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#1 April 20 ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)
                     Shopping Mall
                     North Attleboro, MA

Rides included: scooter, wind glidder, scrambler, round-up, pharoah's fury, dragon wagon, dinosaur/elephant, inflatable, puppy roll, family fun slide, hampton cycle, fun side fun house, giant wheel,, starship 3000 gravatron, bungy bounce plus 7 games and 3 food concessions

#2 April 20 ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
                     Parking Lot
                     Seekonk, MA

Rides included: rok star, mardi graz glass house, yo-yo, polar express, fly surf, pirate ship fun house, giant wheel, down on farm,bumple bee bop, bungy tramp, dizzy dragon, frog hopper, orient express, up up away balloon, fun slide, tilt (music express) orbiter, round up, scrambler plus 23 games and 3 food concessions.

#3 April 20 FIESTA SHOWS (20 rides)
                    Weymouth Carnival
                    High School
                    Weymouth, MA

Rides included: spinning coaster, zipper, zero gravity round-up, hyper spin, fireball loop, pharoah's fury, crazy bus, rockin tug, hot shot drop, 3 abreast MGR, swinger, thunder bolt, freak out, space ball, super slide, bungy tramp, rockwall, wizzaed wand raider, mechanical bull, lucky lizzy fun house plus 11 games and 2 food concessions.

#4 May 26  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (Rides 16)
                   Topsham Fair Grounds
                   Topsham, ME

Rides included: raider, tornado, zipper, super slide, dragon wagon, air time swing, frog hopper, helicopter, 3 abreast MGR, circus train, sky diver, bungy bounce, gravatron, giant wheel, tilt, tempest, plus 8 games and 5 food concessions.

#5 June 23  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (13 rides)
                    Old Town River Park
                    Old Town, ME

Rides included: hampton mix, hampton snowmobile, bungy tramp, super slide, 2 abreast MGR, circus train, zipper, gravatron, air time swing, tempest, sky diver, helicopter, kids power plus 6 food and 6 games

                    Houlton Fair
                    Houlton, ME

#7 July 13  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (15 rides)
                   Central Maine Egg Festival
                   Pittsfield, ME

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, hampton mix, hampton snowmobile swamp buggy, kids power, circus train, air time swing, helicopter, sky diver, super slide, bungy tramp, water ball, gravatron, zipper, tempest plus 7 food concessions 2 straight sales and 12 games

#8 July 13  KAVANAUGH AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)
                   Ossippe Valley Fair

Rides included: swinger, tempest, inflatable slide, octapus, roll-o-plane, inflatable, round-up, catapiler, 2 abreast MGR, mini plane, hampton mix plus 5 food concessions and 7 games

#9 July 16  DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (20 rides)
                     Orange County Fair
                     Middletown, NY

PARTIAL RIDE LIST: happy swing, bear afair, fun house, fun house, slide, demajia, crazy mouse, 2 abreast MGR, rock"n"star, coaster, balloon wheel, gondola wheel, scrambler, scooter, fire engines, battle ship, pirate, dream catcher, tornado, himayla

#10 July 16   DREAMLAND AMUSEMENTS  (14 rides)
                      Tannersvill, PA 

Rides included: player fun house, orient express, orange whip, manhatten tour copter, zemp dragon, sizzler, gondola wheel, land slide, 2 abreast MGR, train station, vertigo, storm, starship 3000, fire engine, pony cart plus 7 games and 3 food concessions

#11 July 18  GOODTIME AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
                      Dewey Fire Company
                      Hellertown, PA

Rides included: paratrooper, coyote run fun house, sizzler, starship 3000, eli wheel, raider, hampton mix, castle mania, fire engine, boat, super slide, rock'n'out, dragon wagon, tea cup, puppy roll, super jet, plus 16 games and 5 food             

#12 July 18  TONS OF FUN  (17 rides)
                     Fleetwood Community Days Carnival
                     Fleetwood, PA

Rides included: orient express, mini himaylia, cliff hanger, hurricane, zipper, super sizzler, super round up, super fun classic fun house, super slide, red barron, groovy bus, 2 abreast mini MGR, up up away balloon, dizzy dragon/bear affair, sky fighter, hamp cycle jump, swiner plus 5 food and 11games

#13 Aug  5  ROSEDALE ATTRACTION  (13 rides)
                    Berkley County Fair
                    Martinsburg, WV

Rides included: inflatable, dragon wagon. tilt, scrambler, trabant, 12 seat wheel, clown town (kids power), jalopy jct, 2 abreast MGR, dizzy dragon, zem elephants, hampton 4x4 tuff, tubs plus 1 food concession and 4 games

#14 Aug 3    SMOKIES GREATER SHOWS  (19 rides)
                     Northern Maine Fair
                     Presque Isle ME

Rides included: air time swing, raider, racer, frog hopper, kids power, sky diver, gravatron, tornado, thunder bolt, tilt, scooter, bear affair, hampton mix, helicopter, dragon wagon, circus train, 3 abreast MGR, bungy tramp plus 19 food concessions 10 games and 1 straight sales

#15 Aug 4     SMOKIES GREATER SHOWS  (13 rides)
                      Rockland Seafood Festival
                      Rockland, ME

Rides included: super slide, gondola wheel, lil scrambler, 2 abreast MGR, tempest, inflatable, trabant, hampton mix, hampton snowmobile/swamp buggy, zipper, sun tan fun house space ship plus 5 games and 3 food concessions

#16 Aug 4    FIESTA SHOWS  (28 rides)
                     Bangor State Fair
                     Bangor, ME

Rides included: cliff hanger, zero gravity round up, spinning coaster, fireball super loop, crazy bus, wizard wand raider, magic maze glass house, inflable slide, expo wheel, jungle safari, phoo bear, elephant, turtles, rockin tug, mechanical bull, scooter, polar express, rock wall, zipper, super slide, swinger, 2abreast MGR, swamp thing, freak out (NOT RUNNING), tornado, twister, pharoah's fury plus 28 food concessions 13 games, 8 straight sales plus 8 commercial joints and 2 caracture

#17 Aug 10 REITHOFFER SHOWS  (34 rides)
                    New Jersey State Fair
                    Augusta, NJ

