2007 (Part D)

#64 Sept 1  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (32 rides)

                    Blue Hill Fair
                    Blue Hill, ME

Smokey's Greater Show has played this fair in Maine for many years and brings in all their rides along with booking rides from other shows to make this one big lot. But the only problem I see is it is a dark show at night. Why I say this is because there are no light towers to lite up the grounds and at times over half the lights are out on the rides. A person can tell which rides are owned by Bud by the number of lights out.

There was 32 rides set up along with 29 food concessions, 14 games and 2 straight sales on the lot area of the show. Rides included: sizzler, kids power, 12 seat eli wheel, time tunnel freak out dark ride, rock wall, flying saucer,canoe, casino, jeep safari, 16 tub gondola wheel, gravatron, scooter, super slide, 1001 naughts, fling bob, maximum overdrive fun house, hampton cars, train station, 2 abreast merry-go-round, hampton mix, worm-go-round, star fighter, dragon wagon, raider, bungy bounce, circus bounce, balloon, zipper, 2 abreast merry-go-round, star trooper, tilt and a windsong.


#65  Sept 2  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (25 rides)
                   Schaghticoke Fair
                   Schaghticoke, NY

The lot is set up the same each year. This year their was 25 rides, 6 food and 31 games with 4 straight sale joints and one I Got It. Rides included: wild claw, orbiter, pharoah's fury, scooter, crystal lil's glass house, tilt, mini indy, little scrambler, fun slide, truck stop, 4 abreast merry-go-round, mini himalaya, mini wave swinger, orient express, bear affair, princess bounce, tornado, zero gravity round-up, 20 tub gondola wheel, sizzler, storm, rock'n'roll fun house, super himalaya, haunted mansion dark ride, gravity storm bungy bounce.

#66  Sept 2  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (29 rides)
                   Fonda Fair
                   Fonda, NY
This fair gets about a half a unit of one of Reithoffer 2 units.  The other half of this unit plays about an hour away at the same time in Schaghticoke, NY.  Both of these units books in other carnival rides from the area. Set up was 29 rides with 19 games and 22 food concessions plus 10 straight sale joints. Rides included: hampton mix, bungy tramp, krusty crab fun house, catapillar, bounce, drive-in, scrambler, safari train, 3 abreast merry-go-round, tilt, zipper, scooter, power surge, the mystery machine (ball crawl), raiders, crazy bus, speedway, rock'n'tug, avalanche, bumble bee bop, 15 tub gondola wheel, demolition derby, starship 2000, sea ray, fireball loop, flying bob, tidal wave, yo-yo, hot pink slide plus an I Got It and a lazer encounter reality check.

#67  Sept 2  ONTARIO AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
                   Johnston City Field Days
                   Johnston City, NY

This event was set up same as last year. Their was 13 rides, rides included zemperilla helicopter / spaceship, kinaroo merry-go-round, musical chairs, rock-o-plane, zemperilla dino, bear affair, hampton mix, fun slide, round-up, paratrooper, scat, sidewinder, and a tempest along with 10 games and 3 food concessions and 1 straight sale set up.


#68  Sept 3  MICHAEL'S AMUSEMENTS  (23 rides)
                   Stoneboro Fair
                   Stoneboro, PA

This lot consisted of 23 rides, 5 food concessions, and 12 games. The lot over looked the infield of the race track that was down in a valley. Rides included: fun slide, 2 abreast merry-go-round, kid's town, go-gater, berry-go-round, misical chairs, hurricane, casino, bungy bounce, roll-o-plane, spinner, winky the whale, superman, lil scrambler, boat, rock wall, expo wheel, whacky shack fun house, music express, para-trooper, sea ray, scat, super shot drop tower.

#69  Sept 4  SWANK's STEEL CITY SHOWS  (14 rides)
                   Waterford, PA

On the lot of this small county fair just south of Erie, PA was 14 rides, 20 food concessions, 10 games and 11 straight sale stands set up along with 4 commercial exhibitors and 1 gambling tent and an I Got It. Rides included: 3 abreast merry-go-round, dizzy dragon, hampton mix, hampton cycle, sooper jet coaster, bug, sizzler, zero gravity round-up, skymaster type ride unnamed, jitterbug musical chairs, expo wheel, monkey mayheim glass house, zummer swings, and a hurricane.

