Leonardtown, MD
     May 6

When I got to the fairgrounds to see the Cole All Star Circus I noticed rides that was just leaving from playing the spot. Scene was 3 hamptons, a berry-go-round, dragon wagon, musical chairs and a castle mania. 

#2  JOLLY SHOWS  (21 rides)
      Secury Mall
      May 6

Rides included: zipper, 16 seat wheel, bear affair, lolly swing, dragon, mardi graz, 2 abreast mgr, round=up, tilt, street fighter, ufo area 51, paratrooper, scrambler, scooter, banana fun slide, speedway, dragon wagon, jungle mania, hampton mix, samuria, helicopter plus 2 food concessions and 4 games

Lot was outside of a mall fenced in with a gate charge when open

#3  FIESTA SHOWS  (Unit #1) (16 rides)
      Regetta Festival
      Lowell, MA
      May 23

Rides included:castle of evil dark ride, tilt, starship exodus, super slide, pharoah's fury, 3 abreast mgr, crazy bus, zipper, lucky lizzy fun house, swing tower, funny farm inflatable, rock'n'tug, orient express,convoy race, raider rethemed wizzard wand, artic blast plus 17 games with 6 food concessions and a photo booth.

This lot has a gate admission. The night I was there it was wet and damp with very few on the lot with very little spending. There was more employees on the lot than quest. The front gate was handled by Lauri and needed every cents she could get even charging New England Showmen's members who stopped in on a wet day. I guess the show really needs money !!!!!

      Spring Carnival
      Cranston, RI
      May 24

Rides included: scrambler, zipper, rock star, tornado, ploar express, fly surf, mardi gras glass house, bumple bee bop, gondola wheel, fun slide, dizzy dragon, wiggle worm, hampton mix, power jump, circus train plus 6 food concessions and 17 games.

#5   FIESTA SHOWS (unit #3) (20 rides)
       Lake Side Family Festival
       E Freetown, MA
       May 24

Rides included: freak out, swamp gater, scooter, tornado, the ultimate illusion, twisted, swinger, toy fun house, magic maze, expo wheel, zero gravity round-up, thunder bolt, 2 abreast mgr, hampton baja, tooterville train station, pirate bounce, berry-go-round, traffic jam, crawl, fun slide plus 1 food stand.

#6   FIESTA SHOWS (unit #2) (19 rides)
       Attleboro, MA
       May 24

Rides included: 3 abreast mgr, street racer,  verticle reality jump, dizzy dragon, zipper, re-mix, hang glider, flying bob, zero gravity round-up, pharoah's fury, super slide, mardi gras, eli wheel 16, wacky worm, circus world inflatable, crazy bus, scooter, tilt, the ultimate illusion (vortex tunnel) plus 5 food concessions and 7 games.

#7   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (14 rides)
       OLD TOWN, ME
       June 27

Rides included: sky diver, raider, dragon wagon, inflatable, thunder bolt, zipper, kids scrambler, ding dong fun house, gravatron, tempest, 2 abrest mgr, hampton mix, hampton racers, air time swing plus 5 food concessions and 4 games.

       Fairfield, ME
       June 27

Rides included: swinger, slide, big eli wheel, ?, 2 abreast mgr, red barron, hampton mix, berry-go-round, sizzler, inflatable, rolloplane themed hammer head, paratrooper themed drop zone, alpine village, jolly choo choo train plus a dunk tank 6 games and 3 food concessions.

#9    REITHOFFER SHOWS  (41 rides)
        Brocton, Fair
        Brocton, MA
        June 27

Rides included: wild claw, wild mouse coaster, power surge, scooter, speed, raider, gondola wheel, tornado, fun slide, starship 2000, pharoah's fury, crazy bus, rock'n'tug, orient express power jump, wiggle worm circus train, kite flyer, bumble bee, mini wave swinger, jumpin jumbos, dizzy dragon, 4 abreast mgr, western mouse coaster, indy 500, storm, zipper, tilt, fireball loop, scooter, cliff hanger, super hymalaya, stinger, crystal lil's glass house, yoyo, sizzler, hot wheel scooter, toy box fun house, speedway, flying tigers, gondola wheel, plus 38 food concessions, 34 games and 9 straight sales along with jungle habitant, spidora spider women, headless women, giant rat, dunk tank and serpentina.

#10   COLEMAN BROTHERS SHOW  (21 rides)
         Bridgeport, CT
         June 28

Rides included: thunder bolt, zipper, ring of fire loop, starship exodus, mardi gras glass house, accerlration train, wiggle worm, haunted cavern dark ride, circus train, pumpkin patch, hampton mix, raider, yoyo, scooter, round-up, 3 abreast mgr, euro bungy jump, 1001 naughts, sizzler, surk slide, gondola wheel plus 5 food concessions 15 games and 1 straight sales.

The lot was set-up in a fence inclosed place.

