2008 REVUES ARE HERE...........PART A

My first lot started on May 13th in Lenoir, NC

#1   May 13         SMOKIE MOUNTAIN AMUSEMENTS (7 rides)
                           Lenoir, NC

Billy Clark was just setting up the show when I was on the lot. This was 1 of 2 Units that was playing this week. I spotted 7 rides on the lot and their was more coming in from their last spot in the Raleigh area. Rides included: zipper, barrel of fun, scrambler, wipe-out, MGR, 2001 Spaceship, Wacky Shack Fun House booked in by Michael's Amusements. Games and food joints were just being set-up so I did not get a count.

#2   May 14      5-STAR ATTRACTION
                        Culpepper, VA

This show was spotted at the fairgrounds in Culpepper, VA layed over for a week before they start up. The show was parked along the highway. Also on the grounds was the Lewis and Clark Circus set-up for two a two day stand. Rides spotted on the lot and still loaded was a MGR, ferris wheel, sizzler

#3   May 15      AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (40 rides)
                         Chesapeake Jubilee
                         Cheasapeake, VA

Rides included: fun slide, space roller, MTV fun house, avalanche coaster, fireball loop, tornado, giant wheel, tilt, mini wave swinger, pharoah's fury, rock'n'roll, scooter, surf city fun house, gravatron, 1001 naughts, crazy mouse coaster, monkey mayham, helicopter, rock'n'tug, jungle fun house, speedway, balloon, bumple bee, frog hopper, train station, spiderman power tramp, free fall, mardi gras glass house, heart breaker, pumpkin wheel, wacky worm, fun slide, construction zone, 3 abreast MGR, flying elephants, go gator, swings, ocean trip, rainbow rock, banzai plus 10 food concessions, 20 games and 4 straight sles and a mechanical bull riding set up.

Before I left the lot the clouds came in and as I left the grounds it started to rain. Going 10 miles it poured on and off all the way to Richmond.

#4   May 15      COLE SHOWS AMUSEMENT COMPANY  INC. (12 rides)

Rides included: super shot, zipper, magic carpet slide, sizzler, hurricane, heart flip, cliff hanger, dragon wagon, ball crawl type device, spin the cup, hampton cars, 2 abreast MGR. I didn't get the count of food concessions and games as the show had just closed at 9:30 in a mall lot and it was just starting to sprinkle.

#5   May 17      BLUE SKY AMUSEMENTS  (9 rides)
                         Avenel Park
                         Avenel, NJ

Rides included: mouse trap dark ride, 12 seat ferris wheel, cross country adventure, zipper, elephant, swing, fun slide, sizzler, fun house along with 10 games, 4 food concessions and a local dunk tank. Seen on the lot was a few rides, and the best looking food concession owned by John and Tina Doolan.

#6  June 11   JAMES E STRATES SHOW  (30 rides)
                    Danbury Fair Mall
                    Danbury, CT 

Strates Show had 30 rides set up for this month long stay at the Danbury Fair Mall the home of the former and great Danbury Fair that that the kids sold out to a big mall co-op after their father died. Rides included: fireball, thunder bolt, inflatable slide, dinosaur, monkey maze glass house, construction zone, firechief, go-gator, kiddie himalya, red barron, jalopy jct., pony cart, slide, mini-indy, rock wall, hampton cycle jump, mangels fire truck, double deck MGR, giant wheel, top spin, haunted mansion dark ride, starship 2000, zipper, wacky worm coaster, tilt, mega jump tramp, himalya, cliff hanger, scooter, wave swinger. Also on the lot was 11 food concessions, 26 games plus an airbrush tattoo and dunk tank.

#7  June 12  AUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (22 rides)
                   St. Charles Borromeo Festival
                   Cinnaminson, NJ

Rides included on this lot was: western mouse coaster, fireball, canoe, tornado, super truck, eli hi 5 II wheel, scooter, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR (30 horses), fun slide, wind jammer, tea cup, 15 tub gondola wheel, sea ray, zipper, crystal lil's glass house, music express, tilt, trapezee, gravatron, pan's palace of fun fun house, dizzy dragon. Also 6 games, 2 food concessions and 1 straight sales. On the grounds were lots of local food vendors and games with an entertainment stage.

#8  June 12  GOODTIME AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
                   Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Carnival
                   Bethlehem, PA

Rides included: bungee bounce, hurricane, super slide, starship 3000, spinner, tilt, dragon wagon, boomer fire truck, bumble bee, bear affair, hampton mix, inflatable, paratrooper, plus 2 food concessions and 7 games.


#9  June 12  GOODTIME AMUSEMENTS  (8 rides)
                    Rainbow Hose Company Firemen's Carnival
                    Schuykill Haven, PA

Rides included: sizzler, super bounce, super swing, mini pirate, train station, castle mania, zemp tea cup, divebomber plus 10 games and 2 food concessions.

#10  June 12  NONWEILER AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
                     Firemens Carnival
                     Quakertown, PA

Rides include: round-up, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, star-fighter, mini pony cart, mini-tank, airboat, inflatable slide, 12 seat wheel,  20 horse 2 abreast MGR, slide, super raider, honda ride,  el paso mini train, octapus, scrambler, plus 4 food concessions and 14 games.

#11  June 13  DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS (28 rides)
                    Staten Island, NY

Rides included: zipper, mardi gras glass house, bear affair, jalopy jct., fun slide, ring of fire, gondola wheel, land slide, tilt, train station, 3 abreast MGR, star ship 2000, himaylia, dream catcher, sizzler, scooter, swings, coaster, tea cup, orbiter, fun house, speedway, pony cart, dragon, fire truck, tornado, orient express plus one under cover.

This lot is inclosed with fences all around the lot with only one entrance. Admission to this lot was $1. Free entertainment is the Victoria's Circus.

#12  June 14  AMRON AMUSEMENTS  (4 rides)
                     Polish Festival
                     Webster, MA

 Rides included: spinner, wacky shack, inflatable slide, fun slide. Also there was 9 games and 1 food concesssion on the lot. Paper ads said the rides were 58 cents each but on the ticket box prices were $1.10 each.

#13.  June 15  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (22 rides)
                      St. John's Bazaar
                      Brunswick, ME
Rides included: tilt, sky diver, zipper, gravatron, wind song, time tunnel dark ride, bumper cars, kids power, raider, dragon wagon, bear affair, worm go-round, train station, jeep safari, hampton race cars, fun slide, hampton mix, circus tent bounce, star fighter, 1001 nachts, 3 abreast MGR, gondola wheel plus 4 food concessions and 5 games.

This lot has really increased over the years from just a few rides to a full blown carnival set-up.

#14. June 15   D & L AMUSEMENTS  (8 rides)
                      Jay, ME

Rides included: hil-billy village fun house, inflatable slide, train station, inflatable bounce, mind winder, spin the apple, wind jammer, and a chair plane plus 2 food concessions and 6 games. The last day of this date was a wash out. With a crew of less than 10 the show was loaded and ready to go in less than 2 hours. Everything except the chair plane is pulled with pick-ups.

I watched the tear down of the chair plane and it brought me back to the good old days of the 50's carnivals watching from my bed room windows of shows being set up.

If you catch this New England show say Hello! to Dick and Lisette Shea and tell them you saw this site. Also, I want to Thank them for all the great Jack-potting on this rainy Sunday prior to tear down..