Part 2

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#22  Sept 10  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS (21 rides)
                       North Haven, CT

Rides included: inflatable, gondola wheel, wacky worm coaster. scooter, 1001 naughs, orbiter, zipper, polar express, swing, round-up, super truck, hampton mix, pirate ship, dizzy dragon, wiggle worm, orient express, renegade fun house, fun side fun house, fly surf, bungee jump, family fun slide plus 2 food concessions and 15 games.

#23   Sept 10 STEWARD AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
                      Oyster Festival
                      Norwalk, CT

Rides included: fun house, super slide, tornado, rock-o-plane, ferris wheel, swing, scrambler, cliff hanger, drop tower, zero gravity round-up, scooter, orient express, mardi gras., unknown, dino, elephants, dizzy dragon, super truck stop 2 abreast MGR, plus 2 games and 1 food concession.

#24   Sept 10  BLUE SKY AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
                        Yorktown  Grange Fair
                        Yorktown Heights, NY

Rides included: dinosaur / woodpecker zemp., clown town theatre fun house, fun slide, fun zone, zipper, himalaya, gravatron, round-up, swing, monkey maze mirror house, expo wheel, lolly swing, zemp flying elephants, berry-go-round, indian canoe, 2 abreast MGR, dragon wagon, rip tide plus a dunk tank, 2 food concessions and 15 games.

#25   Sept 10  TOMMY'S AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
                       Elks Carnival
                       Mahwah, NJ

Rides included: big top fun house, eli hi-5 wheel, scooter, the wave, zipper, swing, sizzler, round-up, hampton cycle, lady bug, kiddie flying chair, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, hill billie express train, tea cup plus 20 games and 5 food concessions.

#26   Sept 10  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (20 rides)
                       Rotary Fun Festival

Rides included: gondola wheel, trapeze (yo yo), flying bob, rave-up, 1001 nacts, crystal lil's, tornado, pharoah's fury, ram rod scooter, zero gravity round-up, super shot, tilt, big 8 eli wheel, hog wild, 3 abreast MGR, plus 11 food concessions and 19 games with 2 straight sales.

#27   Sept 11  S & S AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)
                        Dallas, PA

Rides included: monkey maze, music express, tilt, scooter, sidewinder, coyote run dark ride, super slide, happy wheel / zemp elephant, MGR, train station, bear affair, go-gater, zipper, gravatron, spin out, bungy tramp, wipe out vertigo, big 16 eli, plus 9 food, 19 games, 2 straight sales and a dunk tank.

Two kiddie rides mounted on one semi-trailer.

The Coyote Run Dark Ride from S & S Amusements.

The best Phillie Steak Sandwich can be found on many lots thru out the country. This week Sue and Wilbur Cook was booked in with the S & S Amusements in Dallas, PA

#28   Sept 11  GOODTIME AMUSEMENTS  (9 rides)
                       Hazelton, PA

Rides included bumble bee, bear affair, spinner, hampton mix, train station, tea cup, scat, sizzler, hammer plus 12 games. The lot is located in the middle of downtown which blocks off Main Street for this festival.

#29   Sept  11  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (49 rides)
                        York Fair
                        York, PA

Rides included: raider, crystal lil's mirror house, orient express, wiggle worm, cuckoo haus fun house, crazy bus, mini silver streak, 4 abreast MGR, flyer, speedway, fast dreddies drive inn, mardigascar fun house, mini scrambler, kiddie swing, super himalaya, full tilt, scooter, persian camel fun house, zipper, gravatron, fire ball loop, sizzler, haunted mansion, bungee jump, avalanche, rock'n'roll fun house, speed, lost mine dark ride, tornado, wild claw (fireball), gondola wheel, tidal wave, tilt, starship 2000, yo yo, power surge, wild mouse coaster, sky flyer swing, scooter zemp jumping jumbos, rock'n'tug, dizzy dragon, vertical bungee , wet canoe, rock wall, 4 inflatables, plus 15 food concessions 34 games and 8 straight sales along with the midway convience store, the weird museum side show, world's smallest horse, snake girl elizabeth.

This year was a big change in the kiddie land area of the grounds as it has moved just a little from where it was located in previous years.