#11   AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (51 rides)
        State Fair of NJ
        Rutherford, NJ
        June 28

Rides included: 3 abreast mgr, hampton cycle, hampton roadster, hampton quad, hamptopn ski jet, jumping jumbos, frog hopper, rock'n'tug, pan's palace of fun fun house, sponge bob fun house, tornado, go-gater, kiddie bumper boat, construction zone, speedway, monkey mayhiem, bubble rollers, mini wave swinger, circus train, bear affair, wet gator, hot wheel scoter, wacky worm coaster, himalaya, haunted mansion dark ride, cuckoo haus fun house,helicopter, sizzler, sky flyer, rock'n'roll fun house, orbiter, bumper boats, space roller, super slide, wave swinger, mardi gras glass house, spook house dark ride, tornado, music express, jungle of fun, gondola wheel, yoyo, rock and roll himayla, tomb of doom dark ride, ring of fire loop, banzai, tilt, music video fun house, fireball claw, gravatron, crazy mouse coaster plus 35 food concessions 32 games with 11 straight sales and 5 commercial stands. Also a face painting stand, snake girl the museum of world oddities, a dunk tank, zambora ape girl, world's smallest women, world's smallest horse and palm reading.

Spotted 5 rides booked in by Reithoffer which was tornado, scooter, jungle of fun, haunted mansion, and rock'n'roll fun house.


#12   James E Strates  (30 rides)
        North Brunswick, NJ
        June 29

Rides included: fireball loop, cliff hanger, zipper, cuckoo haus fun house, gondola wheel, himalaya, tilt, jalopy races, coaster, club scene dance fun house, music express, happy swing, sky flyer, wacky worm, fire chief, pony cart, inflatable slide, scooter, wave swinger, haunted mansion, enterprise, fireball, go gater, dinosaur, red barron, double deck mgr, mini indy, construction zone, hampton cycle jump, slide plus 20 food ad 10 games with 10 straight sales and 1 commercial stand. Other things on the lot was a petting zoo, John Strong's Museum of Oddities, dunk tank, Wombolts Amazing Animals, Shane Hanson's Spectacular, Billy Morris Elephants & Elephant rides, Tappa Hall's Bears.

This was a still date spot that was a bigger spot than most fairs. At 10PM the lot was packed. Gate admission event but was so wet that Shane had to be pulled in for spotting. Walk ways was fairly good but other areas was like a pond after a week of rain.

         Sandy Creek, NY
         July 3

I did not get the complete line up of rides or the layout of the lot but thru pictures I took of the set up they included: scooter, paratrooper, 2 abreast mgr, sky fighter, helicopter, hampton mix, hurricane, round-up, musical chair, plus 2 inflatables.

#14   MAIN EVENTS (14 rides)
         July 4

Rides included: train station, wild one inflatable, paratrooper, raider, slide, rapid mixer, bungy tramp, sooper coaster, sky fighter, hampton mix, 2 abreast mgr, tilt, spider, music express plus 18 games, 4 food concessions and 2 straight sales.

On the lot was Billy Martin's former Big Top Food Concessions as the owners was Billy Martin's partners on Billy's circus many years ago.

#15        ?   (9 rides)
          Cincinnalur Field Days

Rides included: hurricane, hammer, musical chair, hampton, bumper cars, 2 abreast mgr, go-gater, berry-go-round, round-up.

 #16   BARTLEBOUGH  (12 rides)
          Wolfs Corner, PA
          July 5

Rides included: castle mania, inflatable, berry-go-round, super spinner, round-up, musical chair, 12 seat wheel, scat, dragon wagon, spinner, 2 abreast mgr, kiddie plus 11 games and 16 food concessions.

#17    LAM AMUSEMENTS  (10 rides)
         Ford City, PA
         July 5

Rides included: giant wheel, bear affair, hampton mix, 2 abreast mgr, sizzler, dragon wagon, lost treasure fun house, round-up, burbon street glass house, inflatable plus 12 games and 1 food concession.

Angie and Lloyd Serfass has played this 4th of July event in downtown Ford City for many years and has grown over the years.

        Big Butler Fair
        Butler, PA
        July 5

Rides included: tilt, fun slide, gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, rock star, bungy jump, under sea adventure, raider, cobra, crazy chopper, vertigo, quadzilla, chopper hopper, ships aho, 3 abreast mgr, kite flyer, live pony, far west train, 4x4, zipper, orbiter, alien adventure gravatron, cuckoo haus, genesis, tilt, sizzler, wave swinger, sky diver, pharoah's fury, fireball loop, cliff hanger, freak out, scooter, vortex, swing buggy, super shot, zero gravity round-up, monster truck, rock'n'tug, wacky worm, fire chief, dizzy dragon, balloon plus 14 food concessions 38 games 3 straight sales along with a dunk tank world's smallest horse, rat, pigs and alligater grinds, beano and ward hall's world of wonders

        LaGrange, IN
        July 7

#20   FAMILY ATTRACTION  (12 rides)
         Martinsville, Ill
         July 10

Rides included: badland express 4x4, fun slide, expo wheel, pirates bluff, yoyo, avalanche, spider bungee jump, ring of fire loop, kite flyer, pirate, scooter, lolita's express train station plus 5 food concessions and 12 games.

#21   DURANT ENTERTPRISES  (16 rides)
         Logan County Fair
         Belfountain, OH
         July 11

Rides included: ski/snowboard himalaya, orbiter, kamikaze, round-up, bungy tramp, hurricane, fire chief, dizzie dog, alpine village fun house, bulgy the whale, shark attack, live ponies, elephant-go-round, big eli hy-5, train station, 2 abreast mgr plus 12 games and 13 food concessions plus sideshow World of Animals.


