2011  (PART 2)



#39 AUG 30  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (28 rides)

                     Windsor Fair

                     Windsor, ME

Rides included: yo-yo, scooter, hurricane, starship gravatron, gondola wheel, sizzler, tilt, tornado, zipper, wind glidder (Hang glider), ghost mansion dark ride, renegade fun ship, fun side fun house, clown aroun fun house, dragon wagon, tiger bounce, hemp mix, bear affair, super slide, 2 breast MGR, zemp helicopter/spaceship, hampton 600 racer quad, hampton cycle jump, dizzy dragon, honey bees, train station, euro bungy, heavy haulin inflatable plus a live pony ride and petting zoo, snake grind photo stand 18 food concessions 20 games and 4 straight sales. 

Rockwell Amusements rides were augment by rides from Scott Miller of New Hampshire's Miller Amusements 

#40 AUG 31  GILLETTE SHOW  (17 rides)

                      Spencer Fair

                      Spencer, Ma

Rides included: typhoon, twist, 4 abreast MGR, scooter cliff hanger, gondola wheel, hampton cycle jump, hampton roadsters, rainbow rock, zero gravity round-up, zem helicopter, zemp spaceship/elephants, rock-n-tug, super slide, orbiter, air force 1, flying bob.

Lot lay out the day before opening. Games and food concessions not set-up at the time I was on the lot.

#41  AUG 31  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)

                      Three County Fair

                       North Hampton, Ma

Rides included: wacky worm, round-up, polar express, gondola wheel, fly surf, mardi gras glass house, dizzy dragon, tornado, zipper, orbiter, circus train, wiggle worm, euro bungy, slide, hampton mix plus 4 food concessions and 15 games.

This was what was set-up on the lot the day before the fair opened.

#42 AUG 31  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (27 rides)

                      Chatham Fair

                       Chatham, NY

Rides included: flying bob, vertigo swing, zipper, 1001 nacts, tornado, pharoah's fury, slide, crystal lil's glass house, speed boat, fire engine, zero gravity round-up, tilt, trapezze Yo-yo, scrambler, spin out, hi 5 II eli wheel, wind jammer, happy wheel, flying dumbos, tea cup, hog wild, dragon coaster, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast MGR, dinosaur, gondola wheel plus 24 food concessions, 23 games and 2 straight sales plus an I Got It and a mechical bull.    



                      Fonda Fair

                      Fonda, NY

 We were cancelled because of the rain and I didn't get the lot wrote down. Earlier in the week the lot was under 6 feet of water from the Hurricane that went thru but everything was up and running on Thursday. The water was up to the necks of the horses on the MGR.

The rides I do remember on the lot was tidal wave, 2 slides, raider, MGR, power surge, train station, gravatron, toy box fun house, mardi gras glass house, scooter, speedway.

#44  SEPT 2  GOODTIME AMUSEMENTS  (21 rides)

                      West End Fair

                      Gilbert, Pa

Rides included: kiddie wheel, vista bumble bee, 2 abreast MGR, hampton mix, rave bungy. jitterbug swing, rock n out, 10 seat festival wheel, bear affair, tilt, scat, starship 3000 gravatron, hurricane, sizzler, scooter, music express, cliff hanger, castle mania, boomer's fire house, spider mania, roll-o-plane, super slide, dragon wagon, spinner, red barron, train station plus 1 food concession and 26 games with 1 straight sales and a bingo.

Goodtime Amusements rides were orgmented with rides from Spectacular Midways, Morello Amusements and Jim Thorpe Amusements.

#45  SEPT  3  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (25 rides)

                       Schaghticoke Fair

                       Schaghticoke, NY

Rides included:  super himalyia, haunted mansion dark ride, chookoo haus fun house, ring of fire loop, rock'n'roll fun house, spaceship 2000 gravatron, orbiter, zipper, indie 500 coaster, green monster slide, western mouse coaster, kite flyer, flying dumbos, scooter, wild claw, crystal lil's glass house, gondola wheel, pharoah's fury, 4 abreast MGR, hot wheel scooter, flying tiger, tilt, train station, zero gravity (old round-up), princess bounce plus 27 games, 14 food concessions and 9 straight sales plus an I Got It.

