2007 (Part C)

                        TRIPLE TREAT SHOWS  (18 rides)

                     Woods County Fair
                     Bowling Green, OH

On the lot was 18 rides provided by the 2 shows along with 8 food stands and 12 games. Rides included: fun slide, scooter, paratrooper, orbiter, round-up. rock-o-plane, scrambler, berry-go-round, zemp mix, budgie (fish), elephany, hurricane, crazy bus, 12 seat big eli-wheel, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast merry-go-round, train station, hill billy village fun house.

#46  Aug 1   PGAM  (19 rides)
                    Cattaragus County Fair
                   Little Valley, NY

On the lot was 19 rides, 24food concessions, 19 games and 4 straight sales. Rides included: an orbiter, zipper, cliff hanger, ring of fire loop, sizzler, super shot drop tower, 2 abreast merry-go-round, orient express, clown swing, fun slide, cuckoo haus fun house, jet ski ground mount, 12 seat eli-wheel, tornado, starship exodus gravatron, mardi gras glass house, dizzy dragon, zemp turtle / dinosaur, rainbow rock.

#47    Aug 1   MID VALLEY AMUSEMENTS  (9 rides)
                      Potter County Fair
                     Shinglehouse, PA

Their was 9 rides and 5 food stands along with 7 games and 2 straight sales set up on this carnival lot of this free fair. Rides included: round-up, gravatron, sidewinder, dragon wagon, scooter, train, hampton, inflatable bounce, and a 2 abreast merry-go-round.

#48   Aug 1   JAMES E STRATES SHOW  (25 rides)

                     Chemung County Fair
                    Horseheads, NY

There was 25 rides set-up along with 43 food joints, 22 games and 9 straight sales. Rides included: pony ride, scrambler, sea ray, starship 2000, fireball loop, thunderbolt, haunted mansion, cliff hanger, fireball (claw), kiddie fire truck, construction zone, jalopy jct. daulphine inflatable bounce, go-gator, mario-land, mechanical bull, quad power jump tramp, dizzy dragon, mini-indy, monkey maze, 4 x 4, inflatable slide, rock'n'roll, zipper, pins palace of fun fun house,. Shows include museum of oddities, corrona's petting zoo, reptile hut, smallest horse, minature horse, giant snake, snake girl, smallest women,

#49   Aug 2   J & J AMUSEMENTS  (10 rides)

                     Caldonia, NY

#50   Aug 3   BATES BROTHERS AMUSEMENTS  (30 rides)

                     Clearfield Fair
                     Clearfield, PA

The third unit of Bates Brothers had 30 rides along with 46 games and 6 food stands set-up. Rides included: wild thing (bungy tramp), mardi graz glass house, whirl wind round-up, super shot drop tower, super slide, screamer, ring of fire loop, live pony ride, full tilt, jungle gym raider, odesyee 2000, street racing, star walk bounce, bear affair, kiddie swing, happy viking, scooter, kiddie wheel, 16 seat eli-wheel, hurricane, yoyo, tubs of fun, wacky worm go round, helicopter, bug around, dragon wagon, spider mania, rabbit racer, 3 abreast merry-go-round.

#51  Aug 5    S & S Amusements  (25 rides)

                    Wayne County Fair
                    Honesdale, PA

Steve Swika had 25 rides along with 26 food stands, 39 games and 2 straight sales set-up on the midway. Rides included: a 3 abreast merry-go-round, 16 seat gondola wheel, scooter, scrambler, cliff hanger, zipper, rock wall, wipe out, tilt, fun clinic fun house, rainbow rock, gravatron, go-gator, coyote run dark ride, monkey maze glass house, music express, fun slide, power tramp, spider mania, hampton mix, boats, fire truck, red barron, bear affair, train station.

#52   Aug 6   GARBRICK AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)

                     Clinton County Fair
                    Mackeyville, PA

On the lot was 11 rides, 4 food, 7 games and 2 straight sales. Rides included: tank, scrambler, frolic, fun slide, tubs of fun, 2 abreast merry-go-round, inflatable bounce, rock-o-plane, roll-o-plane, 16 seat whel and one other ride.New on the lot this year was a new semi-tractor to haul the rides and a trailer that inclosed the generator. Tempatures were in the high 90's and kept a lot of people from coming to the fair on this day.