#22   J&J AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
         Cherry Festival
         Northeast, PA
         July 12

Rides included: hampton mix, zemp dragon, go-gater, 3 abreast mgr, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, tubs of fun, helicopter, scorpion, dragon coaster, sky diver, sizzler, fireball loop, tilt, raider, paratrooper plus 34 games and 11 food concessions.

#23   BATES AMUSEMENTS  (29 rides)
         Trumbull County Fair
         Cortland, OH
         July 14

Rides included: mardi gras glass house, shock & drop tower, mega bounce, vertigo swing, looney belle fun house, zero gravity round-up, fireball loop, madagascar safari (crazy bus), spider mania, wacky worm, tubs of fun, 2 abreast mgr, bug-a-round, lil wheel, big eli, scooter, twister, zipper, rock wall, bungy tramp, odyssey 2000, flying dragon, rabbit race, bear affair, dragon wagon, moon walk bounce, alien adventure, lil scrambler rethemed work zone, street racer rethemed bone shaker plus 22 games, 13 food concessions and 1 straight sales along with Palace of Illusion and Wild Willey mechanical bull.

#24   D&R AMUSEMENTS  (9 rides)
         Crawford County Fair
         Brycust, OH
         July 15

Rides included: super slide, roll-o-plane rethemed thunder roll, bungy, spinner
(frolic), fun house, scat, elephants, pony cart, hampton mix, plus 2 games.

#25    BATES BROTHERS  (17 rides)
          Franklin County Fair
          Hillard, OH
          July 15

Rides included: wave rider, raider, crazy bus, 2 abreast mgr, catch'n'air, cliff hanger, back draft, typhoon, apple worm, big eli rim drive, helicopter, lip swings, fun slide, red garter salloon fun house, bungy tramp, super shot, scrambler, plus 30 food, 10 games 1straight sales and 6 commercial stands

#26    J&J AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides in 2 areas)
          River Festival
          Ft Wayne, IN
          July 15

Rides included: Wave Swinger Orbiter, Ring of fire loop, rock'n'roll himalya, gondola wheel fireball, inflatable, fun slide, the mystery machine inflatable, 3 abreast mgr, bungy tramp, round-up. In the kiddie area: zemperala dino, train station, sooper jet coaster, lost plane, hampton mix, bear affair, hampton mix. Also 9 games with 4 food concessions and 2 straight sales

#27    DREW EXPOSITION  (15 rides)
          Circus City Festival
          Peru, In
          July 15

Rides included: 3 abreast mgr, raider, tea party, zemp dino, circus train, gm hampton boat, gm star fighter, super loop, elephants, fun slide, rock'n'tug, factory, mixer, fly high, scooter pus 9 food and 10 games.

#28     WENZEL AMAZEMENTS  (13 rides)
           Green County Fair
           Monroe, WI
           July 17

Rides included: 2 abreast mgr, zemp up up and away balloon, go-gater, tilt, scrambler, round-up, rock-o-plane, hurricane, bear affair, hampton mix, fun slide, space ship inflatable, fun factory fun house, plus 2 food concessions and 10 games.

The show just refurbished the rock-o-plane with LED lites that was purchased from Imperial Show of Conn.
I have to say this ride was really impressive at night. Another first was a ticket vending machine to buy ride tickets and light up palm trees in the food concession area.

#29     RAINBOW VALLEY RIDES  (23 rides)
          County Fair
          Fundu Lac, WI
          July 18

Rides included: rock'n'tug, bumble bee bop, tea cup, train station, lolly swing, baja buggy, eagle 16 eli wheel, monster truck, raider, cuckoo haus fun house, pharoah's fury, mardi gras glass house, genessis, freak out, zipper, cliff hanger, sizzler, 3 abreast mgr, super slide, tilt, zero gravity round up, orient express, ?, plus 16 games and 8 food concessions.


#30     NAME (astro-farrow) (22 rides)
          County Fair
          Pewanee, WI
          July 18

Rides included: crystal lil's glass house, starship 3000, fun slide, 3 abreast mgr, zemp balloon, hampton mix, mini jets, hurricane, mini himalaya, moser free fall drop kids, wacky worm bungy tramp,pony live, sizzler, rainbow, himalaya, safari rescue bus, yoyo, tilt, pharoah's fury, scooter, century wheel, a tatoo stand, 7 food concessions and 27 games.

#31    NAME  (25 rides)
         County Fair
         Madison, WI
         July 19

Rides included: re-mix, fireball claw, mega drop, blizzard himalaya, cuckoo haus, gondola wheel, tomb of doom dark ride, alien adventure gravatron, mardi gras glass house, wacky worm coaster, fly high, yoyo, 3 abreast mgr, tilt, scooter, fire storm loop, super slide, speedway, rock'n'tug, bear affair, raider, convoy, bumble bee bop, gm hampton mix, gm hampton cycle, plus 3 food concessions 17 games and 3 straight sales.

#32    SPECTRUM  (18 rides)
          County Fair
          Ludington, WI
          July 21

Rides included: slide, roll-o-plane, rock wall, tilt, lil scrambler, star fighter themed the drop zone, bear affair, kiddie swing, dizzy dragon, tidal wave coaster, zipper, hi-roller, pony kart, gm motorcycle, castle mania freddy's fun house, over the wave, swing plus 3 food concessions and 18 games.

Right next to the fairgrounds Carson Barnes was set up with a paid admission that was seperate to the fair.

