construction zone, lock ness monster dragon wagon, kids power, 3 abreast MGR, rock wall.

#32   July 20    DEGGELER ATTRACTIONS  (19 rides)
                        Cecil County Fair
                        Fairhill, MD  (Elkton)

There was 19 rides, 17 games, 7 food and 2 straight sales set up on the carnival lot. Rides included: tiki town fun house, lost mine dark ride, music express, zipper, 3 abreast MGR, dinosaur bounce, buellers dozers, cliff hanger, wave swinger, dizzy dragon, rock wall, orca the whale, dragon wagon, super slide, tornado, fireball loop, zero gravity round-up, tilt, 15 tub gondola wheel.

#33   July 21   Wade Shows  (49 rides)
                       Delaware State Fair
                       Harrington, DE

There was 49 big rides set up along with 25 food concessions, 40 games and 8 straight sales. These rides included: 16 tub gondola wheel, white water flume, the zombie dark ride, zipper, cockoo haus fun house, ring of fire loop, jungle of fun fun house, pirate, space roller,, gravatron, hit in 2000, 4 abreast MGR, mega drop tower, sizzler, coaster (no name),  tilt, cliff hanger, orbiter, twister, crazy mouse spinning coaster, scooter, bumper boats, flying bob, bungy tramp, mardi gras fun house, inflatable, jumpin' star, wacky shack fun house, ?, bear affair, silver streak, wacky worm, 3 abreast MGR, spiderman bounce, super slide, hampton cars, kiddie drop, hampton cycle, truck stop, boat inflatable, tea cup, balloon, dragon wagon, lolli swing, jalopy jct., berry-go-round, circus train, hampton boat, under sea adventure,. Shows on the lot were: world's smallest women, angel the snake girl, museum of world oddities, world's smallest horse and snakes alive, with the Flying Pages.

#34  July 24  JLSA  (Jon Luehr's Spectacular Attractions  (17 rides)
                     County Fair
                     Portland, IN

There was 17 rides set up along with 4 food stands and 17 games with one straight sales on the carnival lot. Rides include: alpine slide, speedway, ghost pirate dark ride, himalaya, mad house fun house, gravatron, tilt sizzler, yoyo, jumping dumbo's, go-gater, bear affair, play station, pharoah's fury, 3 abreast MGR, train station.

On the fairgrounds I spotted Larry Rich with his new grind show which is SEE THE STRANGE THING? If anybody has seen it, please let us know what it is, as I have seen it and I don't know. The THING is in the fish bowl on the table.

#35   July 25  WADE SHOWS  (17 rides)
                      50's Music Festival
                      Novi, MI

This unit of Wade Shows consisted of 17 rides, 6 food, 10 games along with 2 shows which was a snake girl and the world's smallest womem set up in the parking lot of a mall. Rides included: yoyo, raider, go-gater, bumble bee bop, bear affair, hampton cycle, 2 abreast MGR, jumping dumbos, hampton jeep, super slide, wipe out, space loop, bumper cars, house of rock fun house, skyrider, himalaya, tilt.

                      County Fair
                     Adrain, MI

#37   July 25   PLAYWORLD AMUSEMENTS  (34 rides)
                       Ionia Free Fair
                       Ionia, MI

Play World Amusements had 34 rides in place along with 23 food stands, 21 games and 1 straight sales. Rides include: an un-named dark ride, speedway, crazy bus, bear affair, zero gravity round-up, rock wall, super shot drop tower, riff's barrel racers, 3 abreast MGR, rainbow rock, jumping dumbo's, dragon wagon, circus train, bungy bounce, truck'in usa, dino bounce, wacky worm, kiddie boat, crystal lil's glass house, live pony ride, freak out, pan's royal palace of fun fun house, himalaya, fireball loop, zipper, cliff hanger, orbiter, 16 tub gondola wheel, pharoah's fury, sizzler, re-mix, scooter, swing, fun slide.

#38  July 27   WADE SHOW  (22 rides)
                      Ottawa County Fair
                      Holland, MI

This unit of the Wade Shows had 22 rides, 8 food concessions, 21 games set up. Over night the grounds had seen a heavy rain storm and the horse racing was put back over 2 hours so the grounds crew could work on the track. The show lot was extremely good for the conditions of the rest of the grounds. Rides on the lot included: a scrambler, 20 tub gondola wheel, foot loose, spider, fireball, hampton mix, jumping dragons, hi-roller, tornado, spin-out, crazy factory fun house, spaceship 2000, scooter, cliff hanger, 3 abreast MGR, super slide, hampton fish, crazy plane, balloon, bumper boats, zemp choo choo charlie train, spin the apple.