Rides included: super himyalia, zipper, super slide, circus train, yo-yo, boot camp inflatable, sky race, the crazy outback fun house, surf city, fireball loop, tilt,spook town fun house, air race, gondola wheel, enterprise gravatron, music express, western mouse, sizzler, swinger, flying tigers, rockin tug, magic bus, speedway, dizzy dragon, wiggle worm, zemperla elephant, orient express, hampton quads, snowball express, ice palace fun house, bumple bee bop, heros zone (raider), tornado, scooter, plus midway store, (2) caracture drawings, fun with the gun, smallest women, dunk tnk with 2 straight sales, 33 games and 22 food concessions

#18 Aug 14 AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA  (17 rides)
                    Vermont State Fair
                     Rutland, VT

Rides included: slide, eli wheel, crystal lil's glass house, gondola wheel, super shot drop, zero gravity round-up, pharoah's fury, scrambler, trapeze yo-yo, ram rod scooter, 1001 naughs, dogs, hampton mix, tweety inflatable, kolmax tea cup, hog wild, 3 abreast MGR plus I GOT IT, 8 games, 5 food concessions

#19 Aug 14  D & l AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)
                     County Fair
                     Barton, VT

Rides included: scrambler, the liberty, tempest, apple spin, mind winder, cobra, (2) inflatables, train station, hillbilly village fun house, swing (chairplane gas powered), plus 2 games and 3 food concession.

#20 Aug 15  FIESTA / SMOKEY'S GREAT SHOWS  (38 rides)
                     Skowhegan State Fair
                     Skowhegan, ME

Rides included: wet canoe, hampton snowmobile, hampton mix, saucer space ship, magic maze glass house, sun tan city fun house, raider, tilt, zemperla elephants, 2 abreast MGR, jungle safari, turtle, circus train, pharoah's fury,  zero gravity round-up, bear affair, gondola whwwl, trabant, swamp gater, kiddie scrambler, kid's power, bungy tramp, racin', fireball super loop, scrambler, frog hopper, bear affair, zipper, helicopter, gravatron, scooter, thunder bolt, twister, inflatable slide, swinger, super slide, tornado, sky diver plus g force laser tag, casino tent, 2 pull ticket and a caracture drawing along with 13 games, 9 straight sales, and 17 food concessions.

#21 Aug 23  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (25 rides)
                     Piscataquis Valley Fair
                     Dover / Foxcroft, ME

Rides included: kid's scrambler, hampton mix, hampton mix, frog hopper, artic bob, trabant, gravatron, sky diver, scooter, air time swing, super slide, raider, gondola wheel, tempest, tilt, scrambler, tornado, helicopter, sun tan fun house, 3 abrest MGR, bungy tramp, circus train, dragon wagon, bear affair, racin plus 1 straight sales 8 games and 13 food concession

#22 Aug 23  ROCKWELL / MILLER  (19 rides)
                     Union Fair
                     Union, ME

Rides included: family fun slide, pirate ship fun house, dragon wagon, gondola wheel, zombie hotel fun house, funside fun house, 2 abreast MGR, puppy roll, dump truck inflatable, hampton mix, train station, pharoah's fury, scooter, yo-y, hurricane, zipper, starship 3000 gravatron, wing glider, scrambler plus 1 carracture, 2 straight sales, 14 games and 12 food concessions

#23 Aug 24  DREAMLAND
                     Caldonia County Fair
                     Lyndonville, VT

                     Champain Valley Fair
                     Essex Jct, VT

#25 Aug 28  DREAMLAND
                     Schaghticoke Fair
                     Schaghticoke, NY

                     Fonda Fair
                     Fonda, NY

#27 Aug 29  WADE SHOWS
                     New York State Fair
                     Syracuse, NY

#28 Aug 30  HOUGHTON ENTERPRISES  (18 rides)
                     Wyoming County Fair
                     Meshoppen, PA

Rides included: skymaster, hillbilly express train, safari truck, monkey madness fun house, puppy roll, hampton cycle jump, dragon wagon, 2 abreast MGR, play house, bear affair, hurricane, expo wheel, pharoah's fury, super round-up, wipe out, fun slide, zipper, scooter plus 1 straight sales, 14 games and 12 food concessions

#29 Aug 31 DEGGELLERS ATTRACTIONS  (42 rides)
                    Maryland State Fair
                    Timoniun, MD

Rides included in 2 areas: (kids) kids pirate ship, rock n tug, speedway, crazy bus, happy swing, dragon, raider, elephant, rock n, quad racer, helicopter, down on farm fishy, fighter, tea cup, 3 abreast MGR, wet paddle boat, kid's zone games wheel plus 2 ?

(Big Kids) yo-yo, fireball loop, typhoon, puppy roll, rip tide coaster vertigo, hang ten, gondola wheel, magic maze glass house, pharoah's fury, enterprise, tornado, cliff hanger, zero gravity round up, zipper, starship 4000, shock drop, fun house, scooter, hyd, music express plus many food and games

                    Allentown Fair
                    Allentown, PA

#31  Sept 24  GILLETTE SHOWS  (21 rides)
                       Cumberland County Fair
                       Cumberland, ME

Rides included: rainbow rock, kids bob sled race, kiddie swing, hampton racer, hampton cycle jump, 3 abreast MGR, gondola wheel, tilt, orbiter, scooter, wave swinger, zero gravity round-up, rock & roll, 4 abreast MGR, cliff hanger, air force 1, flying bob, typhoon, convoy, rock'n'tug, super slide plus 14 games, 12 food concessions with 3 straight sales.

#32  Sept 25  NAME (All Star Unit)  (51 rides)
                       Eastern States Exposition
                       West Springfield, MA

Rides included: zipper, thunder bolt, freenzee, mouse trap dark ride, pharoah's fury, monkey maze glass house, fun house, tilt, super loop, scooter, mega drop, twin flip, starship area 51, vertigo, poer surge, wacky worm, 1001 nachts, dark ride, matterhorn, surf city fun house, hyper loop 360, cliff hanger, speed, starship exodus, super cyclone coaster, 5 lane fun slide, giant wheel, scooter, round-up, century wheel, doolan train station, hampton car, hampton, cycle, pirate island rider, 3 abreast MGR, red barron, zemp dino, go-gater, puppy roll, madegascar fun house, rock'n'tug, swing, orient express, the wild one inflatable, all-star train, hampton mix, cross country adventure family swing, bungy tramp, helicopter dry boat plus 1 straight sal, 14 food concessions and 62 games.