#33    ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
          Mason County Youth Fair
          Fruitport, MI
          July 22

Rides included: pharoah's fury, train, speedway, go-gater, wheel, shock drop, sizzler, tornado, mardi gras glass house, scooter, orbiter, keeper krypt fun house, para-trrper, tilt, hampton, hampton, mgr, plus 5 food concessions and 2 games on the lot.

#34    ELLIOT'S AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
          FREE FAIR
          Muskegon, MI
          July 24

Rides included: paratrooper, truckin usa, berry-go-round, lil scrambler, web slinger (spiderman), zipper, cortinia bob, sugar shack fun house, sea ray, 14 seat wheel, scooter, roc'n'roll, fun slide, 2 abreast mgr, croc'n'roll, zemp spaceship/helicopter plus 11 games and 5 food concessions.

#35    PLAYWORLD AMUSEMENTS  (26 rides)
          Ionia Free Fair
          Ionia, MI
          July 24

Rides included: re-mix, zipper, fireball loop, zero gravity rpund-up, fun slide, air raide, gondola wheel, hampton combo, 3 abreast mgr, ultimate challenge inflatable, dizzy dragon, rainbow rock, rave (roto), wacky worm coaster, sizzler, fantasie train, tractors, dog-go-round, hampton cars, cobra, live pony ride, g-force (speed), traffic jam fun house, crystal lil's glass house, himalaya, kiddie pirate, spider jump bungy, scooter, cliff hanger, fireball claw, swings, super shot plus side show and 36 food concessions 26 games 5 straight sales and 4 commercial stands.

         Holland, MI
         July 26

Rides included: red barron, pony cart, gm hampton cycle, eli 18 wheel, coaster, scrambler, bungy bounce, 2 abreast mgr, scooter, fun slide, raider themed gladiator, tilt, sea ray, tip top. dark ride, glass house, hurricane, swinger, rock wall, heart flip frolic plus 5 food concessions 10 games along with a petting zoo, camel rides and ripley's beleive it.

#37    ALL 4 FUN RIDES  (12 rides)
         Fayette County Fair
         West Union, IA
         July 27

Rides included: jungle of fun, sand storm extra small mgr, swisher, 5 inflatables 5 games in 2 trailers.

#38    NAME ( Astro 1)  (19 rides)
         Dubuque County Fair
         Dubuque, IA
         July 28

Rides included: tilt, starship 3000, century wheel, scooter, freak out, pharoah's fury, bungy tramp, mini jet,  safari rescue, gee whiz free fall, fun slide, crystal lil's glass house, 3 abreast mgr, balloon, hampton mix, wacky worm, mini himayla, rainbow, sizzler plus 4 food concessions, 19 games and 1 straight sales.

#39    EVANS UNITED SHOWS  (18 rides)
         July 28

Rides included: spider, gee whiz, magic maze glass house, beach party fun house, train station, go-gater, scooter, hurricane, roun-up, rock'n'tug, sizzler, fireball loop, hampton cycle jump, hampton jeepster, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast mgr, super slide, inflatable bounce plus 5 food concessions, 16 games and 1 straight sales.

#40    BATES ENTERTAINMENT  (18 rides)
          Medina, OH
          July 29

Rides included: fun slide, red garder saloon, dino's, apple worm, 2 abreast mgr, big eli 16 rim drive wheel, boats, raiders, cliff hanger, charlie chopper, swings, rockwall, helicopter, catch'n'air, sky high bungy tramp, crazy bus, super shot tower, music express plus 26 food concessions 32 games, 1 straight sales and 1 commercial stand.

#41    GILLETTE SHOWS  (20 rides)
          Oswego County Fair
          Morris, NY
          July 31

Rides included:  convoy, sooper jet, starship exodus, cobra, cliff hanger, air force, flying bob, twist, rock'n'tug, hampton cycle / hampton roadster, super slide, galion race, gondola wheel, scooter, orbiter, zero gravity round-up, typhoon, rainbow rock, 3 abreast mgr plus 10 food concessions and 19 games.

#42     JAMES E STRATES  (28 rides)
          Chenago County Fair
          Horseheads, NY
          Aug 1

Rides included: cuckoo haus fun house, 3 abreast mgr, tilt, fireball loop, spider, scrambler, haunted mansion dark ride, mega jump bungy thing, sea ray, cliff hanger, wheel, starship 2000, zipper, cosmo's tunnel, club scene fun house, spin the apple, train station, hampton cars, sky flyer, thunder bolt, hog wild, slide, hampton quad, down on the farm, construction zone, inflatable monkey maze, plus 22 food concessions 27 games 10 straight sales and 1 commercial exhibit along with a mechanical bull and John Strong sideshow plus petting zoo with live pony and camel rides.

Wheelock Amusements booked in 9 rides including wheel, sea ray, scrambler, spider and tilt.

#43     COLEMAN BROTHERS  (24 rides)
           County Fair
           Gouvinor, NY
           Aug 2

Rides included: twin flip, sizzler, zipper, ring of fire loop, thunder bolt, haunted cavern dark ride, 1001 nights, starship exodus, gondola wheel, hampton mix, circus train, surfs up slide, 3 abreast mgr, round-up, acceleration train, pumpkin patch, bumper boats, euro bungy jump, wiggle worm, raider, mardi gras glass house, boot camp inflatable, yoyo, scooter, plus 20 food concessions 11 games with 4 straight sales and 5 commercial exhibits.

