2008 PART C

#32 AUG 18  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  ( 36 rides)
                      Washington County Fair
                       Greenwich, NY

Rides included: inflatable, fun slide, crystal lil's glass house, zemp tea cup. cross country adventure, dinosaur, kiddie swing. 12 big eli wheel, 3 abreast MGR. dragon wagon, super truck, 1001 nachts, cuckoo haus fun house, pharoh's fury, rock'n'roll fun house, mechanical bull, trapeze (yo-yo), cliff hanger, tornado, music express, kite flyer, wild claw, western mouse, train station, dizzy dragon, power surge, starship2000, windjammer, fireball loop, tilt, scooter, zipper, speedway, rock'n'tug, jungle of fun (raider), 15 tub gondola wheel plus an I Got It and 40 games, 11 food concessions with 3 straight sales.

#33  AUG 19  FIESTA SHOWS  ( 39 rides)
                       Marshfield Fair
                       Marshfield, MA

rides included: lucky lizzy fun house, flying bobs, jungle island inflatable bounce, 20 tub gondola wheel, fun slide, super slide, artic blast, mardi gras glass house, candy factory inflatable, 3 abreast MGR, wacky worm, tornado, gravatron, bungy tramp, traffic jam, 4 abreast MGR, rock'n'tug, street racer, dragon wagon, dizzy dragon, castle of evil dark ride, convoy race, sea dragon, scooter, zipper, cliff hanger, freak-out, rock wall, orient express, crazy bus, spider mania (raider), kid's crawl, haunted house, haunted mansion dark ride, re-mix, pharoh's fury. cyclone (round-up), tilt, thunder bolt.   Also on the lot was 32 food concessions, 41 games, 12 straight sales and 1 commercial stand.

#34  AUG 21  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                       Union Fair
                       Union, ME

Rides included: clown aroun fun house, ghost mansion dark ride, train station, 16 tub gondola wheel, fun side fun house, scooter, zipper, orbiter, dragon wagon, 2 abreast MGR, super slide, hampton mix, bear affair, pharoh's fury, sizzler, speedway, bumble bee. Plus 14 food concessions, 17 games, 3 straight sales and 1 commercial joint.

#35 AUG 22  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW (25 rides)
                     Piscataguis County Fair
                     Dover / Foxcroft, ME

Rides included: gondola wheel, scooter, windsong, tilt, time tunnel dark ride, scrambler, dragon wagon, maximum overdrive fun house, haunted cavern dark ride, thunder bolt, gravatron, zipper, train station, super slide, jeep safari, hampton cars, hampton mix, 2 abreast MGR, bear affair, balloon, the worm, kids power, raider, MGR bounce, sky diver plus cat house collection (grind) and 17 food concessions, 17 games, 4 straight sales and 4 commercial stands.

On the lot was concessions manager George Mitford who has been on Smokey's for 30 plus years.

#36  AUG 26  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS (24 shows)
                      Windsor Fair
                      Windsor, ME

Rides included: dragon wagon, dizzy dragon, zemp hellicopter / spaceship, hampton cycle jump, bumble bee bop, 2 abreast MGR, fun slide, bear affair, speedway, sizzler, hampton mix, hampton mix, clown aroun fun house, fun side fun house, ghost manor dark ride, pharoah's fury, tilt, 16 gondola wheel, tornado, orbiter, yo-yo, star trooper, scooter, zipper. Plus 10 food concessions, 18 games, 3 straight sales and 1 commercial stand plus pictures with a boa-constrictor.

#37  AUG 29  CUSHING AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
                      Springfield Fair
                      Springfield, ME

Rides included: aladdin, round-up, ferris wheel, octapus, taxi, truck stop, 2 abreast MGR, train station, sizzler, roll-o-plane (divebomber), super slide, tempest, go-gater, whacky shack, hampton mix, plus 6 games and 4 food concessions.

Cushings Amusements is still one of the nicest carnivals that plays in the State of Maine. All equipment and rides are up-kept, painted and clean. I was on the lot around noon on the opening day and the rides were still being put up for a 5 o'clock opening and the joints were lining up the plush to give away during the 4 day run.

#38  AUG 29  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS (32 rides)
                      Blue Hill Fair
                      Blue Hill, ME

rides included: 16 tub gondola wheel, thriller (gravatron), scooter, super slide, astro wheel, haunted cavern dark ride, thunder bolt, windsong, train station, jeep safari, kids power, tilt, sky diver, hampton mix, scrambler, maximum overdrive fun house, zipper, tiger bounce, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR, raider, mgr bounce, canoe (wet), live pony ride, freak out time tunnel dark ride, star fighter, hampton mix, bear affair, worm, hampton mix, balloon,  plus the cat house collection gind and the shows band wagon. Also 48 food concessions, 28 games, 6 straight sales and 12 commercial stands and 4 gambling joints.

