2008 PART B

#15  July 5
                  Houlton Fair
                  Houlton, ME

Rides included: 12 seat ferris wheel, titanic, train station, star fighter, gravatron, zipper, freak out time tunnel dark ride, windsong, raider, dragon wagon, happy worm, 2 abreast MGR, hampton mix, kids power, astro wheel. Also there was 5 food concessions, 4 games and 1 straight sales in their area of the fairgrounds.

At the Houlton Fair, Bud unvailed his newest ride to the North East which is an Astro Wheel.

#16  July 17  JAMES E STRATES SHOW  ( 39 rides)
                     Orange County Fair
                     Middletown, NY

Rides included: coaster, top spin, thunder bolt, fireball loop, sea ray, scooter, wacky worm, fireball claw, cliff hanger, flying bob, zipper, enterprise, tilt, fly high, go-gater, red barron, fire truck, monkey barrel fun house, double deck MGR, dinosaur, super slide, pony cart, fire chief, construction zone, monkey maze glass house, 24 tub giant gondola wheel, hang 10, scrambler, wave swinger, haunted mansion dark ride, starship 2000, himalaya, jalopy jct., mini himalaya, hampton cycle jump, mini-indy, train station, pan's palace of fun fun house, inflatable slide. Also 26 food concessions, 26 games and 6 straight sales along with an I Got It, pony rides and petting zoo. Grind shows included snake girl, smallest women, smallest horse, Serge Corronna's smallest horse, pigs and reptiles (snakes).

The lot at the Orange County Fair is basicly set on a side of a hill. In this picture you can see a train station a lot lower than the Wave Swinger which is much higher on the hill.

As you enter the main gate you first see the double merry-go-round and the kiddie land area ( on the right), on the left is a line of adult rides going down the hill towards the grandstand area.

Newest ride that I have seen on the show is the HANG-10 which was set-up on the lower part of the hill.

#17  July 17   S&S AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)

Rides included: zemp elepant / lil wheel on one trailer, train station, super slide, music express, zipper, cliff hanger, wipe out, 3 abreast MGR, spider, scooter, scrambler along with 5 food concessions, 24 games and a dunk tank.

#18 July 18  MONTANA BROTHERS  (10 rides)
                    Home Days
                    Susquahana, PA

Rides included:  dizzy dragon, paratrooper, roll-o-plane (divebomber), castle mania, tempest, chair plane, train, boat, roto whip, fire truck plus 8 games.

#19  July 19  DEGGLAR  (18 rides)
                    Cecil County Fair
                    Fair Hill, MD
Rides included: tiki town fun house, lost mine dark ride, zipper, midway super slide, typhoon, tornado, raider, zero gravity round-up, tilt, super shot drop tower, wave swinger, cliff hanger, quad runner umbrella, 15 tub century gondola wheel, fireball loop, spin the apple, land slide. 3 abreast MGR. Also there was 6 food concessions, 22 games, and 2 straight sales.

This is only the second Land Slide that I have scene. The first was on Dreamlands set-up in Staten Island.

#20  July 20  WADE SHOWS  (54 rides)
                     Delaware State Fair
                     Harrington, Delaware

Rides include:  gondola wheel, gravatron, rainbow, rc-48 coaster, the zombie dark ride, jungle of fun fun house, pirate, space roller, cave of doom fun house, hit'n'2008, rock'n'roll, spin out, scooter, tilt, ring of fire loop, heart breaker, cliff hanger, alpine bobs, orbitor, zipper, coaster, cuckoo haus fun house, white water flume, super slide, wacky worm, circus train, jalopy jct., dragon wagon, spin the apple, balloon, canoe, hampton cars, monkey mayhem, hampton cycle, hampton boats, chutes and ladders, lolly swings, 3 abreast MGR, big tea cup, jumpin' star, 4 X 4, silver streak, kiddie peddle boats, spiderman bungee jump, dolphin inflatable, animal house fun house, underwater adventure, mardi gras glass house, inflatable, sizzler, bungee bounce, mario-land, 4 abreast MGR. Also there was 13 food concessions, 37 games and 8 straight sales. Plus the Museum of Odities, spider-girl, alligator show, angel snake girl and a mechincal bull ride .