#44     WADE SHOWS  (29 rises)
           Wayne County Fair
           Honesdale, NY
           Aug 3

Rides included: wacky worm coaster, 3 abreast mgr, jumpin star, undersea adventue, hampton boat, hampton cycle, hampton cars, super slide, berry-go-round, dragon wagon, jalopy jct., tea cup, animal house fun house, silver streak, circus train, zemp balloon, zemp lolly swing, fright night dark ride, gravatron, orbiter, scooter, gondola wheel, magic maze glass house, extreme, alpine bob, zipper, ring of fire loop, sizzler, super himalaya, with 14 food concessions 23 games and 2 straight sales.

#45     REITHOFFER SHOWS  (36 rides)
           New Jersey State Fair
           Sussex, Branchville, NJ
           Aug 5

Rides included : green monster slide, speedway, hot wheels, crystal lil's glass house, avalanche, haunted mansion dark ride, pharoah's fury, jungle of fun fun house, scooter, bungy tramp power jump, rock'n'roll fun house, gondola wheel, wave swinger, scooter, starship, western mouse coaster, zemp kite flyer, rock'n'tug, jumpin jumbos, flying tiger, crazy bus, cuckoo haus fun house, tornado, orient express, toy box fun house, wiggle worm, raider, wild claw, sizzler, circus train, bumble bee bop, fireball loop, power surge, super himalaya, zipper, fun slide, plus 26 food concessions 27 games 2 straight sales. Also on the lot was serpertina the snake women, the headless women, a mini mart, museum of crytozoology, fiji mermaid, jungle habatant, giant rat, spidora the spider women, and a dunk tank.

#46     AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (22 rides)
           Franklin County Fair
           Malone, NY
           Aug 7

Rides included: slide, pharoah's fury, gondola wheel, sizzler, scooter, flying bob, zipper, crystal lil's glass house, gravatron, dinosaur, big 8 eli wheel, 1001 naughts, tilt, zero gravity round-up, trapeze (yoyo), wind jammer, hogs wild, hampton mix, doggie, dizzy dragon, dragon coaster, 3 abreast mgr plus 4 food, 27 games and 2 straight sales.

#47      COLEMAN BROTHERS  (23 rides)
            County Fair
            Norwich, NY
            Aug 9

Rides included: boot camp inflatable, surfs up slide, euro bunge tramp, haunted cavern dark ride, twin flip, mardi gras glass house, round-up, 3 abreast mgr, kiddie boat, gondola wheel, sizzler, ring of fire loop, thunder bolt, scooter, yoyo, 1001 naughts, starship exodus, zipper, acceleration train, raider, circus train, pumpkin patch, wiggle worm, plus 8 food concessions 12 games and 3 straight sales.

#48      LISKO & SONS  (16 rides)
            Jefferson, OH
            Aug 11

Rides included: zipper, spider inflatable, apple worm, lil wheel, truck stop, sizzler, dragon wagon, hurricane, swans, bngy jump, sea ray, 3 abreast mgr, live pony, rabbit-go-round, gm sea doo, round-up themed joker plus 2 straight sales 16 food concessions, 21 games and 2 commercial stands.

#49      KISSEL RIDES  (23 rides)
            Berea, OH
            Aug 11

Rides included magical train, screamer, bungy tramp, bubbles, fun house, happy swing, 3 abreast mgr, mini pirate, wiggle worm, scooter, pharoah's fury, music express, zemp hellicopter/spaceship, lil scrambler, fun slide, dragon wagon, big eli wheel, rockwall, pumpkin patch, zipper rockin'rain forest inflatable, hurricane, bungy tramp, with zombie paint ball, giant snkes, palace of illusion side show, amazing animals alive, giant horse 36 food concessions, 9 games 14 straight sales and 7 commercial stands.

#50      BATES BROTHERS (16 rides)
            Huron County Fair
            Norwalk, OH
            Aug 12

Rides included: dune buggy, kids swing, barrel of fun, rockwall, g-force, eli hy-5 wheel, hurricane,
2 abreast mgr, raider, rok-o-plane, tip top, super slide, quasar, helicopter, ?, ?, plus 5 food concessions, 10 games and 1 straight sales.

#51      WILSON FAMILY SHOW  {WFS} (25 rides)
            Whiteside County Fair
            Morrison, IL
            Aug 13

Rides included: inflatable, madagasacar safari (bus), the ultimate challenge, super slide, tornado, orbiter, rock-o-plane, zipper, gravatron, 1001 nachts, mini rock'n'tug, scooter, jumpin star, sea doo, hampton mix, train station, 2 abreast mgr, dragon wagon, wiggle worm, hampton cycle, pumpkin patch, swinger, zero gravity roun-up, tilt, pharoah's fury with 17 food concessions, 15 games and 1 straight sales.

A quality show updated paint and lights on all equipment one of the best lite up Pharoah's Fury scene this year.

#52      HAPPY WORLD / LEHUR  (27 rides)
           Winnebago County Fair
           Pecatonia, IL
           Aug 15

Rides included: full tilt, wilkominer fun house, inverter, scooter, gravatron, zipper, tilt, enterprise ship, trabant, expo wheel, orient express, 3 abrest mgr, swing, gm hampton sea doo, hampton gm cycle, sky fighter, gm tubs of fun, gm dragon, gm dog, gm car,  mini rock'n'tug, airport, yoyo, power surge, hurricane, whirl wind, star dancer plus there was 4 food concessions and 9 games on the shows lot.

