A few pictures and write ups have been put up on under crashmoreau.



#1 FIESTA SHOW #1 unit  (21 RIDES)



    MAY 24, 2012

 Rides included; starship exodus, crazy bus, jungle island inflatable, rock'n'tug, bungy tramp, artic blast, raider (re-themed), vertigo swing, 3 abreast mgr, super slide, magic maze glass house, tilt, zipper, thunder bolt, haunted mansion dark ride, sea dragon, funny factory inflatable, orient express, pooh bear, flying dumbos, turtles plus 6 food concessions 18 games and 1 straight sales along with a petting zoo and the magic stage.

#2  FIESTA SHOW #3 unit  (21 RIDES)



      East Freetown, MA

      MAY 26, 2012 

Rides included; convoy race, tooterville train, twister, swinger, scooter, dragon wagon, freak out, hang glidder, earthquake fun house, lucky lizzy glass house, baja, spin the apple, inflatable, pharoah's fury, zero gravity round-up, polar express, ultra illusion, fun time (?), traffic jam super slide, 2 abreast mgr.

 #3   FIESTA SHOW #2 unit  (20 RIDES)



       MAY 26, 2012

 Rides included; zemperla hel/spaceship, dizzy dragon, street racer, 3 abreast mgr, thunder bolt, tilt, re-mix, tornado, zipper, super slide, pharoah's fury, 16 seat wheel. mardi gras glass house, jump thing bungy, zero gravity round-up, scooter, vortex illusion, crazy bus, circus world inflatable, wacky worm plus 6 food concessions and 13 games 



       JUNE 9, 2012

 Rides included; scrambler, gravatron, 12 seat wheel, raider, canoe, star fighter, 2 abreast mgr, kids power, circus train, helicopter, gondola wheel, hampton combo, bear affair, tempest, baja, star trooper, bumper cars, dragon wagon, zipper, tilt, sky diver, tornado, ding dong fun house, thunder bolt plus face painting along with 5 games, 4 food and 1 straight sales.




       JUNE 13, 2012 

Rides included; rock wall, century wheel, raider, monkey mayhem, extreme, super shot, tea cup, fly-me, banaza, wiggle worm, speedway, typhoon, hampton 4x4 racer, crazy bus, super slide, tilt, rock'n, tornado, scooter, 3 abreast mgr, flying dumbo's, orient express, ?, plus 7 food concession and 12 games.




       BATH, ME

       JULY 3, 2012

Rides included; super slide, kid's power, circus train, ring ding the witch is dead fun house, saucer, sky diver, catapiller, star trooper, 3 abreast mgr, scooter, tilt, hampton 4x4, jeep safarri, scrambler, gondola wheel, hampton combo. The show was just setting up so I could not list food or games. Also a bear affair was not set up.




          SANDY CREEK, NY

          JULY 3, 2012

Rides included;inflatable, musical chair, scooter, hurricane, cyclone round-up, paratrooper, go-gater, jumpin' star, hampton combo, helicopter, super slide, star fighter, 2 abreast mgr,old car, old train, I'm missing 2 rides on the list. Plus 5 food concessions and 17 games on the lot.


#8     NAME  (33 RIDES)

         COUNTY FAIR

         SOUTH BEND, IN

         JULY 7, 2012

Rides included; peddle boat, train station, mini indy, flivver old car, movie magic, fire chief, zemperla helicopter/ barron, orient express, bear affair, hampton, hampton cycle/jeep, hampton combo, kiddie swing, tornado, freak-out, scooter, ring of fire, cliff hanger, crazy mouse, dark ride,century wheel, tilt, thunder bolt, pan's palace of fun, state fair fun slide, tensel town glass house, toon town theater fun house, o house fun house, 1001 nachts, scate board, scrambler, pharoah's fury, 3 abreast mgr plus 14 food concessions 27 games and 3 straight sales.


