2008 PART D

# 45  SEPT 1  ONTARIO AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)

                      Johnson City Field Days
                      Johnson City, NY

Rides included: fun slide, zemp. dragon, dizzy dragon, kankaroo mgr, hampton mix, zemp. space ship / helicopter, merry mixer, musical chairs, para-trooper, tempest, rock-o-plane, sidewinder, round-up, plus 3 food concessions, 12 games.

#46  SEPT 5  SHAW & SONS AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                     West Alexander Fair
                     West Alexander, PA

rides included: tilt, hurricane, swinger, gravatron, super slide, 12 seat eli wheel, round-up, fire dept. (raider type), 3 abreast MGR, monkey mayhem barrel, dino, whirly bird, hampton spinning tubs, hampton dune buggies, hampton cycle jump, ghost party fun house (a $1 extra charge for this attraction), zipper plus 15 games, 3 straight sales and 6 food concessions.

I didn't get to take any pictures as I was so busy getting my show ready for that night. The two ride pictures that I
really would have like to get was the hampton tubs and the mgr. This carousel is the only one of it's kind that I have scene. It looked as it was trailer mounted but the front and rear end looks like it folded up on top of the trailer and was set up on 6 jacks. Under the scenery you could see a license plate that was mounted up side down near the center of the ride. The sweeps looked like they were made of heavy metal beams. The ride operator had no idea of how this ride was set up or even who built this ride.

#47  SEPT 13  CUSHING AMUSEMENTS  (9 rides)
                      North New Portland Fair
                      North New Portland, ME

Rides included: aladin, tempest, octapus, roll-o-plane (divebomber), round-up, go-gater, jet taxi, train station, truck stop plus 3 food and 2 games.

#48  SEPT 13  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (26 rides)
                         Oxford County Fair
                         Oxford, ME

Rides included: mgr inflatable bounce, bumper cars tiger inflatable, zipper, 1001 nachts, raider, maximum overdrive fun house, windsong, haunted cavern dark ride, sky diver, clown aroun fun house, super slide, kid's power, hampton cycle jump, 2 abreast MGR, worm, zemp enterprise (spaceship / helicopter, bear affair, balloon, ferris wheel, bumble bee, dragon wagon, sizzler, dizzy dragon, tornado, tilt plus 5 food concessions, 19 games, 1 straight sales and a stuff chair photo joint. Also set up on the midway was Bud's 1927 Wirlitzer Band Wagon.

#49  SEPT 16  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (32 rides)
                      Franklin County Fair
                      Farmington, ME

Rides included: tilt, scrambler, gravatron, haunted cavern dark ride, zipper, thunder bolt, windsong, kids power, 1001 nachts, maximum overdrive fun house, wet canoe, scooter, kids play area, dragon wagon, raider, clown aroun fun house, jeep safari, hampton cycle jump, super slide, train station, dizzy dragon, star fighter, 3 abreast MGR, inflatable, zemp spaceship / helicopter, bear affair, balloon, hampton mix, hampton mix, bumble bee bop, tornado, gondola wheel. Plus 21 games, 18 food concessions 9 straight sales and 2 gambling joints. Also there was a stuff chair, photo booth and a band wagon on the lot.

Smokey's Office Trailer is always painted up in carnival / circus style. The MGR is one of the oldest pieces on the show that was on the show when Bud's father owned the show many years ago and is in great shape.

The newest food scene at the Maine Fairs this year is Deep Fried Whoopie Pies.

One of the food concessions dressed up the area around their joint with decoration of the season. Just a little extra.

