#1)   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (14 rides)
        Houlton Fair
        Houlton, Maine
        July 3
Rides included: 2 abreast mgr, tempest, hampton snowmobile/swamp buggy, hampton 4 x 4, bear affair, air time swing, tornado, lil scrmbler, circus train, astro wheel, sky diver, thunder bolt, dinosaur inflatable, kids power plus 3 games and 9 food concessions.

After having 2 accidents prior to this spot and this is a second unit this week. I have an opinion of the show and fair. First the uniform for the ride help don't even look professional. Green safety vest!, Come on now get some class. If you don't train your ride help you would not have to have a state fire investigator watching the help loading on under size patrons onto the thunder bolt.

Also the fair closing down at 9PM on a Friday night so everyone can go downtown Houlton for the towns Mid Night Madness (2 hours early). Even after the concessioneirs have paid their rent for the whole day. Was this right?

        Sunshine Fair
        Cobleskill, NY
        July 28
Early in the morning I stopped into the fairgrounds around 7AM. The show had some rides spotted and a few set-up. What I saw there was: mgr, zemp dune buggy, bear affair, big eli rim drive wheel, flying dumbo's, fire engine, boat, inflatable, rainbow rock, monkey maze, train station. Also set-up was a Santillo's food concession.

#3)   GILLETTE SHOWS (19 rides)
        Broome County Fair
        Whitney Point, NY
        July 28

Rides included: hamp cars/cycle jump, rock'n'tug,
tornado, gondola wheel, zemperla space/ele, zemp copter/space, rok'n'roll, twist, orbiter, rainbow rock, air force, super slide, typhoon, starship exodus, scooter, galion, convoy race plus 9 food concessions, 2 straight sales and 17 games

Betty has a nice operation with everything up dated. What I love about this show is the placement of rides are changed every year. Or rides are changed out.

#4)   BATES BROTHERS  (18 rides)
        Troy Fair
        Troy, PA
        July 28

Rides included: mardi gras glass house, zipper, quasar, yoyo, tip top, scooter, g-force, hamp mix, fun slide, helicopter, rabbit race, frog hopper, eagle eli wheel, tubs of fun, kids swing, barrel of fun, rock-o-plane, 2 abreast mr plus 14 food concessions, 17 games and 10 straight sales.

         Chemung County Fair
         Horseheads, NY
         July 28
After a long day of stopping into fairgrounds I decided to back track and stopped in to the Chemung County air where Strates were setting up a few rides that they were not using this week. Rides on the lot was: sky flyer, construction zone, tea cup, slide, zero gravity (round-up), haunted mansion dark ride, gravatron (starship 2000), thunder bolt, cuckoo haus, mgr, silver streak.

         County Fair
         Dunkirk, NY
         July 29
Rides included: tubs of fun, 2 abreast mgr, dragon wagon, bear affair, inflatable, wheel, music express (arm) twister, mega bounce, ring of fire loop, vertigo, looney belle glass house, fun slide, hurricane, rock wall, pirate (raider)

#7)    BATES AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
         County Fair
         Talmedge, OH
         July 31

Rides included: bat fighter, apple worm, zero gravity, scrambler, lil wheel, dragon wagon, pony ride, das fun house, fun slide, cliff hanger, scooter, big eli double eagle wheel, bungy tramp, top gun, red garter saloon, 3 abreast mgr, rock wall, crazy bus plus team rock stage, 30 food concessions, 31 games and 4 straight sales.

         County Fair
         Medina, OH
         July 31
I heard the show was setting up there 2nd unit so I drove over to Medina. Rides that was set up or being se-up was: music express, down draft, helicopter, kangaroo, charlie chopper, dino's, raider, wheel, wave rider, hamp mix, 2 abreast mgr, frog hopper, fun slide, pharoah's fury, a drop tower.