#46  SEPT 4  SWANK'S STEEL CITY SHOW  (14 rides)

                      Great Stoneboro Fair

                      Stoneboro, Pa.

Rides included: hill billy express train, jitter bug swing, sooper jet coaster monkey maze glass house, high fler, expo wheel, lady bug, 2 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, hampton mix cars, hampton cycles, sizzler, zero gravity round-up zummer, euro bungy, hurricane, fun slide plus porky the worlds largest pig tiny tim smallest horse alligatoe-snake-rat grind shows plus 7 food concessions and 23 games along with 1 straight sale.

#47  SEPT  5  ONTARIO AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)

                       Endicot, NY

Rides included: fun slide, dragon wagon, rock-o-plane, dizzy dragon, zemp helicopter/spaceship, hampton mix, kinderoo, tempest, 12 seat ferris wheel, scat, paratrooper, swinger, round-up, tilt plus 4 food concessions and 11 games.

The show lost this day to the rain as it was shut down.

#48  SEPT 6  COLEMAN BROTHERS SHOW  (31 rides)

                      Vermont State Fair

                      Rutland, Vt

Rides included: vortex illusion, 1001 nacts, starship exodus gravatron, ring of fire loop, city morgue fun house, skymaster, sizzler, round-up, mardi gras glass house, gondola wheel, pumpkin patch, hampton mix, euro bungy, raider, 3 abreast MGR, boot camp challenge inflatable, thunderbolt, zipper, tilt, yoyo, wipeout, scooter, exceleration station coaster, wiggle worm, fun slide, bumper boats, circus train, red baroon, sea doo, winky the whale (wet) plus 22 food concessions, 26 games 3 straight sales and 1 commercial joint.

The lot in most part was tight not many area that could be filled. Overall this was the best looking set-up that I have scene in Rutland for years.

#49   SEPT  9  LMC AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)

                        Clinton's Lions Agriculture Fair

                        Clinton, ME

Rides included: divebomber (roll-o-plane), tempest, round-up, aladin, scooby shack fun house, octapus, inflatable, super slide, inflatable, sizzler, big eli hy 5, dizzy dragon, truck stop, go-gater, train station, 2 abreast MGR, hampton mix, taxi plus 6 food, 6 games and 3 straight sales.

#50   SEPT  9   MILLER / ROCKWELL  (22 rides)

                         Litchfield Fair

                         Litchfield, ME

Rides included: clown aroun fun house, zipper, tilt, gondola wheel, starship gravatron, renegade fun ship, hurricane, sizzler, tiger bounce, hampton cycle jump, yo-yo, scooter, hampton 600 racer quad, dizzy dragon, rio grande train, fun slide, 2 abreast MGR, zemp hellicopter/spaceships, verticle reality bungy bounce, bumble bee, dragon wagon, tornado plus 14 food and 12 games with 1 straight sale and 1 commercial stand.

#51   SEPT 10   TUFFANO AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)

                          Wapping Fair

                          South Windsor, CT

Rides included: scat, pirate (small), sizzler, cliff hanger, slide, avalanche, wheel, rock wall, inflatable race car, kindaroo, fighter, dizzy dragon, pit stop, 3 abreast MGR, castle mania plus 1 food concession and 6 games.

The carnival lot had a few wet and soft spots  but the area above the carnival was so wet they were putting down bails and bails of hay to dry up the area.      

#52   SEPT 10   BLUE SKY AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)

                          Yorktown Grange Fair

                          Yorktown Height, NY

Rides included: swinger, zipper, round-up, monkey maze glass house, scooter, dragon wagon, expo wheel, lolly swing, zemp mix, vista canoe, zemp flying dumbos, zumar ?, starship gravatron, fun slide, rock wall, castle mania type ride, zemp flying dinosaurs plus 1 food concession and 10 games.

The lot was muddy as the area had lots of rain at set-up time. A couple of rides could not be set-up as I was told because they could not spot the rides. Most of the parking lot was dry as it is located on the side of a hill with good drainage.

#53   SEPT 10  REITHOFFER SHOW  (26 rides)


                        Doylestown, PA

Rides included: super himalayia, rock'n'roll fun house, euro bungee, fireball loop, scooter, zipper, bumble bees, whacky worm coaster, circus train, flying dumbos, sizzler, swing, speed, hot wheel scooter, green monster slide, tornado, sky flyer swing, gondola wheel, pharoah's fury, starship gravatron, raider, crazy bus, rock'n'tug, 2 fun houses, plus a small coaster petting zoo mini mart and the flying pages circus acts.