This was one of the nicest set up at a midwest fair. All rides was clean and not jammed together like some shows do. The lot was not crowded with games like the east coast fairs. The star dancer caught my eye as soon as I came onto the fairgrounds. A good variation of kids and adult rides something for everyone from old to new rides to make this a great carnival experiance. I could tell by the uniforms the crews wore that each ride was either Happy World or Lehur's.


#53      TIP TOP RIDES & ATTRACTIONS  (24 rides)
            Kenosha County Fair
            WILMONT, WI
            Aug 15

Rides included: crystal lil's glass house, clown city fun house, starship 3000, tilt, music express, zipper, cliff hanger, power surge, ali-baba, 3 abreast mgr, bungy tramp, scooter, sizzler, trabant, tornado, fun slide, big eli rim drive wheel, tea cup, raceing, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, swings, orient express, dinosaur, plus 5 food concessions 21 games 1 straight sale abd a commercial stand

#54      NAME  (34 rides with 17 rides in Kiddy Land)
           Illinois State Fair
           Springfield, IL
           Aug 16

Rides in kiddy land included: zumer, scrambler, jumping jumbo's, berry-go-round, zemp balloon, mardi gras glass house, 12 seat wheel, bungy tramp, helicopter, dragon wagon, tilt, pharoah's fury, hampton mix, scooter, hampton cycle jump, spider, 2 breast mgr plus 4 games and 3 food concession.

Rides in the main area included: gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, freak out, rainbow, speedway, bungy tramp, free fall (kids), hampton gm boat, fun slide, crystal castle glass house, rainbow rock, dragon wagon, 3 abreast mgr, circus train, zemp mini jet, mini himalaya, construction zone, zemp dino/elephants, wiggle worm, hampton mix, safari rescue (crazy bus), wacky mouse coaster, himalaya, sizzler, avalanche, pharoah's fury, orbiter, starship 3000, ring of fire loop, yoyo, round-up, tilt, tornado, scooter, plus 8 food concessions, 26 games and 2 straight sales.

#55    SON SHINE AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
          Union County Fair
          Anna, Il
          Aug 17

Rides included: inflatable, crazy bus, frolic, scooter, sizzler, moby dick, rock-o-plane, zummer, super slide, paratrooper themed drop zone, round-up, go-gater themed swamp gater, speedway, inflatable, bug-a-round, hamptom boat gm, hampton cycle gm. 2 abreast mgr, plus 8 games.

 #56    MILLER SPECTACULAR  (42 rides)
          Illinois State Fair
          DuQuoin, Il
          Aug 20

Rides included: x scream, tilt, zero gravity round-up, super shot, sizzler, eclipse, tornado, spider, scooter, orbiter, quasar, wipe out, rock star, pharoah's fury, gondola wheel, hi-rooler, screamer, bungy tramp, super slide, jumpin star, mini wheel, sky fighter, wave boat, zemp copter, helicopter/plane, bungy tramp, train station, red barron, worm-go-round, bumper boats, mardi gras glass house, speedway, crazy plane, hampton cycle jump, hampton rabbit race, bear affair, zemp balloon,monkey jungle glass house, dizzy dragon, raider, kids at work construction zone, high flyer swinger plus 32 games and 16 food concessions.

#57     MILLER AMUSEMENTS  (12 rides)
          Springfield Fair
          Springfield, ME
          Aug 29

Rides included: fun slide, bumble bee, sizzler, hurricane, tilt, zipper, train station, zemp hellicopter/spaceship, tornado, dizzy dragon, hampton cycle, hampton racer plus 5 food concessions and a game.

#58     ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (27 rides)
          Windsor Fair
          Windsor, ME
          Aug 29

Rides included: train station, clownin aroun fun house, gondola wheel, starship gravatron, orbiter, scooter, inflatable dump truck, wind glider, round-up, casino, yoyo, funside fun house, family fun slide, tilt, bear affair, tweety inflatable, dragon wagon, chair swing, taxi, tea cup, ele/dragon zemp, bungy tramp, renegade fun house, pharoah's fury, zipper, spin out, 2 abreast mgr plus 15 food concessions, 20 games and 1 straight sales.

To augment Rockwell, Miller furnished fun house and mgr while Cushing furnished 5 rides two of them was the round-up and casino.

#59     SKELLY'S AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
          GDS County Fair
          Newfoundland, PA
          Aug 30

Rides included: swinger, cliff hanger, typhoon, mardi gras glass house, raider themed play house, dizzy dragon, 3 abreast mgr, fun slide, wheel, pharoah's fury, space train, gm boat, bungy bounce, round-up, gravatron, zipper, zemp dragon, hampton cycle, hampton ?, plus 7 food concessions and 21 games with 3 straight sales.

#60    SWANK'S STEEL CITY  (17 rides)
          Great Stoneboro Fair
          Stoneboro, PA
          Aug 31

Rides included: kangaroo, expo wheel, 2 abreast mgr, down on the farm, hampton cycle, zumer, sizzler, scooter, zero gravity round-up, hurricane, mardi gras glass house, jitter bug swings, sooper jet, wiggle worm, lady bug, bungy tramp, fun slide plus 5 food concessions and 24 games.