#39   July 27   BELLE CITY AMUSEMENTS (BCA)  (25 rides)
                      Porter County Fair
                      LaPort, IN

On the lot was 25 rides, 8 food, 21 games and 3 straight sales. Rides include: a 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, typhoon, giant gondola wheel, scrambler, rock'n'roll, scorpion, gravatron, drop zone drop tower, scooter, kiddie himalaya, fun zone fun house, racing, super slide, copter, hampton cycle jump, hampton mix cars, yoyo, rock wall, ring of fire loop, power surge, tilt, universal horror dark ride, crazy plane, dragon wagon.

#40    July 27  ASA / BLOOMNESS  (NAME)  (34 rides)
                      County Fair
                      Valpraiso, IN

On this lot of the North American Midway Entertainment there was 34 rides with 10 food concessions, 33 games and 1 straight sales. Rides set up included: mini-indy, tornado, construction zone, 1001 nachts, ghost pirate dark ride, cliff hanger, fireball, scooter, yoyo, inverter, spider, matterhorn, tilt, rock wall, power surge, circus train, ogree castle fun house, rabbit wheel, fun slide, 15 tub gondola wheel, raider, hampton mix, pumpkin patch, fun slide, 3 abreast MGR, tea cup, hampton cycle jump, boat, dragon wagon, gravity storm bungy, mini wave swinger, sizzler, go-gator.

#41    July 27   MID-AMERICA SHOWS  (NAME)  (34 rides)
                       Elkhart County Fair
                       Goshen, IN

There was 34 rides set up with 26 food joints, 45 games and 9 straight sales. Rides included: A state fair slide, dizzy dragon, hampton mix cars, hampton cycle jump, hampton trucks, fire chief old cars on track, train station, kiddie swing, drummer boy, red barron / helicopter, balloon, 3 abreast MGR, toone towne fun house, crazy mouse coaster, tilt, scorpion, scrambler, skater, ring of fire loop, thunder bolt, cliff hanger, 1001 nachts, our house fun house, freak out, fire chief, scooter, tornado, sling shot drop tower, mini-indy, raiders, orient express, action-ciak, 20 tub gondola wheel.

#42   July 28   WINDY CITY AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
                       American Pride Days
                      New Lenox, IL

The Salerrio's Windy City Amusements had 19 rides, 3 food concessions and 9 games set up for this event. Rides included: an alpine slide, tilt, swinger, firemen's fun house, fun slide, dizzy dragon, merry-go-round, 15 seat eli-wheel, gravatron, zipper, cliff hanger, pharoah's fury, speedway, raider, train station, (submarine, cars, plane made by the same company all ground mount, new, could not find out the maker of these 3 rides.)

#43   July 29   EVANS UNITED SHOWS  (19 rides)
                       County Fair
                       Marqueketa, IA

On the last day of the fair there was 19 rides set up along with 8 food concessions and 22 games. Rides included: a go-gater, rock'n tug, truckin usa, tilt, gee wiz, sizzler, spider, ring of fire loop, round-up, typhoon, orbiter, hurricane, 3 abreast MGR, scooter, hampton jeep, castle bounce, hampton cycle jump, dizzy dragon, and a super slide.

#44   July 30   MID-AMERICA SHOWS (NAME)  (34 rides)
                       County Fair
                       South Bend, IN

On this lot of the North American Midway Entertainment was 34 rides along with 28 food concessions, 22 games along with 8 straight sales set up. Rides include: dragon wagon, raider, thunder bolt, 15 tub gondola wheel, skater, tilt, pharoah's fury, sizzler, mini-indy, tornado, screamer, re-mix, cliff hanger, yoyo, scrambler, spider, round-up, super slide, inferno combustion fun house, tinsel town glass house, alpine fun house, starship 2000, 1001 naughts, 3 abreast MGR, bear affair, action / clik swing, dinosaur, balloon, berry-go-round, power boat, circus train, wacky worm, fire chief, bumble bee bop.