#33  Sept 26  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (33 rides)
                       Deerfield Fair
                       Deerfield, MA

Rides included: bumble bee bop, hampton 4x4 tuff, orient express, zombie hotel fun house, fun side fun house, scrambler, hurricane, zipper, scooter, star ship 3000 gravatron, round-up, polar express, pharoah's fury, yo-yo, gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, down on farm, hampton cycle jump, hampton mix, 2 abreast MGR, bungy tramp, puppy roll, family fun slide, train station, pumpkin patch, scooby shack, casino, tornado plus 7 food concessions and 2 straight sales. (Deerfield Fair does not allow any games of chance or skills on the fair grounds.)

#34  Oct    McBride BROTHERS   (8rides)
                  October Fest
                  Hickory, NC

Rides included: g whiz, bungy tramp, cliff hanger, circus train, kicker bootie, spin apple, hampton mix, hampton cycle jump, swinger.

#35  Oct 14  POWERS / WADE SHOWS  (85 Rides)
                     North Carolina State Fair
                     Raleigh, NC

Rides included:pirate island raider, bungy bounce, fun slide,hampton, hampton 4x4 tuff, rock n tug, silly safari fun house, under sea adventure, lil par?, jumbo, monster truck, crazy chopper, 3 abreast MGR, train station, time machine, up up away, charlie chopper, wiggle worm, surf shack, kracken spider, street fighter, gondola wheel centifge gravatron, fire ball loop, rock star, fling bob, orbiter, zipper, sea dragon, bungy tramp, 3 abreast MGR, tea cup, circus train, monster truck, lolly swing, water roll ball, puppy roll, balloon fiesta, magic maze glass house, tilt, land slide, super cyclone coaster, delusion, scrambler, cliff hanger, king's circus fun house, super shot, starship 4000, gondola wheel, wacky worm, surf & slip, wet boat, super slide, hampton jeep, hampton cars, mardi gras glass house, bungy tramp, fire house glass house, gondola wheel, genissis, speed,  house, orbiter, mechanical bull, zombie apacolis, orbiter, hit n 2000, mega drop, zero gravity round up, scooter, kaos, cliff hanger, super himalaya, fire ball loop, vertigo, rock wall, enterprise, chuckoo  fun house, rock star, alien adventure gravatron, sizzler, hot rod scooter, tilt, swinger plus 2 i got it giant wheel, snake girl smallest women, smallest horse and a midway mini mart plus lots of food concessions, games and straight sales on the lot

#36  Oct 14  POWER / THOMAS  (17 rides)
                     Smithfield, NC

Rides included: bungy tramp,magic maze glass house, sky master, expo wheel, speed, flying bob, hurricane, tilt, sizzler, pharoah's fury, 3 abreast MGR, fire chief, dizzy dragon, monster truck, wiggle worm, fun slide, ?, plus 5 games and 5 food concessions

#37  NOV 3   HOUGHTON  (10 rides)

Rides included: scooter, skymaster, expo wheel, gravatron, wipe out, zipper, monkey maze fun house, spin the apple, dragon wagon, red barron o
plane plus 7 food cocessions, 5 games

#38  Nov  4  AMUSEMENTS OF AMERICA (68 rides)
            South Carolina Coastal Fair
                      Ladson, SC

Rides included: sky ride, down on farm,super slide, bumple bee bop, frog hopper, bear, affair, safari train,speedway, mini-enterprise, go-gater, orbiter, starship 3000, pam's palace  fun house, pharoah's fury, giant wheel, chaos, raibow rock, rock'n'tug, 3 abreast MGR, sponge bob fun house, tea cup, eli wheel, free fall drop, sky fall, trapeze yoyo, ring of fire loop, mardi gras glass house, tomb of doom dark ride, scrambler, tilt, super shot drop tower, rock n roll hymalia, cliff hanger, wave swinger, polar express, super nova, rock star, sizzler, back draft, crystal lil's glass house, crazy mouse coaster, scooter, rock n roll, mobey dick, zero gravity round up, fire storm, free fall drop,  elephants, wind jammer, barrel of fun, construction zone, far west train, whacky worm,   _ - gator, mechanical bull, 3 abreast MGR, gondola wheel, hampton cycle, super slide, dog, bumper boats, hampton 4x4 quad race, hampon sea do,balloon, hampton roadster, dizzy dragon, plus many food oncessions,  games and straight sales thru out the grounds.

A shower came in so I gave up on a map and of rides and games
#39  Nov 5  REITHOFFER (Orange Unit) (40 rides)
                   Coastal Empire Fair
                   Savannha, GA

Rides included: dizzy dragon, tea cup, circus train, ryan dragon (dizzy Dragon), kiddie himayla, kolmax carosil, dutch wheel, sizzler, full tilt, demo derby scooter, wiggle worm coaster, vertigo, scrambler, freak-out, tornado (typhoon), zemp helicopter, raider, baja, hot wheel scooter, # abreast MGR, automania fun house, yoyo, bear affair, truck stop, drive in car, kiddie scrambler, lolly swing, hampton boats hampton cycle jump, speedway,  choo choo charlie, fun slide, himaylia, racing coaster, nova, zipper, orbiter, pharoah's fury, terminator dark ride, mardi gras glass house, fire chief plus 15 food concessions, 19 games 1 commercial, 4 straight sales 1 photo, 1 face painting, bozo dunk tank and 2 carature drawing stands

#40  Nov 8  BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (28 rides)
                        Space Coast State Fair
                        Melbourne, FL

Rides included: 3 abreast MGR, zero gravity round up, sea ray, wheel, himalayia, zipper, hill billy  village fun house, puppy roll, centrifuge gravatron, hampton 4x4, ring of fire loop, monkey maze glass house, extreme, wacky worm, scooter, air flyer swing, tilt, train station, bungy tramp, frog hopper, sky wheel, slide, dragon wagon, speedway, yoyo, up up away, hero zero raider plus 12 food concessions, 23games, dunk tank,  and garbora the gorrila. Plus 12 food cocession, 23 games, 1 commercial stand, 1straight sales

Other shows include thru out the grounds: 2 stages, wall of death, Vidbel's wolf of america, flores circus acts,  plus shark attraction