#61    JAMES E STRATES  (63 rides)
          NY State Fair
          Syracuse, NY
          Sept 1

Rides included: monkey maze glass house,, gondola wheel, red barron, happy swing, pony cart, fire chief, wacky worm coaster, kiddie swing, go gater, mini himayala, hampster roll, 3 abreast mgr, hampton cycle jump, dino go round, jalopy jct., the wind jammer inflatable, mega jump bounce, construction zone, hampton cars, down on the farm, hampton baja, dizzy dragon, mini indy, super slide haunted house dark ride, coaster, ali baba, space roller, at the hop fun house, gondola wheel, wave swinger, tilt, fireball claw, sky flyer, music express, tilt, wiggle worm, fire truck, super slide, express dragon, bungy tramp, scooter, double deck mgr, orbiter, king's circus fun house, top spin, himalaya, round-up, cliff hanger, club scene dance fun house, hang glider, down draft, dodge em scooters, music express, zipper, starship 3000, fireball loop, tornado, drop zone, thunder bolt, haunted mansion dark ride, sea ray, cuckoo haus dark ride plus 51 games and 24 straight sales with 29 food concessions. also a mechanical bull, John Strong's sideshow and I Got It.

#62    REITHOFFER SHOW  (29 rides)
          Fulton County Fair
          Fonda, NY
          Sept 1

Rides included: 14 seat wheel, orient express, tilt, yoyo, tidal wave, green monster slide, scooter, gondola wheel, 3 abreast mgr, hog wild, bungy tramp, rock wall, speedway, spin the apple, hampton mix, dizzy dragon, rock'n'tug, train station, bumble bee, sea ray, typhoon, fireball loop, gravatron, sizzler, speed, raider, toy box fun house, crazy bus, kite flyer plus 12 food concessions and 18 games with 8 straight sales and 1 commercial exhibit. also on the lot was hot dog pig races, i got it, serpintina and spidora.

#63    REITHOFFER SHOW  (27 rides)
          Scatghicoke Fair
          Scatghicoke, NY
          Sept 2

Rides included: haunted mansion dark ride, fun house, zipper, indy 500 coaster, bear affair, slide, train, flying tiger, hot wheel scooter, kids swing, bungy tramp, cuckoo haus fun house, round-up, jumping jumbos, wiggle worm, wild claw, scooter, enterprise gravatron, avalanche, super himaylia, power surge, gondola wheel, western mouse coaster, mgr, pharoah's fury, fun slide, crystal lil's glass house plus 31 games and 6 food concessions with 2 straight sales. also a I Got it, giant rat, headless women and jungle habitant

#64    ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)
          3 County Fair
          North Hampton, MA
          Sept 2

Rides included: fun slide, circus train, wiggle worm, bungy tramp, wacky mouse coaster, polar express, mardi gras glass house, cliff hanger, tornado, bumble bee, gondola wheel, puppy roll, hampton mix, scrambler, round-up, zipper, orbiter, tiki town fun house, rock star, fly surf plus 4 food concessions 19 games and 1 straight sales.

#65    MILLER / ROCKWELL  (20 rides)
          Litchfield Fair
          Litchfield, ME
          Sept 7

Rides included: fun side fun house, clownin aroun fun house, fun slide, zipper, tilt, yoyo, tornado, scooter, sizzler, tiger inflatable, dizzy dragon, hampton quad, hampton cycle jump, train station, hurricane, starship, bumble bee bop, dragon wagon, zemp hellicopter/spaceship, 2 abreast mgr plus 7 games and 15 food concessions.

#66    CUSHING AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
          Clinton Fair
          Clinton, ME
          Sept 7

Rides included: super slide, inflatable, zipper, sizzler, round-up, tempest, scooby shack (raider), casino, 12 seat wheel, taxi, train station, dizzy dragon, dragon coaster, chair swing, bungy tramp, tea cup, hampton mix, 2 abreast mgr plus 10 games 5 food concessions and 4 straight sales.

#67     FIESTA SHOWS  (38 rides)
          State Fair of NH
          Rochester, NH
          Sept 19

Rides included: bungy tramp, down on the farm, raider themed wizzard wand, expo wheel, train station, 3 abreast mgr, berry-go-round, inflatable run, crazy bus, street racer, rock'n'tug, turtle, elephant, phoo bear, super slide, wacky worm coaster, swinger, haunted mansion twister, toy barn fun house, pharoah's fury, scooter, zipper, artic blast, speed, tilt, traffic jam, starship exodus, thunder bolt, tornado, freak out, bungy tramp, kite flyer, mechanical bull, lucky lizzy fun house, magic maze glass house, earth quake fun house, ultimate illusion  plus 41 food concessions, 32 games and 12 straight sales plus kids zone play area and serge coronas grind shows of reptiles, rats, large pig, live pony rides and hollywood racing pigs

         Big E
         West Springfield, MA
          Sept 22

Rides included: hampton jeep, raider, gondola wheel, hill billy village, toom town fun house, hampton cycle jump, undersea adventure, crazy sub, dizzy dragon, spider mania swing, zemp helicopter, the wild one inflatable, train station, lolly swing, orient express, cross country adventure, speedway, min swing, cliff hanger, 3 abreast mgr, bumble bee, zipper, alpine bob, niagra falls flume, mouse trap dark ride, cuckoo haus, fun house, mardi gras glass house, rock'n'roll fun house, banzai, haunted mansion dark ride, polar express, surf city fun house, crazy mouse spinning coaster, super slide, cliff hanger, tilt, gondola wheel, wacky worm coaster, mega drop, wave swinger, starship 4000, spin out, pharoah's fury, orbiter, fieball claw, swing tower, scooter, mark 3 speed, fireball loop. plus 53 games and 18 food concessions.

