Crash Moreau's
Carnival Tour

My year started off visiting 2 units of Gene Dean's Fiesta Shows in Mass. on May 28. Hopefully this year will be a much better year than last for the number of lots that I will visit.

#1  May 28  FIESTA SHOWS  (18 rides)
                    Lowell, Mass

Rides included: giant wheel, polar express, super slide, falling star, 4 abreast MGR, spider mania, rock'n'tug, tilt, re-mix, haunted mansion, sea dragon, scooter, zipper, earthquake, jungle island inflatable, convoy race, crazy bus, orient express plus a small petting zoo 6 food concessions, 19 games and a strait sale.

The new graffics on all the ticket booth for 2010.

The newest ride on Fiesta Show is this used Falling Star that was purchased this winter.

#2  May 28  FIESTA SHOWS  (16 rides)
                   Attleborough, Mass

Rides at this location included: zipper, tornado, cliff hanger, vortex illusion, fun slide, pharoah's fury, atlantis inflatable, lucky lizzy, 16 seat ferris wheel, 3 abreast MGR, street racer 2000, fire dog inflatable, wacky worm, dizzy dragon, twister, bungy jump bounce, plus 5 food concessions and 10 games

The crowd on the midway for this week-end fun event.

The Lucky Lizzy's Fun House

#3   June 25   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (20 rides)
                      River Park
                     Augusta, ME

Rides included: saucer, dragon wagon, jeep safarri, gm hampton cars, gm hampton mix, bumper cars, zipper, windsong, freakout dark ride, ding dong the witch is dead fun house, raider, 2 abreast MGR, bear affair, air time swing, kids power, gravatron, fun center inflatable, balloon, tilt, (taken down chance astro wheel) also there was 9 games and 3 food concessions set up with a pop tic tent and the cans for cancer set up.

The newest fun house DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD on the midway lot in Augusta.

Cans for Cancer was placed where everyone could seeit when they walked around the lot. Not hidden as I have scene on other lots. A great public relations idea if used right.

#4 July 25  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS (19 rides)
                  Wal-mart Center
                  Ellsworth, Maine

Rides included: ding dong the witch is dead fun house, freakout dark ride, windsong, scooter, zipper, dragon wagon, pony ride live, worm, gondola wheel, space saucers, raider, fun centre inflatable, super slide, bear affair, 2 abreast MGR, balloon, kids power air time swing, bungy jump, plus 5 food concessions, 10 games, and 1 straight sales.

The Freakout Dark Ride set up in Ellsworth, Maine

Part of the lot in Ellsworth, Maine with the Gondola Wheel in the background and up front is the Balloon

A line of joints with a few puddles from the rain the night before as a weather front passed thru.

Another view of the lot in Ellsworth. Verticle jump (Bungy) and the Kids Power can be seen.

#5  July 28  FIESTA SHOWS (Set-up)  (28 rides)
                   Bangor State Fair
                   Bangor, ME

Rides included: crazy bus, spider mania, earthquake fun house, flying turtles, jumping dumbos, phoo bear, jingle bell spin, sea dragon, mardi graz glass house, haunted mansion, scooter, the surfer, arctic blast, gondola wheel, super slide, freak out, zero gravity round up, tilt, starship exodus, bungy bounce, thunder bolt, orient express, rock'n'tug, inflatable, train station (tooterville), convoy race, zipper, twisted, swinger plus 29 food consesions, 23 games and 2 straight sale set up prior to opening that I saw.

The Gondola Wheel standing high over the Midway

The joints are stocking up with plush prizes.

Look at the Giant Plush waiting for there place in the joint.

The newest ride that I saw on the lot was Jingle Bell Spin a new theme of Spin the Apple or Berry Go Round. The newest ride on Fiesta Shows is a Starship Exodus that will be set up for the first time at the Bangor State Fair. It replaces an older model Gravatron. The only thing that is wrong is the customers will never notice the difference.

#6  Aug 4  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW (30 rides)
             Northern Maine Fair
             Presque Isle, ME

Rides included: titanic inflatable, star trooper, sky diver, freak out dark ride, ding dong the witch is dead fun house, scrambler, gravatron (thriller), scooter, star fighter, hampton mix, hampton snowmobile, hampton cars, eli wheel, fun centre inflatable, super slide, air time swing, tilt, bear affair, 3 abreast MGR, windsong, zipper, thunder bolt, raider, dragon wagon, kids power, live pony rides, balloon, worm, bungy bounce, merry-go-round inflatable bounce, plus 18 food concessions, 12 games, bingo and a karioke stage.