#41  Nov 8    DEGGALAR AMUSEMENTS  (46 rides)
                      DeLand, FL

Rides included: century wheel, zero gravity round up, kids zone, usic express, scooter, rip tide coaster, giant wheel, haunted masion dark ride, hydra, buggy around, 3 abreat MGR, yoyo, super star, tomb of doom, zipper, starship 4000, typhoon,  roll out de, fireball loop, magic maze glass house, cliff hanger, tilt, puppy roll, hampton 4x4 quad, vertigo, ice jet, enterprize, traffic jam, dumbo, orient express, bumper boat, crazy chopper, dozer, circus train, safari bus, monster truck, pirate island raider, speedway, rock'n'tug, dragon coaster, bungy tramp, down on farm, zemp dune buggy, tea cup happy swing, old time photo, 2 caracture drawing, face painting, mechanical bull plus 37 food, 30 games and 6 straight sales

                      IISA CAROSIL BUILDING
                      Gibton, Fl

#42  Nov 17  BELLE CITY AMUSEMENTS (27 rides)

Rides included: slide, dragon wagon, tornado, hampton roadsters, fun zone fun house, drop zone, free fall, himalaya, rock, racin, scrambler, scorpion, down on farm, crazy plane, mario land, dizzy dragon, alien abduction gravatron, typoon, giant wheel, vertigo, zero gravity round-up, rock'n'roll himayla, peter paul dragon, 3 abreast MGR, lolly swing, power surge, ring of fire loop, plus 8 food concessions and 10 games.

All rides, food, games were on ticket sales. NO CASH.

#43   Nov 19  ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (22 rides)
                       Church Festival
                       Spring Hill, FL

Rides included: zero gravity round-up, sizzler, dodge em scooter, magic maze glass house, train, funny fun house, zipper, orbiter, fun slide, tea cup, swamp gater, speedway, pharoah's fury, wiggle worm, giant wheel, bear affair, shock drop, funtastic train, jumpin jumbo's, 3 abreast MGR, hampton quads, hampton roadsters ,plus 5 food concession and 10 games

#44  Nov 20   WADE SHOWS   (31 rides)

Rides included: hydro shot, super cyclone coaster, fire bird loop, zombie ac dark ride, scooter, land slide, cliff hanger, sizzler, zipper, circus train, starship 4000, tilt, fling bob, hampton cycle, hampton cars, silly safari fun house, orbiter, small wheel, magic dragon coaster, lolly swing, dry boat, tea cup,  silver streak, up up away, bungy tramp, bungy tramp, monster truck, wacky worm, marti gras glass house and a 2 abreast MGR plus food concessions and games. Also scene on the grounds racing pigs, horses horses, pirate of caribean, petting zoo, live pony, gifford's magic stage.


#1   July 1   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (16 rides)
                    Houlton Fair
                    Houlton, ME

Rides included: zipper, gravatron, thunder bolt, tempest, scrambler, giant slide, 2 abreast MGR, bungy tramp, swinger, hampton snowmobile, circus train, wet canoe, kids power, hampton mix, space ship, helicopter plus 8 food concessions and 5 games 

All rides have lights out or missing

#2    July 15  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (12 rides)
                       Egg Festival
                       Pittsfield, ME

Rides included: bungy tramp, zipper, tempest, tornado, tilt, scrambler, giant slide, space ship, air time slide, circus train, 2 abreast MGR, kids power, hampton snowmobile plus 7 games, 7 food concessions and 1 commercial stand

#3    July 30  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOW  (19 rides)
                      Northern Maine Fair
                      Presque, Isle, ME

Rides included: scrambler, starship gravatron, tilt, tornado, sky diver, thunder bolt, raider, kids power, hampton snowmobile, circus train, air time swing, bear affair, wet canoe, dragon wagon, scooter, spider, racing (speedway), frog hopper, 3 abreast MGR, plus 9 games, 1 food concession

#4    Aug 1    FIESTA SHOWS  (26 rides)
                      Bangor State Fair
                      Bangor, ME

Rides included: pharoah's fury, swamp gater, scooter, freak out, zipper, zero gravity round-up, spin coaster, expo wheel, polar express, super slide, hot shot drop, star ship exodus, fireball loop, twister, tornado, swinger, lucky lizzy, magic maze glass house, dragon inflatable, crazy bus, jungle safari jeep, elephant, phoo bear, turtle, 2 abreast MGR, rock'n'tug plus 8 commercial stands, 30 food concession, 12 direct sales, 14 games, 2 caracuture drawings, a mechical bull, rock wall

#5    Aug 5   SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (12 rides)
                     Rockland Seafood Festival
                     Rockland, ME

Rides included: gondola wheel, super slide, kiddie scrambler, inflatable, saucer, tempest, zipper, sun tan city fun house, trabant, hampton cars, hampton trucks, 2 abreast MGR, plus 5 games and 4 food concessions.

#6     Aug 5  KAVANAUGH AMUSEMENTS  (11 rides)
                     Monmouth Fair
                     Monmouth, ME

Rides included: inflatable kids power, rock-o-plane, octopus, tempest, star fighter, baby 2 abreast MGR, wiggle worm, hampton mix, kiddie plane plus 4 food concessions and 6 games.

#7    Aug 10 ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
                     Topsham Fair
                     Topsham, ME

Rides included: wind glider, gondola wheel, starship 3000, scrambler, scooter, yoyo, renegade fun house, pharoah's fury, funside fun house, train station, family slide dragon wagon, dump truck inflatable, hampton mix, puppy roll, 2 abreast MGR, plus 16 food concessions

#8    Aug 10  FIESTA/SMOKEY'S  (38 rides)
                      Skowhegan State Fair
                      Skowhegan, ME

Rides included: scrambler, kids scrambler, saucer, swamp gater, trabant, tilt, gondola wheel, raider, sun tan city fun house, magic maze glass house, kids power, hampton mix, hampton cars, wet canoe, sky diver, gravatron, helicopter, zipper, bear affair, frog hopper, super slide, racing, circus train, turtle, jungle safari, 2 abreast MGR,elephant, scooter, swinger, twister, spider, polar express, fireball loop, tornado, pharoah's fury, phoo bear, dragon infltable, zero gravity rpound-up plus a casino, 21 food concessions, 10 games, 8 straight sales and 2 pull tab tics, face painting and carature drwaings.