I did not go on the lot as it was all locked up, soaked with water and this was on Saturday night which was lost to the weather. Not even one worker was on the lot it was scarery to see.

#54  SEPT  15  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (18 rides)

                        Oxford Fair

                        Oxford, ME

Rides included: super slide, kid power, balloon, titanic inflatable, dragon wagon, gravatron, scooter, zipper, star trooper, raider, fun centre inflatable, ding dong fun house, astro wheel, hampton mix, air time swing, 2 abreast MGR, bear affair, star fighter plus 1 food concession, 9 games, a straight sale and a kariokee tent.

Another wet day that I was on the lot. Less rides this year than previous years as the shows other rides were already set up in Farmington, ME, as it is an overnite jump. Oxford was a real growing fair but lately each year it has been going down and the attendence is showing its not working. The carnival is set up in an area by it's self which does not have a flow thru. Entertainment has been cut. Admission to the grounds is way to high for what you have each day. Paid Parking along with the shows has a pay as you ride (ticket system) makes everything to high to go to this late summer fair.

#55  SEPT 18  DEGGELLER  (52 rides)

                       York Fair

                       York, PA

Rides included: raiders, dylan diggers, hampton boats. lady bug, crazy bus, super slide, super slide, gondola wheel, 3 abreast MGR, orient express, flying dumbos, circus train, truckin, hampton quad 600 racer, monkey banana, speedway, rock wall, wiggle worm, crazy chopper, tea cup, train station, spin the apple, 3 abreast MGR, tilt, wave swinger music express, zipper, coaster, hi-roller, super shot drop tower, small himalayia, quadzilla, mechanical bull, scooter, rock'n'out, landslide, slide, zero gravity round-up, extreme, starship 4000 gravatron, typhoo, wacky worm, gondola wheel, super round-up, cliff hanger, tornado, funnel force swing, wind surfer, scrambler, magic maze glass house, tiki town fun house, fireball loop, viper plus 31 food concessions 35 games and 8 straight sales along with a dunk tank and ward hall's world of wonders side show.

Their was many food joints, games and straight sales located on the grounds. It is very hard to see where the carnival lot ends and the independats starts.

#56  SEPT 19  REITHOFFER SHOW  (40 rides)

                       Frederick Fair

                       Frederick, MD

Rides included: raider, orient express, mardi gras glass house, king neptune lost treasure, inflatable, hampton mix, 3 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, tea cup, kids himaylia, speedway, zemp helicopter, zemp baja, inflatable, light house drop, tilt, fun slide, power surge, himalyia, adult tornado, dutch wheel, wild mouse coaster, live pony ride, sizzler, tornado, starship 3000, mouse trap dark ride, pharoah's fury, demo derby scooter, super cat,yoyo, zipper, tango, full tilt, firechief, hampton cycle jump, hampton mix, choo choo charlie zemp train, bear affair, mini indy plus mini mart, i got it, porky world's largest pig, tiny tim smallest horse, plus an alligator-snake-rat grinds along with 2 commercial exhibits 14 food concessions, 30 games and 7 straight sales.


#57  SEPT  19   CAROL STREAM AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)

                          Martinsville Mall

                          Martinsville, MD

Rides included: round-up, orbiter, dodgem scooter, ali baba, music express, tornado, tilt, hang glider, sea ray, wiggle worm, sbf drop zone, dizzy dragon, circus train, 3 abreast MGR, gondola wheel, super slide, zemp bumble bee, dragon ? plus 8 games and 2 food concessions. 

#58  SEPT  21  C & M SOUTHERN MIDWAY  (11 rides)

                        County Fair

                        Attallia, AL


Rides included: slide, sizzler, paratrooper, cobra, tilt, dumbos, vortex kids swing, dragon wagon, hampton dune buggies, hampton mix, loop-o-plane plus 1 food and 10 games. Tubs of fun not set-up.