#9)    BURCH SEMENS AMUSEMENTS ? (16 rides)
         County Fair
         Tiffin, OH
         July 31

Rides included: 2 abreast mgr, sidewinder, fling carpet, wipeout, big eli hy 5 II, scooter, scrambler, hurricane, live pony, super slide, hampton mix, train station, swing, sooper jet coaster, berry-go-round, zero ? plus 17 games, 4 straight sales and 1 food concession.

#10)  DURANT AMUSEMENTS  (10 rides, set-up)
         Wood County Fair
         Bowling Green, OH
         Aug 1

Rides included: fun house, flying bob, kamakazee, slide, eli-wheel, orbiter, puppy love, mgr, star fighter, kids town

#11)   NAME (Mid-America) (set-up opening day)
         County Fair
         Monroe, MI
         Aug 2
Rides included: freak-out, starship 3000, himalaya, wheel, scooter, skater, hang glider, tornado, fun house, fire chief, air plane/copter, super slide, kiddie swing, frog hopper, bear affair, 3 abreast mgr, movie magic, orient express, train station plus 6 food concessions, 1 straight sales and 4 games.

The adult section was closed until the next day as they were setting up. The kiddie area was open with 11 rides.

#12)   SCHMIDTS AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
          Wayne County Fair
          Belleville, MI
          Aug 3

Rides included: train, go-gater, bear affair, castle (raider), super slide, fun house, 2 abreast mgr, scrambler, hurricane, roll-o-plane, para-trooper, swing, wheel.

I was there on the set-up. A lot of tire tracks of the trucks as they had alot of rain before set-up started.

         Ingham County Fair
         Mason, MI
         Aug 5
Rides included: rock wall, 3 inflatables, spin the apple, jungle explorer (bug train), lunar park carosil, lil wheel, big eli wheel, hamp cycle jump, mini scrambler, zipper, loop-o-plane, ckoo ckoo haus fun house, mouse trap glass house, raider, mega shot drop tower, mighty mac truck, orient express, scooter, sea ray, tilt, swinger, cliff hanger, gondola wheel, boomer's ball park, spinner, alpine bob, spider, twin flip plus 14 food concessions and 7 straight sales

Saw my first Lunar Park Carrosil. It has lots of lights, sound system easy to set-up and take down. My biggest complaint was as NEW as this ride was the amount of lights not working. A new ride under 6 month old with lights out!

#14)   BIG ROCK  (28 rides)
          Saginaw County Fair
         Chesaning, MI
         Aug 6
Rides included: extreme, sea ray, sky wheel, scooter, fireball loop, para-trooper, himalaya, whack shack fun house, expo wheel, abduction (gravatron), mardi gras glass house, fun slide, 3 abreast mgr, bungy tramp, sizzler, rock wall, bear affair, hero zone raider, yo-yo, dragon wagon, zemp up up and away, train station, air flyer, hamp quad 600, speedway helicopter, granny bug, mechanical bull plus 11 food concessions, 16 games and 1 straight sale.

#15)  FAMILY FUN TYME  (8 rides)
         Newaygo County Fair
         Freemont, MI
         Aug 6
Rides included: circus fun house, train station, gladitor,12 seat wheel, swing, star fighter, inflatable dog, inflatable slide plus 7 games.

This show has to be one of the worst shows I saw this year. Old rides, no uniforms. Good crowd on the fairgrounds but No one on the lot when I was there around 7PM.

#16)   ELLIOT AMUSEMENTS  (23 rides)
          Cass County Fair
          Cassopolis, MI
          Aug 7

Rides included: bungy jump, zipper, twister swing, rok'n'roll, crystal lil's, cortina bob, para-trooper, scooter, sea ray, tilt, ferris wheel, tornado, fun slide, live pony, sugar shack fun house, inflatable, web slinger, zemp helicopter/spaceship, truck stop, apple worm, 2 abreast mgr, bayoo lagoon (go-gater), berry-go-round plus 4 food concessions, 18 games.