#50  SEPT 16  FIESTA SHOWS  (31 rides)
                      Rochester Fair
                      Rochester, NH

Rides included: polar express, sea ray, haunted mansion dark ride, gondola wheel, wacky worm, super slide, rock'n'tug, convoy race, earthquake fun house, crazy bus, cinema 2000, lucky lizzy glasss house, candy factory bounce, raider, orient express, dizzy dragon, jumpin dumbo's, 4 abreast MGR, playland, jungle island bounce, swinger, turtles, re-mix, cliff hanger, flying bob, zipper, tilt, cobra, freak-out, scooter, bungy tamp. Also 17 food concessions, 28 games, 6 straight sales and 1 commercial exhibit on the shows lot. Also a palm reading and a grind show  the cat house collection.

#51  SEPT 21  DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
                         Rosevelt Mall
                         Long Island, NY

Rides included: landslide, orient express, circus train, house of babe (crazy bus), speedway, jalopy jct., mardi gras glass house, 15 tub gondola wheel, himalya, dream catcher, starship 2000, rock'n'roll fun house, zipper, tornado, sizzler, helicopter, dizzy dragon, tea cup, 3 abreast MGR plus 9 games and 3 food concessions.


#52  SEPT 22  REITHOFFER SHOW (45 rides)
                      Bloomsburg Fair
                      Bloomsburg, PA 

Rides included: bungy tramp, mini-indy, demo derby, crystal lil's glass house, orient express, 4 abreast MGR, mini himalaya, rock'n'tug, crazy bus, mini wave swinger, zemp kite flyer, mechanical bull, jumpin dumbos, hot pink slide, yo-yo, speedway, castle mania, rock climb, super himalaya, speed, haunted mansion, wild claw, avalanche, storm, sizzler, zipper, tornado, scooter, power surge, pharoah's fury. starship 2000 (gravatron), fireball loop, fun slide, krusty crab fun house, tilt, orbiter, cuckoo haus fun house, 15 gondola wheel, raider, boat, drive in, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast MGR, bungy tramp, kiddie train. Also 70 games and 16 food concessions along with 16 straight sales around the lot area. Also a dunk tank an I Got It and Ward Hall's World of Wonder Side Show.

#53  SEPT 23  MAJESTIC MIDWAY (16 rides)
                      Emphrata Fair
                      Emphrate, PA

Rides included: zipper, re-mix, hustle, cuckoo haus fun house, lil wheel, baja buggy, rock town, orient express, rock'n'tug, 2 abreast MGR, bumble bee bop, hampton 4 x 4 quad, zemp barnyard, pirate island (raider), 12 seat ferris wheel, rainbow plus on the lot area was 3 food concession and 1 game.

#54  SEPT 24  NAME (Conklin) (47 rides)
                         Eastern State Exposition (Big-E)
                         West Springfield, MA

Rides included: zipper, alpine bob, niagra falls flume ride, mouse trap dark ride, cuckoo haus fun house, mardi gras glass house, rock'n'roll fun house, raider, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, surf city fun house, crazy mouse spinning coaster, fireball loop, starship 4000, scooter, swing tower, fireball claw, orbiter, pharoah's fury, rainbow, scooter, wave swinger, drop zone, wacky worm, 24 tub gondola wheel, tilt, scorpion, super slide, rock'n'tug, under sea adventure, hampton cycle jump, hampton jeep, cops, china dragon, train station, dizzy dragon, the wild one inflatable, kiddie swing, speedway, cross country adventure, bumble bee bop, 4 abreast MGR, 15 tub gondola wheel hilbilly village fun house, toone town fun house, lolly swing, zemp helicopter. Plus 13 food concessions, 43 games and 2 straight sales.

#55  SEPT 25  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS (33 rides)
                      Deerfield Fair
                      Deerfield, NH

Rides included: tiger bounce, dizzy dragon, orient express, bumble bee, train station, hampton mix, 15 tub gondola wheel, truck stop, orbiter, pharoah's fury, 1001 nights, roll-o-plane, round-up, zipper, octapus, starship gravatron, yo-yo, tornado, tilt, scooter, sizzler, tempest, aladin, ghost manor fun house, clown aroun fun house, hampton cycle jump, hampton mix, jet taxi, zemp spaceship / helicopter, super slide, bear affair, 2 abreast MGR, wacky worm plus 10 food concessions and 7 straight sales on the lot.