One of the decorated Generator Trailers on Smokey's Show.
Looking down the row of concession games.

One of the many ticket booth on the show.

In my travels I very seldom see a Skydiver up and running. This is one of the signator rides on Smokey's.

I dread going to Smokey's lot after dark as it is too dark for a class midway, No Lite Towers, and there is so many lites out on the ride I can't beleive it is that bad. Last night the highest ride had maybe 25% of the lites working and that was the Skydiver. As I left I noticed that the Thunder Bolt had even less lites working than the diver. The gondola wheel was not set-up at this spot nor was about 5 other rides. My only bitch is paint and lites for any carnival. This is the most important thing as people want to see class, not junk.

#7  Aug 5  FIESTA SHOWS  (31Rides)
                 Bangor State Fair
                 Bangor, ME
Final count of what Fiesta had was 31 rides, 35 food concessions, 13 straight sales, 30 games, 1 commercial joint, gambling casino, 3 pull ticket a tottoo and 1 palm reading. On the Fair Entrance side there was 3 food concessions 15 straight sales 7 commercial tents and 1 pull ticket along with the Aussie Exhibit set up. The rides that was not up on the the 28th was a 3 abreast mgr that I mist and the Candy Factory  and Jungle Fantasy inflatables.

As you can see from this picture rides are runnning at capacity because everyday and everyride is a POP for this fair. Price of admission and all rides, shows etc is only $10

Two of the agents working on the Fiesta Show in Bangor.

The line-up for the Sea Dragon

A Berry Go Round which was also named Jingle Bell Spin set up. If they wanted to retheme this ride to Jingle Bell they need to work on it.

Looking down the midway from the Grandstand area.

#8   Aug 12  FIESTA SHOWS  (28 rides)
                   Skowhegan State Fair
                   Skowhegan, ME

Rides included: 3 abreast MGR, corn maise, hampton car, berry-go-round, tooterville train, fun slide, mardi gras glass house, 3 in 1 inflatable, earthquake fun house, sea dragon, the surfer, swinger, firemen's kids power, funny farm inflatable, wacky world inflatable, turtles, dumbos, phoo bear, traffic jam, go gater, tilt, cliff hanger, freak out, zero gravity round-up, polar express, twister, scooter, jump thing bungy, plus 21 games, 30 food concessions, 1 commercial, 11 straight sales, 3 sealed tickets, a casino, psychic reading and a kids magic stage.

A look at the midway of Fiesta Show in Skowhegan Maine.

One of the spectacular Fiesta Shows adult ride set up at the Skowhegan State Fair

The Freak-out flies out over the midway at the Skowhegan State Fair

Long time concessioniers Bill and Paula (Whimpy) of Whimpy's Silver and Things Concession.

#9  Aug 12  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                  Topsham Fair
                  Topsham, ME

Rides included: ghost mansion dark ride, fun side fun house, gondola wheel, heavy haulin inflatable, rio grande train, dragon wagon, super slise, starship (gravatron), pharoah's fury, sizzler, yo-yo, tilt, tornado, scooter, euro bungy, bear affair, hampton mix, plus 17 food concessions, 16 games, 6 straight sales and 2 commercial stands plus 2 sealed tickets a dunk tank along with a petting zoo and photos with a snake and 1 psychic reading.

Views looking down the Rockwell Amusements Midway.

A NEW Starship at the Topsham Fair on Rockwell Amusements.

Found on the fair grounds is this walk on water ball. I don't know if it was on the independant midway or Rockwell's lot.

#10  Aug 27  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (27 rides)
                    Piscataquis Valley Fair
                    Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Rides included: thunderbolt, scooter, freak out dark ride, gravatron, zipper, scrambler, bear affair, 2 abreast MGR, air time swing, sky diver, star trooper, windsong, dragon wagon, balloon, star fighter, worm, fun centre inflatable, ding dong the witch is dead fun house, raider, live pony ride, hampton baja/snowmobile, hampton mix, hampton car, jeep safarri, kid's power, gondola wheel, verticle bungy bounce, plus 11 food concessions 15 games and 2 straight sales.

