My first carnival lot of the season was at the Lowell Regatta on my way to my first show of 2011 at Thompson Speedway in CT. With my car acting up I mist going to 5 other shows in the area this week-end. Hopefully this will end up as one of my top years of going to carnival lots.



#1   MAY 26  FIESTA SHOWS  (18 rides)

                       Lowell. MA

Rides included: Haunted Mansion Dark Ride, Tilt, Gondola Wheel, Scooter, Sm Vertigo Swing, Artic Blast, Rock'N'Tug, Orient Express, 3Abreast MGR, Candy Factory Inflatable, Super Slide, Starship Exodus, Zipper, Magic Maze, Thunderbolt, Convoy Race, Crazy Bus, Sea Dragon plus a petting zoo, 20 games, 6 food concessions and 1 straight sales. Lot entrance fee $1

New rides on the show this year was the Vertigo Swing and the Magic Maze.


#2  JUNE 8  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (24 rides)


                    Auburn, ME

Rides included: air time swings, 12 seat wheel, balloon, star fighter, mgr inflatable, freak out dark ride, scooter, star trooper, zipper, thunder bolt, super slide, dizzy dragon, bear affair, hamp mix. raider, hamp snowmobile, ding dong fun house, gravatron, sky diver, scrambler, gondola wheel, 3 abreast MGR, kids power, saucer plus 2 straight sales, 4 food concessions and 8 games.

Opening week of the show for the 2011 season was not drawing many in during the week. On opening week-end the show's  broke in half. No one was hurt.


#3  JUNE 17  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (Main Unit, Dominic's) (25 rides)

                      Landover Hill, MD

Rides included: kids swing, go-gater, rock'n'tug, super slide, monkey mayhem, cliff hanger, music video fun house, fireball, monkey barrel fun house, mech. bull riding, ring of fire loop, extreme, scooter, mardi gras glass house, hampster run, gondola wheel, 3 abreast MGR, dumbos, tornado, frog hopper, bonzia, raider, whacky worm, bumble bee, chopper plus 8 food concessions 13 games and 1 photo with 2 straight sales.

The sky was treatning with rain, the lot had very few customers that paid $2 to enter. With this overall their was three times the workers on the lot compared to riders.

#4  JUNE 18 AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA (Morris Unit)   (21 rides)


                     Cinn, NJ

 Rides included: kiddie bumper boats, dinosaur, dizzy dragon, zemp tea cup, wild hog, scooter, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR, slide, vertigo swing tower, pharoah's fury, gondola wheel, 12 seat wheel, hampton spin tubs, crystal lil's glass house, tilt, 1001 naughts, trapezze (yo-yo) zero gravity round-up, flying bob plus 3 food concessions, 3 games and 1 sraight sales.


 #5  JUNE 18   DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)



Rides included: gondola wheel, helicopter, chu chu magic train, jalopy jct.' rock'n'roll fun house, landslide, hymalia, starship 2000 gravatron, sizzler, tornado, zipper, 3 abreast MGR, orient express plus 3 games and 6 food concessions.


#6  JUNE 18  STEWARTS AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)

                      Westport, CT

Rides included: ali baba, cliff hanger, scooter, zero gravity gravatron, super slide, jumpin jumbos, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast MGR, hampton quads 6000, cobra (dragon wagon), mardi gras, zumer, scrambler, 12 seat wheel, plus 14 games and 1 food concession.

#7  JUNE 18  TUFFANO'S AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)

                      St Mary's Carnival

                      Stamford, CT

Rides included: castle mania, pit stop, kids pirate, rock-o-plane, avalanche, scat, 12 seat ferris wheel, race car inflatable, rock wall, slide, kinda rou MGR, us force jet fighter, 3 abreast MGR, sizzler, dizzy dragon plus 1 food concession, 10 games and a straight sale joint.


#8  JUNE 18  COLEMAN BROTHER SHOW  (21 rides)

                      New Haven, CT

Rides include: wiggle worm, 3 abreast MGR,hampton mix, pumpkin patch, circus train, starship exodus, ring of fire loop, 1001 naughts, thunder bolt, gondola wheel, scooter, zipper, super slide, boot camp challenge inflatable, dragon wagon, euro bungee, mardi gras, raider, sizzler, accleration train coaster, tilt plus 6 food oncessions, 14 games and 4 straight sales.