         COUNTY FAIR

         DONNELSON, IA

         JULY 12, 2012 

Rides included; paratrooper, swing, sizzler, safari train, tubs of fun, jungle of fun, 3 inflables plus 6 games 1 straight sale and 2 food concessions plus an airbrush tatoo.


#10       JAMES & COMPANY  (13 RIDES)

             COUNTY FAIR

             MANCHESTER, IA

             JULY 13, 2012

Rides included; trackless train, octapus, cobra, paratrooper, super slide, inflatable, rock-o-plane, swing tubs, 2 abreast mgr, the pirate plank fun ship, tubs of fun, jokers wild, wrecking ball, plus 11 games,


#11      NAME


           BARABOO, WISC

           JULY 15, 2012


#12      J & J AMUSEMENTS

            RIVER FESTIVAL

            FT WAYNE, IN

            JULY 16, 2012


#13      JAMES DREW


            PERU, IN

            JULY 16, 2012



            COUNTY FAIR

            ANGELICA, NY

            JULY 18, 2012

Rides included; fun slide, hi5 II big 8 eli wheel, catapiller, extreme inflatable, rock-o-plane, gravatron, vortex swing, euro bungy jump, wind glider, raider, hurricane, himalaya, scooter, spider, inflatable, hampton sea doo gm, hampton cycle jump, hampton jeep/quad, bear affair, 2 abreast mgr, plus an I GOT IT, 8 food concessions, 14 games and 1 straight sales.

#15      BATES BROTHERS  (20 rides)


           NEW LEXINGTON, OH

           JULY 20, 2012

 Rides included: bigeagle eli rim drive wheel, lost mine dark ride, pharoah's fury, scooter, zero gravity round-up, catch'n'air, super shot, bungy jump, rock wall, water war, dragon wagon, charlie chopper, das fun haus, bat fighter, 3 abrest mgr, dinosaur, fun slide, hampton cycle jump, live pony ride, ?, plus 10 food concessions, 10 games and 5 straight sales with an arcade along with a rat and snake grind.


#16      RICH TINSLEY  (25 rides

            COUNTY FAIR

             URBANA, IL

             JULY 22, 2012

Rides included: prediter (orbiter), starship 3000, tilt, spider, scrambler, scooter, sky diver, mardi gras glass house, speedway, helicopter, pharoah's fury, berry-go-round, zumor, happy wheel, zemp dino/elephant, star fighter, 2 abrest mgr, dragon wagon, train station, wheel, hampton gm boat, dino, bear affair, hampton combo, fun slide plus 5 games.

The office trailer on the lot was a former trailer owned by Billy Burr's Fun-o-rama that played Maine / Mass dates in the 60's and 70's.



             COUNTY FAIR

             WHITNEY POINT, NY

             JULY 24, 2012



             COUNTY FAIR

              COBLESKILL, NY

              JULY 27, 2012

Rides included; 3 abreast mgr, ships ahoa, tilt, quadzilla, cyclone tunnel, scooter, oharoah's fury, zero gravity round-up, spider, flying bob, freak out, gondola wheel, cucku haus, the claw, swing buggy, fire chief, vortex, monster truck, jalopy jct., crazy chopper, wacky worm, vertigo swing, fun slide, fly hi plus dunk tank and the RB buck $ game show. Also 5 food concessions and 14 games.

#19        JAMES E STRATES  (40 RIDES)

              ORANGE COUNTY FAIR

              MIDDLETOWN, NY

              JULY 28, 2012

Rides included; top spin, himalaya, tramp, euro hampster crawl, wacky worm, scooter, cuckoo haus, zyclone, inflatable, mini indy, fire truck, kiddie swing, jalopy races (jct), pony cart, construction zone, happy swing, go-gater, double mgr, swing, red barron, slide, gondola wheel, dino, hampton cycle, hampton jeep, monkey maze, fire chief, fire bal loop, haunted mansion, wave swinger, club scene dance fun house, zipper, tilt, enterprise, starship 2000, fireball, cliff hanger, himalaya, vertigo, mega jump tramp plus a dunk tank, wood carver, mechanical bull and the vidbel wild west area along with 21 food concessions, 35 games and 3 straight sales.