#11  Aug 28  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
                    Union Fair
                    Union, ME

Rides included: gondola wheel heavy haulin inflatable, bumble bee, fun side fun house, ghost mansion dark ride, sizzler, zipper, star ship gravatron, pharoah's fury, scooter, tornado, tilt, rio grand train, bungy jump, bear affair, dragon wagon, hampton mix, clown around fun house, 2 abreast MGR, plus petting zoo, snake photo, 10 food concessions, 18 games 1 commercial stand.

Rockwell Amusements is orgmented with the rides from Scott Miller of Miller Amusements of New Hampshire.

#12   Aug 28  FIESTA SHOWS  (17 rides)
                     Acton Fair
                     Acton, ME

Rides included: earthquake fun house, traffic jam, cliff hanger, funny farm inflatable, twisted, swinger, zero gravity round-up, fun slide, fireman play world, tooterville train, hampton baja, turtle, zemp elephants, phoo bear, berry-go-round, go gater, 3 abreast MGR, plus 5 food concessions, 7 games, 2 straight sales, 1 commercial stand.
The patrons line up to buy tickets for the rides at the Acton Fair.

After the sun went down I thought I was on another show as only one ride the zero gravity round up had all the lights working. Everything else in the ride department had lights out and I don't mean a few. With no light towers to help light up the midway it was dark.

#13   Aug 30  REITHOFFER SHOW  (46 rides)
                     Champlain Valley Exposition
                     Essex Jct., VT

Rides included: tornado, pharoah's fury, sizzler, freak out (fireball), tilt, dutch wheel, mouse trap dark ride, orbiter, racing coaster, tango, super cat, scooter, sling shot drop tower, ring of fire loop, scrambler, cliff hanger, tornado (adult), himalyia, zipper, bungy bounce, star ship 3000, raider, wild mouse coaster, orient express, truck stop, obstacle course inflatable, hampton cycle, hampton boat, jumpin star, storm, fun slide, zemp helicopter, rock wall, dizzy dragon, mini scrambler, choo choo charlie, baja, tea cup, 3 abreast MGR, bear affair, bumble bee, speed ride, mini indie, mini himaylia, mardi gras glass house, fire chief plus 19 food concessions, 35 games, 2 commercial stands, 1o straight sales a dunk tank, bingo, temp. tattoo, midway convenice store, old fashion photo, mechinical bull riding, plus giant alligator, tiny tim world's smallest horse, giant rat, psyhic reading.

#14   Sept 1   DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (28 rides)
                     Lancaster Fair
                     Lancaster, NH

Rides included: dream catcher himalayia, sizzler, slide, hurricane, orbiter, zipper, rock wall, starship 2000 gravatron, rock'n'roll fun house, mardi gras glass house. dizzy dragon, mangil fire truck, 3 abreast MGR, train station, juousting inflatable, gondola wheel,inflatable bounce, team of century (crazy bus), orient express, jalopy jct., tornado, land slide, helicopter, euro bungy, red barron, orange whip, pony cart, plus 28 food, 15 games and 1 straight sale

The Dream Catcher one of the top rides on the Dreamland Amusements.

Looking towards the kiddie land area of Dreamland at the Lancaster Fair.

Looking out the doniker window to the Dreamland lot with the Landslide Slide in the middle.

#15   Sept  3  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (36 rides)
                     Blue Hill Fair
                     Blue Hill, ME

Rides included: scooter, zipper, thunder bolt, windsong, freak out dark ride, super slide, gravatron, ferris wheel, gondola wheel, euro bungy jump, air time swing, ding dong the witch is dead fun house, kids power, star trooper, jeep safari, 2 abreast MGR, 3 abreast MGR, maximum overdrive fun house, sizzler, hampton mix, worm, sky diver, raider, mardi gras glass house, dragon wagon, balloon, star fighter, fun centre inflatable, bear affair, mgr bounce, live pony ride, hampton mix, saucer, hampton mix, hampton mix, plus 36 food concessions, 23 games, 8 straight sales, karokie stage, casino and 2 pull tickets.