                     Strussburg, PA

I attended the first day of the combined convention of the Circus Model Builders and Carnival Historical Society and Model Builders at the PA Railroad Museum. Boy was it hot inside of the museum as there is no air conditioning and lots of windows for the sun to penetrate it's heat. Many of the attendees spotted me including PA's Gene Mascoli and Maine's Ernie Tarbox ad Bob Hall who are model builders . What great modelers were at this convention.

#53    Aug 8   REITHOFFER SHOWS  (35 rides)

                      New Jersey State Fair
                     Sussex, NJ

There was 35 rides set-up along with 21 food concessions, 43 games and 8 straight sales plus the midway store on the midway of the New Jersey State Fair. Also there was 2 shows which was Angel Snake Girl and the World's Smallest Women. Rides include: gravity storm bungy, jungle of fun fun house, fireball loop, haunted mansion dark ride, pharoah's fury, crystall lil's glass house,avalanche, storm, starship 2000, sizzler, tidal wave, rock'n'roll fun house, tornado, zipper, 4 abreast merry-go-round, orient express, hot pink slide, crazy bus, raider, cockoo
haus fun house, gondola wheel, speedway, rock'n tug, demolition derby, kiddie swing, kiddie himalaya, krusty crab fun house, bumble bee bop, bear affair, power surge, tilt, wild claw, orbiter, yoyo, super himalaya

#54   Aug 9   DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (22 rides)
                     Reading Fair
                     Reading, PA

Bob Desatafino had 22 rides and 22 games along with 35 food joints and 4 straight sales set up on the grounds. Dreamland was replacing the Henry C Cole Shows. Rides set up included: tornado, orbiter, planet rock n roll fun house, gravatron, scooter, rock-o-plane, tilt, swing, mardi gras fun house, a small 3 abreast merry-go-round,  zemp fling dinosaurs, fire engines, train station, slide, helicopter, american flyer coaster, harness racing pony carts, kiddie whip, zemp helicopter / space ship, star trooper, crazy dance, power jump tramp.

#55    Aug 12   AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (21 rides)
                       Franklin County Fair
                       Malone, NY

On the midway was 21 rides from the Amusements of America's Morris Vivona's Unit. Also on the midway was 7 food concessions, 32 games and 2 straight sales plus an I GOT IT. Rides included: fun slide, 16 tub gondola wheel, trapeze (yoyo), thriller fun house, mini wave swinger, music express, tilt, crystal lil's glass house, 3 abreast mgr, bear affair,  dragon wagon, super truck, canoe, dizzy dragon, wind jammer, scooter, gravatron, pharoah's fury, dinosaur, tea cup, aerobat.

#56   Aug 13   FIESTA / SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (31 rides)
                      Skowhegan State Fair
                      Skowhegan, ME

This lot was filled with rides from 2 different shows. Gene Dean's Fiesta Shows and Bud Gilmore's Smokey's Greater Show. What a different type of set-up this year compared to previous years. This year the lot was weaker in the set-up area by the grandstand compared to the opposite end being weak with rides from the past years. Their was 31 rides along with 27 plus games and 27 plus food concessions and 11 plus straight sales on the midway.  Rides included: tiger bounce, super slide, 3 abreast mgr, bear affair, circus bounce, dragon wagon, hampton mix, zemp flying dumbo's, jeep safari, berry-go-round, go-gater, raider, turtle, balloon, gondola wheel,, haunted castle dark ride, sea dragon, kids power, crazy bus, mardi gras glass house, atlantis bounce, earthquake fun house, 1001 naughts, thunder bolt, freak out, cobra, twist, super trooper, freak out dark ride, zipper plus Marlan Koch's beano.

#57   Aug 16   MILLER AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
                      Great Falls Balloon Festival
                      Lewiston, ME

Scott Miller had 12 rides, 4 food and 11 games set up in downtown Lewiston. Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, inflatable, hampton cycle jump, zemp helicopter / spaceship, hampton mix, tilt, fun slide, sizzler, the road to oz fun house, bumble bee, tornado, zipper.

#58    Aug 17  C & J AMUSEMENTS  (7 rides)
                      Westfield, MA

There was 7 rides, 3 food concessions and 4 games set up on the lot. Rides included: a fun slide, scrambler, tornado, bungy tramp, berry-go-round, 12 seat eli-wheel and a coaster.