#9     Aug 25  SMOKIES GREAT SHOWS  (25 rides)
                       Piscataquis County Fair
                       Dover/Foxcroft, ME

Rides included:racing, raider, sun tan fun house, giant slide,  fun centre inflatable, dragon wagon, hampt car, hampton snowmobile, bear affair, 3 abreast MGR, frog hopper, helicopter, sky diver, circus train, kids scrambler, gondola wheel tempest, scooter, gravatron, thunder bolt, trabant, tornado, spider, scrambler, bungy bounce plus 11 food concessions, 9 games and 1 straight sales

#10   Aug 30  ROCKWELL / MILLER  (27 rides)
                       Windsor Fair
                       Windsor, ME

Rides included: renegade ship fun house, dragon wagon, train station, euro bungy, dizzy dragon hampton 4x4 tuff, hampton cycle jump, down on the farm, 2 abreast MGR, family fun slide, pharoah's fury, starship 3000, tornado, wind glider, zipper yoyo, round up, scooter, hurricane, sizzler, gondola wheel, tilt, zombie hotel fun house, fun sise fun house, dump truck inflable, puppy roll, hampton mix, bumble bee bop plus 14 food concessions and 12 games

#11   Sept 1  SMOKEY'S GREATER SHOWS  (32 rides)
                       Blue Hill Fair
                       Blue Hill, ME

Rides included: bungy tramp, spider, tilt, sizzler, sun tan city fun house, raider, air time swing, kids power, super slide, saucer, bear affair, tempest, sky diver, trabant, thunder bolt, tornado, zipper, scooter, gravatron, racin, gondola wheel, helicopter, circus train, 3 abreast MGR, hampton race cars, hampton mix, hampton trucks, hampton snowmobile, wet canoe, dragon wagon, frog hopper, bear affair, dizzy dragon, plus 24 food concessions, 16 games, 5 straight sales, stage, 4 scratch tickets and 1 casino.

#00   Sept 4   NO CARNIVAL
                      Springfield Fair
                      Springfield, Maine

#12   Sept 8  MILLER/SMOKEY'S  (20 rides)
                      Litchfield Fair
                      Litchfield, ME

Rides included: zipper, trabant, tilt, gravatron, kids power, raider, hurricane, bumper cars, tornado, sizzler, dragon wagon, down on the farm. dizzy dragon, slide, zombie hotel fun house, train station, bumble bee bop, hampton 600, hampton cycle jump, 2 abreast MGR plus 14 food concessions, 7 games and 1 straight sale.

#13   Sept 8   CUSHING AMUSEMENTS  (15 rides)
                      Clinton Fair
                      Clinton, ME

Rides included:go-gator, crazy bus, wheel, chair swing, super slide, zipper, music fest, gravatron, casino, round-up, dizzy dragon, train station, scooby shack, hampton mix, airport taxi, bungy tramp plus 5 food concessions, 5 games, 2 straight sales and a dunk tank

#14   Sept 17  NAME
                       Eastern States Exposition
                       West Springfield, MA

#15   Sept 29  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (35 rides)
                        Deerfield Fair
                        Deerfield, MA

Rides included: pharoah's fury, sizzler, zipper, starship 3000, roun-up, rock star, polar express, vertigo, scooter, magic maze glass house, gondola wheel, train station, frog hopper, hampton mix, rock'n'tug, dizzy dragon, dragon wagon, fun side fun house, zombie hotel fun house, tiki town fun house, tornado, cliff hanger, orbiter, music express tilt, wacky worm, 2 abreast MGR, tea cup, bungy jump, family slide, bumble bee bop, puppy roll, hampton quad, hampton cycle jump down on farm, dump truck inflatable plus 11 food concessions, 2 commercial and 3 straight sales.

The fair association does not allow any games on the grounds

#16   Oct 1     BATES AMUSEMENTS
                       Coshocton, OH

#17   Oct 5    FIESTA SHOWS
                      Topsfield Fair
                      Topsfield, MA

#18    Oct 6  GILLETTE SHOW
                      Sandwich Fair
                      Center Sandwich, NH

                      Fryburg Fair
                     Fryburg, ME

Some how all my 2016 2017 and 2018 was deleted.
I have found all my notes except 15 lots


#1  July 21   FIESTA SHOW  (22 rides)
                     Stratham Fair
                     Stratham, NH

Rides included: lucky lizzy, magic maze, zipper, artic blast, spinning coaster, ultimate illusion, zero gravity round up, starship exodus, rock wall, rock'n'tug, wheel, 3 abreast MGR, freak out, thunder bolt, giant slide, crazy bus, boot camp inflatable, bungy jump, hot shot drop, fireball loop, scooter, pharoah's fury plus 10 food concessions and 15 games

#2  July 22  MIDWAY RIDES OF UTICA  (21 rides)
                   Angelica, NY

Rides included: cross country jeep, dizzy dragon, himalaya, scooter, wind glider, cow bounce inflatable, spider, rock-o-plane, gm jetstar, vortex swing, hmpton jeep, hampton cycle, 2 abreast MGR, lil wheel, raider, sky, catapiller coaster, ? in, slide, inflatable, inflatable plus 1 i got it 7 food concessions 12 games 3 straight sales 2 commercil stands

#4  July 26  Elliot Amusements  (22 rides)
                    Holland, MI

Rides included: jackson train stop, blue lagoon bayou coaster, zemperla helicopter/ space, inflatable run, bungy tramp, apple worm, spin the apple, web slinger, fun slide, wheel, 2 abreast MGR, bear affair, sea ray, tempest, zipper, rok'n'roll, crystal lil's glass house, ali ala baba, cortina bob, twister swing, super para trooper, tilt, plus 4 food concessions and 12 games.