Heard this was the shows biggest and best year they have had in 30+ years of playing this date.

         County Fair
         Lowell, MI
         Aug 9
I stopped into the fairgrounds as the show tore down last night in Cassopolis and now setting up in Lowell.

          Kalamazoo County Fair
          Kalamazoo, MI
          Aug 10

Opening day of the fair which has no carnival until the second day of the fair which happens alot in Michigan. Some of the rides spotted on the lot or set-up was: granny bug, mgr, vroom, spin out, happy swing, surf's up, gondol wheel, bear affair, bumble bee bop, groovy bus, jumpin jumbo's, typhoon, mac & cheese slinger.

#19)   BIG ROCK  (23 rides)
          Branch County Fair
          Coldwater, MI
          Aug 10
Rides included: mardi gras glass house, dragon wagon, expo wheel, whacky shack fun house, himalaya, fireball loop, sizzler, sea ray, air flyer, abduction (gravatron), extreme, bungy tramp, rock wall, 3 abreast mgr, balloon, hampton 600 racer, hampton helicopter, bear affair, mechical bull, speedway, train, scooter, fun slide plus 6 food concessions and 15 games.

#20)   SKERBEC FAMILY CARNIVAL  (18 rides)
          Shiawassee County Fair
          Corruna, MI
          Aug 12
Rides included: gondola wheel, berry-go-round, ole santa fe train, fireball loop, central park antique car, himalaya, monkey maze glass house, gravatron, twister, bungy tramp, convoy race, hampton cycle jump, 2 abreast mgr, vertigo, air raid, tilt, para-trooper, scooter plus 3 food concessions and 14 games.

#21)   NAME (Mid-America)  (29 rides)
          Jackson County Fair
          Jackson, MI
          Aug 13
Rides included:(adult) 1001 nachts, tinsel town glass house, traffic jam fun house, toon town fun house, tornado, cliff hanger, freak out, gondola wheel, starship 3000, scooter, skater. (kiddie area) train station, 3 abreast mgr, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, hampton truck, kiddie swing, frog hopper, movie magic, dragon wagon, bear affair, helicopter/plane, firehouse fire chief, super slide, alpine fun house, ring of fire loop, himalaya, yo-yo, scrambler. Total 41 food concessions, 22 games and 4 straight sales in the 2 areas.

#22)   T J SCHMIDTS  (set-up)  (16 rides)
          Calhoun County Fair
          Marshall, MI
          Aug 16
Rides included: slide, cliff hanger, tilt, mgr, monkey barrel, train, hang ten, scooter, zipper, fun house, wiggle worm, scrambler, hampton cycle, big eli eagle wheel, play ____, gravatron plus 7 food concession and 4 games st-up whem I was there.

On most of the trucks it had East Shore Amusements and Jockey Trucking from Standish, MI.

          Berrien County Youth Fair
          Berrien Springs, MI
          Aug 17
Rides included: 2 abreast mgr, midget racer, down on the farm, happy swing, gondola (sun) wheel, nemo, swamp gater, vertigo, magic maze, sizzler, spin out, typhoon, scooter, wipe out, music express (not a himalaya style), mac & cheese slinger, gravatron, vroom, avenger kids raider, surf's up, drag strip slide.

Knowing Wade Shows I was very disapointed when I was there at night. I could not believe the amount of lights that was out. Just looking to the picture on the left, to me this is not acceptable especially for a big show like Wade.

#24)   SCHMIDT'S AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
          Northern District Fair
          Cadillac, MI
          Aug 18
Rides included: scrambler, cobra, glass house, super slide, train station, canoe, kiddie coaster, tilt, berry-go-round, wheel, gravatron, umbrella tractor/cycle, 2 abreast mgr plus 5 food concessions, 13 games and 1 straight sales also 2 games and 1 food concession of Carla Wallenda on the lot near her sway pole set-up.

A small show in Michigan with all older rides some not even painted up.