#59   Aug 17   GILLETTE SHOW  (19 rides)
                      Herkimer County Fair
                      Frankfort, NY

Betty Gillette had 19 rides set up along with 14 food concessions, 21 games and 2 straight sales. Rides included: convoy, hampton mix / hampton cycle jump on one trailer, super slide, rock'n tug, kiddie bob sled, satori galion, orbiter, fling bob, sea dragon, typhoo, zero gravity round-up, raider, scooter, twist, sooper jet coaster, 4 abreast MGR, cliff hanger, 15 tub gondola wheel.

#60   Aug 17  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (32 rides)
                     Altamont Fair
                     Altamont, NY

On the lot was 32 rides, 7 food concessions, 48 games and 3 straight sales. Rides include:storm, fireball loop, tilt, avalanche, wild claw, 15 tub gondola wheel, scooter, tornado, flying bob, sizzler, yoyo, zipper, cuckoo haus fun house, sea ray, gravatron, the mystery machine, inflatable bounce, spider, crystal lil's glass house, raider, speedway, hampton mix, fun slide, crazy bus, kiddie swing, bumble bee bop, gravity storm bungy bounce, rock'n tug, 4 abreast MGR, train station, krusty crab fun house, catapillar coaster.

#61   Aug 18   FIESTA SHOWS  (41 rides)
                      Marshfield Fair
                      Marshfield, MA

On the lot of Gene Dean's Fiesta Shows set up was 41 rides, 25 food concessions, 55 games and 9 straight sales. Rides included:  sea dragon, scooter, zipper, jungle island bounce, cliff hanger, swinger, thunder bolt, tilt, cyclone round-up, candy factory bounce, skymaster,  4 abreast MGR, haunted mansion dark ride, haunted house fun house, ball crawl, winnie the pooh bounce, orient express, crazy bus, spider mania raider, pharoah's fury, rock wall, artic blast, gravatron, tornado, scooter, aerial max plane, boungy bounce, 3 abreast MGR, pole position coaster, super slide, fun slide, rock'n tug, street racer, 20tub gondola wheel, tooterville train station, lucky lizzy's fun house, dragon wagon, dizzy dragon, live pony rides, castle of evi; dark ride, convoy race.

#62   Aug 24   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
                      Union Fair
                      Union, ME

This lot was set-up with 18 rides, 22 games and 15 food concessions. Rides included: the road to oz fun house, fun slide, 2 abreast MGR, dragon wagon, hampton mix, bear affair, super slide, 16 seat gondola wheel, star trooper, zipper, pharoah's fury, train station, enchanted castle bounce, yoyo, sizzler, tilt, scooter and skymaster. Some of the rides were brought in by Scott Miller from New Hampshire for Rockwell dates.

#63    Aug 30   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (24 rides)
                       Windsor Fair
                       Windsor, ME

There was more rides and games set up this week than last week in Union, ME. This week Rockwell had 24 rides set up with 27 games and 12 food concessions. Rides included: zemp helicopter / spaceship, hampton mix, bumble bee bop,  2 abreast MGR, hampton cycle jump, dragon wagon, hampton mix, castle bounce, train station, the road to oz fun house, bear affair, tiger bounce, fun slide, sizzler, 16 tub gondola wheel, pharoah's fury, yoyo, zipper, skymaster, scooter, star trooper, orbiter, tilt, tornado. Scott Miller of Miller Amusements had most of his rides set up at this fair under Rockwell's contract.

#64   Aug 31   LMC AMUSEMENTS  (CUSHINGS)  (14 rides)
                      Springfield Fair
                      Springfield, ME

Probally one of the cleanest, small midway ride operators in the New England area of the country has to be the  LMC Cushing Amusements. This show keeps the equipment in top shape and painted. Even the older rides look new. This year I caught the show set up on a rainny day in Springfield Maine and later in the year at the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire with Rockwell Amusements. You can spot their rides because of their condition of being clean and well kept. There was 14 rides set up along with 5 food concessions and 7 games set up at Springfield. Rides included: wacky Shack, truck stop, go-gater, chair swing, roll-o-plane, alladdin, tempest, round-up, 12 seat eli-wheel, octapus, sizzler, hi-lite taxi, hampton mix, train station.