#56  SEPT 25  GILLETTE SHOW  (25 rides)
                      Cumberland County Fair
                      Cumberland, ME

Rides included: rainbow rock, train station, kid's bob sled race, pony rodeo, typhoon, convoy, twist, rock'n'roll, cliff hanger, flying bob, sea dragon, gravity storm round-up, scooter, hi-jacker drop tower, sooper jet coaster, super para-trooper, (gm) hampton boat, (gm) hampton cycle, rock'n'tug, hampton cycle / hampton cars, galleon race, 4 abreast MGR, super slide, 15 tub gondola wheel, orbiter plus 20 food concessions, 18 games and 12 sraight sales.

                     Apple Festival
                     Southington, CT  (10 rides)

Rides included: (gm) fire truck, (gm) boat, 2 abreast MGR, 12 seat eli wheel, sizzler, tilt, hurricane, scat, octapus, bungee tramp plus 7 game trailers and 1 food concession.

#58  SEPT 26  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (25 rides)
                       Durham Fair
                       Durham, CT

Rides included: dragon wagon, pirate ship, inflatable, convoy, speedway, fun side fun house, wild wind, pharoah's fury, cliff hanger, mardi gras glass house, pirate paradise fun house, 16 tub gondola wheel, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast MGR, wiggle worm, renegade fun house, family fun slide, hampton cycle jump, round-up, zipper, tornado, star trooper, swinger, scrambler plus 3 food concessions, 53 games and 3 straight sales.

#59  OCT 3   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (44 rides)
                     Fryeburg Fair
                     Fryeburg, ME

Rides included: thunderbolt, rock wall, scrambler, pharoah's fury, bumper cars, the real surf, sky diver, zero gravity round-up, maximum overdrive fun house, yo-yo, 16 tub gondola wheel, haunted cavern dark ride, zipper, 1001 nachts, cliff hanger, dragon wagon, windsong, rainbow rock, 3 abreast MGR, astro wheel, orbiter, tilt, gravatron, live pony ride, raider, kids power, rock'n'tug, convoy, jeep safari, sooper jet, bear affair, hampton mix, hampton race cars, hampton wheelin, MGR bounce, helicopter, kids play pen area, star fighter, red barron, balloon, 2 abreast MGR, galleon race, super slide, canoe. The band organ was scene in the kiddie land. Also on the lot was 46 food concessions, 1 commercial exhibit, 50 games, 18 straight sales along with one gambling tent and 4 gambling tear off ticket joints.

#60  OCT 4  FIESTA SHOWS  (57 rides)
                   Topsfield Fair
                   Topsfield, MASS

Rides included: hampton mix, hampton baja, spin the apple, crazy bus, 3 abreast MGR, train station, jungle island inflatable bounce, fire truck (playland), turtle, zemp flying dumbos, pooh bear, fun slide, convoy race, spidermania (raider), polar express, candy factory inflatable bounce, 16 tub gondola wheel, scooter, tilt, pharoah's fury, rock wall, flying bob, sea dragon, scooter, gravatron,haunted mansion dark ride, twisted, zipper, artic blast, haunted mansion dark ride, castle of evil, earthquake, mardi gras glass house, cobra, re-mix, zipper, freak-out, cyclone round-up, swinger, the surfer, atantis inflable bounce, tornado, vortex, cliff hanger, bungee bounce, dragon wagon, winnie the pooh inflatable bounce, lucky lizzie fun house, 4 abreast MGR, super slide, super slide, traffic jam, rock'n'tug, wacky worm, dizzy dragon, kids land, cinama 2000, orient express and a dunk tank and airbrush tattoo. Also their was 66 games, 17 straight sales, 5 commercial and 30 food concessions on the lot.