#21   July 22  REITHOFFER  (16 rides)
                     Clinton County Fair
                     Plattsburg, NY

Rides included: tilt, 1001 naughts, scooter, wild claw, avalanche, pharoh's fury, fun slide, zemp tea cup. western mouse coaster, 4 abreast MGR, demolition derby, crystal lil's, speedway, zipper, plus 2 rides. Also 23 games, 4 food concessions and 4 straight sales.
Also on the lot was two rides from the Amusements of America. They were the new Western Mouse and the Pharoh's Fury.

#22   July 24  PLAYLAND AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
                     Ontario County Fair
                     Canandaqua, NY

Rides included: hurricane sidewinder, tempest, round-up, 2 abreast MGR, berry-go-round, musical chair, scooter, circus train, sizzler, s.a. roller mix umbrella, zemp space ship / helicopter, go-gater, super slide, jet star (star fighter) plus 17 games and 5 food concessions.

After receiving over 3 inches of rain in the past few days, when I hit the lot you could see the water everywheres. The only thing I will say is this lot was a lot drier than last year when I went over to Waterloo, NY which was even wetter.

#23  July 31  FIESTA SHOWS (34 rides)

                    Bangor State Fair
                    Bangor, ME

Rides included: jungle island inflatable, pooh bear, turtle, earthguake fun house, zemp flying dumbos, go-gator, tooterville train station, candy factory inflatable, berry-go-round, sea dragon, spider mania (raider), lucky lizzies fun house, surfer, 20 tub gondola wheel, haunted mansion dark ride, freak out, bungy jump, swinger, thunder bolt, cobra, cliff hanger, rock'n'tug, atlantis inflatable, crazy bus, super slide, convoy race, orient express, traffic jam, 3 abreast MGR, re-mix, tilt, zipper, polar express, scooter. Plus there was 30 food concessions, 30 games, 16 straight sales and 8 comercial exhibits around or on the lot.

Along time friend of mine Carol Pearson working as cashier in this cafferteria food concession at the Bangor State Fair on the lot of one of Gene Dean's Fiesta Show Unit.

This lot seemed much smaller than in previous years. I heard that the show did not bring in as much because of the economy. If this is the case than overall it will hurt the fair as people remember what it was like the year before. Also the fair its self did not have any real talent or acts to bring the local people back day after day. The Bangor State Fair administration I feel needs new blood and someone that really knows how to bring people into the fair. Especially with a drop of over 40,000 from years ago (10 or so years ago) to the low of the 50's and low 60's of now and it is not the economy that has kept the crowds from coming. This date is an over sizes carnival still date.

#24  AUG 2  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS ( 9 rides)
                    Rockland Lobster Festival
                    Rockland, ME

Rides included: pharoh's fury, fun side fun house, orbitor, star trooper, inflatable, bear affair, yo-yo, speedway and a hampton mix. Also 11 games and 5 food concessions in their area of the grounds.

#25   AUG 5  JIM HOUGHTON  (28 rides)
                     Reading Fair
                     Reading, PA

Rides included: swinger, himalaya, zipper, scooter, tilt, pharoh's fury. super round-up, merry mixer, gravatron, 2 abreast MGR, titanic inflatable, 2 abreast MGR, jeep 4 x 4, candy factory inflatable, train station, hampton mix, zemp sea doo, underwater adventure inflatable, dragon wagon, super slide, berry-go-round, red barron, hampton cycle, 12 seat ferris wheel, swing, alpine climb (raider style) and 2 other rides along with 29 food concessions, 18 games, 14 straight sales and 6 commercial stands.