#70 Sept 4  MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (13 rides)
                  Jamestown, PA

This was a free gate fair set up in back of the local school. On the lot was 13 rides with 19 food concessions and 8 games with 1 straight sale joint set up. Rides included: pony ride, hurricane, scooter, berry-go-round, rock-o-plane, vortex, raider, fun slide, big eli wheel, a 2 abreast merry-go-round, lil scrambler, sea-doo, hampton mix.

#71 Sept 4  BARTLEBOUGH AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
This was a very small fair just south of Erie, PA. Bartlebaugh Amusements had 15 rides set up along with 15 games 1 straight sale and 9 food concessions on their lot. Rides included: jungle mania (raider), 16 seat eli wheel, loop-o-plane, gravatron, tilt, fun slide, indy car, inflatable, sooper jet coaster, 2 abreast merry-go-round, berry-go-round, hampton cycle / jeep, musical chairs, home made mixer type ride.

#72 Sept 5  TROPICAL AMUSEMENTS  (24 rides)
                  Cambria County Fair
                  Ebensburg, PA

One of the nicest painted small carnivals in the business is owned by Hawk and Gater. This is the second time this year I have ran across this show and this time it was even bigger. To the right is their Ferris Wheel which they have just rebuilt and it really looks first class compared to others that I have seen on the road in this day and age. There was 24 rides set up along with 20 food concessions, 32 games and 1 straight sale. Rides included: eli wheel, (2) hampton mix vehicles, star fighter, tubs of fun, bungy bounce, gator truck stop, 2 abreast merry-go-round, yo-yo, hurricane, scooter, rock-o-plane, hi-roller, sidewinder, tornado, round-up, safari, fun house, tower of terror slide, (2) inflatables, kiddie swing, pony ride and a fun slide.

#73  Sept 6  BARTLEBOUGH AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                   Juniatia County Fair
                   Port Royal, PA

This lot was set up as last year with 17 rides, 20 games, and 6 food concessions. Rides included a sir laugh alot bounce, a tiger inflatable bounce, boat, fun slide, 2 abreast merry-go-round, hampton jitter bug, bouncing basketball (helicopter), dragon wagon, mighty mac trucks, super spinner, super trooper, 14 seat wheel, castle mania, spinner, tilt, casino, and a scooter.

#74  Sept 7  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (47 rides)
                   York Fair
                   York, PA

On a hot day I attended the great York Fair in York, PA with one of the units of Reithoffer playing the spot. The lot was very empty on this afternoon around 2.  The lot consisted of 47 rides in 3 different locations on the fairgrounds plus 23 food concessions, 51 games and 12 straight sales in these locations. On the grounds there was hundreds of straight sales, food and games and I Got It's. Rides included: gondola wheel, haunted mansion dark ride, cookoo haus fun house, starship 2000, speed ride, scooter, storm, super himalayia, orbiter, zipper, scooter, wild claw, tidal wave, power surge, avalanche, pharoah's fury, rock'n'roll fun house, super shot, wild mouse coaster, rock wall, 3 abreast merry-go-round, field of dreams fun house, krusty crab fun house, bungy tramp, fireball loop, sizzler, tornado, drive-in, kiddie swing, raider, rock'n'tug, kiddie himalayia, mini indy, demolition derby, crazy bus, crystal lil's glass house, hot pink slide, 4 abreast merry-go-round, bumble bee bop, truck stop, dizzy dragon, tilt, jumpin jumbo's, yo-yo, gravity storm bungy, speedway, orient express. Plus there was a giant snake, giant rat, smallest horse, smallest women, another giant snake and rat exhibit plus the midway store

Scene here are the owners of two attractions that I have scene set up at previous fairs this year including the Ionia Michigan Free Fair. They are Athena Philips and Pete Kolozsy of Florida when they are not on the road. After telling them my name they knew who I was from my web sites as they have been onto them many times. After a long conversasion they agreed that I get around and when I write something that I do not candy coat what I say like many other reporters from various mags etc, like Circus Report and web sites.