#5  July 27  ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (30 rides)
                    Imlay City, MI

Rides included:Swamp gator, freak out, tornado, magic carpet, bungy bounce, scooter, orbiter, gondola wheel, mardi gras glass house, flying bobs, fun slide, shock drop, bear affair, speedway, wave swinger, dizzy dragon, groovey bus, pharoah's fury, area 51 gravatron, zipper, cliff hanger funny farm fun house, zero gravity round up, hampton 4x4, hampton roadster, helicopter 3 abreast MGR, elephant, hill billy train plus 8 food concessions and 16 games

#6  July 29  Schmits Amusements  (16 rides)
                    Iosco County Fair
                    Hale, MI

Rides included: gator, swinger, scrambler, hurricane, tornado, para trooper, cobra, super slide, pock-o-plane, hillbilly fun house, castle mania, inflatable, old train, dizzy dragon, 2 abrest MGR, wheel plus food concessions, 9 games and 1 straight sales

#7  July 29  D & R Amusements  (15 rides)
                   Gladwin, MI

Rides included: haunted city fun house, rapid slide, 2 abreast MGR, gm hampton cycle, pony kart, casino, hampton mix, scat, thunder roll (rock-o-plane, inflatale, scrambler, train station, mini himalaya,  roll-o-plane berry go round plus 5 food concessions 8 games and 1 straight sales

#8   July 29  Skerbec Family  (19 rides)
                     Harrison, MI

Rides included: monkey maze, convoy race, berry go round, super slide, star fighter, ole santa fe train, hampton cycle jump, vertigo swing, gondola wheel, himalaya, fireball loop, gravatron, rainbow rock, rock n cars scooter, kids pirate ship, 2 abrest MGR, tilt, twister, ali baba, air raide, 6 food concessions, 15 games plus a palm reading

#9   July 30  FAMILY FUN TIME  (11 rides)
                     St Claire River Fest
                     St Claire, MI

Rides included: live pony ride, play station, dizzy dragon, star fighter, heart flip, swinger, circus fun, inflatable, inflatable, tubs of fun, old kiddie swinger (para trooper) plus 4 food concessions and 7 games

#10 Aug 2  BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (26 rides)
                    Saginaw County Fair
                    Saginaw, MI

Rides included: sky wheel, scooter, zipper, himalaya, fireball loop, abduction gravatron, hillbilly village fun house, gondola wheel, mardi graz glass house, fun slide, 3 abreast MGR, sea ray, extreme, zemb balloon, sizzler, bear affair, yoyo, wacky worm coaster, air flyer swing tower, dragon wagon, tain station, bungy jump, hero zone raider, gm hampton 600 racer, lady bug around, speedway, bozo dunk tank, plus 7 food concessions and 13 games

#11  Aug 2  SKERBEC ENTERETAINMENT  (33 rides)
                    Mason, MI

Rides included: euro bungy tramp, twin flip, spider, flying bob, spinner, boomers ball par, cucko haus, 1963 loopo-plane, super nova, mouse trap glass house, mighty mac truck stop, orient express, sea ray, scooter, polish elephant, tilt, swinger, cliff hanger, gondola wheel, mini scrambler, tea cup, polish airplane, wheel, polish carosel, 2 abreast MGR, 4 inflatables, spin the apple, space chair, jungle explosion, hampton cycle jump plus 22 food concessions 19 games 2 straight sales and 1 commercial stand

#12  Aug 3  MAPLE LEAF AMUSEMENTS  (18 rides)
                    Gratiot County Fair for Youth
                    Alma, MI

Rides included: inflatable, 2 abreast MGR, live pony, fun slide, sizzler, star trooper, himalaya, crazy surf, bear affair, starship 2000, swinger, expo wheel, train station, hampton 600x dune buggy, adventure (raider), go-gater, gm boat, lazy bear plus 4 food concessions and 9 games

#13  Aug 4  T J SCHMITDS  (20 rides)
                    Bad Axe, MI

Rides included: 16 seat wheel, wacky worm, western train, bungy tramp, hampton mix, super twister round-up, crocodile mile, zipper, sizzler, wipe out, fun slide, cliff hanger, live pony ridr, hang 10 chair swing, gee whiz, honey pot barrel, vertigo swing, scooter, 3 abreast MGR, euro bubbles plus 13 food concessions 11 ganes and 2 straight sales

#14  Aug 6   ELLIOT AMUSEMENTS  (22 rides)
                     Cassopolis, MI

Rides included: jackson truck stop, berry go round, wheel, bayou lagoon coaster, web slinger, fun slide, zemperla hellicopter/space, inflatable, apple wrm, bear affair, bungy bounce, ali baba, tilt, sea ray, rokin roll, twister swing, cortina bob. super para trooper, crystal lil's glass house, zipper, tempest plus 4 food concessions 15 games and 1 straight sales

#15  Aug 7  NAME  (33 rides)
                     Lake County Fair
                    Crown Point, IN

Rides included: vertigo swing, tilt, wet boat, silly sea fun house, 1001 naughts, matterhorn, scooter, wacky worm coaster, cliff hanger, gm boat, furerball, starship aera 51, power surge, yoyo, sizzler, rock wall, pirate island raider, construction zone, rock n tug, orient express, gm hampton mix, gm hampton cycle, gm hampton mix, go gator, bear affair, 3 abreast MGR, family swing, artic blast, 1001 naughts, century wheel, 5 lane fun slide, gravity storm bounce, all star railroad, bear a duce plus 32 food concessions and 29 games with 9 straight sales

#16  Aug 7  BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (23 rides)
                    Coldwater County Fair
                    Coldwater, MI

Rides included: air flyer, dragon wagon, sea ray, hill billy village fun house, himalaya, mulligan wheel, sizzler, yoyo, extreme, fireball loop, abduction (gravatron), zipper, fun slide, bungy tramp, 3 abreast MGR, zemperla balloon, hampton 600 racer,  mardi gras glass house, bear affair, helicopter, speedway, train station, scooteer plus 6 food concessions 12 games and 2 straight sales plus a bozo dunk tank

#17  Aug 8  WADE AMUSEMENTS  (19 rides)
                     Kalamazoo County Fair
                     Kalamazoo, MI

Rides included: magic maze glass house, happy swing, wacky shack fun house, area 51 gravatron,music express, vertigo swing, typhoon (himalaya), sun wheel, 2 abreast MGR, puppy roll, nemo, drag strip slide, rock star, sizzler, bumper cars, spin out, adventure kids (raider), midget racer, jungle twist (spin coaster) plus 5 food concessions, 7 games and 1 straight sales

#18  Aug 9  SKERBEC FAMILY  (20 rides)
                    Siawashi County Fair
                    Corunna, MI

