#40  Sept 3  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (23 rides)
                   Windsor Fair
                   Windsor, ME

Rides included:  tornado, starship gravatron, gondola wheel, tilt, sizzler, pharoah's fury, ghost mansion dark ride, clown town fun house, zipper, scooter, yoyo, fun side fun house, rio grande train, hampton mix, bear affair, super slide, 2 abreast MGR, zemp spaceship/helicopter, tiger inflatable bounce, hampton quad 4x4 tuff, hampton cycle jump, bumble bee, dizzy dragon plus a paint ball game, snake photo, 28 games, 9 food concession, 2 straight sales, and 1 commercial  joint.

This date has lots of rides from Scott Miller Amusements to fill the lot up as Rockwell has most of their bigger rides at other spots. They never bring up newer rides that they own to the Maine dates.



Who can tell me which fun house or dark ride this picture is?

#41   Sept 6  DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (22 rides)

                    Lancaster Fair
                    Lancaster, NH

Rides included: american flyer coaster, choo choo train station, landslide, tornado, gondola wheel, jalopy jct., the orange whip, 3 abreast MGR, fire engine, pony cart (harness racing), house that babe built, speedway, zemp helicopter, dizzy dragon, mardi graz glass house, planet rock'n'ro;; fun house, starship 2000, dream catcher, sizzler, zipper, orbiter, himalayia plus 29 food concessions, 13 games and 1 straight sales.


#42   Sept 6  FIESTA SHOWS  (33 rides)
                    Hopkinton Fair
                    Contoocket, NH

Rides included:fun slide, crazy bus, berry-go-round, atlantis inflatable, kiddie swing, hampton mix, cross country adventure, castle of evil dark ride, wild outlaw inflatable, train station, hampton baja, dragon wagon, earthquake fun house, winnie the phoo inflatable, 3 abrest MGR. 16 seat eli wheel, scooter, cinema 2000, whacky worm, traffic jam, polar express, twister, surfer, sea dragon, haunted mansion fun house, swinger, surf city fun house, flying bob, tilt, gravatron, cliff hanger, zipper, plus these Tiny Tim smallest horse, snakes, alagator plus a vortex.

A night shot of the MGR at the Rochester Fair.

Augmenting this date with the Fiesta show is John Doolan and some of his rides which included the surf city fun house, cross country adventure, fun slide, swinger,and train station.

#43   Sept  7  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (21 rides)
                     3 County Fair
                     North Hampton, MA

Rides included: the real surf (claw), orbiter, gondola wheel, tornado, 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, circus train, mini pirate ship, inflatable, euro bungee, swinger, zipper, wildwind, 1001 nights, renegade fun house, speedway, family fun slide, hampton mix, wiggle worm, wacky worm, round-up, plus 6 food concessions, 14 games and 1 straight sales.

For the second year all rides was set up in the infield of the track.

One of the ticket boxes of the Rockwell Amusements.

The Fly Surf of Rockwell.

#44   Sept 7  REITHOFFER SHOW  (47 rides)
                    Champaigne Valley Fair
                    Essex Jct.. VT

Rides included: fire chief, mardi gras glass house, mini himalya, scooter, storm, the speed ride, (big) adult tornado, cliff hanger, euro bungee, scrambler, freak out, mouse trap dark ride, dutch wheel, 3 abreast MGR, jumpin star, raider, orient express, starship 3000, mini indy, rock wall, pharoah's fury, choo choo charlie, zemp helicopter, bear affair, hampton boat / hampton cycle jump combo, fun slide, wacky world inflatable, zipper, himaylia, yo0yo, pirate inflatable, jumpin jumbos, tango, quad power bungee, scooter, racing coaster, orbiter, tilt, tornado, ring of fire loop, sizzler, super cat, baja buggy, dizzy dragon, tea cup plus 31 games, 26 food concessions, 8 straight sales and 1 commercial exhibit along with a beano, photo, tattoo, palm reading and the midway convience store.



#45   Sept  8   CASTLEROCK AMUSEMENTS  (34 rides)
                      Vermont State Fair
                      Rutland, VT

Rides included: 3 abreast MGR, cobra, tip top, swinger, hi jacker, fun slide, kiddie bob sled, tilt, crazy dance, sky wheel, wacky shack fun house, super trooper, gravatron. sea dragon, scrambler, giant expo wheel, tiger inflatable bounce, monster truck inflatable, scooter, hampton space rocket ground mount, hampton boat ground mount, circus train, raider, dizzy dragon, ice house fun house, hampton cycle ground mount, hampton mix ground mount, rock wall / bungy bounce combo, 2 abreast MGR, tubs, boat, firetruck, pony carts plus a vortex, 14 food concessions, 21 games and 6 straight sales.