#75  Sept 7  S & S AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)
                   Luzerne County Fair
                   Dallas, PA

This PA fair has to be one of the biggest fairs for spectators as they jam them into the grounds like sardines. They even run a bus shuttle from the hay field across the street to the enterance to the fair. The traffic is backed up for over a mile and people are still lined up in traffic at 9PM when I was leaving. Swika has one busy lot. There was 20 rides set up along with 22 games, 9 food concessions, 3 straight sales and a snake gil and smallest women on the lot. Rides included: sidewinder, fun clinick fun house, gravatron, musik express, monkey maze glass house, rio grand train, bear affair, boat, firetruck, scooter, super slide, truck, 3 abreast merry-go-round, scrambler, spider mania, wipe out, go-gater, cliff hanger, rock wall and a zipper.

                     Danville, VA

I got to the lot of Strates as they were just setting up in Danville, VA for the opening of the fair this coming week-end. What a difference seeing the rides being set-up as usually I don't get to see this as I arrive after the shows are in operation because of my business of entertaining in various Thrill Shows in front of the grandstands.

#77  Sept 10  POWERS GREAT AMERICAN MIDWAY  (44 rides)
                     Concord, NC

This fair grounds is located out of the town and took quit a bit of time to find. Charlie Belknap was surprised to see me their. But he knows that I get around to quit a few lots in a year. This lot has to be one of the cleanest I have been onto as there was no litter on the ground anywhere I went. One of my only complaints that I have with the fair but not with the carnival is that there is no one can leave the grounds and come back in. This is bad as if you win some big plush you have to carry it around for hours untill you leave. The second thing there is not much of any entertainment for those who are attending this fair.There was 44 rides set up which included the 3 that was a special not on the ride count from PGAM list. Also there was 31 food concessions, 42 games and 2 straight sales and a I Got It set up. Rides included: rainbow rock, speedway, jumping star, quadzilla, lolly swing, orient express, circus train, jet ski, live pony ride, uncle al, dizzy dragon, 16 tub gondola wheel, zipper, scooter, ring of fire loop, cliff hanger, get twist, flying bob, monkey maze dark ride, wave swinger, fire chief, construction zone, traffic jam, wacky worm, 3 abreast merry -go-round, jalopy jct., kiddie boat, tea cup, fun slide, rock'n'tug, coockoo haus fun house, mardi gras glass house, rock wall, claw, orbiter, tilt, zero gravity round-up, freak out, super shot drop tower, starship exodus, sizzler, spider, tornado, bungy tramp.

                     North Carolina Mountain State Fair
                    Fletcher, NC
Playworld plays this North Carolina Western Mountain State Fair. Pictured on the right is there Demon Loop which is like a Skymaster. Other major rides are booked into this fair from other providers as I spotted PGAM flags flying around on a couple of rides which are independly owned.

#79  Sept 11  COLE AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
                     Lincoln County Fair
                     Abington, VA

This lot was set-up on top of a hill on the fairgrounds which is all hilly. The weather was damp and foggy. On the midway was 19 rides set-up along with 9 food concessions and 16 games. Rides included: kids town, rain forest expo wheel, rainbow, scat, sizzler, cliff hanger, super tempest, zipper, super shot drop tower, 2 abreast merry-go-round, winky the whale, hampton mix, hampton jet ski, jolly choo choo, blue ox, dragon wagon, heart flip, and a magic carpet slide.

#80  Sept 12  WADE SHOWS / DREW EXPOSITION  (54 rides)
                     Tennessee Valley Fair
                     Knoxville, TN

A combination of Wade Shows and the Drew Exposition plays this fair in Knoxville, Tenn. The picture to the right is Drew's Seatle Wheel. This has to be one of the biggest fairs that I have been to this year. This fair in size is small as the entertainment is very small compared to the midway size. On the lot of the two combined shows their was 54 rides, 31 games, 17 straight sales and 69 food concessions along with smallest womem, angel snake girl and smallest horse. Rides included: moon rocket loop, ion, himalaya, kite flyer, berry-go-round, jumpin jumbo's, bumble bee bop, wacky worm, seatle ferris wheel, train station, sizzler, tubs of fun, hampton mix, flying dragons, under sea adventure, balloon, dragon wagon, apple/ bug, star fighter, lolly swing, jalopy jct., helicopter, 3 abreast merry-go-round, circus train, clatterpiller coaster, hampton boat, rock'n'tug, jumpin star, silver streak, super slide, 3 abreast merry-go-round, pirate, starship 2000, meg-a-drop,cyclope, ring of fire loop, mardi gras, king's circus fun house, the zombie dark ride, wacky shack, alpine bob, scooter, tilt, hammer, sizzler, 20 tub gondola wheel, orbiter, cliff hanger, yo-yo, scooter, zipper, black widow (spider), big slide.

