My first lot started on April 25th in Waltham, MA.

#1   APRIL 25  FIESTA SHOWS (16 rides)
                        Waltham, MA

One Unit of Gene Dean's Fiesta Shows was playing a lot in Waltham, Mass with 16 rides, 10 games and 4 food concessions along with the Vortex Illusion. Gate admission was only a dollar. Opening time on this Friday afternoon was 2 PM. Rides included: flying bob, zipper, gravatron, pharoah's fury, twister, mardi gras glass house, dizzy dragon. wacky worm, winnie the phoo inflatable bounce, a kids crawl, 16 seat feris wheel, 3 abreast MGR, cyclone (round-up), tornado, cinema 2000, and a scooter.

A picture on the left of the front gate of the lot with a $1 admission.

Picture on the left is a trailer mounted 16 seat wheel. On the right is the Cyclone Round-up, Tornado, and a Flying Bob.

This picture from l to r goes like this: gravatron, pharoah's fury and the Twister. Bottom is a Crazy Bus.

#2   May 13  TUFFANO AMUSEMENTS (16 rides)
                    Chesire, CT
This lot was located across from the school by the recreation building in town. The lot had 9 games and 3 food concessions with 16 rides. Rides included: pit stop (trucks), jet fighter, kinda-roo, pirate, rock wall, castle mania, inflatable, avalanche, scooter, rock-o-plane, slide, scat, sizzler, dragon wagon, ferris wheel, and a 3 abreast MGR.



#3   May 13  INNER'S AMUSEMENTS (6 rides)
                    Mountville, PA
My second show of the day was a still date at the park in Mountville, PA. Show was just setting up and already on the lot this is what was set up. I think there was more coming in as there was a lot of empty space to fill. What was st up: 4 food concessions, 5 games and a super shot, hampton mix, a 2 abreast MGR, sidewinder, rio grand train and a scat. I saw a fun house on the road head towards the lot as I was leaving.

                    Dark Blue Unit
                    West Manchester Mall
                    York, PA
The lot was set up in a large mall along route 30 a major highway in York. All vehicles was lined up and new. House trailer were located in a compound next to the show. The show looked like a major fair. On the lot was 6 food concessions, 25 games with 23 rides and a I got it, Rides included: swing buggy, gondola wheel, spider, pharoah's fury. cortina bob, tilt, MGR, fire chief, hogs wild, traffic jam, full tilt, freak out, mind bender, vortex, zero gravity round-up, quadzilla, scooter, construction zone, cuckoo haus, slide, surf up, jumpin star, jalopy jct. New to my photo collection was the mind bender, surf up, hogs wild and swing buggy. The best looking lot I have scene this year (As of June 12).

One of the first new rides that I have not sene before on any other lot. Hog Wild is the ride. Kids ride this ride as if they were on a real chopper motorcycle.


Another new ride was the Swing Buggie (A Matterhorn/ Hymalia style ride)

  The Mind Blaster was one more new ride for my first picture.

#5   May 14  JULES AND BECK COMBINED SHOWS  (20 rides)
                    Shopping Center
                    Middleboro, KY
A midwest show set up along the major thru fare in Middleboro at a shopping mall. On this lot was 2 food concessions and only 1 game along with 20 rides. Rides included: rockwall, pony cart, paratrooper, train station, hurricane, sizzler, mardi gras glass house, pan's palace of fun fun house, fun slide, orient express, tilt, unnamed dark ride, gravatron, expo wheel, hampton sea doo, hampton 600 racer quads, red barron, dizzy dragon, MGR, and a round-up.

#6   May 14  DICKSON AMUSEMENT DEVICES  (11 rides)
                    Woodbury, TN
The lot consisted of 3 food consesions, 6 games along with the 11 rides which some was gasoline motored. Rides included: jet, paratrooper, dragon wagon, scrambler, zipper, power ball gladiator, roll-o-plane, (2) hampton mix umbrella, round-up, and an inflatable.


#7   May 15  MYERS INTERNATIONAL (18 rides)
                    Rivergate Mall
                    Nashville, TN
Just north of Nashville, I ran across the first unit of the day for Meyers International at the Rivergate Mall. The lot consisted of 5 food concessions, 16 games along with 18 rides. Rides included: zipper, gravatron, fun slide, inflatable, bumper cars, ? go round, MGR, sizzler, power surge, wacky worm, 12 seat wheel, zumer, 1001 nacht's, alpine bob, jungle walk fun house, berry-go-round, rock'n'tug, kidds ride.



#8   May 15  MYERS INTERNATIONAL (19 rides)
                    Columbia Mall
                    Columbia, TN
The second unit of Myers was seen this afternoon in the mall parling lot of the Columbia Mall in Columbia, TN. The show had 19 rides set up along with 3 food concessions, 11 games and 1 straight sales. Rides included: A 16 tub grand wheel, monkey maze glass house, silver streak, cliff hanger, orbiter, dizzy dragon, flying dumbos, a kidd ie ride, speedway, freak out, scooter, bear affair, slim tubs, fun slide, inflatable, yoyo, hampton mix, euro bungee, and a MGR.