              POTTER COUNTY FAIR

              MILLPORT, PA

              JULY 29, 2012 

Rides included; fun slide, 2 abreast mgr, circus train, dizzy dragon, gm lady bug, wind jammer, spinner, scrambler, round-up, plus 4 games and 4 food concessions.

#21       BATES BROTHERS  (24 RIDES)


            LITTLE VALLEY, NY

            JULY 31, 2012 

Rides included; alien adventure, wacky worm, flying dragon, swing, kiddie wheel, mardi gras glass house, bungy tramp, super slide, honey bee, odysey 2000, rock wall, 16 seat eli wheel, zero gravity round-up, twister, dragon wagon, bear affair, tubs of fun, zipper, mega bounce, vertigo swing scooter, fireball loop, shock & drop tower plus an I GOT IT and 7 food with 27 games on the lot.


             COUNTY FAIR

             FT. ASHBY, WV

             AUG 1, 2012 

Rides included;bungy tramp, live pony ride, go-gater, super slide, berry go round, inflatable, rock-o-plane, spinner, hampton combo, zemperla spaceship, crazy train, 2 abreast mgr, hurricane, 12 seat ferris wheel, sizzler, astro wheel, zero gravity round-up plus 4 food concessions and 7 games along with a casino tent and petting zoo.


# 23     JAMES E STRATES  (24 rides)


            HORSEHEADS, NY

Rides included: sky flyer, thunder bolt, 12 seat wheel, spider, slide, spin the apple, inflatable slide, monkey maze, construction zone, club scene dance fun house, circus train, hampton combo, go-gater, zipper, starship 2000, catterpillar coaster, tilt, fireball loop, scrambler, haunted mansion dark ride, bungy jump, 3 abrest mgr, cucko house fun house, cliff hanger plus 18 food concessions with 22 games and 4 straight sales. Also on the lot snake girl, an I Got It, museum of world oddities and smallest women.




          AGUSTA, NJ

          AUG 4, 2012 

Rides included; rock'n'roll fun house, avalanche, speedway, hot wheel scooter, cucko haus, haunted mansion dark ride, pharoah's fury, scooter, bungy tramp, green monster slide, zipper, fireball loop,  swing, sizzler, wild claw, raider, wiggle worm, toy box fun house,circus train, bumble bee, orient express, tornado, super himalaya, swing, crystal lil's glass house, crazy bus, flying tigers, jumpin jumbo's, rock'n'tug, 4 abreast mgr, kite flyer, western mouse coaster, tidal wave, scooter, starship 2000, gondola wheel plus mini mart, headless woman, killer snake, mutant freak chicken, giant rat along with 23 food concession and 30 games with 6 straight sales.


#25       WADE SHOW (26 RIDES)

             WAYNE COUNTY FAIR

              HONESDALE, PA

              AUG 5, 2012 

Rides included; 3 abreast mgr, tilt, lollypop swing,  wavky worm coaster, macaroni & cheese (tea cup), dragon wagon, hampton motor x, hampton go go racer, hampton ground  boat, super slide, animal house fun house, silver streak, jalopy jct., under sea adventure, fright nite dark ride, gravatron, orbiter, scooter, gondola wheel, extreme, alpine bob, zipper, ring of fire loop, sizzler, super himalaya, mardi gras glass house, plus 24 games 1 straight sale and 13 food concession.





           AUG 6, 2012

Rides included; hustler, helicopter, fun town, gm hampton combo, gm hampton boat, wheel, scrambler, frolic, pony cart express, octpus plus a petting zoo with 6 food concessions and 7 games,



            COUNTY FAIR

            BEREA, OH

            AUG 7, 2012

Rides included; rock wall, bungy slide, inflatable joust, screamer, scooter, hurricane, zipper, water rollers, gravity storm bungy, fun slide, music express, fun house, zemperla copter/spaceship, 3 abreast mgr, kiddie scramblers, hampton combo, wiggle worm, kiddie wheel, happy swing, pharoah's fury, eli 16 wheel, dizzy dragon, rockwall, dragon wagon, rave bungy tramp plus 32 food concessions 11games with 12 straight sales and 2 commercial stands along with a paintball and the palace of illusion.