The first lot of 2011 that was loaded with people. New est ride was the Acceleration Station Coaster that was purchesed from the World's Finest Show of Barry Jamerson of Ontario. Tim was surprised that I knew where it came from. The $60,000 spent on LED lighting on the Gondola Wheel really lite up the lot from far away. What a difference lighting makes.


#9  JUNE 19  FIESTA SHOWS  (13 rides)

                      Swampscott, MA

Rides included: spin the apple, swinger, pharoah's fury, tornado, zero gravity round-up, cliff hanger, mardi gras, earthquake, super slide, traffic jam, totterville train station, dragon wagon, 2 abreast MGR, plus 3 food concessions 6 games and a straight sale.

#10  JUNE 19  FIESTA SHOWS  (18 rides)

                        Danvers,  Mass

Rides included: an inflatable 12 seat wheel, crazy bus, dizzy dragon, re-mix, flying bob, wacky worm coaster, vortex illusion, pharoah's fury, zipper, zero gravity round-up, lucky lizzy, 3 abreast MGR, train station, scooter, inflatable, super slide, zep hellicopter / spaceship plus 7 games and 4 food concessions.

#11  JUNE 19  FIESTA SHOWS  (20 rides)

                        Festival on the Commons

                        Lawrence, MA

Rides included: sea dragon, euro bungee, super slide, haunted mansion dark ride, candy factory inflatable, starship exodus, convoy race, vortex illusion, jungle island inflatable, orient express, magic maze fun house, rock'n'tug, 3 abreast MGR, scooter, artic blast, tilt, vortex swing, freak out, crazy bus plus 11 food concessions, 18 games and 3 straight sales

#12  JUNE 19  SMOKIES GREATER SHOW  (21 rides)

                        St. John's Bazzar

                        Brunswick, ME

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, tilt, gondola wheel, raider, super slide, bear affair, kids power, 12 seat wheel, air time swing, dragon wagon, saucer, balloon, zipper, gravatron, ding dong fun house, scrambler, fun center inflatable, scooter, star trooper, hampton cars, worm plus 4 food concessions.

#13  JUNE 30  SMOKIES GREATER SHOWS  (15 rides)

                        Bath, ME

Rides included: kids power, star trooper, fun slide, sky diver, scrambler, 3 abreast MGR, tilt, ding dong fun house, gondola wheel, saucer, scooter, bear affair, jeep safari, balloon, worm plus2 straight sales.

#14  JUNE 30  REITHOFFER SHOW  (45 rides)

                        Brockton Fair

                        Brockton, MA

Rides included: freak out, wild mouse coaster, scooter, tidal wave, gondola wheel, starship 2000 gravatron, sky flyer swing, scooter, super himalyia, indy coaster, scooter, zipper, tornado, fireball loop, tilt, green monster slide, orient express, rock'n'tug, toy box fun house, flying tigers, raider, jumpin jumbos, bumble bee, dizzy dragon, western mouse coaster, drive-in, kite flyer, circus train, wiggle worm, yoyo, scooter, world inflatable, speed, crystal lil's glass house, avalanch, rock'n'roll fun house, full tilt, pharoah'f fury, haunted mansion dark ride, power surge, sizzler, fun slide, crazy bus, speedway, 3 abreast MGR, swing plus midway store and a dunk tank with 42 games 34 food concessions and 13 straight sales.


                      Danbury City Fair

                      Danbury, CT

The lot was located downtown in Danbury which was a poor area of the city. The business was not what was expected.


#16  JULY 1  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (49 rides)

                      State Fair at the Meadowlands

                      Rutherford, NJ

Rides included: kite flyer, fun house, santori taxi, bumble bee, wacky worm coaster, rock'n'tug, frog hopper, pumpkin wheel, dizzy dragon, mini indy, jeep safari, jumpin jumper, monkey mayhem, 3 abreast MGR, go-gater, wet gater, construction zone, kiddie bumper boat, wild hog, circus train, fire house, monkey maze play station,mini enterprise, sky flyer swing, avalanche coaster, water bumper boat, space roller, super slide, wave swinger, fire ball claw, gravatron, crazy mouse coaster, monkey barrel fun house, tornado, scooter, cuckoo haus fun house, rainbow rock, fun house, banzai, orbiter, jungle fun house, gondola wheel, cliff hanger, rock'n'roll, zipper, tomb of doom dark ride, music video fun house, ring of fire loop, mardi gras glass house plus 30 food concessions with 39 games 12 straight sales and 3 commercial stands. Also a dunk tank, spider women, strangest show of earth, tiny tim world's smallest horse, a snke grind and the museum of world ordities.