#26   AUG 6 WADE SHOWS  (  rides)
                    Wayne County Fair
                    Honesdale, PA

#27   AUG  11  FIESTA SHOWS  (31 rides)
                       Skowhegan State Fair
                       Skowhegan, ME

Rides included: super slide, atlantis inflatable, fireman fun crawl, berry-go-round, 3 abreast MGR, lucky lizzy fun house, winnie the pooh inflatable, crazy bus, pooh bear, jumpin dumbos, turtle, train station, inflatable, sea dragon, surfer, swinger, cobra, re-mix, scooter, polar express, zipper, freak-out, 16 seat ferris wheel, earthquake fun house, tilt, go-gater, boomer's magic  circus, bungee jump, hampton dune buggies, hampton, mix, jungle island inflatable plus beano and 18 games, 16 food concessions, 15 straight sales and 1 commercial stand.

# 28 AUG 13  REITHOFFER (35 rides)
                      Altamont Fair
                      Altamont, NY

Rides included: indy 500 coaster, rock'n'roll fun house, starship 2000, wild claw, western mouse, giant wheel, bumper cars,rock wall, tornado, avalanche, kiddie swing, jumpin dumbos, bungee bounce, train station, catapilar, hot pink slide, 4 abreast MGR, ring of fire loop, flying bob, sea ray, sizzler, yoyo, tilt, super himalaya, chutes and ladders fun house, raider, rock'n'tug, crazy bus, demo derby, hampton mix mystery machine (raider type ride), jungle of fun (raider type ride), inflatable, cuckoo haus fun house, crystall lil's fun house plus an I Got It, 10 food concessions, 30 games and 2 straight sales on the lot.

#29  AUG 15  BATES BROTHERS  (24 rides)
                      McKean County Fair
                     E. Smethport, PA

Rides included: 16 big eli wheel, looney belle fun house, super slide, g-force, twister, zero gravity round-up, music express, fire ball express, odysee 2000, screamer, lil wheel, bungy tramp, rabbit race, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR, street racer, moon walk inflatable, hellicopter, hurricane, scooter, bear affair, tubs of fun, apples and worms, bone shaker. Also 6 food concessions and 12 games.

#30  AUG 16  COLEMAN BROTHERS  ( 28 rides)
                      Stueben County Fair
                      Bath, NY

Rides included:scooter, sizzler, pumpkin patch, train, winky the whale, dragon wagon, bumper boats, super slide, hampton mix, 3 abreast MGR, tiger bounce, ring of fire loop, 15 tub gondola wheel, tilt, flying bob, yo-yo, zipper, gravatron, 1001 naughts, raider,  plus an I Got It along with 22 food concessions, 7 straight sales, 13 games and 1 commercial stand.

After all the pictures that I took, the only one of the night that came out, was this picture of Gayle and Grant. They are long time concessioniers that you may have seen over the years at many fairs with their root beer float truck set up on alot.

#31  AUG 17 JAMES E STRATES SHOW   ( 73 rides)
                     America's Fair
                     Hamburg, NY

Rides included: tornado, mini himalaya, go-gater, rock'n'roll, red barron, flyin high, train station, mini-indy, bungee bounce, fire truck, pony carts, construction zone, bunge tramp, rock wall, wiggle worm, firechief, dinosaur, slide, bungee bounce/ rock wall, 3 abreast MGR, orient express, 15 tub gondola wheel, mario-land, peddel boats, super slide, phooh bear, chutes & ladders, 4 x 4 adventure, dizzy dragon, kangaroo, honey bee, das persain kamel fun haus fun house, circus train, inflatable bounce, pan's palace of fun fun house, 24 tub giant gondola wheel, king's circus fun house, top spin, haunted mansion dark ride, sea ray, music express, drop zone, ckookoo haus fun house, inflatable bounce, hurricane, hang glider, himalaya, fireball loop, orbiter, scooter, fireball claw, sea ray, starship 2000, monkey barrel fun house, hang 10, monkey maze glass house, tilt, thunder bolt, tilt, zipper, scooter, wave swinger, flying bob, cliff hanger, round-up, scrambler, enterprise, double deck MGR, traffic jam, inflatable slide, jalopy jct., hampton cycle jump, wacky worm.  Also there was 20 food concessions, 57 games, 9 straight sales and 7 commercial stands on the lot. Grind shows were the museum of world oddities, smallest women, movie monster museum, angel snake girl, alligator show and the world's smallest horse.

On the fairs advertisments a new ride the zyclon was listed but was not there.

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