#28      NAME (mid america show) (31 RIDES)

           COUNTY FAIR

           JACKSON, MI

            AUG 8, 2012

Rides included; alpine fun hous, starship 2000, gondola wheel, tinseltown glass house, yoyo, 1001 naughts, pan's palace of fun, dark ride, toon town fun house, scrambler, skater, freak out, train station, tornado, filver, 3 abreast mgr, zemperla helicopter/red barron, kiddie boat, orient express, movie magic, bear affair, fire chief, super slide, kiddie swing, tilt, ring of fire loop, cliff hanger, scooter, hampton jeep, hampton cycle jump, hampton combo plus 28 food concessions 25 games with 3 straight sales and 1 commercial stand.


#29       J & J AMUSEMENTS   (17 RIDES)

             BUTLER FARM SHOW

             RENFREW, PA

             AUG 9, 2012

Rides included; sky diver, orbiter, swing chair, gondola wheel, ring of fire loop, super round-up, tilt, fireball, fun slide, train station, kid's town, sooper jet coaster, hampton combo, zemperla dragon, hampton combo, bear affair, 3 abreast mgr, plus a snake show 13 games with 2 food concessions.

#30       BARTLEBAUGH  (14 RIDES)

            COUNTY FAIR

            SYKESVILLE, PA

            AUG 9, 2012

Rides included; verticle reality bungy, castle mania, midget racer, gravatron, scooter, ring of fire loop, super jet coaster, fun slide, basket ball (helicopter), hampton cycle jump, hampton boat, charlie chopper, 16 seat wheel, 2 abreast mgr plus 4 food concessions 17 games and 1 straight sale.




           COUNTY FAIR

           FRANKLIN, PA

           AUG 9, 2012

Rides included; swings, 4 inflatables, tubs of fun, tub swing plus a 1949 san antonio roller's barrel.


           TOPSHAM FAIR

           TOPSHAM, ME

            AUG 11, 2012

Rides included; pharoah's fury, fun side fun house, gondola wheel, starship gravatron, tilt, spin-out, yoyo, zipper, wind glider, orbiter, scooter, hampton combo, bear affair, 2 abreast mgr, renegade fun house, dragon wagon, heavy hauler inflatable, train station, super slide plus 14 food concessions, 13 games with 1 straight sales and 1 commercial joint.



            SKOWHEGAN STATE FAIR  (31 rides)

            SKOWHEGAN, ME

            AUG 18, 2012

Rides included: tooterville train, 2 abreast mgr, mardi gras glass house, fireman, convoy race, earthquake fun house, dragon wagon, spin the apple, traffic jam, super slide, balloon bounce, mech bull, bungy jump, inflatable, re mix, turtle, polar express, inflatable, 16 seat wheel, zemp elephants, zemp pooh bear, inflatable slide, pharoah's fury, zero gravity round-up, twister, wacky world inflatables, scooter, the surfer, tilt, swinger, inflatable plus 22 food concessions, 12 games, 12 straight sales with 3 commercial joints a casino and 3 pull tab tickets.


#34       MILLER AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)


             LEWISTON, ME

             AUG 18, 2012

Rides included: sizzler, tornado, hampton race car, verticle reality jump, dizzy dragon, tilt, fun slide, clown around fun house, zipper, hampton cycle jump, train station, hurricane plus 12 games and 4 food concessions.

#35        PGAM


              RHINEBACK, NY

              AUG 22, 2012

#36          HOUGHTON  (20 rides)

               HARTFORD FAIR

                HARTFORD, PA

                AUG 22, 2012

Rides included: 2 abrest mgr, expo wheel, kite flyer, zipper, scooter, himalaya, pharoah's fury, dry boat, dragon wagon, jumpin star, puppie pound, under water adventure inflatable, alpine climb, super slide, hill billy express, candy factory inflatable, jeep safari, hampton cycle jump, zemp red barron, super round-up plus 10 food concessions, 21 games and 1 straight sales.