#59  SEPT 21  JAMES GANG AMUSEMENTS  (24 rides)

                        Marshall County Fair

                        Boaz, AL


Rides included: usa fighter, slide, dragon wagon, 2 abreast MGR, scat, rock-o-plane, gee wizz, sizzler, loop-o-plane, expo wheel, catch'n'air, james gang truckin, inflatable, mechanical bull, scooter, jungle safari, zipper, firehouse, glass house, racing, wet willy whale, trabant, western mouse coaster, starship 2000 gravatron plus 6 food concessions and 13 games.



#60  SEPT 21 ALL-STAR AMUSEMENTS  (NAME)  (28 rides)

                      Cullman County Fair

                      Cullman, AL


Rides included: starship aera 51 gravatron, safari airport, orient express, hampton mix, gondola wheel, euro bungy, silly seas fun house, euro bubble, 1001 nacts, cliff hanger, fuer ball, power surge, matterhorn, scooter, yoyo, glass house, fun slide, dizzy dragon, tea cup, cycle jump raider, mini indy, mini wave swinger, spiser, inverter, sizzler, plus 1 straight sale 7 food concessions and 11 games.




                        Northwest Alabama Fair

                        Jasper, AL


Rides included: thunder bolt, rock-o-plane, euro bungy, gamma 7 round-up, mardi gras glass house, inflatable, ground  hampto mix, animal carosel, ground hampton boats, 3 abreast MGR, fireball loop, tea cup, screamatorium fun house, slime, atom-fear drop tower, barbie, rainbow wheel, miner mike sugar express, astro wheel, zummer, banana slide, super trooper, surge, silver streak, plus 6 food concessions and 15 games and a kids play area called tot town.


One of the nicest looking shows that I have scene with a few rides that I have never scene before. Some older rides were re-themed which more shows should do. Everything was painted up and from what I was told priorities on the show is to keep the lights working on all rides. The show has 3 employees whos main job is light. All trucks and trailers are painted in showmen's style lettering of the vehicles.



#62  SEPT 22  WADE SHOWS  (31 rides)

                        Northwest Alabama State Fair

                        Muscle Shoals, AL


Rides included: lolly swing, under sea adventure, circus train, 3 abreast MGR, hampton car, hampton cycles,  hymalayia, gondola wheel, orbiter, alpine bob, cliff hanger, ring of fire loop, bungy jump, mardi gras glass house, fright night dark ride, pirate, vertigo swing, tilt, scooter, western mouse coaster, balloon, animal house fun house, zipper, super slide, gravatron, silver streak, macaroni & cheese (tea cups), jalopy jct, hampton boats, jumpin star, dragon wagon, plus 8 food concessions, 20 games and 4 straight sales.

#63  SEPT  27  NAME  (Conklin)  (46 rides)

                        Eastern States Exposition

                        West Springfield, MA


Rides included: zipper, alpine bob, niagra fall flume ride, mouse trap dark ride, cucko ckoo house fun house, mardi gras glass house, rock'n'roll fun house, banzai, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, surf city fun house, wave swinger, scooter, spin out, pharoah's fury, orbiter, fireball claw, sky flyer swing tower, scooter starship 4000 gravatron, fireball loop, crazy mouse scooter, super slide, cliff hanger, tilt, gondola wheel, wacky worm coaster, rock'n'tug, undersea adventure, hampton jeep, hampton cycle jump, raider, gondola wheel, hillbilly village fun house, bumble bee, kite flyer, cross country adventure, speedway, mini swing, toon town fun house, lolly swing, zemp helicopter, end zone inflatable, dizzy dragon, china dragon, train station plus 13 food concessions, 56 games and 3 straight sales.


Only bad thing that I have to say is that there is no new rides once again on the lot. With a company as big as NAME they should be able to change the rides around each year. Most of the rides have been in the same place on the lot for the past several years. A time for a change!



#64  SEPT 29    GILLETTE SHOW  (24 rides)

                         Cumberland County Fair

                         Cumberland, ME


Rides included: rock-n-roll, sidewinder, flying bob, cobre, typhoon, bob sled race, 4 abreast MGR, hampton mix, hampton, rainbow rock, super slide, zem mix, zemp, convoy, air force 1, twist, scooter, gravatron, orbiter, zero gravity round-up, sooper jet, gondola wheel, 3 abreast MGR, rock'n'tug plus 13 food concessions, 15 games and 5 straight sales


#65  SEPT  29    ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (32 rides)

                          Deerfield Fair

                          Deerfield, NH


Rides included: scooter, tornado, round-up, zipper, starship gravatron, sizzler, fly surf, yoyo, polar express, train station, gondola wheel, hampton mix, circus train, wiggle worm, 2 abreast MGR, wacky worm, tilt, orbiter, wind glider, bumble bees, orient express, tiger inflatable, animal house fun house, dizzy dragon, family fun slide, zemp helicopter/spaceship, heavy haulin inflatable, hampton quad, octapus, chair swing, clown aroun fun house, mardi gras glass house plus 7 food concessions and 3 straight sales.