#30   Sept  11  ROSEDALE ATTRACTIONS  (30 rides)
                        Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Rides included: shake rattle & roll, scrambler, tornado, expo wheel, mardi gras, sea ray, lockness monster coaster, kids power, round-up, flying elephants, giant slide, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast MGR, hampton cycle jump, super shot, tilt, typhoon, orbiter, tomb of doom dark ride, jalopy jct., clown bounce, hampton gator, zoomer, pony cart, crazy bus, hampton boat, wiggle worm, musical chairs, impact zone scooter, zipper plus 5 food concessions and 21 games.

#31   Sept 12  POWERS GREAT AMERICAN MIDWAY  (43 rides)
                        Cabarrus County Fair
                        Concord, NC

Rides included: fly hi, chopper hopper, wiggle worm, monster truck, cobra coaster, jalopy jct., dizzy dragon, family racer, ship ahoa, hampster dance (bubble of fun), live pony ride, fire chief, quadzillia, rainbow rock, vertigo, wacky worm, tornado, surf's up, gondola wheel, zemp balloon, 3 abreast MGR, rock'n'tug, fun slide, haunted mansion, vortex, swing buggy, zipper, mind buster, fireball loop, pharoah's fury, ckoo ckoo haus, freak out (fireball), sizzler, spider, scooter, mardi gras, wave swinger, vertical bungee jump, zero gravity round-up, orbiter, tilt, star ship exodus, super shot plus an I got It along with 45 food concessions 32 games 4 straight sales and 3 commercial.

PGAM is the cleanest and best looking midway that I have been on in years. Everything is top quality and color co-ordinated. Each year that I get to one of there lots I usually see a new ride or two that I have never scene before.

Prior to the gates to the fair opens at 1P.M. the crowds line up to enter the fair in Concord, NC.

#32  Sept 12  PLAYWORLD AMUSEMENTS  (33 rides)
                  Greenville / Pickins Speedway
                  Greenville, SC

Rides included: jokers swing, pharoah's fury, crystal lil's, vortex, gondola wheel, freak out, fireball, cave of doom dark ride, super shot, live pony ride, family racer, dizzy dragon, pam's palace of fun fun house, zyclone coaster, zero gravity round-up, wacky worm, sky quest swings, sizzler, himalaya, rainbow rock, circus train, kids boat, ice skating, cobra coaster, wiggle worm, hampton racer, dinosaur bounce inflatable, spinner, dumbo's, playworld?, helicopter, bungee poer jump, 3 abreast MGR,  plus a photo stand, pshyic reading, a dunk tank 1 straight sale, 3 food concessions and 21 games.

#33  Sept 13  DIXIELAND AMUSEMENTS  (24 rides)
                      Northwest Georgia Regional Fair
                      Calhoun, GA

Rides included: circus train, jalopy jct., midway super slide, dragon wagom, zummer, rock-o-plane, wiz, ring of fire loop, orbiter, zipper, himalaya, screamer. wacky shack fun house, vertigo, twist, scooter, wheel, kiddie swing, whales, elephant / tiger, 2 abreast MGR, boat. berry-go-round, inflatable plus 4 food concessions, 15 games and rug rat rest area.

The Rug Rat Rest are is a great idea for the parents to rest and a place for the small ones to rest.

#34  Sept 16  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (27 rides)
                     Oxford County Fair
                     Oxford, ME

Rides included: zipper, verticle tramp, raider, jeep safari, maximum overdrive fun house, bumper cars, freakout dark ride, thriller gravatron, eli wheel, titain, star fighter, fun centre inflatable, air time swing, hampton car, live pony ride, bear affair, saucer, dragon wagon, balloon, super slide, hampton snowmobile/car, hampton mix, 2 abreast MGR, kids power, sky diver, mardi gras mirror house, windsong plus casino, 12 games and 1 food concessions.