#25)    NAME (Mid-America)  (26 rides)
          Midland County Fair
          Midland, MI
          Aug 19
Rides included: bear affair, zemp helicopter plane combo, fire chief, toon town fun house, frog hopper, train station, 3 abreast mgr, movie action, kiddie swing, scooter, tornado, skater, alpine fun house, slide, gondola wheel, orient express, tinsel town glass house, starship 3000, 1001 nacts, cliff hanger freak-out, yo-yo, scrambler, himalaya, ring of fire loop, twister, plus 9 food concessions and 10 games. Also a band organ (calliope) playing.

What a nice show, all updated rides, lights working and the ride that took my eye was the SKATER.

#26)   BIG ROCK   (29 rides)
          Armadi Fair
          Armadi, MI
          Aug 19
Rides included: melt down inflatable, air flyer, rock wall, dragon wagon, hero zone raider, whacky shack fun house, mardi gras glass house, 3 abreast mgr, balloon, train station, zemp helicopter, bungy tramp, hamp quad, expo giant wheel, speedway, sea ray, tilt, para-trooper, scooter, sizzler, sky wheel, himalaya, fireball loop, abduction (gravatron), yo-yo, fun slide, bear affair, groovy bus, extreme plus 13 food concessions and 15 games.

I was on the lot one afternoon when a rain storm came thru around 5PM and dropped so much water that it had over a foot of water in parts of the midway.

#27)   ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS   (33 rides)
         Ogemaw County Fair
         West Branch, MI
          Aug 20
Rides included: (adult) gondola wheel, aera 51, shock drop, freak-out, magic carpet, mardi gras glass house, sizzler, zipper, scooter, cliff hanger, pharoah's fury, berry-go-round, bungy tramp, 3 abreast mgr, tilt, wave swing, dizzy dragon, orbiter, tornado, jungle walk (raider) plus 9 food concessions, 22 games.
(kiddie land) zemperla hellicopter, hill billy train, jumpin dumbo's, bear afair hamp car, coco loco fun house, 2 fun slides side by side, eli eagle 16 wheel, swamp gater, speedway, hamp quad, groovy bus plus 2 food concessions and 1 game.

#28)   NAME (Mid-America)   (21 rides)
         Genessee County Fair
         Mt Morris, MI
         Aug 23
Rides included: tinsel town glass house, toon town fun house, fire chief, orient express, train station, airplane/copter, kiddie swing, movie action, bear affair, 3 abreast mgr, yo-yo, scooter, sizzler, alpine fun house, super slide, ring of fire loop, cliff hanger, tornado, twister, freak out, starship 3000, plus 12 food concessions 22 games with 2 straight sales plus a face painting, old tyme photo and a calliope band wagon organ.

This Unit of Mid-America (NAME) was split up compared to lots I was on earlier this year. What I noticed that the SKATER was not there.

#29)   BIG ROCK    (26 rides)
          Sanilac County Fair
          Sandusky, MI
          Aug 25
Rides included: zemperla balloon, helicopter, dragon wagon, groovy bus, bungy tramp, hamp quad, expo giant wheel, yo-yo, fun slide, abduction (gravatron), rock wall, fireball loop, himalaya, sky wheel, sea ray, scooter, extreme, hero zone raider, sizzler, air flyer, mechanical bull, mgr, speedway, mardi gras glass house, whacky shack fun house, bear affair plus 5 food concessions, 19 games and 1 straight sales.

While I was their I heard the show is looking for a NEW GIANT WHEEL for 2016. Going is the Expo Wheel. Will this happen?

          Otsego County Fair
          Gaylord, MI
          Aug 25
Rides included: orient express, scooter, cliff hanger, mouse trap glass house, cucko haus, raider, tilt, swinger, eli wheel, 2 abreast mgr, spinner, polish mgr, lil scrambler, spin the apple, jungle explorer, hamp cycle jump, mega shot (drop tower), mac truck, rock wall, bungy tramp,live pony ride, sea ray, spider, plus 11 food concessions, 19 games and 8 straight sales.