Rides included: fireball loop, berry go round, central park jalopy, gondola wheel, rainbow rock, himlaya, monkey maze glass house, gravatro, twister (ali ba ba), 2 abreast MGR, kids pirate ship, hampton cycle jump,sky fighter, convoy race, old santa fe train, rock n roll (scooter), scrambler, tilt, air raid, vertigo, plus 4 food concessions and 15 games

#19  Aug 10  NAME (Unit #1)  (28 rides)
                      Jackson County Fair
                     Jackson, MI

Rides included: super slide, alpine fun house, scrambler, vertigo, tilt, 3 abreast MGR, train station, red barron, bear affair, orient express, frog hopper, flivver, kiddie swing, gondola wheel, action click, himalaya, freak out, tornado, tinsel town glass house, traffic jam fun house, toon town fun house, 1001 nachts, scooter, starship 3000, ring of fire loop, yoyo, crazy bus,  plus 13 games and 18 food concessions and 2 straight sales

#20   Aug 13  MAPLE LEAF AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
                      Mint Festival
                      St Johns, MI

Rides included: 2 abreast MGR, bear, gm boat, hampton mix, himalaya, sizzler, star fighter, starship 2000 gravatron, crazy surf, fun slide, expo wheel, swinger, adventure kids raider, bear affair, go gater plus 8 games

#21  Aug 14  NAME  (#4 Unit)  (52 rides in 2 areas)
                      INDIE STATE FAIR
                      Ind, IN

Rides included: 3 abreasr MGR, wet boat, dizzy dragon, treasure islnd raider, dinosaur, super slide, orient express, circus train, gondola wheel, elephant, fly hi, sizzler, tilt, scooter, cliff hanger, bulgy whale, silver streak, speedway, raider, bear affair, zemperla balloon, bumple bee bop, gm hampton mix cars, gm hampton cycles wacky worm coaster, rock'n'tug, freak out, 5 lane fun slide, crazy mouse coaster, mulligan wheel, round-up, cucko haus fun house, fireball loop, pharoah's fury, skater, speed, convoy race, yoyo, zero gravity round-up, blizzard, alein adventure gravatron, white water flume, toom of doom dark ride, fireball (claw), internal combustion fun house, remix ll, mardi graz glass house, screamer, tilt, tmega drop plus 50 games 15 food concessiond plus 4 straight sales

Rides are from 4 units of NAME. Units of ALL-Star, Mid-America, Unit 1, and Farrow

#22  Aug 16  WADE AMUSEMENTS  (28 rides)
                       Barrien Springs County Youth Fair
                       Barrien Springs, MI

Rides included: sun wheel, street fighter, sizzler, typhoon, spin out, music express, vertigo, area 51 gravatron, magic maze mirror house, rock star, hampton 4x4 quad, 2 abreast MGR, groovy bus, puppy roll, happy swing, midget racer, nemo, down on farm, surfs up (skater), jungle twist coaster, drag strip slide, adventure kids, bumble bee bop, granny bus, dumbos, whacky shack fun house, trabant, scooter plus 4 food concessions

#23   Aug 16   T J Schmidts Amusements  (21 rides)
                        Calhoun County Fair
                        Marshall, MI

Rides included; sizzler, gee whiz, 16 tub wheel, cliff hanger, wipe out, crockidle mut(go gater), mystery mansion dark ride, star trooper, western train, sky quest swing, zipper, rock-o-plane, scooter, 3 abreast MGR, wiggle worm, hampton mix, honey pots, fun slide, mega shot, bungy tramp, hang ten plus 10 food concessions, 11 games and 1 straight sales

#24   Aug 17  NAME  (27 rides)
                       Midland County Fair
                       Midland, MI

Rides included: orient express, train station, fire house (crazy bus), frog hopper, reb barron/helicopter, toon town fun house, 3 abreast MGR, bear affair, kiddie swing, giant wheel, movie magic, fun slide, twister, ring of fire loop, himalaya, tinsel town glass house, 1991 naughts, sizzler, freak out, tornado, vertigo, cliff hanger, starship 3000, yoyo, traffic jam fun house, alpine fun house, scooter, plus 7 food concessions, 21 games and 2 straight sales

#25   Aug 17  ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (34 rides)
                       Ogemaw County Fair
                       W Branch MI

Rides included: gondola wheel, zero gravity round up, shock drop, freak out, magic carpet, mardi gras glass house, area 51 gravatron, orbiter, jungle walk (raider), 3 abreast MGR, bungy tramp, berry go round, pharoah's fury, fun slide, fun slide, wave swinger, scooter, cliff hanger, zipper, sizzler, bear affair, tornado, lady bug, zemperla helicopter, groovy bus, dumbo's, hampton volkswagon, phooh bear, fun farm fun house, swamp gator, eli wheel, super truck speedway hampton quad racer plus 12 food concessions 22 games and bandorgan

#26   Aug 18   BIG ROCK AMUSEMENTS  (27 rides)
                       Armada, MI

Rides included: mulligan wheel, himalaya, sea ray, dragon wagon, hero zone raider, hill billy village fun house, mardi gras glass house, air flyer drop, wacky worm coaster, zipper, scooter, sky wheel, abduction gravatron, fun slide, extreme, sizzler, fireball loop, yoyo, bungy tramp, speedway, lady bug, hampton quad racer, rock wall, bear affair, train station, 3 abreast MGR, zemperla balloon plus 16 food concessions 12 games and 2 straight sales

#27   Aug 17  MAPLE LEAF AMUSEMENTS  (13 rides)
                       East Ridge Commons Shopping Mall
                       Flint, MI

Rides includedadventur kids (raiders) Lazy bear, gm dry boat, fun slide, himalaya, star ship 2000 gravatron, crazy surf (gee whiz), star trooper, sizzler, swinger, go gator, MGR, expo wheel plus 4 games

1 ride not set up bear affair

#28   Aug 21  NAME (1/2 unit of #1)  (22rides)
                       Genisse County Fair
                       Mt Morris, MI

Rides included: starship 3000, cliff hanger, vertigo swing, alpine fun house, himalaya, scooter, yoyo, super slide, freak-out, tornado, scrambler, 1001 naughts, 3 abreast MGR, bear affair, action flic, train station, kid's swing, orient express, red barrn town fun house plus 20 games, 7 food concessions and 1 straight sales