#81  Sept 13  BLUE GRASS SHOWS  (45 rides)
                     Tenn. State Fair
                     Nashville, TN
The Mighty Blue Grass Shows plays the State Fair in Nashville. On the lot is their equipment as they very seldom book in other rides for this spot. This spot they had 4 pieces book in which was and inflatable haunted house, coaster un-named, side show and a cuckoo haus fun house. Also they had set-up 45 rides total with 14 games, 3 straight sales and 19 food concession on there lot of the fair. Rides included: dream machine, ring of fire loop, sea ray, 16 tub gondola wheel, spider, tornado, super slide, mechanical bull, raiders, toon town fun house, scooter, power surge, extasy, starship 3000, thunder bolt, big ben drop tower, wave swinger, scooter, cliff hanger, tilt, bear affair, zemp hellicopter / spaceship, speedway, zemp dino /elephant, titanic, spin the apple, orient express, hampton mix, swing, 3 abreast merry-go-round, bumper boats, skywheel, scrambler, zero gravity round-up, nitro, wacky worm, kiddie boats, bounce, moser free fall, dizzy dragon, rock'n'tug, dino plus the booked in rides cuckoo haus, coaster, inflatable haunted house.

#82  Sept 13  MEYERS INTERNATIONAL  (28 rides)
                     Henderson County Fair
                     Lexington, TN

This lot is behind the towns fire station and is a free gate fair. The kiddie ride area is located on an upper level of the ground while the rest of the midway is down in the valley. On the lot was a total of 28 rides with 33 games and 13 food concessions along with one straight sale. Rides included: monkey maze glass house, speedway, eli wheel, raider, berry-go-round, flying dinos, slime, truck stop, hampton 4 x 4, zemp mini-jet, 1001 nachts, alpine bobs, starship 2000, sea ray, rock'n'roll, power surge, orient express, zipper, scooter, cliff hanger, orbiter, freak out, dizzy dragon, mery-go-round, fun slide, silver streak, bungy tramp and an inflatable.

#83  Sept 13  GEREN AMUSEMENTS  (30 rides)
                     Jackson, TN

This lot was real muddy where the rides were set up.  Entrance to the fair was thru the racing grandstand but this grandstand and race track is not in use. Spotted on the lot was a few of Meyers International rides. Their was 30 rides set up along with 13 food concessions and 39 games and 3 straight sales. Rides included: a 3 abreast merry-go-round, hurricane, yo yo, kiddie coaster, zemp helicopter, fishy jump, hampton mix, scooter, tomb of doom dark ride, castle mania, orbiter, 16 eli wheel, bumper boats, super slide, gravatron, ring of fire loop, himaylia, safari train, boats, star fighter, inflatable dinosaur, mini himaylia, kiddie boat crazy bus, go-gater, 20 tub gondola wheel, scrambler, trabant, tornado, tubs of fun,  plus 3 shows: the headless women, rats alive, and the worlds smallest mule.

#84  Sept 14  BELLE CITY AMUSEMENTS  (24 rides)
                     Lincoln County Fair
                     Fayetteville, TN

This was a very clean layout that was not muddy even when the area had alot of rain. Their was 24 rides set up along with 8 food concessions and 25 games with 1 straight sale also a killer live snake show. Rides included: universal horror dark ride, super slide, typhoon, rock'n'roll, drop zone, sea dragon, fun zone fun house, gravatron, 20 tub gondola wheel, ring of fire loop, yo yo, scrambler, scorpion (cobra), power surge, scooter, tilt, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, helicopter, dizzy dragon, crazy plane, mini hymalia, dragon wagon and racing.

#85  Sept 14 CUMBERLAND VALLEY SHOWS  (31 rides)
                    County Fair

                    McMinnville, TN

Another free gate fair with the midway on top of a hill and parking was down in a valley which was wet and muddy as they have had a lot of rain in the past two days. The walkways were fine as most was paved. Cumberland Valley had 31 rides set up with 28 games and 8 food concessions. There was also 3 straight sales on the lot and 1 show the Littlest Women. Rides included: zero gravity round-up, 15 tub gondola wheel, himalaya, ghost pirate fun house, starship exodus, pharoah's fury, paratrooper, super slide, kiddie swing, glass house, alp's house fun house, bear affair, jumpin jumbo's, go-gater, speedway, eli 16 wheel, down draft, hampton mix, hampton boat, lil ferris wheel, lil scrambler, dizzy dragon, zoo inflatable bounce, ss buckaneer inflatable bounce, tea cup, 3 abreast merry-go-round, zemp circus train, tilt, yo yo, sizzler, tornado. Seen on the lot were rides from Jon Leuhr Spectacular Attractions.