                      Big Butler Fair

                      Prospect, PA

Rides included: wacky worm, vortex illusion, zipper, pharoah's fury, cucko haus, tilt, sizzler, cliff hanger, sky diver, orbiter, scooter, freak out, zero gravity round-up, fireball loop, swing buggie, starship exodus gravatron, super shot drop tower, rock'n'tug,quadzilla, ships ahoa, kite flyer, rave euro bungy, monster truck, wave swinger, firechief, gondola wheel, fun slide, spider, family racer, chopper hopper, jalopy jct., vortex swing, cobra coaster, zemp balloon, magic maze, crazy chopper, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast MGR, live pony ride, rainbow rock plus 16 food concessions and 40 games with 1 commercial exhibit along with the  ward hall's world of wonders side show, bingo and a dunk tank.

PGAM has to be the nicest looking and cleanest Midway that I have been onto on the East Coast. Everything is top notch, no junk. The stick joints must be alumium  uprights and all canvas must be show colors. Newest ride that was redone this winter was the Sky Diver with all LED lights. This has to be the nicest Diver that I have scene.

#18  JULY 10  NEXT GENERATION SHOW  (12 rides)

                       County Fair

                       Central City Iowa

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, tiger bounce, heart flip, sponge bob play house, scrambler, tempest, fire engine bounce, kiddie bumper boats, tubs of fun, flying pigs of Iowa, next generation railroad train plus 10 games and 1 food concession.


#19  JULY 12   ALL STAR AMUSEMENTS (NAME)  (26 rides)

                        County Fair

                        Freeport, IL

Rides included: mini wave swinger, 1001 nacts, power surge, matterhorn, cliff hanger, fuerball (claw), silly seas fun house, century wheel, fun slide, tilt, sizzler, zemp circus train, starship area 51 gravatron, scooter, glass house, dizzy dragon, raider, mini indy, 3 abreast MGR, hampton cycle jump, hampton mix, safari airport, tea cup, orient express, zero gravity bounce, yo-yo plus midway mini-mart 8 food concessions, 11 games.

#20  JULY 20  J&J AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)

                        Allagheny County Fair

                        Angelica, NY

Rides included: sky diver, raider, fun slide, tilt, paratrooper, zemp dinosaur, go-gater, flying swing, dizzy dragon, train station, 3 abreast MGR, hamp mix, hamp gm tubs of fun, fireball loop, big 8 eli wheel plus an I Got It, 8 food concessions, 5 straight sales and 16 games and a snake grind show.

Rides were augmented by rides from Midway of Utica with Eli wheel, tilt and fun slide. The newest ride was the Flying Swing (Smaller version of a wave swinger).

#21  JULY 21  SKERBEC BROTHERS  (26 rides)

                       County Fair

Rides included: big eli, 2 abreast MGR, raider, fun house, tidal wave coaster (sooper jet), gravatron, sea ray, mega shot drop tower, alpine bob, zipper, 16 tub gondola wheel, euro bungee, rock wall, mighty mac truck (convoy), glass house, kids swing, cliff hanger, loop-o-plane, spider, scooter, spin the apple, hamp gm boats, hamp cycle jump, zemp saucers plus 3 food concessions 22 games and 2 straight sale.

The operator of the MGR took pride in keeping every lite glowing in the 3 days that I was on the fair grounds. The pride of the owner was his Stinson Band Organ which was located as you came into the lot.

#22  JULY 23 LJ AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)

                      Ottawa County Fair

                      Oak Harbor, OH

Rides included: fun house, round-up, swing, slide, gas powered loop-o-plane, old style paratrooper, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast MGR, tug boat, kiddie wheel, spin the apple, star fighter, tubs of fun, frolic plus 6 games and 1 food concession.

When I got on the lot I was told about the storm that came thru the nite before that tipped over the shows fun house. After arriving another storm came thru with lots of damage to trailers knocking trees onto them and a horse staples. It ripped the top and scenery of the MGR and fencing was  blown all over the place, exhibitors tents was torn apart and the cover over the pony ride was blown away landing on top of a car.