#29   Aug 25  SKERBEC FAMILY CARNIVAL  (22 rides)
                       County Fair
                       Petoskey, MI

Rides included: bulge, space shuddle swing, monkey maze glass house, convoy race, train station, rock'n'cars scooter, himalaya, vertigo swing, scrambler, air raid, fireball loop, gravatron, tilt, super slide, rainbow rock,  twister (ali baba), kiddie pirate swing, berry-go-round, 2 abreast MGR, century wheel, hampton cycle jump, sky fighter and 11 games and 3 food concessions

#30   Aug 26   Schmidts Ausements  (12 rides)
                        Manistee County Fair
                        Onekama, MI

Rides included: super slide, canoe swing, inflatable, glass house mirror maze, gravatron, sizzler, cobra, train station, 12 seat wheel, berry-go-round, 1955 kiddie coaster, 2 abreast MGR plus 5 games 4 food concessions and 3 straight sales

Show has the only cobra in Michigan and the oldest gravatron and scrambler

#31   Aug 26  ELLIOTS AMUSEMENTS  (17 rides)
                       Oceana County Fair
                       Hart, MI

Rides included: inflatable, twister swing, al baba, sea ray, tempest, cortina bob, eli big hy 5 wheel, super para trooper, fun slide, crystal lil's glass house, helicoper/space, apple worm, bear affair, jackson truck stop, 2 abreast MGR, bungy tramp, plus 6 food concession and 15 games

#32   Aug 27  ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS  (28 rides)
                       Hudsonville Community Fair
                       Hudsonville, MI

Rides included: 3 abreast MGR, wave swinger, fun slide, fun slide, jungle jim (Raider), funny farm fun house, groovy bus, 600 quad racer, zemperla helicopter, phooh bear, magic carpet, tornado, cliff hanger, sizzler, pharoah's fury, freak out, area 51 gravatron, zipper, scooter, mardi graz glass house, berry go round, bungy tramp, speedway, hampton cars, lady bug, gondola wheel, shock drop drop tower, orbiter, swamp gator plus 17 food concessions, 17 games and 1 straight sale

#33   Aug 28  DURANT ENTERPRISES  (16 rides)
                       Sandusky County Fair
                       Freemont, OH

Rides included: fun slide, scrambler, kamakaze, starship 3000, rock-o-plane, para trooper, hurricane, mini himalaya, big eli hy5 wheel, round-up, alpine village fun house, train station, fire chief, 2 abreast MGR, elephant go round bulgy plus 7 food concessions, 13 games, 2 straight sales and 1 commercial stand and an arcade

#34  Aug 29  WADE SHOWS
                      New York State Fair
                      Syracuse, NY

#35  Aug 30  COLEMAN BROTHERS SHOW  (26 rides)
                      Fonda Fair
                      Fonda, NY

Rides included: 1001 nachts, twin flip, gondola wheel, accleration train, bungy tramp, down on the farm, monkey maze mirror house, hampton cycle jump, circus train, hampton car, raider, wiggle worm, super slide, pumpkin patch, 3 abreast MGR, sea ray, tilt, zipper, gravatron, yoyo, sizzler, super loop, scooter, round-up, out break dark ride, puppy roll plus 16 food concessions, 17 games and 1 straight sales

#36  Aug 30  REITHOFFER SHOWS  (28 rides)
                     Scaticoke, NY

Rides included:freak out, himalaya, surf city, tornado, mardi gras glass house, starship 3000, tango, sizzler, dtch gondola wheel, orbiter, polish carosel, fun slide, / , vertigo swing, train station, tilt, tidal wave, scooter, spiderman raider, dizzy dragon, mini swing, flying tigers, hot wheel scooter, fun slide, inflatable, fire chief, kids scrambler, 3 abreast MGR plus an I Got It with 6 food concessions and 28 games

                       3 County Fair
                       North Hampton, MA

#38   Aug 30  GILLETTE AMUSEMENTS  (16 rides)
                       Spencer Fair
                       Spencer, MA

Rides included: flying bob, zero gravity round-up, typhoon, orbiter, 3 abreast MGR, rainbow rock, convoy race, air force 1, scooter, rock'n'tug, gondola wheel, cliff hanger, rock star, hampton, hampton, slide plus 4 food concessions and 6 games

I was there on set-up day for the show

#39   Sept 30  NAME
                       Eastern States Exposition
                       West Springfield, MA

#40   Oct 1  ROCKWELL AMUSEMENTS  (33 rides)
                    Deerfield Fair
                    Deerfield, MA

Rides included: scrambler, hurricane, zipper, starship 3000, round-up, rock star, polar expresss, mardi gras glass house, scooter, vertigo, gondola wheel, bungy tramp, puppy roll, rock'n'tug, dragon wagon, fun side fun house, clown round fun house, tik-twn fun house, tornado, cliff hanger, orbitor, music express tilt, wack worm coaster, 2 abreast MGR, hampton mix, train station, fun slide, bumple bee bop, dizzy dragon, hampton 4x4, hampton cycle jump, down on the farm, tiger bounce inflatable plus 1 commercial, 2 straight sales and 9 food concessions.

This fair does not allow games of any type

#41   Oct 1  FIESTA SHOW  (60 rides)
                    Topsfield Fair
                    Topsfield, MA

Rides included:  tooterville train station, down on the farm, dizzy dragon, crazy bus, pooh bear, turtles, dumbos,, super slide, inflatables, dragon wagon, 3 abreast MGR, fire house, rock wall, coaster, freak out, zipper, ultimate illusion, earthquak fun house, castle of evel dark ride, haunted mansion, artic blast, zipper, twister, magic maze mirror house, exodus gravatron, scooter, pharoah's fury, thunder bolt, bungr tramp, tornado, cliff hanger, fireball loop, mechanical bull, ultimate illusion, lucky lizzy fun house, vertigo, zero gravity round up, mardi gras glass house, raider, jungle safari, thunder bolt, atlantis inflatable, spinning coaster, scooter, 7 seas, tilt, crazy bus, orient express, cinema 2000, bungy tramp,  giant slide, hot shot drop kids tower, rock'n'tug, 3 abreast MGR, expo wheel, mechanical bull, kids play area, train station, super slide, bungy tramp rock wall plus dunk tank face painting palm reading along with10 straight sales,  69 games  and 24 food concessions