Not as big as I saw earlier this month with a lot of dead spots in the line-up. At least 6 rides less.

#31)    SKERBECK FAMILY CARNIVAL  (20 rides)
          Emmet-Charleveix County Fair
          Petosky, MI
          Aug 26
Rides included: monkey maze, berry-go-round, ole santa fe train, convoy race, fireball loop, tilt, scooter, himalaya, gravatron, vertigo, sizzler, air raid, twisted (ali alababa), 2 abreast mgr, gondola wheel, hamp cycle, bungy jump, kiddie pirate ship, slide, super para-trooper, plus 5 food concessions and 12 games.

#32)    SCHMIDTS AMUSEMENTS   (12 rides)
          Manstee County Fair
          Onekama, MI
          Aug 28
Rides included: tilt, cobra, wheel, kids coaster, 2 abreast mgr, super slide, train, canoe, inflatable, glass house, berry-go-round, scrambler, plus 10 games, 4 food concessions and 2 straight sales. Also at the end of the lot was Carla Wallenda's sway pole act along with her 2 games and food concession.

#33)   ELLIOT AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)
         Oceana County Fair
         Hart, MI
         Aug 28
Rides included: wheel, cortina bobs, tilt, bumper cars, rok-n-rol, sea ray, para-trooper, live pony, sugar shack fun house, bungy jump, apple worm, swing, berry-go-round, zemp hel/spaceship, bayoo lagoon coaster, truck stop, 2 abreast mgr, web slinger, fun slide, crystal lil's plus 5 food concessions and 14 games.

Had along talk with Jim Elliot as we know a lot of shows and we both love the circus. Jim knows the Michigan area and I know the Northeast area. Lots to talk about in the outdoor show business along with the historialcal part that needs to be told.

#34)   Arnold Amusements   (28 rides)
          Hudsonville Community Fair
          Hudsonville, MI
          Aug 28
Rides included: groovy bus, bear affair, zemp helicopter, magic carpet, aera 51 gravatron, zipper, sizzler, pharoah's fury, freak out, orbiter, gondola wheel, shock drop , scooter, tornado, cliff hanger, mardi gras glass house, berry-go-round, bungy tramp, 3 abrest mgr, speedway, jumpin jumbos, swamp gater, wave swinger, fun slide, fun slide, jungle walk raider, hamp quad, hampton cars, plus 14 food concessions and 23 games.

This lot seemed to be tight and crowded but a good crowd experiencing a large carnival.

#35)    NAME (? Unit)  (20 rides)
          Chelsea Community Fair
          Chelsea, MI
           Aug 29
Rides included: 1001 nachts, sizzler, scream, round-up, spider, pharoah's fury, infernal combustion fun house, cliff hanger, freak out, circus train, gondola wheel, fun slide, treasure island raider, dizzy dragon, zemperla balloon, frog hopper, dinosaur, orient express, bumble bee, 3 abreast mgr plus 9 food concessions and 18 games.

Which unit of Mid America (NAME) plays this spot? Lots of space thru out the grounds and I heard this was headed to a record year for this fair.

#36)    WADE SHOW  (70 rides)
           New York State Fair
           Syracuse, NY
           Aug 31
Rides included: delusion, flying bobs, enterprise, planet rock&roll fun house, pirate, big wheel, super himayala, tornado, giant slide, drop tower, observation tower, land slide, scooter, silly safari fun house, circus train, slide, free fall, monster truck, construction zone, dragon wagon, helicopter, gold rush express, gondola wheel, 3 abreast mgr, cobra coaster, silver streak, charlie chopper, anchor's away (ships), balloon fiesta, the flying machine.

After all the years I have stopped at Syracuse. This was the best lot I have ever scene their with 2 coasters to new rides I have never scene before.