#37         GARBRICK AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)

               CENTRE HALL, PA

                AUG 23, 2012

Rides included: hampton combo, 2 abreast mgr, zemp dinosaur, tilt, slime bucket, kid's town, saucer, merry mixer, pony cart, train, hurricane, octapus, 10 seat wheel, helicopter, frolic, spinner, go-gater plus 2 games and 4 food concessions.

#38          BARTLEBOUGH  (20 rides)

               CENTRE HALL, PA

                AUG 23, 2012

Rides included: scooter, 14 seat wheel, velocity bungee, rockwall, bear affair, train station, tilt, charlie chopper, fun slide, gravitron, 2 abreast mgr, sooper jet coaster, musical swing, spinner, hampton cycle jump, ring of fire loop, castle mania, live pony ride, midget racer, flying bob plus 4 games and 4 food concessions plus museum of oddities of Ricky Cales

#39          J & J AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)


               MEADVILLE, PA

                AUG 23, 2012

Rides included: 3 abreast mgr, bear affair, hampton combo, zemp dinosaur, zemp copter/space, hampton combo, kid's town, fun slide, live pony ride, sky diver, scorpion, ring of fire loop, wave swinger, orbiter, 1001 naughts, sooper jet coaster, super round-up, paratrooper, tilt, train station plus 24 food concessions 26 games with 6 straight sales and 3 commercial stands. Also on the lot was Angel Snake Girl, Smallest womem, snake show and Mermaid

#40         BATES BROTHERS  (26 rides) (Erics Unit)

               LORAINE COUNTY FAIR

               WELLINGTON, OH

                AUG 25, 2012

Rides included: mgr, vertigo swing, odeysee 2000, zero gravity round-up, fireball loop, mega bounce, zipper, shock'n'drop tower, 16 eli wheel, bungy tramp, mardi gras glass house, dragon wagon, bear affair, rock wall, twister, looney bell fun house, scooter, tubs of fun, flying dragon, bug around, swing, wacky worm, kiddie wheel, alein, street racer, spider mania plus 34 games and 6 food concessions.

#41         BATES BROTHERS  (17 rides)  (Amy Unit)


               FREEMONT, OH

                AUG 25, 2012

Rides included: hampton dune buggies, yo-yo, live pony ride, jungle gym, hurricane, quadzilla, bungy jump, super slide, tip top, rock-o-plane, g-force, quasar, rabbit race, tubs of fun, kiddie scrambler, big eli wheel, barrel of fun, mgr, helicopter.

#42         JAMES E STRATES  (65 rides)

               NEW YORK STATE FAIR

               SYRACUSE, NY

                AUG 26, 2012

Rides included: haunted mansion dark ride, space roller, full tilt, club scene dance fun house, zykon, giant wheel, orbiter, king's circus fun house, top-spin, cucko haus, cliff hanger, enterprise, himalaya, sea ray, monkey maze glass house, double deck mgr, scooter, rave bungee, circus train, euro hampster crawl,, super slide, traffic jam, tilt, music express, sky flyer, cliff hanger, zipper, starship 2000, fireball loop, tornado, drop zone, dodgem scooter, fireball claw, wave swinger, thunder bolt, round-up, rockwall, inflatable, inflatable, bubble crawl inflatable, 15 tub gondola wheel, euro, red barron, happy swingfire truck, pony cart, fire chief, slide, 3 abreast mgr, wigglwe worm, dino-go-round, jalopy races, wild joker inflatable slide, construction zone, hampton cycle jump, orient express, dizzy dragon, mini indy, mini himalaya, go-gater, zemp kiddie swing, wacky worm coaster plus 27 food concessions, 51 games, 20 straight sales and 1 commercial stand plus a dunk tank, tattoo, museum of world ordities, snake girl, smallest women, and an I Got It,