#86  Sept 17  FIESTA SHOWS  (33 rides)
                     Rochester Fair
                     Rochester, NH
This year the carnival lot layout has changed. The kiddie land has moved to the lower end of the fairgrounds where the circus was located in 2006. The circus has moved up to the top of the fairgrounds. On the lot there was 33 rides set-up along with 28 games, 27 food concessions along with 1 straight sale and 4 commercial exhibitors. Rides include: play pen balls of fun, skymaster, tilt, cobra, haunted cavern dark ride, fireball (claw), 20 tub gondola wheel, scooter, sea dragon, train station, jungle island bounce, lucky lizzies fun house, spider mania, cyclone (round-up), haunted mansion dark ride, twister, zipper, gravatron, cliff hanger, orient express, thunderbolt, rock wall, super slide, aero max, convoy race, go gater, rock'n'tug, tiger bounce, crazy bus, euro bungy jump, atlantis bounce, 3 abreast merry-go-round, berry-go-round.

#87   Sept 20  KISSEL BOTHERS SHOW  (21 rides)
                     Dover, OH

On this lot Kissel Brothers had 21 rides, with 29 food concessions along with 28 games and 13 straight sales set up in their area of the fairgrounds. Their were alot more food concessions located everywheres. Rides included: fun slide, super truck, dizzy dragon, hampton mix, dragon wagon, lil wheel, zemp helicopter, space ship, 3 abreast merry-go-round, euro bungy jump, live pony ride, rockwall, 16 eli wheel, music video fun house, pharoah's fury, paratrooper, zipper, music express, screamer, sizzler, hurricane and a scooter. This carnival has many of their trucks painted up with carnival lettering of old.

#88  Sept 22  BATES BROTHERS AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
                    Ashland Fair
                    Ashland, OH

There was 18 rides with 19 games, 12 food concessions and an arcade set up on the midway area of the fair. Rides included: cliff hanger, train station, scrambler, yo-yo, rock wall, music express, down draft, super shot drop tower, das fun haus fun house, raider, eli 16 wheel, fun slide, 3 abreast merry-go-round, dino's, helicopter, wave jet ski, hampton mix, and a worm.


#89  Sept 22  BATES BROTHERS AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
                     Delaware Fair
                     Delaware, OH

The second unit I found on the same day of the Bates Amusements was set up just out side of Columbus at a fair that one time was in July or August but now also has moved to September.  On this lot of Bates Amusements their was 19 rides along with 19 games, 3 straight sales and 6 food joints set up around the midway area of the fair. Rides included: 3 abreast merry-go-round, fun slide, lil wheel, crazy bus, kangaroo, red garter saloon fun house, typhoon, catch'n'air, kiddie swing, dragon wagon, cycloin, dizzy dragon, eli 16 wheel, top gun, scooter, pharoah's fury, lost mine dark ride, zero gravity round-up, bat fighter (star fighter)

#90 Sept 23  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (42 rides)
                    Bloomsburg Fair
                    Bloomsburg, PA

This is a great fair especially if you are hungry as there are more food concessions everywheres you go and lots of things to buy. On the midway there was 42 rides set up in two different locals along with 61 games, 12 food stands and 2 straight sale joints and a I Got It.  Rides include: jumpin jumbo's, hot pink slide, yo-yo, dizzy dragon, castle mania, kiddie wave swinger, rock'n'tug, crazy bus, speedway, mini himayla, 4 abreast merry-go-round, orient express, crystal lil's glass house, zemp demolition derby, mini indy, bungy tramp, wild claw, avalanche, tornado, haunted mansion dark ride, speed ride, tidal wave, rock wall, zipper, sizzler, storm, gravity storm bungy, power surge, scooter, pharoah's fury, starship 2000, ring of fire loop, 3 abreast merry-go-round, bumble bee bop, drive in, fun slide, zemp helicopter / spaceship, train station, raider, krusty crab fun house, 15 tub gondola wheel, and a tilt