Wade Show was augmented by 17 rides from Dreamland Amusements, Powers Great American Midway and 1 other ride operator.

This is the biggest slide that I have scene on any traveling midway.

            Johnson City, NY
            Aug 31
I stopped by early this morning and part of the show was parked before set up. These are the rides that were there: para-trooper, scat, tempest, rock-o-plane.

#38)     COLEMAN BROTHERS SHOW  (26 rides)
           Fonda Fair
           Fonda, NY
           Sept 1
Rides included: circus train, hamp cars, raider, pumpkin patch, inflatabl, euro bungy tramp, scooter, super loop, bumper boats, sizzler, yo-yo, 1001 nacts, accleration train, thunder bolt, zipper, starship exodus, 3 abreast mgr, slide, wiggle worm, hampton cycle jump, monkey maze, down on the farm, round-up, haunted mansion dark ride, gondola wheel, twin flip plus 14 food concession and 18 games.

Tim has added a lot of LED lights in the last few years. But did not notice this year as I was there about 7AM. The one new thing I noticed was the NEW NAME of the Fireball as it now is an ORIGINAL SUPER LOOP. I also noticed a few brand new kiddie rides on the lot. I still love the former Berry Jamison's Acceleration Train.

#39)    REITHOFFER SHOW   (26 rides)
           Scatghicoke Fair
           Scatghicoke, NY
           Sept 1
Rides included: train station, inflatable, fun slide, 3 abrest mgr, drive-in, flying tiger, tea cup, full tilt, bungy tramp, auto-rama fun house, himalaya, starship 3000, freakout, western mouse, kite flyer, hot wheel scooter, dutch wheel, pharoah's fury, dizzy dragon, scooter, fun slide, zipper, tidal wave, mardi gras glass house, swing, inflatable plus 17 food concessions, 30 games with 1 straight sales plus an I Got It and a face painting.

           Vermont State Fair
           Rutland, VT
           Sept 1
I stopped in to the fairgrounds as the show was setting up. The rides that was set up included: swing, joker's wild, slide, sooper jet coaster, bear affair, bug, f-80, 2 abrest mgr, fernwood express train, round-up (zero gravity), inflatable (big ball adventur) , plus 1 food concession and 1 game.

This show did not take up the kiddie land area that Coleman Brothers had for the past few years. Coleman's area for the big rides was filled with Serge Corrona's Circus Hollywood and his grind shows, petting zoo and horse act which had been located in the infield for the past few years.

#41)    JAMES E STRATE   (42 rides)
           Champlain Valley Fair
           Essex Jct, VT
           Sept 1
Rides included: zipper, cucko haus glass house, giant wheel, sky flyer, haunted house dark ride, monkey maze mirror house, raider, music express, scooter, mechanical bull, wave swinger, tea cup, go-gater, fire chief, construction zone, hamp quad, silver streak, enterprise, sizzler, fireball loop, fireball claw, starship 2000, zero gravity round-up, thunder bolt, kiddie swing, down on farm, slide, coaster, haunted mansion dark ride, scrambler rock wall, tilt, tempest, cliff hanger, casino, whacky worm, dizzy dragon, jalopy race, mini indy scooter, hamp cars, hamp jeep, fun slide, double deck mgr, plus 23 food concessions, 32 games, 6 straight sales and 2 commercial joints. Also was the world's smallest women, snake girl, smallest horse, a dunk tank, world's odities sideshow, and a I Got It

I had to drop in to the CVF to see what Strates had. I knew they would have rides booked in as they don't have enough rides of their own. I saw 4 rides from New Englands LMC Amusements (Larry Cushing) there. Rides were Casino, Tempest, Scrambler and Dizzy Dragon. What gets me is the Fair has the carnival open by 11AM, yet schools in the area already are back in. Walking around the lot there was NO one on the lot. It was empty with just help walking around being bored. It's about time these shows speak up on this situation. Or better start paying minimum wage to the help and than see what happens. A little common scense comes in on this issue.