Independant rides booked in from Johnny Doolan Amusements.

#69    GILLETTE SHOWS  (22 rides)
          Cumberland County Fair
          Cumberland, ME
          Sept 23

Rides included: fling bob, cobra, air force 1, fampton roadster/hampton cycle jump, mgr, rainbow rock, rock'n'roll hym, twist, scooter, starship exodus, super slide, zemp helicopter/zemp mix, convoy, typhoon, cliff hanger, orbiter, gondola wheel, sooper jet coaster, galion race, rock'n'tug plus 15 food concessions, 15 games and 6 straight sales.

#70    ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (37 rides)
         Deerfield Fair
         Deerfiels, NH
         Sept 26

Rides included: bumble bee, 2 abreast mgr, bungy tramp, scooter, hampton mix, train station, gondola wheel, casino, sizzler, hurricane, zipper, round-up, skymaster, yoyo, orbiter, pharoah's fury, polar express, fun dide fun house, tea cup, clown around fun house, pumpkin patch, red barron, hampton wave runner, helicopter, tornado, wind-surfer, spin out, tilt, dragon wagon, tiger bounce, zemp dragon, taxi, dizzy dragon, zemp hellicopter/spaceship, family fun slide, hampton quad, hampton cycle jump plus 12 food and 5 straight sales.

The Deerfield Fair allows no games on the grounds. Rockwell rides was augmented with rides from Miller Amusements, Cushing Amusements and Amyland Amusements.

#71    SMOKEY'S / GILLETTE  (47 rides)
          Fryeburg Fair
          Fryeburg, ME
          Oct 5

Rides included: hampton snowmobiles, convoy, ferris wheel, tempest, air time swing, 2 abreast mgr, saucer, lil scrambler, kid's power, astro wheel, tainbow rock, ding dong fun house, live pony ride, dinosaur inflatable, hampton 4x4, circus train, hampton cars, hampton mix, wet canoe, super slide, bear affair, 3 abreast mgr, raider, bungy tramp, air force 1, mardi gras glass house, orbiter, sky diver, gravatron, tilt, dragon wagon, galion race, typhoon, zipper, zero gravity round-up, fun centre inflatable, rock'n'tug, chopper, people eater dark ride, thunder bolt, rock wall, scrambler, bumper cars, tornado, cliff hanger, gondola wheel, plus 46 games, 45 food concessions with 19 straight sales and 2 casino areas,

Smokies rides was augmented by Gillette Shows this year and will be again in 2014.

For more pictures of the 2013 season go to my facebook page:



Gilbert, PA
Sept 2001

(32 rides)

gladiator fun house, mini pirate, fort fun, titanic, dragon wagon, castle of the dead dark ride, himalaya, gravatron, wave runner (trabant), music fest, tilt, rockwall, scrambler, tornado, berry-go-round, kids wheel, swing, kids town, octopus, round-up, train, zipper, showboat fun house, merry-go-round, slide, crazy bus, trucking 4X4, hang glider (paratrooper), hampton boat, tubs of fun, tugs & locos, hampton mix.

Wallingford, CT

(13 rides)

slide, scat, pit stop, merry-go-round, small animal, berry-go-round, sig's mini air force, bounce, sizzler, wheel of fortune (trabant), castle mania, ferris wheel, swinger.

Sussex, NJ
Aug 2001

(41 rides)

rockwall, sling shot, merry-go-round, tornado, kids himalya, cliff hanger, demolition derby, tilt, slide, dragon wagon, thunder bolt, crystal lil's glass house, cook coo haus fun house, crazy bus, chance giant wheel, star ship 2000, chance century wheel, safari train, jumpin'star, hof brau haus fun house, hi-roller, pharoah's fury, moscow circus fun house, creep show dark ride, super himalaya, rock wall, bear affair, mini indy, raiders, scooby doo fun house, ring of fire, sizzler, berry-go-round, balloon, zipper, titanic, dizzy dragon, scooter, speedway, yoyo, flitzer coaster.

West Springfield, MA
Sept 2001

(49 rides)

berry-go-round, lolly swings,merry-go-round, kids power, dragon wagon, kids swing, kite flyer, safari train, cross country adventure, merry-go-round, rio grande train, kids swings, hampton mix, bumble bee, viking ship, crazy submarine, tilt, slide, castle mania, speedway, hillbilly village fun house, giggle glass shack, mark 1 coaster, raiders of the lost mine dark ride, giant wheel, zipper, the defenders(comic heros), crazy flip, enterprise, g-force, drop of fear, snow ball express, caterpillar coaster, swinger, spiral slide, hurricane, sizzler, scooter, wave swinger, kamkaze, orbiter,lilly's palace fun house, polar express, niagra falls flume, swingin 60's fun house, fantasma dark ride, horror haven fun house, ghost mansion dark ride, titanic.