#35   Sept 20  NAME {North American Midway Entertainment}  (47 rides)
                      Eastern States Exposition
                      West Springfield, MA

Rides included: zipper, alpine bobs, niagra falls water flume, mouse trap dark ride, cuckoo haus fun house, mardi gras mirror house, rock'n'roll fun house, banzai, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, scooter, starship 4000, fireball loop, crazy mouse coaster, super slide, cliff hanger, tilt, gondola wheel, wacky worm coaster, mega drop tower, wave swinger, rainbow, pharoah's fury, orbiter, fireball (claw), swing tower, raider, hampton cycle, under sea adventure, rock'n'tug, cross country adventure, speedway, kiddie swing, fly high, bumble bee, gondola whel, hill billy village fun house, toon town fun house, hampton jeep, lolly swing, zemp helicopter, dizzy dragon, the wild one inflatable, train station, china dragon coaster, 4 abreast MGR, plus 15 food concessions and 47 games.

There was 11 of these flower pot / flag benches located thru out the midway area.

This year the lot had not changed from 2009 and had the same rides. Not one new ride from this big name carnival that claims to have all these rides. Only independant New England ride operater on the grounds was John Doolan.

#36   Sept 25  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (36 rides)
                      Franklin County Fair
                      Farmington, ME

Rides included: clown aroun fun house, freak out dark ride, super slide, kid's power, inflatable, tornado, hurricane, bumper car, scrambler, star trooper, zipper, thunder bolt, round-up, inflatable, tilt, gravatron, windsong, mardi gras, dragon wagon, aladin, ding dong the witch is dead fun house, 3 abreast MGR, rio grand train, raider, worm, star fighter, bear affair, bumble bee, hampton cars, hampton jeep, helicopter, balloon, gondola wheel, vertical tramp, hampton snowmobile, air time swing plus gambling table, 24 food concessions, 17 games and 10 straight sales.

We were on the lot about 7:30 in the morning with lots of fog still in the air.

#37  Sept 25  GILLETTE SHOW  (24 rides)
                     Cumberland County Fair
                     Cumberland, ME

Rides included: rock'n'roll bob, zero gravity round-up, flying bob, sooper jet coaster, hi jacker drop tower, bob sled race, rainbow rock, galleon race, hampton cycle jump / hampton roadster, 3 abreast MGR, super slide, live pony ride, convoy, typhoon, air force 1, twist, scooter, sea dragon, cliff hanger, orbiter, gravatron, gondola wheel, 4 abreast MGR, rock'n'tug plus 14 food, 16 games and 12 straight sales.

I was on the lot about 11AM the day before the fair opened.

Betty Gillette's Candy Apples Concession.

Scene here in Cumberland, Maine is Brad Chase of Gold Metal on left and Jerry Gillette.

#38  Sept 25  FIESTA SHOW  (37 rides)
                     Rochester Fair
                     Rochester, NH

Rides included: gondola wheel, thunder bolt, re mix II, tilt, zero gravity round-up, orient express, zemp helicopter / space craft, crazy bus, tooterville train, berry-go-round, turtles, dumbos, wacky worm, 3 abreast MGR, pooh bear, super slide, spider mania, inflatable run, rock'n tug, jungle island inflatable, swinger, candy factory inflatable, the surfer, starship exodus, cliff hanger, dinosaur, lucky lizzy, artic blast, haunted mansion dark ride, sea dragon, haunted mansion, rave bungee tramp, zipper, scooter, cobra, hydrasphere, freak out (claw) plus 52 food, 45 games 1 commercial stand and 18 straight sales.

In the past few years the carnival lot has changed each year. This year the lot looked much bigger because of the lot layout.

#39  Oct2   ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (33 rides)
                  Deerfield Fair
                  Deerfield, NH

Rides included: bumble bee, orient express, wiggle worm, tiger inflatable bounce, fun side fun house, clowin aroun fun house, renegade fun house, starship gravatron, hurricane, zipper, round-up, tornado, pharoah's fury, polar express, fly surf (claw), yo-yo, ghost mansion dark ride, gondola wheel, hampton mix, circus train, 2 abreast MGR, ship ahoa, dizzy dragon, family slide, train station, heavy haulin inflatable, hampton cycle jump, hampton 600 racer, octapus, orbiter, scooter, tilt, wacky worm plus 10 food concessions and 6 straight sales on the lot.

Rockwell Amusements augments the rides they bring into the fair with rides from Scott Miller of Miller Amusements of New Hampshire and The Cushing Family of (LMC) Cushing Amusements from Mass.

Deerfield Fair is a fair that has no games anywheres on the grounds.