#42)    DREAMLAND AMUSEMENT  (26 rides)
           Lancaster, NH
           Sept 1
Rides included: land slide, scooter, harness racing, fire engine, orange whip, swing type, zemp copter (manhatten tour), stunt jump, sea ray, cyclone (round-up), tea cup, expo wheel, american flyer coaster, tilt, 2 abreast mgr, choo choo train station, zemp dinosaur, dream catcher, tempest, screamin eagle, cobra, himalaya, sizzler, zipper, mystery mansion dark ride, fun slide plus 3+ food concessions and 3+ games.

#43)    (LMC) CUSHING AMUSEMENT   (13 rides)
           Springfield Fair
           Springfield, ME
           Sept 7
Rides included: scooby shack fun house, super slide, chair swing, eli hy5 wheel, hampton mix, fire dog inflatable, inflatable, tea cup, bungy tramp, go-gater, gravatron, zipper, round-up plus 5 food concessions, 6 games and a photo booth.

#43)    NAME (All STAR UNIT)  (47 rides)
          Eastern States Exposition  (BIG E)
          West Springfield, MA
          Sept 30

Rides included: scooter, freak-out, flying scooter, cuckoo haus fun house, yo-yo, power surge, wacky worm, orbiter, area 51 gravatron, pharoah's fury, speed, mouse trap dark ride, giant gondola, tilt, cliff hanger, fun slide, blitzer coaster, scooter, vertigo, spider, ring of fire loop, fuerer ball, matterhorn, surf city fun house, fear factory dark ride, 1001 nachts, silly seaside fun house, traffic jam fun house, orient express, 3 abreast mgr, end zone inflatable, train station, cross country adventure, mini-sewing, go-gater, puppy ro;;, rock'n'tug, tea cup. hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, pirate island raider, artic blast fun house, construction zone, century wheel, wet boat, min-wave swinger, gravity storm bungy bounce, all star train plus bear a dice puppet show along with 52 games, 12 food concessions and 2 straight sales.

NAME this year booked in 2 rides from PGAM which was the Freak Out and Flying Scooter. Also Johnny Doolan (Doolan Amusement) had 6 rides booked in as usual. Rides where: cross country adventure, kiddie swing, train station, surf city fun house and the mouse trap dark ride.

This year the lot does not look as full as previous years. Infield was not full of trailers like the traveling school and all the office complex that the Conklin Unit has had for years. Not as many Himayla type rides and to much opening between rides makes it looks smaller. One ride that I miss was the Wave Swinger. Would like to see a Skater up here which I have scene on the Mid America unit this year. This is still not the same as the original Conklin Show that first came to the Big E. After Conklin sold out to NAME it has in my opinion gone down each year to just another carnival.

#44)    ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (33 rides)
           Deerfield Fair
           Deerfield, NH
           Oct 1

Rides included: bear affair, rock'n'tug, dragon wagon, tiger inflatable, clownin around fun house, tiki town fun house, 2 abreast mgr, wacky worm, bungy tramp, zemperla balloon, family fun slide, bumble bee bop, dizzy dragon, hampton 4x4 tuff, hampton cycle jump, taxi, chair swing, tornado, cliff hanger, orbiter, tilt, hampton mix, rio grande train, gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, polar express, rock star, starship 3000 gravatron, zipper, hurricane, scrambler, scooter, vertigo. On the lot was 10 food concessions and 3 straight sales. There are NO games anywheres on the fair grounds.

Rockwell Amusements books in rides from Scott Miller, Miller Amusements and Larry Cushing, LMC Amusements as Rockwell has another fair going on in Conn at the same time.