#9     June 4   ROSEDALE ATTRACTIONS (18 rides)
                      64th Carnival
                      Mt Airey, MD
My 9th lot of 2009 was on a rainny and water soaked lot out side of Baltimore on my way to Toccoa Ga. It was Maryland based Rosedale Attractions that was set-up. On the lot was 18 rides, 3 food concessions and 12 games. This was the towns 64th Carnival. Rides included: jolly gator, inflatable, musical chairs wurm, expo wheel, rock'n'roll, typhoon, tornado, flying bob, scrambler, mardi gras glass house, super shot, round-up, hampton boat, lockness monster small coaster, 2 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, and a pony cart.

#10   June 5  MAGIC MIDWAY (17 rides)
                     Toccoa, GA
There was 17 rides with 3 food concessions along with 10 games and 2 straight sales set up along with a petting zoo at this location. Rides included a tempest, 12 seat wheel, musical chair, octapus, rock-o-plane, kids town, twister, paratrooper, scrambler, tilt, (live) pony rides, heart flip type ride, canoe go round, tubs of fun, midway super slide, 2 abreast MGR and a honey bee.
The lot was out in the country on the 17 by-pass at a fairgrounds. The lot was soggy as it had rain on them for 2 days and had showers on the Friday Iwas present. The crowds were slim.



#11   June 9  TONS OF FUN (10 rides)
                     St. Joesph Carnival
                     E. York, PA
There was 10 rids, 14 games and 2 food concessions set up on this lot. Rides included a super sizzler, round-up, sidewinder, hang glider, super slide, a combo of 2 dizzy dragons/2 bear affairs, an inflable, star fighter, car umbrella ride with no top and 1 jeep, and some type of train ride as the cars were covered over.  Everything looked up dated even with a gull generator.


#12   June 10  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (23 rides)
                      Auburn Spring Festival
                      Auburn, ME
First spot of the year or this Maine based carnival. On the lot was 23 rides set-up along with 4 food concessions, 2 straight sales and 7 games. Rides included: tempest (Back drop scenery has been taken off, 1001 Naughts, scooter, zipper, gravatron, tilt, jeep safari, dragon wagon, airtime (musical chairs), a 3 abreast MGR, a hampton mix, zemp balloon, bear affair, thunderbolt, scrambler, skydivere, gondolla wheel, raider, kids power, star fighter, star trooper, and an inflatable.  The lights were being worked on as a truck load of bulbs had just come in. This show has one of the very few Skydivers that I have scene on many lots in the past few years.

Who is this concessionier painting this stick joint in the back lot of the Lewiston location?

A very special PR promotions has been presented this year. A center joint with a big mesh barrel in the middle to hold returnable cans. It is called "CANS FOR CANCER" and all cans which has a Maine 5 cent deposit stamped on them is accepted and all proceded goes to Cancer Research. A great idea for States that has a returnable bottle bill like Maine.

#13  June 17  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (21 rides)
                      St. John's Bazaar
                      Brunswick, ME

There was 21 rides set up along with 3 food concessions in the main lot. On the church side was food stands, games and misc. Rides included: gondola wheel, kids power, gravatron, MGR, zipper, scrambler, star trooper, tilt, windsong, 1001 naughts, bumper cars, dragon wagon, raider, star fighter, bear affair, air time (swing), hampron cars, hampton mix, slide, worm, balloon.


#14  June 18  AMYLAND AMUSEMENTS  (4 rides)
                     Fair Haven, VT

In the downtown park this small show was set-up with 5 games, 1 food concession and 4 rides. Rides included: speedboat, berry-go-round, mind winder and a bug around apple.


#15  June 26  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (21 rides)
                      Riverside Park
                      Augusta, ME

Rides included: dragon wagon, jeep safari, raider, worm, windsong, bumper cars, zipper, 1001 naught, train station, scrambler, titanic, gravatron, freakout dark ride, slide, skydiver, star fighter, bear affair, hampton mix, 2 abreast MGR, airtime swing, kids power, plus 3 food concessions and 9 games



  Seated by the food concession is George Mitford.

State fire inspector Steve Dixon taking pictures of the sparking of electricity between the track and the moving seats as they go along the rail.

#16  June 26  BOURGET AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
                      LaKermesse Festival
                      Biddeford, ME

Rides included crazy bus, castle mania, fun slide, cobra, round-up, swinger, sizzler, fire dog inflatable, zemp. helicopter / spaceship, rio grande train, hampton mix, plus 3 food concessions, 3 games and 2 straight sales.



#17   July 3  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (16 rides)
                    Houlton Fair
                    Houlton, ME

Rides included: windsong, raider, zipper, star trooper, star fighter, MGR inflatable bounce, titanic, train station, eli-wheel (12 seats), gravatron, airtime swing, 3 abreast MGR, hampton mix, hampton mix, balloon, dragon wagon plus 6 food concessions, 5 games and 1 straight sales.

On the opening day of the fair which this year is a POP I saw that the show had a few problems. I didn't arrive until after 5 and the crew was still working on the wheel. The dragon wagon was down as it's crew was changing belts on it per order of the State Fire Marshall Inspectors and the train station was only running with 1 center car as there was no engine or caboose on the track running, It was just getting dark as I left and the only ride that looked good was the MGR. With most of the lights working. Others had more than 50% of the lights not working.