#23  JULY 25  J&J Amusements  (24 rides)

                        Dunkirk Fair

                        Dunkirk, NY

Rides included: sooper jet, hurricanr roun-up, rock'n'roll himalyia, fireball loop, fireball claw, 1001 naughts, sky diver, verticle reality bungy, kreepy kastle fun house, gondola wheel, fun house, paratrooper, fun slide, raider, dizzy dragon, go-gater, hamp mix, bear affair, hamp mix, dinosaur, hamp mix, 3 abreast MGR, euro bungy, plus an I Got It 23 food concessions 24 games 6 straight sales and 1 commercial stand

#24  JULY 26  MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (15 rides)

                        Ontario County Fair

                        Canandaigua, NY

Rides included: fun slide, hymalia, big eli wheel, scooter, extreme inflatable slide, inflatable, vortex, bungy jump, catapillar coaster, raider, hamp gm boat, zemp  dinosaur / elephants, kiddie wheel, hamp jeep/quads, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast MGR, live pony ride and petting zoo plus 14 games with 9 food concessions and 2 straight sales.


#25  JULY 28  REITHOFFER  (12 rides)

                       Harbor Fest

                       Oswego, NY

Rides included:  sky flyer swing, haunted mansion dark ride, rock'n'roll fun house, crystal lil's glass house, wiggle worm, fun slide, hi-flyer, western mouse coaster, bumble bee, pharoah's fury, scooter, orbiter, plus 6 food concessions , 9 games and 1 straight sales (souviners)



#26  JULY 31  GILLETTE SHOW  (20 rides)

                       County Fair

                       Whitney Point, NY

Rides included: the typhoon, super jet coaster flying bob, twist, orbiter, scooter, convoy, zero gravity round-up, air force 1, gondola wheel, zemp mix mini jet, zemp helicopter/spaceship, 3 abreast MGR, super slide, rainbow rock, bob sled race, cliff hanger, rock'n'tug, hampton cycle jump, hampton roadster plus a dunk tank 9 food concessions 16 games and 2 straight sales.


                   Cobleskill Sunshine Fair

                   Cobleskill, NY

Rides included: gondola wheel, cyclone tunnel, zero gravity round-up, vortex illusion, flying bob, cucko haus fun house, spider, pharoah's fury, freak out, scooter, tilt, ships ahoa, 2 abreast MGR, quadzilla, the claw, swing buggie, fire chief, vertigo swing looney lagoon coaster, fly high, wacky worm, crazy chopper, jalopy jct., monster truck, fun slide plus 8 food concessions, 20 games and 2 straight sales and a dunk tank.

#28  AUG 2  COLEMAN BROTHERS  (23 rides)

                    County Fair

                     Booneville, NY

Rides included: yuro bungy, round-up, sizzler, zipper, scooter, ring of fire loop, thunder bolt, gondola wheel, starship exodus gravatron, 1001 nachts, wfs accleration train, super slide, boot camp challenge inflatable, 3 abreast MGR, winky whale wet, hamp mix, kiddie bumper boat, circus train, wiggle worm, pumpkin patch, mardi gras, dragon wagon, raider plus 15 food concessions 15 games 1 straight sale and I got it. 


# 29  AUG 9  WADE SHOW  (27 rides)

                     Wayne County Fair

                      Honesdale, PA

Rides included: wacky worm, 3 abreast MGR, sizzler, lolly swing, animal house fun house, silver streak, balloon, undersea adventure, friday night dark ride, pirate, gravatron, scooter, gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, mega drop drop tower, orbiter, zipper, ring of fire loop, cliff hanger, alpine bob, super slide, hamp boat, hamp moto x, hamp go go racer, dragon wagon, macaronie & cheese (tea cup), plus 16 food concessions 19 games and 1 straight sales


#30  AUG 4  STRAITES  (25 rides)

                    Chemung County Fair

                    Horseheads, NY 

Rides included wacky worm, fire chief, cuckoo haus, go-gater, kid , hampton cycle, train station, construction zone, dino go round, inflatable, gondola wheel, music express, starship 3000 gravatron, fireball loop, fireball claw, thunder bolt, wave swinger, scooter, cliff hanger, jalopy jct., rave bungy, super slide, monkey maze, tilt, rock wall, ? plus 9 games and 1 food concessions.