#43        REITHOFFER  (46 rides)


              ESSEX JCT., VT

              AUG 28, 2012

Rides included: dutch wheel, mouse trap dark ride, stinger, scrambler, full tilt, storm, adult tornado, auto mania fun house, kiddie himalyia, mini indy, speedway, fire chief, mardi gras glass house, 3 abrest mgr, wacky world inflatable, fun slide, orient express, light house drop tower, yo-yo, tornado, starship 3000, himalayia, zipper, wild mouse coaster, inflatable, hampton cycle jump / hampton boat, zemp helicopter, zemp tea cup, drive in, hampton combo, bear affair, choo choo charlie, raider, orbiter, super cat, cliff hanger, scooter, sky flyer, mech bull, pharoah's fury, sizzler, ring of fire loop, tilt, mini scrambler, bear affair, zemp baja plus beano & duk tank along with 31 food concessions, 29 games and 9 straight sales with 2 commercial stands,



              VERMONT STATE FAIR

               RUTLAND, VT

               AUG 30, 2012


              THREE COUNTY FAIR

               NORTH HAMPTON, MA

               AUG 30, 2012


#46         GILLETTE SHOW  ( 17 rides)

               The SPENCER FAIR (pre-fair opening)

                SPENCER, MA

                AUG 30, 2012

Rides included: flying bobs, round-up, typhoon, air force 1, orbiter, fun slide, rock'n'tug, twist, 4 abreast mgr, scooter, cliff hanger, gondola wheel, rainbow rock, hampton cycle jump, hampton roadster, zemp helicopter/space ships, zemp combo plus 8 food concessions, 17 games and 4 straight sales.

#47         AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (30 rides)

               COUNTY FAIR

               CHATHAM, NY

               AUG 31, 2012

Rides included: flying bobs, vertigo, zipper, tornado, pharoah's fury, gravatron, 1001 nachts, fun slide, crystal lil's glass house, hog wild, big eli wheel, scrambler, trapeze (yo-yo), tilt, zero gravity round-up, spin out, scooter,  zemp tea cups, zemp elephants, happy swing, dinosaur, hampton combo, wind jammer, dragon coaster, 3 abreast mgr, speed boat, fire truck, puppy roll, dizzy dragon, gondola wheel, plus 15 food concessions, 26 games, 3 straight sales and 1 commercial joint along with a fortune teller, palm reading and a real tattoo joint.

S & S Amusements had a few pieces booked in on the lot.


#48           REITHOFFER  (30 rides)

                FONDA FAIR

                FONDA, NY

                AUG 31, 2012

Rides included: raider, orient express, bumple bee, inflatable wacky world, speedway, swing, dizzy dragon, spin the apple, crazy bus, jumping jumbos, toy box fun house, rock'n'tug, sea ray, dark ride, tidal wave, yo-yo, scooter, hampton combo, bungy tramp, 3 abreast mgr, green monster slide, tornado, gondola wheel, scooter, sizzler, speed, tilt, train station, gravatron, fireball loop plus 27 food concessions with 19 games and 17 straight sales. Also giant rat, air brush tattoo, kentucky freak chicken, the headless women, and I got it.

#49            REITHOFFER  (30 rides)

                  COUNTY FAIR

                  SCAT  < NY

                  SEPT 1, 2012

Rides included: haunted mansion dark ride, avalanche, bungy tramp, rock'n'roll fun house, super himaylia, cuckoo haus, round-up, power surge, zipper, indy 600 coaster, fun slide, western mouse coaster, bear affair, scooter, crystal lil's glass house, gondola wheel, pharoah's fury, tilt, wild claw, starship2000, train station, 4 abreast mgr, castle bounce inflatable, slide, hot wheel scooter, zemp flyin tigers, hi flyer, wiggle worm, plus killer snakes and an I Got It with 17 food concessions, 23 games and 5 straight sales.