Once again Artie filled the lot up with rides, games and straight sales. Rides from other shows included 2 rides from PA based Oscar's Amusements, plus Bob Comerford rides of Conn, and a few rides from Betty Gillette of the Gillette Shows of Pittsfield, MA.

                      Litchfield Fair
                      Litchfield, ME

Rides included: yoyo, tilt, gondola wheel, zipper, fun slide, dragon wagon,  hampton 600 racer, hampton cycle jump, dizzy dragon, bumble bee, clown around fun house, tiger inflatable bounce, hampton mix, ghost mansion dark ride, pharoah's fury, zemp. helicopter / spaceship, sizzler, fun side fun house, 2 abreast MGR, train station, tornado, scooter plus 11 food, 10 games set-up the day before the fair opened. Also not set-up was another hampton umbrella and a sizzler.

This was the first time that I ever stopped at the Litchfield Fair but was very surprised to see both Miller and Rockwell se up here as I was told from others that it was a Scott Miller date. All the equipment came down from the Windsor date.

#47   Sept 10   LMC (CUSHING) AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)
                       Clinton Loins Fair
                       Clinton, ME

Rides included: truck stop, go-gater, train station, 2 abreast MGR, car taxi, inflatable, eli hy5 wheel, sizzler, super slide, octapus, roll-o-plane (divebomber), tempest, round-up, aladin plus 7 food concessions, 6 games and 1 straight sales.

Cushing Amusement is the cleanest carnival that plays Maine. The rides are always painted up, washed and the lights work even when a few of the rides are over 50 years old. This show brings in no junk for the lot that is set-up and not working just to cover their contracts.

                          (NAME)  (48 rides)

                    Eastern States Exposition
                    West Springfield, MA

Rides included; cross country adventure, speedway, kiddie swing, bumble bee, zemp kite flyer, train station, china dragon coaster, dizzy dragon, wild one inflatable, gondola wheel, hill billy village fun house, toon town fun house, lolly swing, zemp helicopter, zipper, alpine bobs, niagra falls water flume, cuckoo haus fun house, mouse trap dark ride, mardi gras glass house, rock'n'roll fun house, banzi, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, surf city fun house, raider, hampton jeep, hampton cycle jump, deep sea adventure, rock'n'tug, crazy mouse spinning coaster. super slide, cliff hanger, tilt, gondola wheel, wacky worm, mega drop, wave swinger, scooter, raider, pharoah's fury, orbiter, fireball claw, swing tower, scooter, starship 4000, fireball loop, 4 abreast MGR, plus 15 food concessions, 48 games and 2 straight sales.

Starship 4000 to the left, below the crowd packing the midway on Sunday afternoon at the Big E.

#49  Sept 21  FIESTA SHOWS  (27 rides)
                      Rochester Fair
                      Rochester, NH

Rides included: lucky lizzy's glass house, earthquake fun house, gondola wheel, tilt, cobra, re-mix, zipper, thunder bolt, cliff hanger, inflatable, wacky worm. freak out, haunted mansion dark ride, play boy, 3 abreast MGR, sea dragon, candy factory inflatable bounce, polar express, crazy bus, rock'n'tug, cinama 2000, tornado, swinger, orient express, spider mania, dizzy dragon, scooter plus 36 food concessions, 30 games, 12 straight sales and 2 commercial stands plus a bungy bounce.

A night shot of the Haunted Mansion on the left. A picture of one of Fiesta Shows trailer and Gondola Wheel below.

A camera crew from a local TV station filming the re-mix the day after a young girl was thrown from the ride the evening before. Inspectors were there trying to find out went wrong causing this accident.

#50  GILLETTE SHOW  (25 rides)
        Cumberland County Farmers Club
        Cumberland, ME
        Oct 1,

Rides included: slide, hi-jacker, flying bob, air force 1, gravatron, bob sled race, 3 abreast MGR, sooper jet coaster, train station, rock'n'roll, rainbow rock, rock'n'tug, typhoon, hampton roadsters - hampton cycle jump, twist, convoy race, scooter, sea dragon, cliff hanger, orbiter, zero gravity round-up, 15 tub gondola wheel, 4 abreast MGR, galieon race, plus 24 food concessions, 16 games and 9 straight sales.

A gondola wheel at night while it is turning at the Cumberland Fair.

The Gillette's Zero Gravity spinning as it is coming to the end of the ride cycle.

Part of the midway at the Cumberland County Fair. The Sea Dragon and Scooter is in the back ground.

The Cliff Hanger on the Gillette Show Midway.

A Sandwhich Board with the shows daily special was located in front of the ticket box as you come in the main gate of the fairgrounds.

The Gillette Shows Candy Apple / Pop Corn Concession.