The Deerfield Fair does not allow any games. Rockwell augments there rides with rides from Scott Miller of Miller Amusements and LMC Amusements of the Cushing Family.



#66  SEPT 30     FIESTA SHOWS  (48 rides)

                          Topsfield Fair

                          Topsfield, MA


Rides included: convoy race, spider (raider), thunder bolt, gondola wheel, scooter, tilt, pharoah's fury, flying bob, sea dragon, big splash log flume, mardi gras glass house, crazy bus, kids power type ride, dragon wagon, dizzy dragon, rave bungy, traffic jam, rock'n'tug, zemp spaceship/helicopter, wacky worm coaster, rockwall, ultimate illusion, fire dog inflatable, cinema 2000 street racer, orient express, 3 abreast MGR, super slide, super slide, vertigo, euro bungy, cliff hanger, haunted mansion dark ride, tornado, vortex ultimaye illusion, zero gravity round-up, surfer, re-mix, zipper, freak out, jump thing bungy, starship exoduse gravatron, magic maze glass house, twisted, zipper, artic blast, haunted house, lucky lizzy glass house, scooter plus49 games, 21 food concessions and 17 straight sales plus bob bearor's teenies traveling museum.

Only new things on the lot this year that I have not scene in previous years is the Big Splash Log Flume and Bob & Teenie Bearors Teenies Traveling Museum. Other rides is a new tilt, magic maze and the vertigo swing tower. Most rides are in the same location as years prior.



#67 Oct 13  GILLETTE SHOW  (16 rides)

                   Keane Foundation Carnival

                   Cove Park

                   Weathersfield, CT


Rides included: super slide, typhoon, flying bob, zero gravity round-up, air force 1, cliff hanger, orbiter, scooter, gondola wheel, rainbow rock, rock'n'tug, zemp mix/zemp mix, hampton cycle jump/hampton roadster, 4 abreast MGR, plus 7 games and 5 food concessions set up prior to opening day.


I was on the lot the day prior to opening. The state inspectors were going over the rides, the food concessions were being set-up and most games were in place. The lot was wet as there was alot of rain the day and night before I arrived. It was misty out and after I left I drove the next 24 hours in misty, foggy and heavy rain until I arrived in West Virginia.


#68  OCT 16   NONWEILER AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)

                      Country Jct.'s  2011 Pumpkin Festival

                      Lehighton, PA


Rides included: dizzy dragon, round-up, 2 abreast MGR, ferris wheel, gas powered scrambler, octapus, hustler, mini himalaya, super raider, pony cart, sky fighter, honda, tank, train, slide and live pony ride plus 9 games. also in the area 12 food concessions and 6 more games and a small petting zoo.


What an event with hundreds of spectators gathering on Sunday afternoon in the country side of the Pa's Pocono Mountain area. Very interesting rides as most of the kiddie rides were remounted on trailers. The sky fighter was trailer mounted and was very impressive only the second one I have scene trailered. The scrambler was gas powered. The octapus was originally on the King Reid Show and owned by Gordon Wheeler. The ferris wheel is very different as it has 2 axels . The super raider you very seldom see on any midways in the US. The Honda ride was made in Shamokin Dam at the King Reid Show winter quarters, which at the time was owned by Harry Kock. It was designed and made by the late Phil DeRaps from Maine who was the electrian on the Reid shows. Built in the late 60's.


This is possibly be my last carnival visit for the 2011.  2011 we went to 68 carnival lots (my 3rd best year since I started taking down lot lay-outs and pictures). My best year was 99 lots. I hope 2012 will be the best ever with lots of new rides to see. As soon as I can find a new computer to work on I will be putting up pictures of my visits. Until then have a great time where ever you are.