#16   Sept  4  (LMC) LARRY CUSHING AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                     Springfield Fair
                     Springfield, ME

Rides included: dizzy dragon, truck stop, super slide, chair swing, roll-o-plane, aladin, hustle, eli hy-5 ferris wheel, octapus, round-up, space taxi, go gater, hampton mix, train station, 2 abreast MGR, inflatable shoe slide, bungy jump. Plus 11 games and 5 food concessions.

Cushing Amusements is the best looking carnival that plays in Maine. Rides which are not brand new, are always clean, painted and 99% if not all of the lights are working on the rides I wished other carnivals would do the same with the paint and lights.

The  crowds line up for the fairs to turn in their gate ticket to receive the pay one price braclets. Cost to enter the fair and rides were $10. Seniors only $5

The line up of joints on the lot.

3 of Maine's Fire Marshall's Investigators looking at the Eli Hy-5 Ferris Wheel on the second day of the fair. The State Investigators inspect all rides before they start up at each location. On this day they held up the truck pulls that was already going to start a couple of hours late because of the muddy track conditions only to have them change the cement block locations and rope off an area for spectators which they should have done hours and I mean hours before. This all in the name of safety and justify their presents.

#17  Sept 9  (LMC) CUSHING AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
                    Clinton Fair
                    Clinton, ME

Rides included: truck stop, go-gater, shoe inflatable, train station, dizzy dragon, eli hy-5 wheel, sizzler, super slide, chair swing, octapus, roll-o-plane, round-up, hustle, aladin, hampton mix, taxi, 2 abreast MGR, plus 8 food concessions 11 games, 3 straight sales and a dunk tank.

A look down the midway prior to the fairs opening.

#18  Sept 9  FIESTA SHOWS  (14 rides)
                   New Boston, NH

Rides included: ferris wheel, scooter, inflatable, racer cinema 2000, hampton baja, zemp helicopter, crazy bus, super slide, tornado, zipper, vortex laser, zero gravity round-up, twister, 3 abreast MGR, plus 2 food concessions, 6 games and 1 straight sales.

A few of the rides set up at the fair in New Boston, NH

#19  Sept 9  GILLETTE SHOWS  (15 rides)
                   Sterling Fair
                   Sterling, MA

Rides included: air force 1, orbiter, cliff hanger, typhoon, rock'n'tug, sooper jet coaster, twist, flying bob, zero gravity round-up, rainbow rock, scooter, 4 abreast MGR, gondola wheel, hampton cycle /  hampton cars, plus 5 food and 15 games.

One of the few owners that still puts up a curtain at night on the MGR.

The giant slide the night before the fair opens. This fair is siturated on an airport next to the runway.

#20  Sept  9  FIESTA SHOWS  (30 rides)
                    Geenfield Fair
                    Greenfield, MA

Rides included: artic blast, mardi gras, ferris wheel, freak out, tilt, star ship exodus, zero gravity round-up, mouse trap dark ride, hyrdroshere (bubble of fun), thunder bolt, rock wall, re mix II, zipper, scooter, pharoah's fury, haunted mansion dark ride, vertical reality, surf city fun house, crazy bus, 3 abreast MGR, orient express, dizzy dragon, fly surf, super slide, cross country adventure, train station, inflatable, lucky lizzy, rock'n'tug, helicopter, plus 5 food concessions 16 games and 5 straight sales. 

A look at the front of the midway at the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, MA

Independant ride operator John Doolan had many of his rides set up on the lot of Fiesta. Here is Doolan's dark ride Mouse Trap

#21  Sept  9 REITHOFFER SHOWS  (35 rides)
                   Harvest Fair
                   Hebron, CT

Rides included: freak-ou. sling shot, storm, tango, yo yo, bungy bounce, scooter, dragon wagon, mardi gras, fire chief, mini indie, 3 abreast MGR, fun slide, zemp helicopter, jumpin star, racing coaster, sizzler, orbiter, himalaya, ring of fire loop, star ship, zipper, tilt, cliff hanger, raider, inflitable, pharoah's fury, tornado, dizzy dragon, zemp baja buggy, mini tea cup zemp, hampton boat / spaceship, hampton cycle jump, choo choo charlie bear affair, plus many games and food concessions plus these grind shows: horse, snake, rat, alligator.