        Deerfield Fair
        Deerfield, NH
        Oct 2

Rides included: himalya, scooter 1001 nights, tornado, round-up, zipper, ghost mansion dark ride, starship gravatron, fly surf, swinger. gondola wheel, hampton mix, super truck convoy, 2 abreast MGR, titanic inflatable, pharoah's fury, tilt, zipper, sizzler, wild wind, tiger bounce. hampton 600 racer, hampton cycle jump, family fun slide, mini pirate, dizzy dragon, wiggle worm, bumble bee, orient express, clown around fun house, renigade fun house, plus 9 food concessions ans 8 straight sales. There are no games on the fair grounds.

At this New England Fall Fair you can see the visitors lined up to go on the rides at 10 AM in the morning. On the lot was a few of Rockwell Amusements rides augmented by Scott Miller rides and one of the Gillette Shows for this event.

Another view from Deerfield at 10 AM as I am coming down the hill from the Main Gate headed towards the midway area.

#52  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (43 rides)
        Fryburg Fair
        Fryburg, ME

Rides included: kids power, haunted cavern dark ride, aladdin, zipper, maximum overdrive fun house, live pony ride, canoe, dizzy dragon, bear affair, super slide, pirate paradise fun house, zemp helicopter, hampton cars, air time swing, 12 seat wheel, jeep safari, worm, hampton mix, toon town fun house, MGR bounce, 2 abreast MGR, zemp balloon, star fighter, thunder bolt, rock wall, star troopere, 1001 naughts, bumper cars, fly surf, tornado, round-up, wacky worm, gondola wheel, freak-out dark ride, sky diver, astro wheel, tilt gravatron, scrambler, 3 abreast MGR, windsong, roll-o-plane, raider plus food concessions, games, straight sales and pull off money tickets. Also an inflatable trapeze slide / jump at an extra charge per person plus a gambling tent.

Smokey's Front Gate set up at one end of the midway lot.

Look at this bicycle that was leanning on a telephone pole.

One of the many trailers that is painted. This one is a generator. A scrambler is in the front.

The newest inflatable that I have seen this year is a trapeze & slide.

A new fun house set up in the Kiddie Land area of the Fryburg Fairgrounds.

Once again Bud has put up his Hisppanic Sign after a couple of years not seeing it up on his lots. This time on the hand rail of the funhouse in Kiddie Land.

After first seeing this promotion in Auburn earlier this year. This Can For Cancer barrel has been lost on the lots. It has ben placed with out much visibility or even a tent over it.

Since the Gondola Wheel was refurbished a few years ago and was the nicest piece on the midway and placed in the most visible area on any grounds the show plays. At Fryburg this year it was in the same place as previous years but with only a few of the lights working. It looked terrible . This is a picture of the lights when all the lights were on this year. Look how many lights are out.


This should be my last review for 2009. I have not been to as many lots this year, compared to past years and I feel let down because I did not get more. My travels did not take me out west, my funds were low and I took it easy on my car that had over 315,000 miles on it. I do this site on my own and at my own expense as know one helps me out for this site. I have not charged anyone for advertising nor have I ever advertised any shows on this site as I feel this way I can keep my opinions of what I see my own, not bought by someone else. When I go to alot, I look for new rides. I look to see if a lot layout changes each year, many shows do not change the placement of the rides or even change the rides for years and years. I look for if the rides are painted and the lights are out on the rides. Lights are my big bitch as if the lights are working you get a high standard in my book, if not well you can see by my reviews. I look to see if rides are just set up and not running just to fill alot up. I talked with one owner this year and he had a bitch about my opion on Hispanic Workers a few years ago. He said, if it wasn't those workers he would be out of business. And if it was not for the carnivals I would not be working and we all needed to work togather. I have a response to that statement. In 43 years not one show owner has ever helped me to get any dates. I can not say that show owners has not helped other shows out, as some have. But in my case I have never had any help. On the hispanics issue, as long as they speak english I don't have a problem. But there are to many that does not, or if they do speak english they won't speak english, that is my problem.

As a member of the Carnival Historical Society and Model Builders, the Circus Fans of America I will continue to go to every lot that I can get to in years to come. As my line of work for 43 years decline because of no support from fair boards and carnival owners who think we can do a good show for less money than what we were getting 30 years ago, cheap shows coming out, local want-a -be stuntmen who will do anything for peanuts, booking agents who done really care what they put into a grandstand as long as they get a big commission and an empty grandstands. The insurance companies that do not want to insure a small show, (one big name Florida insurance company needs a minimum of 10 shows and $10,000 up front or they won't touch you as you are a risk if you don't have the dates or money). If you only get 9 shows they drop you the next year while they still get their min. fee.

As it stands now I am going into SEMI-RETIREMENT.  After the season, bankrupcy is looking to be in the near future as it has been that bad. What will 2010 bring?

Crash Moreau

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