#91  Sept 25  NAME (Conklin)  (49 rides)
                     BIG E
                     West Springfield, MA

The front gate to the midway at the Big-E in West Springfield with NAME furnishing the carnival. On the lot was 49 rides along with 12 food concessions 2 straight sales and 48 games. Rides included:  niagra falls flume, mouse trap fun house, cuckoo haus fun house, mardi gras glass house, rock'n'roll fun house, raider, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, surf city fun house, cops, hampton cycle jump, hampton jeep, deep sea adventure, rock'n'tug, zipper, alpine bobs, wave swinger, orbiter, wacky worm,  20 tub gondola wheel, tilt, scorpion, super slide, crazy mouse coaster, fireball loop, starship 4000, scooter, swing tower, fireball (claw), twist, pharoah's fury, rainbow, scooter, zemp helicopter, lolly swing, merry-go-round, dizzy dragon, football inflatable, china dragon, train station, toon town fun house, hillbilly village fun house, kite flyer, bumble bee bop, hy fyer, cross country adventure, kiddie swing

Here is a photo of one of the fun houses that Johnny Doolan has on the road. The Surf City was rethemed a few years ago into a nice brightly painted front. This fun house has been scene all over the east coast in the past few years.

The first one that I have seen and to me is a great eye catcher is the new Swinging Tower which is seen here on NAME which is played the Big-E in West Springfield,  Mass.

#92  Sept 26  GILLETTE SHOWS  (24 rides)
                     Cumberland Fair
                     Cumberland, ME

Every year this fair stays the same and most rides are always in the same location. On the lot there was 24 rides, 21 games, 5 straight sales and 16 food concessions. Rides included: sea dragon, flying bobs, cliff hanger, hi-jacker drop tower, super trooper, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, rock'n'tug, rock'n'roll, twist, typhoon, scooter, train station, little bob sled race, convoy race, fire chief, santori galleon race, 4 abreast merry-go-round, 15 tub gondola
The Zero Gravity (round-up) is spinning by the entrance to the grandstand area along with the Orbiter.

#92  Sept 29  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (31 rides)
                    Deerfield Fair
                    Deerfield, NH

This New England fair fills the lot with many many people. This is about one of the only fairs that has no games on the grounds. This year there was 31 rides, 14 food stands and 8 straight sales in the midway area of the fair. Alot of rides were booked in from Scott Miller's Miller Amusements and also the Cushing Amusements. Rides included: train station, hampton mix, 20 tub gondola wheel, truck stop, 1001 nights, orbiter, tornado, round-up, zipper, octopus, starship, yo-yo, renegade fun house, road to oz fun house, bumble bee bop, dragon wagon, titanic slide, inflatable,  tiger bounce inflatable, 2 abreast merry-go-round, wacky worm, tilt, scooter, sizzler, tempest, roll-o-plane, aladdin, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, zemp helicopter / spaceship, fun slide, dizzy dragon.

#93  Oct 6   FIESTA SHOWS  (59 rides)
                   Topsfield Fair
                   Topsfield, MA

Their was 59 rides set up along with 72 games, 15 straight sales, 6 commercial exhibitors and 26 food concessions set up on the carnival location that was in two different locations on the fairgrounds. Rides included: swinger, cobra, mardi gras glass house, earthquake fun house, castle of evil dark ride, haunted house, artic blast, zipper, twister, haunted mansion dark ride, gravatron, scooter, sea dragon, flying bob, pharoah's fury, scooter, tilt, 20 tub gondola wheel, thunder bolt, spider mania (raider), convoy race, 4 abreast merry-go-round, (2) super slides, crazy bus, candy factory bounce, orient express,aero max, tornado, tiger bounce, rock'n'tug, street racer, rock wall, playpen (crawl), dizzy dragon, dragon wagon, winnie the pooh bounce, lucky lizzie's glass house, freak out, bungy tramp, atlantis bounce, pole position coaster, cliff hanger, apoolo, bunge tramp, the surfer, haunted caverns dark ride, round-up, jungle island bounce, 3 abreast merry -go-round, fire dept crawl, zemp pooh bear, zemp jumpin jumbo's, (2) hampton mix, berry-go-round, fun slide, turtle, crazy bus.