#31 AUG 5   FIESTA SHOWS  (29 rides)

                     Chesire Fair

                     Keene, NH

Rides included: 3 abreast MGR, mardi gras glass house, zipper, super slide, dizzy dragon, zemp spaceship/helicopter, 16 seat wheel, train station, wacky worm, flying bob, cliff hanger, evolution, kids power  type , vortex illusion, zero gravity round-up, tilt, pharoah's fury, scooter, re-mix, lucky lizzy, fire dog inflatable, haunted house, twist crazy bus, street racer, circus world inflatable, the jeep  ?, merige plus 6 food concession 14 games.


#32  AUG 7  LISKO AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)

                    Astabulia County Fair

                    Jefferson, OH

Rides included: sizzler, midway mini slide, monkey barrel, hurricane, silver streak small, kiddie wheel, truck stop, ufo gravatron, sea ray, zipper, dragon wagon, paratrooper, barrel of fun, zemp helicopter/spaceship, 2 abreast MGR, spin the apple, seadoo, sky high bungy, winky the whale dry, fun house plus 7 food concessions 24 games an arcade plus Larry Rich's WHAT IS IT grind.


#33  AUG 10  ASTRO AMUSEMENTS  (NAME UNIT)  (35 rides)

                      Lake County Fair

                      Crown Point, IN

Rides included: sizzler, glass house, starship area 54 gravatron, tilt, scooter, matterhorn, 1001 nachts, satair airport, kiddie wave swinger, power surge, fun slide, gravity storm bungy, century wheel, go gater, kid go round, invertor, spider, feurer ball cliff hanger, yo-yo, ghost pirate dark ride, orient express, silly seas fun house, raider, zemp tea cup, rock wall 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, hampton mix euro bungy, mini indy, fun way express train, hampton cycle jump plus 39 food concessions 32 games, 13 straight sales and 3 commercial spots along with the big side show and a petting zoo.   

#34  AUG 14  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (21 rides)

                      Topsham Fair

                      Topsham, ME

Rides included: fun house, renegade fun house, orbiter, starship gravatron, wing glidder, yoyo, zipper, tilt, sizzler, scooter, live pony ride, hampton mix, euro bungy, 2 abreast MGR, tornado, gondola wheel, super slide, dragon wagon, train station, bear affair, heavy haulin inflatable plus a dunk tank snake grind 9 food concessions, 12 games with 3 straight sales and 1 commercial joint.


#35  AUG 15 SWANK STEEL CITY SHOW  (19 rides)

                     Dayton Fair

                     Dayton, PA

Rides included: sooper jet, flying bob, zero gravity round-up, hurricane, sizzler, hamp cycle. fun slide, swinger, hamp mix, 2 abreast MGR, lady bug, dizzy dragon, hillbillie train, bungy jump, monkey maheim, zummer, cliff hanger, ? jolly plus 10 food concessions 23 games, 2 straight sales and a band organ.


#36  AUG 16  GAMBILL AMUSEMENTS  (25 rides)

                      Garrett County Fair

                      McHenry, MD

Rides included: pirate den fun house, play station, alligator inflatable, kiddie wheel, train, honey bee, gm hamp boat, zemp spaceships, bubble gum inflatable, hamp mix (rush hour), flying dumb's, hurricane, star ship, rock-o-plane, 12 seat eli wheel, 2 abreast MGR, expo wheel, casino, super slide, zero gravity round-up, scooter, sizzler, go-gater, spinner, budgy the whale plus 4 food concessions 28 games and 1 straight sales 


#37  AUG 18  BATES AMUSEMENTS  (21 rides)

                      Muskingum County Fair

                      Zanesvill, OH

Rides included: hampton mix, helicopter, das fun house, wave, kiddie wind swing, mgr, apple worm, 2 big eli double eagle wheels, cliff hanger, back draft, crazy bus, typhoon, music express, scrambler, raider, bungy jump, super shot drop tower, water rollers, fun slide, live pony rides plus 12 food concessions, 17 games and 3 straight sales.


#38  AUG 19  MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (18 rides)

                      County Fair

                      New Castle, PA

Rides included: zemp airport mix, inflatable, spider, scooter, himalyia, dizzy dragon, euro bungy, cattapillar coaster, extreme inflatable slide, kids ferris wheel, hamp cycle/jeep, vortex, gravatron, big eli wheel, 2 abreast MGR, raider, fun slide, gm hampton mix plus 20 food concessions, 8 games, 9 straight sales and 1 comercial joint