#50             ONTARIO AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)


                   Johnson City, NY

                   SEPT 2, 2012

Rides included: 12 seat eli wheel, round-up, musical chairs, paratrooper, tempest, octapus, zemp helicopter/spaceship, hamp combo, dizzy dragon, 2 abreast mgr, rock-o-plane, dragon wagon, fun slide plus 3 food concessions and 3 games.

#51              SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (22 RIDES)

                   OXFORD COUNTY FAIR

                   OXFORD, ME

                   SEPT 14, 2012

Rides included; astro wheel, tornado, fun center bounce, raider, bear affair, 2 abreast mgr, kids power, saucer, ding dong fun house, mgr inflatable bounce, dragon wagon, hampton combo, tempest, circus train, super slide, hampton combo, hampton combo, air time swing, zipper, gravatron, purple people eater dark ride, scooter, plus a karokie stage, face painting, 9 games and all the food on the grounds except buldings and civic group stands (like fireman, 4-H, lions club, etc.)

#52              DEGGLER ATTRACTION  (51 RIDES)

                    YORK FAIR

                     YORK, PA

                     SEPT 16, 2012

Rides included; orient express, 3 abreast mgr, wiggle worm, charlie chopper, zemperla tea cup, spin the apple, rio grand train, flying dumbos, circus train, fishie, kids pirate ship, flyimg bananas, hampton 600 racers, crazy bus, gm hampton boat, lady bug, dylan;s dozers, raider, midway super slide, century wheel, rockwall, speedway, kiddie himalaya, hi-roller, music express, coaster, zipper, zero gravity round-up, super nova, gondola wheel, space roller, typhoon, starship 4000, extreme, rock out (aladin), haunted mansion dark ride, scooter, viper, fireball loop, tiki town fun house, scrambler, wind surfer, funnel force swings, tornado, cliff hanger, monkey maze glass house, wave swinger, tilt, 4 abreast mgr, super shot drop tower, quadzilla, plus dunk tank, mechanical bull, petting zoo, with 20 food concessions 34 games and 8 straight sales.


#53                REITHOFFER  (44 RIDES)

                     GREAT FREDERICK FAIR

                     FREDERICK, MD

                      SEPT 17, 2012

Rides included; mardi gras glass house, oriet express, raider, mini indy, kiddie pirate ship, choo choo charlie, wacky world inflatable, monkey mayhem, zemperla tea cup,, happy swing, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast mgr, zemperla baja buggy, kiddie himalaya, wipe out, tilt, fun slide, zemperla helicopter,kiddie scrambler,zemperla balloon, vertigo swing, fire chief, cliff hanger, auto mania fun house, hampster water roller, captain hook's treasur hunt fun house, speedway, stinger, storm, gondola wheel, wild mouse coaster, live pony ride, tidal wave, sizzler, starship 3000, speedway, pharoah's fury, demolition derby scooter, himalaya, zipper, tornado, luv bug, full tilt plus 11 food and 33 games with 12 straight sales and 1 commercial stand along with black jack the giant steer and hercules the giant horse and a minature golf.


#54               NAME  (48 RIDES)

                     EASTERN STATES EXPOSITION

                     WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA

                      SEPT 23, 2012 

Rides included; orient express, train sation, 2 inflarables, lolly pop swing, 3 abreast mgr, kiddie swing, speedway, cross country adventure, bumble bee, kite flyer, gondola wheel, hillbilly village fun house, toon town fun house, raider, zemerla helicopter, spider mania, hampton jeep, hampton cycle jump, under sea adventure, dizzy dragon, crazy mouse spinning coaster, super slide, cliff hanger, giant wheel, wacky worm, mega drop, wave swinger, alpine bob, zipper, scooter, spin out, pharoah's fury, orbiter, fireball, swing tower, scooter, starship 4000, fireball loop, niagra falls flume, mouse trap dark ride, cucko hause, mardi gras glass house, rock'n'roll fun house, banzai, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, surf city fun house along with 17 food concessions 55 games and 3 straight sales.