Lots of pictures of each carnivals that I have scene this year can be found on my Facebook page: crashmoreau carnivalrevue

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Morris, NY

(18 rides)

hampton cycle, hampton mix, cliff hanger, twist, flying bob, typhoon, crazy bus, bob sled race, convoy, sooper jet coaster, sea dragon, orbiter, scooter, giant gondola wheel, merry-go-round, slide, rainbow rock, inflatable.

Deerfield, NH
Sept 2003

(32 rides)

klown college fun house, bear affair, gondola wheel, the road to oz fun house, wind jammer, 1001 nights, fling bob, sizzler, zipper, gravatron, fun house, the onder walk fun slide, kids town fun house, pirate ship, train station, inflatable, tilt, yoyo, dumbos, scooter, orbiter, skymaster, tea cup, kiddie wheel, red barron, mini himalayia, bumble bee, merry-go-round, dizzy dragon, super slide, hampton mix, inflatable.

West Springfield, MA
Sept 2003

(49 rides)

rock wall, 2 abreast merry-go-round, crazy sub, tilt, safari train, scooter, speedway, down hill racer, giggle glass house, hill billy vilage fun house, bumble bee, fly 10, swing, train station, hampton mix, hampton helicopter / space ship, cross country adventure, kids power, berry-go-round, swing, dragon wagon, 4 abreast merry-go-round,  mark I coaster, raider of the lost mine dark ride, niagra falls (flume), fantasma fun house, steeple chase, horror haus fun house, ghost mansion dark ride, aladin, gravatron, ploar express, lil's palace fun house, wave swinger, kamakzie, orbiter, scooter, hurricane, swinger, polar express, enterprise, crazy flip, drop of fear, zipper, giant wheel, wacky worm, sizzler, rock'n'tug.

Sykesville, PA

(13 rides)

sizzler, zipper, cliff hanger, tornado, orbiter, hampton boat, orient express, hampton cycle, wheel, merry-go-round, dizzy dragon, boat racers, fun slide.

Pleasant Grove, UT

(17 rides)

ring of fire (loop), dragon, spin out, super slide, yoyo, gee whiz, zipper, starship, orbiter, bad land express, raider, merry-go-round, train station, peter / paul, donald duck boat, star fighter, hampton mixed.

Phillipsburg, NJ

(20 rides)

scooter, round-up, hurricane, sizzler, swinger, zipper, merry-go-round, jurasic jeeps, balloon, choo choo charlie, jurasic survivor inflatable, dragon wagon, titanic, dragons, hampton cycle, super shot, slide, raiders, mardi gras glass house, vortex.

Davenport, IA

(31 rides)

raiders, inflatable, go-gator, tilt, spider, truckin usa, slide, zipper, gravatron, scream dark ride, kamikazi, flying bob, gondola wheel, yoyo, sea ray, super loops, titanic, sizzler, hurricane, tilt, round-up, scooter, inflatable, (2) #5 wheels, kids merry-go-round, dizzy dragon, bulgy, helicopters, (3) hampton rides, wisdom merry-go round.

East Rutherford, NJ
July 2003

(62 rides)

merry-go-round, drive in cinema 2000, 4X4, hampton cycles, hampton gators, monkey mayhem, crazy bus, rain forest fun house, kids power, family swings, merry-go-round, rock'n'tug, slide, elephants, dinosaurs, construction zone, safari train, go-gater, touch down, scrambler, wave swinger, cape fear dark ride, cliff hanger, thriller fun house, chance giant wheel, space roller, scooter, musik express, crazy mouse spinning coaster, rock'n'roll, gravatron, zipper, orbiter, banzai, musik express, kite flyer, magic dragon coaster, catapiller coaster, bumble bee, slide, speedway, dizzy dragon, little drummer boy. cross country adventure, rescue 911, balloon, wet alligators, magic mirror maze, tilt, pharoah's fury, tornado, hi-roller, fireball, scooter, white water flume, rainbow rock, musik express, lil's palace fun house, raiders of the lost mine fun house, avalanche mardi gras glass house, ring of fire, mtv fun house