#39  AUG 30  DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS (22 rides)
                      Lancaster Fair
                      Lancaster, NH

rides included: planet rock & roll fun house, zipper, orbiter, sizzler, himalaya, dream coaster, starship 2000, dizzy dragon, zemp. t-cups, fire engines, zemp helicopter, magic circus train, 15 tub gondola wheel, fire chief (re-themed THE HOUSE BABE BUILT), orient express, tornado, 3 abreast MGR, jalopy jct., speedway, land slide, wave swinger, mardi gras glass house. Also on the lot was 29 food concessions, 13 games and 2 straight sales.

#40  AUG 30  REITHOFFER SHOWS (41 rides)
                     Champlin Valley Fair
                     Essex Jct. VT

rides included: mini tea cups, bear affair, baja buggy, king tango, mardi gras glass house, mini indy, full tilt, sizzler, cliff hanger, super cat, starship 3000, scrambler, pharoah's fury, mouse trap dark ride, 24 tub dutch gondola wheel, freak out, tornado, zipper, raider, ring of fire loop, orbiter, racing coaster, scooter, yo-yo, mini himalaya, tilt, pirate inflatable, bumble bee, wild mouse coaster, fun slide, quad power jump, fire chief, dizzy dragon, wacky worm inflatable, zemp helicopter, umbrella cycle jump / umbrella boat - space rocket, choo choo charlie train, jumpin' star, 3 abreast MGR, orient express. Also 23 food concessions, 26 games, 11 straight sales along with a dunk tank and beano.

#41  Aug 31  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS (21 rides)
                    Three County Fair
                    North Hampton, MA

Rides included: fly surf (freak out), star ship (gravatron), wild wind, renegade fun house, hampton cycle jump, family fun slide, circus train, inflatable, wacky worm coaster, castle mania, 3 abreast MGR, 16 tub gondola wheel, tornado, zipper, round-up, swinger, dizzy dragon, wiggle worm, power tramp, kid's pirate ship, hampton mix. Plus 5 food concessions, 19 games and 1 straight sales.

#42  AUG 31 COLEMAN BROTHERS SHOW (31 rides)
                     Vermont State Fair
                     Rutland, VT

Rides included: raider, tiger bounce, dragon wagon, pumpkin patch, hampton mix, sooper jet, expo wheel, himaylia, ring of fire loop, tempest, tip top, scrambler, gravatron, 1001 nachts, ice house fun house, wave of fire inflatable, thunderbolt, tilt, zipper, scooter, sizzler, yo-yo, super slide, hampton mix, 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragom, hampton mix, whirly bird, winky the whale, circus train, kiddie bumper boats plus vortex, 10 straight sales, 20 food concessions, 25 games and 1 commercial joint

#43  AUG 31  REITHOFFER SHOWS (25 rides)
                      Scaticoke Fair
                      Scaticoke, NY

Rides included: cuckoo haus fun house, tidal wave, rock'n'roll fun house, rock wall, fireball loop, gravity storm tramp / bungy, sling shot tower, zipper, bear affair, fly high, zero gravity round-up, indy 500 coaster, bob sled race, orient express, scooter, wild claw, crystal lil's glass house, tilt, pharoah's fury, 20 tub gondola wheel, princess bounce, lil scrambler, hot pink slide, mini himaylia, mini indy plus an I Got It and 8 food concessions, 32 games and 5 straight sales.

#44  AUG 31  JAMES E. STRATES (70 rides)
                      New York State Fair
                      Syracuse, NY

Rides included: fire truck, pony cart, jalopy jct., bungy tramp, rock wall, red barron, train station, peddle boats, fire chief, wacky worm coaster, mario land, bungy tramp, go-gater, mini himaylia, happy bee, inflatable slide, dino, fly high, traffic jam, kangaroo, 3 abreast MGR, giant slide, dizzy dragon, hampton cycle jump, mini indy, orient express, construction zone, cuckoo haus fun house, haunted mansion dark ride, himaylia, das persian kamel fun house, pan's palace of fun fun house, monkey maze glass house, top spin, king's circus fun house, 24 tub gondola wheel, flying bob, drop zone, space shuttle inflatable, monkey barrel fun house, bumper cars, sea ray, double decker MGR, scooter, tornado, tilt, zipper, orbiter, starship 2000, fireball claw, cliff hanger, coaster, wiggle worm, circus train, slide, inflatable, 4 x 4, kink kong's adventure inflatable, 15 tub gondola wheel, hang 10, music express, fireball loop, scrambler, pharoah's furry, thunder bolt, round-up, wave swinger, enterprise, cliff hanger, tilt. Plus there was 27 food concessions, 48 games, 21 straight sales and an I Got It. Grind shows included: spider girl, smallest women, alligator, snake girl, smallest horse and the museum of world oddities and a dunk tank.

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